Most Are Not Better Off…Polling confirms what we’ve suspected all along, most Americans are not in better shape financially with a Trump presidency:
What is the GOP Thinking?
Just listen to & think through their talking points, they’re ridiculous!  But the echo has trained the base to believe his lies are truths & any Trump crime is not really a crime.  It’s sort of like Trump’s bragging he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue has come to life, so GOP politicians are just tagging along paying no heed to our laws.  Their arguments are as absurd as they are indefensible:
Mixed Polling
At this way too early juncture, all the leading Dem candidates have a significant lead over Trump in national polling, but in battleground states the results get murkier:
Dems Winning Elections in Trump Era
With last night’s election results, it’s clear the Dems control the cities while the GOP owns rural areas.  But it’s in the suburbs where Trump & his GOP have lost support, especially the visceral reaction he gets among women.  And while he does energize his Trumpeter base to turn out, he reeeeeally inspires the anti-Trump vote to show up.  I have a hunch if Trump is on the 2020 ballot, a whole army of voters who often don’t vote will turn out for Dems.  We can also derive impeachment is showing NOT to be a political loser for Dems: