To My Fellow Americans, Please See the Economy for How It Really Is…The more our government leadership partners with large multinational corporations, the more they control the economy by increasingly turning us into an oligopoly, a system where workers are exploited & small business competitors are trampled over.  Sure, these mammoth conglomerates do have the economies of scale to provide products & services more efficiently at lower prices, plus they do employ a lot of people, but all that comes at a heavy cost.  The powers-that-be have allowed the situation to unfold where wages have been systematically suppressed for decades, while would-be entrepreneurs are dissuaded from even starting a business, knowing the barriers to entry are far too costly & the rigged model makes it very difficult to compete.  If DC leadership really sought to make America great again with policies designed for benefiting the American people, their focus should be on helping the ongoing plight of workers & small businesses.
The current focus from our political leadership has actually gone way off-kilter.  Trump is an oligarch who governs for the oligarchy.  His tax cuts for corporations & the rich were the epitome of an oligarchical move, taking a very unequal society & making it a lot more unequal.  The proceeds largely did not trickle down but they did serve to balloon deficits.  Our prez calls this the greatest economy ever since he lies & exaggerates everything, doing a sales job to embellish himself & help his reelection bid.  The reality is the trajectory of lower unemployment rates is a carryover from Obama’s term, while job creation & GDP since 2017 are no better than the Obama years.  But those stats paint only a narrow view of the bigger picture, as the same old structural issues of rising wage/wealth gaps & a struggling working middle class remain the most pressing problems. 
When we really examine what Trump himself has done for the economy, it’s basically been a dismal failure.  All those bold promises of fixing the primary challenges of health care, infrastructure & immigration have not materialized.  On trade, the relatively minor deals just accomplished were touted by Trump on the same level as unlocking the code for resolving disease & hunger, but that’s all hype!  It’s the con that the Don always plays on us!  Like I always say, we can’t take anything he says seriously.  But the real core struggles of the working class pre-dates Trump, pre-dates Obama & the Bush’s, & really goes back nearly a half-century, with conditions steadily becoming more uneven & rigged against workers.  This current longest-running recovery is remarkable for its duration, but in some ways it only makes our overall situation seem that much more grim, in that going more than a decade without a downturn still can’t solve the chronic predicament of stagnant wages & way too many not earning a livable wage. 
Trump claims to be a champion for workers, but his policies signal the exact opposite.  Not only do we have a wide divide between the political parties, but never has the divide between Wall St. & Main St. been more stark.  As a society we must arrive at the conclusion our priorities need reorganized, giving power to the people more than multinational corporations, since those corporate entities know no borders & place profits over people.  This video tells the true story of the big banks vs. the little people that needs told:  And I’ll say what I’ve said many times before, either fix capitalism or we’re going to lose it, explained very well in here:
Real Economic Conditions
As economic security has gone away for many families, that undercuts the social & cultural fabric that defined communities while creating an entire set of societal ills.  To recapture the American Dream, we must reignite that sense of dignity, duty & purpose in our professions along with compensation in line with a person’s efforts, which has long been steadily slipping away as the rewards keep going mostly to the very top.  We can do better than this!:
Falling Through the Cracks a Reality for So Many
Lots of young & old alike are in dire straits, which is unconscionable for a society as wealthy as ours.  It exposes the basic flaw in our economic model.  I’ve never been one to advocate for handouts, so let’s brainstorm together in creating a revamped system offering more opportunity & rewards for hard work, since lots of hard workers keep getting robbed on the job: 
True Effects of Tax Cuts
The big banks love it.  And while the stock market goes gangbusters, the distribution of funds gets more & more lopsided:
Blase Trade Deals
Trump’s hype about these deals is about a million times more than the reality.  Especially with China, he tried to use the tariffs & trade war for leverage in negotiations, but for the optics of fighting impeachment & an election coming, he punted:
Misc Articles
Let’s find the determination & courage to think big, creating a more inclusive society:
Health Care
There must be a better way!  But it would require thinking outside the box & adopting systems working well in other countries.  It would also require bipartisanship, something we don’t do well.  Our exorbitant costs are what really stands out about the American healthcare system compared to any other country, which a recent study suggests Medicare for All would save us money compared to our current system.  It would simplify & streamline a cumbersome/confusing hodgepodge mess of a process, while bypassing insurance companies & taking the burden off the backs of employers.  While I’ll confess our ingrained system & political divide will not allow for such a drastic change anytime soon, as most Americans are generally content & not ready to give up their private health insurance, we’ll probably get to universal coverage someday.  Especially when health care costs keep consuming a higher percentage of our GDP, we may have no other choice but to eventually streamline the system before it bankrupts our country.  Particularly if more studies come out like are seen in some articles here, showing how single-payer would actually save us money, an informed public could soon come to embrace:
A Great Book & Riveting Documentary
Tightrope explores how many Americans are walking that tightrope, with one false move & it all falls apart:
Watch this documentary if you can find the time.  More emphasis should have been given to the real cause of our bitter divides, the rise of radicalized right-wing media & the tea party movement:
GOP Outlandish Lies & Spin Could Become Their Undoing
These articles show beyond any shadow of doubt how off the rails the GOP has become, including a meltdown by a loony AZ senator:

2020 Election
I never state a preference for a Dem candidate, but all I’ll say is picking a candidate who can win might be nothing less than making a choice that can save our constitutional democracy.  Four more years of Trump is a certain disaster from which a fascist dictatorship just might gain a foothold, especially as he continues to stock corrupt loyalists in top leadership positions inside institutions like Congress, the courts, DOJ & echo-media.  I would say should Dems go with a candidate further to the left in the primaries, it plays right into Trump’s strategy of painting his Dem opponent as a socialist & likely lessens their odds of winning in November:  Of immediate concern is no one candidate seems to be rising from the pack, so here’s hoping the strongest candidate emerges soon (maybe right after Super Tuesday in early March) so the support can galvanize around the soon-to-be nominee, rather than evolving into the bitterness & chaos of a brokered convention. 
But as voters whether liberal, conservative, or somewhere in-between, ideologies no longer matter even one iota.  We’ve got a reckless demagogue inside the White House who along with his corrupt henchmen are trying to steal democracy, which a vote for Trump in 2020 is tantamount to selling America down the river.  Every Dem candidate, from Biden to Bernie to Elizabeth or Mayor Pete, or any of the others including the two billionaires, deserve our vote far more than the train wreck now in charge.  Of course, as I’ve stated in the past, I would opt for Homer Simpson, Elmer Fudd, Barney Fife or Donald Duck over Donald Trump.  And of course, not everyone sees it in the same way as I do, since millions have bought into the tyrannical deception.  This is America after all, where voters have the right to be wrong.  But for the rest of us rational & clearheaded enough to see who Trump really is, please help us in our noble crusade by sharing this info with others before it’s too late.  Here are articles relevant to the coming election:
Here Comes The Judge
We’re watching history in the making!  The honorable Chief Justice Roberts is presiding over this impeachment trial, although he’ll serve as more of an oversight manager than a judge: