The Wealthy Exploiting Workers with Unfair Tax Rates…I guess it’s not enough for them to just stifle the growth of paychecks.  And Trump policies aren’t helping the working class very much as he had promised.  He’s really protecting rich oligarchs.  Thanks to Trump’s tax cuts, billionaires are now paying a lower effective tax rate than working people!  We’ve often commented in recent years how our economic system seems rigged, which now we have proof with these tax rate numbers the wealthy truly are exploiting the system.  The prez is facilitating this rigged system & widening wealth/wage gaps, especially with their misguided supply-side trickle-down ambitions never materializing when the trickle down is barely a trickle.  If we want to truly make MAGA a reality, we can start by creating a more fair tax code.  Meanwhile, much of the working class keep falling further & further behind.
But with an American president who represents a clear & present danger in his criminal behavior, somehow the economy just isn’t the priority like it normally would be.  It’s why our Part 3’s have become shorter than the other two.  So we’ve got to install a new president who has the country’s best interest at heart, at which point we can start addressing the economic inequalities so prevalent in our modern-day society.  Here’s an interesting thought on who’s more likely to be our first woman president, Warren or Pelosi?  At this point I’d call it a tossup.  If the captain of the good-ship Trump sinks before the next election a year from now, fully expect he’ll take his VP down with him.
It’s a free country, so Americans have a right to back a clueless leader who makes rash decisions that often end in disaster as seen in Syria.  It’s a free country, so Americans have a right to support a leader who has sexually abused dozens of women.  It’s a free country, so Americans have a right to support a leader who has been profiting from ripping people off for decades.  But when a president crosses the line into a life of crime, even those who mistakenly still support him, they should at least come to the understanding he doesn’t deserve to stay in office.  Unfortunately, the more unhinged among the Trumpeters are flat-out dangerous & prone to violence.
One article below gives examples how typical workers would need thousands or even billions of years to become a billionaire based on their current incomes, so the disparities have become unconscionable.  The flaws in the underlying structure of our economy would be very difficult to fix, but doing nothing other than cutting taxes at the top is not the way to go about it.  Please peruse these links pulled from the newsfeeds, starting off with economic news, then we see a first step to a trade deal plus Syria atrocities, along with the latest wall news, followed by interesting polling results & concluding with our song:
Trade Deal?
I’ve always given Trump some slack on his trade war knowing China has been cheating us for decades, so it’s about time we started pushing back.  But that assumes Trump’s once-renowned dealmaking skills can strike a good deal without getting his pockets picked.  His negotiations with foreign leaders have not gone well at all.  The new deal to replace NAFTA isn’t a noticeable improvement over the old one, plus the summit with Jong Un in Singapore & Putin in Helsinki turned out to be a farce.  At any of those EU/NATO summits our prez is considered a nutbag pariah. 
And more recently, his call with the Ukrainian president broke the law & the conversation with the Turkish dictator led to the slaughter of our Kurdish allies happening as you read this (the videos coming out of Syria seeing Islamic radicals executing the Kurds are heartbreaking).  So don’t get too elated over this preliminary step for a trade deal, since it could all end up being a charade to try keeping Wall St. & his base happy:
These are war crimes Trump is responsible for:
Build the Wall
Hard to figure all this hullabaloo over an edifice of limited value.  And it’s costly since it is now certain Mexico isn’t ever going to pay for it:


We’ve seen a dramatic uptick in support for impeachment from the moment news of the Ukraine collusion broke.  As the investigations uncover more solid clues of crimes, basically boiling it down to conspiracy, a quid pro quo & obstruction, the increasing public support for impeachment may ultimately sway GOP senators.  And not surprisingly, support for impeachment drops among those not really paying attention to the news.  So let’s do our part to inform the uninformed by sharing
When the Levee Breaks
Checking back to our headline story from Part 1, we emphasized how the levee looks about ready to break by the flood of evidence now regularly pouring in from the Ukraine scandal investigation.  As the rain keeps pouring down on this corrupt administration with more major headlines to come, the floodwaters may soon wash away this presidency.  Whether it’s a live concert or the studio version with lyrics, this song concludes with going down… going down now… going down….