An Entirely False Reality Created by Trump Deception…In America these days we have true reality & then we also have echo-propaganda aligned with Trump’s lies, which have become so detached from reality there is absolutely no connection & total separation between the two.  Sustaining a functioning democracy depends on an informed electorate, so the more conservatives fall for that far-right extremism coming from Trump & his talking heads, the more our democracy hangs by a thread.  Our prez & his spin-machine are truly dangerous to our nation since a large portion of the population no longer accept reality, making it very problematic to agree around viable solutions for moving America forward.  The prez is such a masterful liar, those skills honed from decades of playing his con game, from which he’s persuaded & gotten the full-throated backing of the echo & the GOP.  He has this way of making that Trump deception sound reasonable to his loyalists.  As part of their collateral damage, his Trumpeter base has been bamboozled into believing all that constant bombardment of nonsensical noise.
Trump has aspired to such lofty dictatorial powers as enjoyed by his cohorts in Russia & North Korea.  Accordingly, he’s not only refusing to act against the Russian aggression into our elections, our own president is actually welcoming these attacks by a foreign enemy.  Even if Russia fails in their bid to elect Trump as our delegitimized president again in 2020, the prez may take matters into his own hands, rallying a call to arms with his Trumpeter supporters as he falsely claims election fraud.  As Michael Cohen & Nancy Pelosi recently warned, he may go so far as refusing to cede power when his time is up.  The American people must wake up & fully grasp the extent our rule of law & constitutional democracy are now under threat.  Too many Americans are now under the spell of the Trump deception, which it’s possible our freedoms could be stealthfully taken away before we even know what happened.
Critical Importance of a Free Press
Let’s check out many recent articles from the newsfeeds giving us ample warnings of the Trump deception here in Part 2.  Controlling the messaging is how autocrats control the people, with Trump’s focus as president largely devoted to discrediting the real media & elevating his echo as the state-sponsored media.  These posted excerpts come from

The media is not the enemy of the people. The enemy of the people is ignorance — obliviousness to truth, ignoring it or having incredulity about it. There is no way to have a functioning democracy without a thriving press. One of the great missions of the press is to hold power accountable by revealing what those in power would rather hide. Corruption depends on concealment. Accountability hinges on disclosure. The founders of this country knew that. I also think Donald Trump knows that and that he is purposely attempting to prune that function. A free and fearless press is the greatest ally to a free and prosperous people. And, the kind of dogged, unrelenting pressure that reporting requires demands a professional press.


The presidential bully pulpit is as powerful, or possibly more powerful, than any media outlet, in part because it is often propagated by those same outlets. As such, his repeated attacks on the press — including on individual journalists — amounts to a maximum breach of protocols, and I would say constitutional responsibility, as it represents one of the many measurable casualties of this presidency. A Quinnipiac University poll last week found that Republicans say 49 to 36 percent “that the news media is the enemy of the people. Every other listed party, gender, education, age and racial group says the media is an important part of democracy.” Trump is weaponizing an existing weariness about the press to further erode it.  Part of Trump’s disdain for the media is that he has personally seen how its thirst and weaknesses can be exploited, because he has a long history of orchestrating the exploitation, from planting false stories to inflating his wealth. Trump genuinely believes in the concept of “fake news” because he was a dealer of fake news. There is a part of him who believes that some anonymous sources don’t exist, because he was a source, pretending to be someone else, so he as a source didn’t really exist. He uses that general suspicion and mistrust to cast doubts on legitimate news he knows to be true.


And, he not only defames the press, he threatens it. He has renewed his calls to take a “strong look” at the country’s libel laws. He has a long history of threatening to sue media outlets, including this newspaper. He has threatened Facebook, Google and Twitter, saying they’re “treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful,” whatever that means. He has even threatened a federal investigation of “Saturday Night Live” for mocking him. For Trump this may all be bluster and political posturing — he hasn’t sued these media outlets, yet — but the threats themselves perform a destructive function, poisoning perception about the press, particularly among people who support Trump. According to an Axios/Survey Monkey poll released in June: “Nearly all Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (92 percent) say that traditional news outlets knowingly report false or misleading stories at least sometimes.”


This is by no means an exclusively Trump-related phenomenon. As a Knight Foundation/Gallup report pointed out in September, “Between 2003 and 2016, the percentage of Americans who said they have a great deal or a fair amount of trust in the media fell from 54 percent to 32 percent before recovering somewhat to 41 percent in 2017 as trust among Democrats rebounded.”  But perhaps more ominously, an August Ipsos poll found that a plurality of Republicans, 43 percent, agree that “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” The weaker the media, the strong the demagogue. The road to authoritarianism winds its way through darkness. And, Trump’s tactic here is to both overwhelm and degrade. He wants to so blur the line between truth and lies that he’s exhausted our stamina for discernment.


To Trump, the press is a tool and a weapon, to be used and deployed in the promotion of brand, and therefore the acquisition of money and power. I understand all the issues people have with media. I understand how damaging it is to the public faith and to the institutional — and professional — reputation when a media outlet or even multiple outlets in concert get it wrong. I understand the issues around the appearance and presence of bias. I understand how disconcerting it is that mainstream media is a public trust, but mainstream media companies are also corporate entities. I understand all of that, but I also know that we will cease to be truly free if ever the day comes when the free press is cowed.

Short Bits leading into several Important Links to Articles
Trump’s personal traits & mindset are in line with other authoritarian dictators throughout history:
The thought the FBI spied on the 2016 Trump campaign to derail his chances is patently absurd, delusional & asinine:
Trump pundits are giddy & relentless in trying to deflect the blame to their opposition, all the while ignoring the very real attacks on our democracy by bad foreign actors:
Yes, Trump is going the full monty through stonewalling with his obstinate obstruction & cover ups, so it looks like we have a constitutional crisis on our hands as stated by the House speaker & committee chairs (but Trump’s entire presidency could be viewed as a constitutional crisis):
As I’ve often said, Trump corrupts all those around him:
The entire party has been corrupted & falling in line with Trump’s false boasts:
The GOP has abandoned serving the people, now it’s all about tribal politics & serving a demagogue:
He’s never adapted to being president, remaining only the campaigner-in-chief:
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court may become the one person to either save or sacrifice our democracy:
The mainstream media whom Trump calls fake, actually doesn’t go far enough in calling out the Trump deception:
Gigundous Tax Fraud
We were already aware of massive Trump tax fraud for his business from a NY Times report a few months ago.  These new reports help confirm what we already suspected, but there appears to be something more going on here.  The amount of reported losses over that decade were beyond staggering, surpassing any other American.  So beyond the tax fraud, the swindling from this master con man looks to have risen to mind-blowing proportions, possibly signalling even more serious crimes.  All the more reason we need to see all his tax returns to reveal the level of illegalities, which steps have been taken in a positive direction to at least see his NY state tax returns: salon/new-york-lawmakers-pass-bill-to-allow-release-of-trumps-state-tax-returns.
The Mueller report indicates special counsel did not have the mandate to follow the money, which the current probes are tasked to do.  Chances are we’ll discover an extensive international money trail, where Trump got bailed out from his huge debts by foreign oligarchs who may now control the prez & have him compromised.  To find the biggest crimes, this is where to look.  There are plenty of articles on his tax losses from the mid-80’s through the mid-90’s, so as we seek to limit our number of live links, any of these titles can be found on the search engines:




Fox Fake News Section
The featherheads on Fox & Friends are actually impressed their leader was able to lose more money than any person in America:
Trump has teamed up with Fox fake news to sell their form of autocratic demagoguery through rhetoric that is detached from the truth, all for the sake of cementing in their loyal base which Trump world envisions can ultimately lead to their usurping unbridled/corrupt political power (& we must not fall for it):

Meanwhile, Fox News viewers are being brainwashed with an avalanche of blatant lies & crazy conspiracies, to the point they can no longer recognize reality:
Yes, Fox fake news seems to have the power to eat the brains of their regular viewers:
Hate Groups part of Trump’s Core
Trump also embraces & propagates the narrative of crackpot conspiracists who appeal to their far-right white nationalist audiences, which includes some of the most vile hate speech found in America.  This alt-right world is nothing but an arsenal of hate that Trump depends on & too many Trumpeters are falling for.  Our president aligning with this type of rabid ideology prone to violence is increasingly dangerous:
Charlatans in Evangelical Leadership
I‘ve witnessed firsthand the worshiping of Trump among the evangelical faithful (& it’s scary), which a similar scenario has been playing out in congregations across the nation.  Such a spirit of deception is driving others en masse away from the church as the outside world clearly sees the hypocrisy in serving an unholy earthly leader, yet evangelicals are oblivious to the damage they’re doing as they exist inside their collaborative bubble.  Trump deception extends to his loyal sycophants such as false teachings by the likes of Jerry Falwell Jr., leading many in the evangelical flock astray to the point their moral failings in pursuit of earthly political power has become antithetical to the Christian mission.  As seen in these articles below which you could search from the titles, the faithful being deceived by leaders such as Falwell Jr. can produce an evil extremist ideology which badly tarnishes the brand of the evangelical faith, plus potentially become complicit in leading the country down the slippery slope into authoritarian fascism.  In other words, elements invading the modern-day church are in essence directly opposed to the teachings, grace & love of Christ: