Economic Debate overshadowed by Disinformation & Demagoguery…Our Part 3’s have always been an analysis of our economic conditions, but that has lately taken a back seat to our leader’s assault on our constitutional democracy.  He’s actually displayed a liking to authoritarian dictatorships over free democracies, sure to make the world a far more dangerous place.  Our American president based on a repeated pattern of inexplicable actions has been exposed as a compromised Russian asset, which in Russia is known as kompromatTrumpeters may think achieving MAGA can come from a leader lying, cheating & committing crimes to usurp power, but all that’s accomplishing is Making America a Greedy Autocracy! 
We’ve posted tons of links near the bottom offering loads of compelling signals the entire GOP-world has turned into a cult, in unison subscribing to outlandish storylines far removed from reality that a twisted group mindset uncompromisingly accept.  Our civic duty as voters in the presidential election next year is to put an honest American president in the White House, not someone who’s serving as a demagogic disinformation machine & de facto Russian vice-president.  A second Trump term would be unchecked & far more reckless than the first.  I don’t chime in on who the Dems should nominate, I just hope the cream rises to the top.  It’s going to take a strong leader in uniting us & getting us back on track.
We do post economic articles in the first section of our Part 3’s, which further on below there are lots of links on the perplexingly problematic Republican Party, concluding at the bottom with our selected song.  Most elections are largely about our economy, but 2020 will be uniquely about saving our democracy from fascist intent.  But the economic conditions remain important, with the first few articles below highlighting how our tax system is way out of balance along with the tax cuts being a boondoggle, putting more stress on middle-class finances while exacerbating income inequality. 
We have a lot of work ahead of us to unite as a nation & together embark on an honest discussion how to fix things, since this relatively strong economy is for many a broken economy.  Many sectors of the economy are struggling mightily & much of the working class continue to be shafted.  Our current top DC leadership are nowhere near even beginning to address the real problems, since they’re clueless & aren’t even trying.  So check out this first section revealing our very uneven, distorted economy which richly rewards those at the very top at the expense of everyone else:
Health Care
Besides the urgent need to replace Trump, health care is the #1 issue for 2020:
Trump “Origins” Conspiracy Goes Bust!
A nutty conspiracy theory relentlessly perpetrated by Trump & his echo for years, turns out this popular smear campaign against the FBI & deep state that had gained so much traction on the far-right, it was pure poppycock as we at The VORACS always assured it was.  But Trumpeters can’t help but believe the lies so long as it advances the motives of their obstinate-minded tribe:
This definition comes from
The definition of a cult is a group of people with extreme dedication to a certain leader or set of beliefs that are often viewed as odd by others, or is an excessive and misplaced admiration for someone or something, or is something that is popular among a certain segment of society.
There is no longer any discernible redeeming value to the GOP.  From everything I can detect in the way they’ve embraced dishonesty, division & corruption, & done it with such uncompromising fervor & devotion to the leader they worship, the GOP has truly taken on the appearance of a cult.  Please go down this long list of links & if you can figure out what’s going on here, please tell me, because I sure can’t figure this out other than it must be a cult.  And they’ve all been thoroughly corrupted by their cult leader. 
With concrete evidence of crimes, all the GOP has to offer are crazy excuses.  Based on what we’ve already learned of the president’s actions, simply replace the name Trump with Obama & the GOP would vote unanimously for impeachment & removal.  Trump’s crimes are clearly impeachable, yet GOP leaders are continually lying to themselves & the American people.  These are important articles exposing the lies, all those proven falsehoods nonetheless firmly ingrained in the psyche of way too many gullible GOP supporters:
Our Forefathers Warned Us About This!
President Trump has already broken our laws & defiled our Constitution, exposing himself as a criminal who has abused his power & is clearly unfit for office.  Not that the prez would ever do this, but still it’s too late to apologize!  Our forefathers were most concerned about a tyrannical president teaming up with foreign interests to usurp control over our electoral process & free democracy, so they provided important provisions in the Constitution to remove such a dictatorial tyrant…