With Democracy Threatened, Trump Tyranny Must Be Stopped!…Yes, the prez is the biggest liar any of else will ever know of, & second place is light years behind.  No question, Trump is an irredeemable blowhard, but the disaster that has become of conservatism & the Republican Party didn’t start with him.  The echo has been shifting farther out on the extreme-right for years, essentially radicalizing much of the GOP base.  So that helped usher in this era of Trump for however long it lasts, the shorter the better.  The prez does have a loyal echo-media & Trumpeter base, while he has attempted a coup over our democratic institutions by installing only those fiercely & blindly loyal to him.  This Trump tyranny idea he may have actually pulled it off, but he’s not smart enough & a majority of Americans have already seen through his lies, corruption & likely criminal activities, so they won’t let him get away with it.  But don’t let our guard down, since we must push back against this lawless demagogue until the threat is thoroughly repelled.
As for newsfeed reports, it was another busy week.  Rosenstein has indicated he’s leaving in a few weeks (probably before Trump forces him out).  But that could be in line with wanting to hang in there until the Mueller report is finalized, so if news reports are true, it sounds like that report really is about to go to the AG.  We’re also hearing reports through a Trump crony that National Intelligence Director Dan Coats may also be fired by the prez.  That would follow the same pattern we’ve seen with this president, ridding himself of the likes of Comey, McCabe, Sessions, Strzok, Page, McMaster, Yates & anyone else in our intelligence/security agencies willing to state the truth rather than making a blood sacrifice of loyalty to Trump.
It all fits in as part of his nefarious Trump tyranny scheme.  Those firings during ongoing investigations into Trump himself are the very definition of obstruction of justice, especially when the prez even admitted some firings were because of the Russia probe.  Any other president probably would have been impeached by now.  Other big news of the week featured Andrew McCabe’s interviews, as word is congressional members were told by McCabe in the Spring of 2017 he was opening an investigation into Trump & got no objections, as even GOP leaders who publicly comply with all the president’s wishes secretly know he’s an unstable whirlybird.
See a long list of articles on McCabe at the bottom, where you can peruse the link titles & search for any you’d like to read.  In response to the McCabe reports & his comments on the media book tour, Trump & his most deranged echo-blabbers are throwing out the terms deep state, coup & treason, which is the exact opposite of what is really happening: so-much-for-the-deep-state-coup-andrew-mccabe-told-congress-he-was-investigating-trump.  If there’s a plot for a coup or treason, it’s now coming from Trump & his echo.  Such unrelenting attacks on the intelligence community, courts & the real media, not just attacking them but installing Trump henchmen in key positions, is the stuff of fascist dictatorships.  Call it an attempt at Trump tyranny if you will.
A coordinated crusade by the deep state to attack Trump as the far-right has been shouting about is preposterous on its surface.  There’s bias on both sides in any government agency & if such a deep-state conspiracy was true, it would have been easily exposed with facts.  But echo-world doesn’t deal in facts.  Their alternative facts are all fueled by tribal rage & concocted tales that fit into their contorted worldview.  Those Trumpian-echo rants are very dangerous to our nation, since the radicalized mindset it breeds is a direct assault on our constitutional democracy.  Maybe I shouldn’t sound so alarmed, since once the various investigations are completed & America performs its constitutional duty by adhering to the rule of law, Pelosi will only be president for about a year before our nation can select a real duly-elected president.  For the sake of our great nation, we can only hope!
Interesting Articles
Cohen to testify publicly next week & it should be explosive!: npr.org/2019/02/20/696475068/after-delay-michael-cohen-to-testify-on-capitol-hill-next-week
It looks like the cyberattacks through social media that tainted the 2016 election, well, bad foreign actors & who knows who are already at it again in posting propaganda against 2020 Dem candidates: politico.com/story/2019/02/20/2020-candidates-social-media-attack
These online attacks are spreading & increasingly threatens democracies worldwide: theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/18/online-conspiracy-theorists-democracy
We should rightly be appalled at the Trump base who’d still support him despite all the lies, corruption & racism: huffpost.com/entry/joe-scarborough-donald-trump-supporters
Looks like yet another basket-case Trumpeter who planned a terrorist attack: thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/430853-coast-guard-lieutenant-arrested-accused-of-planning-domestic
Here we see a deranged, no doubt Trump-endorsing local paper, trying to set our nation back a century or two: alternet.org/2019/02/time-for-the-ku-klux-klan-to-night-ride-again-alabama-newspaper-runs-repulsive-editorial-urging-the-kkk-to-target-democrats
History may someday record MAGA hats as being the modern-day version of white hoods: newsweek.com/donald-trump-maga-hats-matt-sears-ku-klux-klan-racism

GOP congresspeople may soon be forced to choose between our Constitution or Trump: dailykos.com/stories/2019/2/18/1835679/-Republicans-choice-Defend-Trump-or-defend-constitution
So far the norms & institutions forming the pillars of our democracy are withstanding the assault committed on them by a sitting president: washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/02/19/constitutional-antibodies-form
The Evil Fox
Here are the true heroes at Fox News, those operating in the belly of the beast, yet refuse to submit to that cultish culture: here-are-4-political-wild-cards-on-fox-news-who-have-actually-stood-up-to-gop-propaganda.  But as we always post from articles in our Part 2’s, Fox fake news is overwhelmingly populated by clueless knuckleheads, as is further revealed inside these next links:
Trump Emergency
Six out of ten disagree with Trump declaring a national emergency to fund his wall: voters-seem-like-their-democracy.  And Rubin provides 10 points how this border wall fiasco became such a badly handled debacle, which spilled over into a government shutdown & his national emergency declaration.  See the bumbling details posted below from how-screw-up-an-emergency-declaration-ten-easy-steps:

Nevertheless, in 10 steps, Trump irretrievably ruined whatever legal case he would have had. First, he did not address the issue when the Republican Party held majorities in both the House and Senate, when, for example, he had the ability to push through measures on reconciliation. Second, he rejected a deal for $25 billion in border security in exchange for legalization of “dreamers,” which doesn’t sound like the sort of thing you’d do in a real emergency. Third, he signed a continuing resolution that kept the government running until Dec. 8, 2018. Again, you wouldn’t agree to that in the face of a real emergency. Fourth, Congress passed another continuing resolution to keep the government open until Dec. 21, 2018. Fifth, the president provoked a 35-day shutdown that ended with a three-week continuing resolution. Again, this doesn’t give off an emergency “vibe.”

Sixth, as appropriators negotiate, the president repeatedly threatens to us emergency powers until Congress gives him what he wants. The critical precondition for an emergency declaration is lack of congressional compliance. Seventh, appropriators reach agreement — and Trump signs it. Eighth, there is no report or analysis demonstrating why Congress’s response is inadequate. Instead, Trump declares an emergency on the same day as the signing, a transparent effort to eclipse his utter failure to deliver on a campaign promise. Ninth, at a bizarre Rose Garden press conference on Friday, Trump declared, “I didn’t need to do this. . . . I just want to do it faster.” It is difficult to imagine a more damaging confession that the emergency is figment of Trump’s frail ego and thirst to avoid disappointing his base. Tenth, Trump tells a set of ridiculous lies to justify his border wall. For example, he denies replete evidence from his own administration that the vast amount of illegal drugs come through ports of entry and claims that El Paso had an epidemic crime rate before barriers were built. (But now that the city has barriers and is so safe, why the need for the concrete wall?)

To see the real national emergency, look in here: this-is-how-democracy-breaks-this-is-how-we-fix-it.  The president’s declaring a national emergency for a non-emergency which the funding request was already denied by Congress, just goes to show his authoritarian instincts: make-authoritarianism-great-again This autocratic president is continually placing our Constitution & rule of law under threat, seeking Trump tyranny with another abusive power grab as seen here in excerpts from national-emergency-tragedy-trump-wall:

When President Donald J. Trump publishes his declaration of a national emergency requiring the construction of a wall on our southern border, that document will bear the formal signs of normal governance. The order will recite findings or at least assertions of fact. It will cite statutes—the act that authorizes its issuance and the statutes the president is triggering by signing his declaration. The same will be true of the complaints and legal briefs inevitably to be filed in its wake. There will be arguments familiar to administrative lawyers about standing, ripeness, reviewability, and statutory interpretation. But hovering over all the familiar legal forms and practices is the depressing reality that Trump, as always, is endeavoring to hollow out the constitutional system of checks and balances. There is no national emergency at the border other than the tragedies of his creation. Gangs, sex traffickers, and drug smugglers are not invading the United States. His “crisis” is that Congress has refused to fund a campaign fantasy he promised that Mexico would pay for, and the smell of political defeat is more than he can bear.

Trump’s fecklessness is most obvious when you realize that if his declaration could produce the lawful construction of his promised wall, the partial government shutdown—and the pain imposed both on the economy in general and on thousands of American families specifically—was utterly pointless. Even odder is the fact that one of the statutory authorities Trump is expected to set in motion is the Defense Department’s authority to provide assistance to counter drug trafficking and organized crime. That authority, however, is within the department’s regular quiver of statutory powers. If legally available to build the wall, it is no more or less available than it was before the government shutdown or before Trump’s declaration. Here’s the way our forthcoming judicial confrontations are likely to unfold. Trump is relying on the 1976 National Emergencies Act, which permits presidents to declare “national emergencies,” a term it does not define. Such declarations, however, do virtually nothing by themselves. Presidents have to cite yet other statutes that allow the president or other administrators to exercise specific powers once a national emergency has been declared.

Congress could—and should—put a stop to this nonsense now. Under the National Security Act, it can nullify a declaration of national emergency. It can also just pass a statute providing that, for purposes of building a border wall, no funds shall be reallocated pursuant to whatever statutes Trump cites. Any self-respecting legislative branch would stand up to Trump’s aggression by a vote so overwhelming as to overcome any veto threat. Such resistance, unfortunately, is altogether unlikely. As a result, we are left with the forms and practices of normal law to try to discipline an abnormal president. He has been and will continue to be enabled by lawyers wishing to push their interpretations of presidential authority to the maximum extent consistent with the dictionary, a practice the new attorney general championed for an earlier president and will no doubt champion again. Trump made clear that his hopes ride on the sympathies of the Supreme Court, which now, with Brett Kavanaugh, has justices who may well be more indulgent of executive prerogative than any bench since World War II. The extent to which there actually remains a meaningful constitutional check on this president’s assertion of extraordinary powers will be tested in the months and years ahead, but the outcome our Constitution would seem to demand is by no means guaranteed.


Lazy Prez Spends Much of His Day Concocting Crazy Spin & Talking Points

It does look like Trump spends much of his presidential “executive time” searching for new talking points to brag on himself.  That included pressuring the Japanese Prime Minister to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize, as seen below in this article pulled from trump-abe-nominated-nobel-peace-prize-because-we-asked-yep.  I suppose such a nomination would be based on what Trump declared last June upon his return from Singapore, that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat.  Next week’s Vietnam summit is likely just another preplanned photo-op charade.  We’re truly living in the alternative facts/fake news presidency:

President Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who the Japanese press says made the nomination after receiving a request to do so from the United States government, which is led by Donald Trump. During Trump’s national emergency press conference Friday at the White House, the president bragged that Abe handed him “the most beautiful copy” a five-page nomination letter, according to Reuters. Trump also claimed last week that the nomination was the result of his work opening talks between Japan and North Korea. But on Sunday, the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported that the prime minister nominated Trump as a result of a request by the US government: According to the sources, the U.S. government “informally” asked Tokyo to nominate Trump after he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore in June, the first-ever summit between the two countries. All that’s confusing but, then again, Donald Trump is president of the United States.

I Suggested GOP Would Have Been Far Better Off Losing in 2016
This plays into my recommendation prior to the 2016 election.  I repeatedly pointed out as Republicans, we needed to repel the tea-party lunacy in favor of a sane conservatism, then punt on Trump to regroup with a competent candidate in 2020.  As Trump goes on his merry way in destroying the GOP as a broad-based national party, we’ve set the tables for the Dems to rule for the next generation if not longer.  The 2016 election became a strategic & tactical disaster for GOP conservatism in the long run, as is described in this article from Republicans-won-the-battle-but-lost-the-war:

Here is something I have been saying all along. Republicans may have won the battle with electing Trump but have, in the end, lost the war. Before Trump appeared on the scene the Rs were already hemorrhaging Non-whites, women, the college educated and, most worrying for the Rs, the young. The New York Times has just put out a wonderful article detailing how the Rs started losing these demographics and how it has accelerated. Here are some excerpts: 

Most strikingly, one-third of 2012 Romney voters who were under 40 in 2016 did not vote for Mr. Trump, but rather stayed home, voted for Mrs. Clinton or voted for a third-party candidate. Among the under-40 Romney voters who supported Mr. Trump in 2016, 16 percent appear to have defected from the party to vote for a Democratic House candidate in 2018. Of course, we don’t know how they will vote in 2020, but what this means is that in the past two elections Republicans may have lost more than 40 percent of Romney voters born after 1976. Republican House candidates performed worse among 18- to 39-year-olds than they have in decades. The voters Mr. Trump and his party lost in 2016 and 2018 represent the future of American politics. If the Republican Party becomes the party of the past — that is, of aging white men with less education — it could make winning elections increasingly difficult. (I would say nearly impossible.) and…But it is the graying of the Republican coalition that is arguably the biggest threat to the party’s prospects. It is true that on average, older people are more reliable voters than younger people. But the partisan identities and voting behaviors that people adopt early in the life cycle tend to stick, becoming routines that people carry on for the remainder of their lives. (and when the old white men are gone, no one will be replacing them.) 

It’s been said that Trump is some kind of anomaly, I don’t think so. The Republican party has been slowly becoming the party of old white men for a while, out of touch with current America, he just accelerated the process. He exemplifies the mentality of the ‘gosh it was better back when’ and ‘this country is going to hell in a hand basket’ mentality of most of his supporters who are old and gray. That is why they voted for him. He is one of them. And that is why they will support him no matter what. You never turn on one of your own.

In his many TV interviews on his book tour, McCabe comes across as very credible.  Any reasonable person would certainly trust him over anything Trump says.  From the link titles at the bottom, here are some of the highlights in those articles, which these events mainly occurred in the Spring of 2017 after the firing of Comey through the FBI into a tizzy:
*Trump believed Putin over his own intelligence officials
*McCabe told the Gang of Eight in Congress about opening the counterintelligence investigation against Trump, including prominent Republicans & there were no objections
*Nunes likely blew the whistle to the White House about the FBI probe, which no doubt sparked Trump’s anger & revenge against McCabe
*McCabe was concerned Trump might be a Russian asset
*Trump was gleeful over his firing of Comey
*McCabe was stunned by the number of Russian contacts that Trump & his staff had
*Mueller has McCabe’s memos
*The 25th Amendment was discussed
*Trump had grilled McCabe over his loyalty (as he seems to do with all intelligence chiefs)
*To McCabe’s face, Trump berated his wife
Check out these titles & search for any that interest you: