The Only Thing Missing from Trump Klan Rally were the White Hoods…Those 4 progressive congresswomen known as the squad, who by the way are all American citizens, are the target of Trump’s latest racist, bigoted, xenophobic attacks as he starts his reelection campaign on a platform of white nationalism.  The prez has all but abandoned any new policy initiatives, having already failed on promises involving infrastructure, health care, immigration reform & so many other important issues.  So the thrust of his new campaign is to create enemies he can use as a foil.  The squad doesn’t represent the mainstream of the Dem party anymore than far-right extremist GOP congressmen represent their party.  For example, we could group a GOP squad into a deranged quartet of Steve King, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan & Louie Gomer Pile, disparaging the GOP by claiming they are the heart of their party.  I will say this, the GOP squad I listed is far more dishonest, corrupt, radicalized & un-American than the Dem squad our prez is demonizing.  And as for the blatant racism inspired by Trump seen in his partly campaign speech & partly Klan rally last night, an argument has been & can be made such wretched hate speech might be grounds for an impeachable offense. 

I really don’t know who’s scarier, Trump or his merry band of Trumpeters.  His rallies always reach that fever pitch among his crazed crowd, reminiscent of the delirious cheering from crowds who attended speeches in 1930’s Germany for their glorious fuhrer.  It’s very scary!!!  Trump can whip the crowd into a frenzy as it truly looks like a cult, with the highlight marked by their chants that have transitioned from lock her up over to send them back.  So instead of wanting to lock up their political opponents, that cultish gathering is channeling Trump’s bigoted racism, truly resembling a Klan rally in spirit.  Only after being persuaded by close associates did the prez finally disavow those chants, although he was the one who coined the phrase.  In a wink-wink sort of way he’s really all in as Trump is the one energizing those unhinged racist attitudes, creating heated rhetoric that’s destined to produce violence & at times already has.  It’s glaringly obvious the Trump campaign will propose little or nothing of substance that could be seen as constructive, but rather run on a manic agenda of anger & hatred.  The Trump persona has devolved into this bizarre mix of Dick Nixon, Archie Bunker, David Duke, Joseph McCarthy, Al Capone & Mussolini.  Trump is parts of all those things, but we should not want any of them to keep serving as our leader.  Something about America feels like it’s spiraling out of control & if we don’t get a handle on things, it could eventually wind up in a military state with no more freedoms left.
There are plenty of ugly truths inside these links about the prez, his political allies, his pundits & his supporters.  Please read as many as your time will permit about that Klan rally & its potential repercussions, plus we posted excerpts under the last link below:


To scholars of fascism — who have been ringing the alarm bells since Trump began his climb to power in 2015 — the rally in Greenville felt like an escalation. Like the U.S. just made another leap toward outright fascism. “I am not easily shocked. But we are facing an emergency,” tweeted Jason Stanley, a Yale University philosophy professor and author of the book “How Fascism Works.” “Journalists must not get away with sugar coating this,” Stanley wrote. “This is the face of evil.” Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a history professor at New York University who is an expert on fascism and propaganda, saw historical parallels in the Greenville rally. “Trump has created a corps of supporters fanatically loyal to him who turn his latest racist messages into group rituals (chants, slogans) and who hate the people he tells them to,” Ben-Ghiat told HuffPost. “All of this is consistent with the leader-follower relationship of fascist regimes.”


“Oh yea, it’s a fascist rally,” said Shane Burley, author of the book “Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It.” “I think that this rally is a rhetorical and political escalation for Trump, establishing him firmly to the right of his 2016 election,” Burley told HuffPost in a text exchange. “Which is what he wants to do because he wants to double down on his base for support, and he is doing that by playing on racist populism to create that motivation.” This strategy, Burley said, will ensure that Trump supporters will “escalate their political behavior, which can be expressed violently, as we have seen with the rise of groups like Patriot Prayer.” “I think that the rhetoric he chose to use, both about the congresswoman and with regards to the antifascist left, will have the result of inspiring violence.” Inside the arena Wednesday, Trump supporters cheered on a brief act of violence. When a protester briefly interrupted the president’s speech, he was tackled by security guards and arrested. The crowd roared, breaking into a chant of “U-S-A!”


Dems Must Unite Around Winning
The future of America & not taking the risk of falling into the sinister jaws of fascism depends on not giving Trump another 4 years.  If we think we have chaos now, imagine an unleashed Trump given the political capital of being reelected without the worry of ever having to face another election, which as a nation we’d face impending disaster.  That terrifying thought of Trump winning again shouldn’t happen but it could!  The energy from the Dem base is way out on the progressive left, dragging the presidential candidates with them, which green lights Trump to tag them as socialists.  With Dems in their fervor likely scarring off moderates/independents, the unspeakable horror of a Trump second term could become the curse America might never overcome.  Emphasizing these points are excerpts from

Dear Democrats: This is not complicated! Just nominate a decent, sane person, one committed to reunifying the country and creating more good jobs, a person who can gain the support of the independents, moderate Republicans and suburban women who abandoned Donald Trump in the midterms and thus swung the House of Representatives to the Democrats and could do the same for the presidency. And that candidate can win! But please, spare me the revolution! It can wait. Win the presidency, hold the House and narrow the spread in the Senate, and a lot of good things still can be accomplished. “No,” you say, “the left wants a revolution now!” O.K., I’ll give the left a revolution now: four more years of Donald Trump. That will be a revolution.


Four years of Trump feeling validated in all the crazy stuff he’s done and said. Four years of Trump unburdened by the need to run for re-election and able to amplify his racism, make Ivanka secretary of state, appoint even more crackpots to his cabinet and likely get to name two right-wing Supreme Court justices under the age of 40. Yes sir, that will be a revolution! It will be an overthrow of all the norms, values, rules and institutions that we cherish, that made us who we are and that have united us in this common project called the United States of America. If the fear of that doesn’t motivate the Democratic Party’s base, then shame on those people. Not all elections are equal. Some elections are a vote for great changes — like the Great Society. Others are a vote to save the country. This election is the latter.


More on the unthinkable tragedy of giving an autocratic demagogue authority to keep destroying the values & principles our nation was founded on are seen in this conclusion to

This fascist ideology and its aesthetic are intoxicating for Trump’s voters and the millions of other Americans who share such values and beliefs. Racism, hostile sexism, nationalism, militarism, nativism and violence against the Other are not repellent to those Americans; rather, they are deeply compelling. The Democratic Party faces a great challenge in defeating such forces. Public opinion, social psychology and other research shows that today’s American conservatives are tribal, herd-minded and anti-intellectual. The post-civil rights era Republican Party has used racism to win and maintain power.


White Christian conservatives are a key constituency for today’s Republican Party, and many of them apparently believe that Donald Trump is a messenger and savior sent to them by God. White conservatives, especially right-wing Christians, also believe they are in a literal, existential struggle for survival against black and brown people and “the secular world.” Donald Trump has combined these attributes and further weaponized them in the form of overt white supremacy and white identity politics. In this right-wing social imaginary Donald Trump stands as savior and father figure. Loyalty and obedience to Trump provides life and salvation to his followers. As Trump himself told Politico’s Tim Alberta: “Nobody gave them hope. … I gave them hope. Now, the Republican Party is strong. They’ve got to remain faithful. And loyal.” Adding further strength to Donald Trump’s cult-like power is his and the Republican Party’s willingness to do anything to win. For Republicans and other conservatives, democracy is but a means to an end. They do not respect democracy as either a concept or an ideal. This is especially true as the United States becomes more racially diverse and there is a perception — which is grossly incorrect — that white people will no longer be the most powerful, privileged and dominant group in the country.


As part of this strategy of winning at all costs and by any means necessary, Trump, his Republican Party and the right-wing movement rely on voter disenfranchisement, voter suppression, voter intimidation, and gerrymandering to get power and then keep it. The Republicans have also invited and are eager to accept assistance from hostile foreign countries such as (but not limited to) Russia in order to win future elections by subverting American democracy. It is true that Democratic policies are generally much more popular among the American people than those offered by Republicans. But Republicans tell a much more compelling story to their voters. In that way, the Republicans have been waging a society-wide crusade for the last 50 years while the Democrats, with few exceptions, have argued over weak, status-quo consensus politics. This habit continues to hobble the Democrats in their race against Donald Trump. What great and compelling story can they tell the American people to win the 2020 election?


The Democrats had a potentially powerful narrative in their hands in the form of the treachery and obstruction revealed by the Mueller Report. But Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have evidently chosen not to impeach Trump, a decision that has further empowered his assault on democracy — and by implication has conferred upon him a thoroughly undeserved claim of “legitimacy”. If Trump’s crimes are really so great, why will the Democrats not impeach him? As Trump’s polling numbers continue to improve and the likelihood of his winning in 2020 increases daily, the Democrats must empower a master storyteller of their own. Will this be the familiar in the form of Joe Biden? Or instead a new and more exciting voice? The Democrats must choose correctly. Time is running out. If Trump wins again, he will write another chapter in his version of the American story. It will not be pretty or true and his followers will relish it. And Americans of conscience will feel even more like strangers in a strange land, outsiders in their own country as democracy dies even more under the Trump regime and his movement.


Please Do Not Take Our Warnings Lightly

Some out there have replied my rants & warnings seem rather overly dramatic.  But I’m sure there were plenty of citizens in 1930’s Germany who similarly dismissed what was happening in their country.  Down through history we’ve seen populations who’ve ignored evil & dictatorial power-grabs right in their midst, so by the time they finally woke up it was already too late.  So please spread the word including sending out our blog address far & wide.  Our prez is more than a menace, he’s a legitimate threat to our free democracy.  The lies & mayhem & attacks on our democratic norms have become so normalized, we’ve grown numb to them all.  It could be Trump softening the ground for an all-out dictatorial usurping of absolute power, as explained in this first part to the article from

Americans have lived with the symptoms for so long that, by now, many of us hardly pay more than a moment’s attention when they flare-up. We may observe, in passing, the numbness we feel when President Donald Trump threatens a political opponent with criminal prosecution. There may be a tingling sensation in our moral compass when Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner engage in diplomatic relations at the highest levels or when foreign governments line the president’s pockets. We shrug with resignation as we acknowledge that the Republican leadership in Congress will do nothing to respond after Trump has openly invited foreign countries to, once again, try to help him win an election. When yet another woman steps forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault or rape, we understand that there will be no congressional hearings to sort out what happened. We understand that Trump will face no consequences for a chilling racist attack against four non-white congresswomen. We know that it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to conceive of anything Trump could do that would move his Republican allies in Congress to support his removal from office, and we see that many Democrats appear unwilling to even consider an impeachment inquiry. What we are experiencing is nothing less than constitutional failure. A fully functioning system would effectively respond to direct threats to constitutional democracy by a president who is a would-be authoritarian. In a functioning system, impeachment proceedings would have already begun, and Trump would face the prospect of being removed from office.


A “would-be authoritarian” is a politician who rejects the notion that ordinary rules apply to him. A would-be authoritarian sees the law as a shield to protect himself, his family and his allies, and also as a sword to punish perceived enemies. This is antithetical to constitutional or liberal democracy, which is based on the idea that free and fair elections are the starting point for legitimate governments. Winning an election is not a license to do whatever one likes. The rule of law applies to everyone. It requires that officials be held accountable for their trespasses and guarantees civil rights even to those who did not vote for the winner of an election. Would-be authoritarians aspire to a system that allows them to do as they please, free from pesky rules and informal norms. While constitutional democrats accept that their political opponents are legitimate rivals for power, would-be authoritarians see their opponents as enemies to be slandered, demonized and threatened with legal reprisals. Most authoritarians (including Trump himself) are not aspiring totalitarian dictators like Hitleror Stalinor Kim Jong Un. But it doesn’t take a totalitarian to destroy democracy, as we can see in authoritarian regimes like Russia, Hungary, or Turkey. Scholars have been ringing the alarm bells for quite some time when it comes to Trump. But some underestimate the danger, confidently predicting that norms will “snap back in the next presidency,” and few focus on the central question: Is Trump’s presidency evidence that the constitutional system has failed? Most experts who consider these issues debate whether what we’re observing is a “constitutional crisis.” That term, however, is vague and suggests an outcome that is still in doubt. Constitutional failure more precisely describes what we are seeing — a system that is simply not up to the task of responding to a clear danger from within.


Constitutional failure occurs when someone with authoritarian ambitions becomes president and takes steps to achieve those authoritarian goals, yet remains in office.  A constitutional democracy with no effective mechanism for removing a would-be authoritarian from office is a failed system, incapable of defending itself against an existential threat. Critics might argue that this test jumps the gun because it defines system failure as occurring before a would-be authoritarian actually succeeds in dismantling constitutional democracy. Scholars warn, however, that authoritarian threats can build gradually. There may not be a dramatic moment when it is immediately obvious that the system is in danger. The point of describing a test for constitutional failure is so that we can take action before the would-be authoritarian succeeds in consolidating power — by which time it may be too late to act. Some may point to Robert Mueller’s testimony next week on Capitol Hill as having the potential to change the dynamic. But by now, expecting anything to move Congress to act is like Charlie Brown expecting that this is finally the time when Lucy will let him kick the football. There is no indication that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is open to an impeachment inquiry, and even less reason to believe that Senate Republicans would consider removing Trump from office in the unlikely event that the House impeaches him. I expect Mueller’s testimony to provide more evidence of constitutional failure —reminding us that the current system is simply incapable of imposing any consequences for the damning conduct the Mueller report describes.


Mueller about to take Center Stage to Attacks from Trump’s Gestapo

With Mueller on deck for next week, the GOP congressional interrogators will dredge up all those conspiratorial talking points which have long since been debunked:  But they’re more than willing to spout their lies to distract/rally their base, conflating & hiding the facts about Trump criminality from ever gaining traction with those Trumpeter supporters. 
Capture the Right Moment
As much as we want impeachment & as much as Trump deserves to be impeached, we still need to wait for that moment.  Voting to impeach in the House headed for certain acquittal in the Senate would only water down the moment when even more serious crimes are proven, at which time impeachment would have a chance at a successful outcome.  So it’s important to be patient to let the various congressional & district probes play out, waiting for the right moment we can strike while the iron is hot.  Trump is not only sitting on a keg of dynamite, he’s on top of several kegs of dynamite, any one of which could explode at any given moment.  Let’s anticipate what next week’s hearings might bring:

Anticipating which Kegs of Dynamite might Explode
The Epstein case…There is no doubt lots of rich, powerful, influential men who had dealings with Epstein are extremely nervous about what this investigation might find, especially those who felt entitled to take advantage of women & girls.  Will our prez be among those caught up in the dragnet?:
The Cohen case…Previously redacted materials were unsealed today from Cohen’s court documents, which showed a scramble of phone calls proving Trump was aware & involved in those illegal hush-money payments.  That campaign finance crime did serve to keep Stormy Daniels silent.  The federal case is closed for now thanks to a corrupt AG abiding by Justice Dept. interpretations they can’t indict a sitting president, but this is a felony & charges could be brought against Trump upon his leaving office by the SDNY:
The Evil Fox
Trump’s racist tropes are being legitimized in the eyes of his base with a big assist from the white nationalists on Fox fake news.  These articles explain that unsavory partnership with excerpts posted under the last link:



So where does Trump getting this idea that ever more extreme racism is the way to win over voters? One major source is likely his favorite TV network and the only source of information he tends to take seriously: Fox News. For years now, Fox News has been mainstreaming arguments that used to be the province of  fringe websites run by neo-Nazis and other groups who believe the U.S. is meant to be a country of white people and for white people — perhaps with others permitted in small numbers of they stay quiet and keep to themselves. Trump was a major factor in the early rumblings of white nationalism on the network, which gave him considerable airtime during his reality TV days to air conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Such “birther” theories rested fairly obviously, in the first place, on the belief that black people cannot be “real” Americans.


Since Trump was elected, the Fox News programming that promotes white nationalist ideas has slowly grown both in airtime and in severity. At Salon, we sounded the alarm in the early months of Trump’s presidency, when prime-time Fox News host Tucker Carlson began to experiment with segments that used euphemisms like “Western civilization” to package the idea that white people are inherently more civilized while people of color are a threat to national stability. Since then, Carlson and many of other Fox News pundits have only grown bolder. “Replacement theory” — the white nationalist idea that has spurred multiple terrorist attacks, holding that white people will somehow be removed and “replaced” by people of color — used to be confined to fringe neo-Nazi websites with atrocious early-2000s design aesthetics. Now that’s become a regular feature of slick Fox News segments, which suggest that immigrants of color are “invading the country” and can never be “fully American,” and that demographic changes from immigration are “more change than human beings are designed to digest” and inherently a threat to “your neighborhood.”


The network also hypes the idea that nonwhite immigrants are dirty and diseased, as well as inherently criminal. (For about the 400th time: Immigrants, documented or otherwise, are less likely to commit crimes than native-born citizens. There is no serious dispute about this.) Furthermore, because many immigrants speak languages other than English and may eat unfamiliar food or bring cultural practices that appear foreign to some, American society will soon be “tipping over a cliff.” This is the same kind of rhetoric that was used to demonize the Irish and Italian immigrants of the past, who were seen as threats to American culture due to scary foreign practices like putting garlic in food and praying with the Rosary. One hardly needs to mention the bigotry and discrimination directed at Jewish immigrants, who were barred from certain neighborhoods and many commercial establishments well into the 20th century. Unfortunately, most of the Fox News audience for this rhetoric, the president included,  doesn’t know anything about that history, or care to learn.


I think all the hosts on that corny show are frauds:
Klan rally courtesy of Fox News as described by Media Matters:
A Psycho Rush
Hypocrisy on steroids heard every weekday on the radio:
The Deranged Madness In & Around the White House
Another psycho-maniacal Trump pundit who is a total lunatic & over-the-top scary:
This entire presidency has turned into a form of madness defined by lies & corruption, stocking the DC swamp with unsavory characters making it more polluted than ever.  The leader presiding over this dangerous circus is basically nuts:
In any normal news day with any normal administration, this would be a major headline story with the fallout going on for weeks.  In Trump-land, it’s just a drop in the bucket:
With a big assist from bad foreign actors, we’re about to get bombarded with all manner of disinformation & conspiratorial propaganda designed to deify our autocratic leader & demonize any political opposition.  Normally we could trust normal human intellect to detect & dismiss such an avalanche of lies, but the Trumpeter echo-crowd aren’t discerning enough to recognize truth from falsehoods.  Or maybe they just don’t want to:
Trump’s #1 priority is to usurp authoritarian power like his dictator buddies have in closed societies around the world.  It requires stocking the swamp with loyal stooges always at his beck & call.  That includes putting henchmen in place at the highest levels of his cabinet, Congress, courts & his state-run media.  More swamp creatures are exposed in this article, which no appointment has been more instrumental to Trump’s fascist dreams than putting a corrupt crony in place to do his bidding as head of the Justice Dept:
Wayward Conservatives & Evangelicals
There is right & wrong, good & evil, truth & lies, rational & radical, competence & buffoonery, respect for our fellow man & derision of our fellow man; Trump is on the wrong side of practically every human trait.  We’ve seen how upwards of 90% of the GOP base, over 70% of evangelicals, & practically everyone devoted to the far-right echo have fallen under the spell of his charms, submitting to an evil spirit of deception.  I have personally been a part of GOP-supporting conservatism & evangelicalism for a half-century, & the dramatic changes I’ve seen inside that group mindset in recent years have been nothing short of horrifying, as if values & integrity don’t matter anymore in blind submission to the accepted tribal way.  
Particularly in the case of evangelicals who should know better, submitting to evil which enables evil is not the way to advance God’s good will.  Abortion cannot be the only issue a president is judged by & any other GOP leader could have appointed conservatives to the courts.  It’s as though evangelicals are willing to sell a part of their souls in compliance to an immoral horror show displaying none of the fruits of the spirit.  Any short-term gains can quickly dissipate as the faithful show the world they’ll sacrifice their bigger purpose for temporary political expediency, unwittingly committing egregious self-inflicted wounds causing irreparable damage to the church’s reputation & greater mission.  Below are newsfeed articles followed with my recent replies to an evangelical concerned about my stated views… 
The prez outwardly courts evangelicals while privately slurring them:
Evangelicals got their 30 pieces of silver:
An evangelical had a genuine difference of opinion about my cautionary notes directed at the church faithful, which I responded back with this:
Thanks for your concerns.  I feel I’m offering a unique voice conservatives & evangelicals may not be receptive in hearing yet, but need to hear.  The evangelical church needs reform as much as the GOP does.  It’s apparent to me evangelicals have bought into the deception not only coming from certain prominent faith leaders, but even more so by messaging sources such as Fox News.  As Peter Wehner says in that article (from the bottom of Part 2 in our July 6th post), their hypocrisy is destroying the Christian witness.  I found going to church & dealing with that mentality was actually having a negative impact on my faith, so at this unique point in America’s history, I urge people to follow Jesus even if they no longer have a church they can call home.  And those who do attend, please beware of Trump worshipers.  I don’t believe they adhere to the same moral code as you & me. 
As our blog emphasizes (& blogs are like magazines where people can choose the topics that interest them), our nation is now facing a danger we’ve never faced before, not only from outside enemies but the imminent threats from within.  With ongoing investigations & a presidential election next year, our country may be at a critical fork in the road.  I do pray for a president with the moral authority to lead us.  I hope my small voice in conjunction with other never-Trumpers can wake up America, so we can make America great again through integrity, unity, honesty, respect for others & a clear moral conscience.  I invite you to share that blog address with other churchgoers if you dare.  Evangelicals at this pivotal point in history may need to get the messages in that blog even more than the sermons from the preacher? 
Here was another reply I sent to an evangelical Christian:
That’s why something suspicious is going on.  No other demographic group or church religion even comes close to the overwhelming support Trump gets from evangelicals.  It doesn’t square.  The prez is a moral basket case.  If Satan is the father of lies, Trump must be his servant since nobody lies more than him.  I think if Satan seeks to deceive the people, & in the last days that is prophesied to happen, then the evil one knows he can do maximum damage by deceiving God’s people.  I know you were also seeing the Trump fandom inside the church body, as it’s hard to avoid.  And I know it’s hard to believe saying this for those attending church, but please don’t get caught up in the deception.  A good part of our difference of opinion is I view Trump as pure evil & the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War, with his supporters being enablers. 
The evangelical church has become his most important rock-solid base, so defeating Trump requires informing many in the faith to flee evil & stop supporting this immoral disgrace of a human being.  Just by getting a small % NOT to vote for Trump, we can rid our nation of this dangerous menace.  Someday if the GOP can rediscover their moral compass, we can hopefully elect a conservative president with solid principles who can appoint pro-life justices.  But in the meantime, the most important aspect of encouraging a pro-life society is to change hearts & minds.  But the exact opposite is happening.  Trump is so unpopular with Americans outside his evangelical base, it’s actually helped to fuel the pro-choice movement as support for allowing abortions has increased.  Being Pro-Life & Pro-Bible must begin with Christians setting the example of Jesus with his love, honesty & integrity, so the world can see he is the way.  What the world is instead seeing these days from evangelicals is hypocrisy, which is a disaster that’s doing incalculable & devastating damage to the faith.  The church needs reform which begins with following Jesus in giving us a renewed mindset based on Christian values, where Christ is worshiped & not Trump.