Something Else is More Important…James Carville’s famous line from Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign doesn’t hold true going into the 2020 campaigns.  With a clear & present danger inside the White House, the economy isn’t as much a priority with our democracy & freedoms now being threatened!  Our Part 3’s are always focused in on the economy, so this section will be considerably shorter than Parts 1 or 2 based on recent headlines.  The economy does remain important & challenging, but relative to the dire threats to our democratic institutions & norms coming from within the White House, we must first address this emergency before moving on to fix our economy.  The links below do detail the issues we at some point need to deal with, which can only reasonably come about through new presidential leadership having a more unifying presence.  And our song at the bottom we dedicate to VP Pence.
Trump’s attention is all focused not on fixing our problems, but in perpetuating falsehoods against his opponents.  Despite all the cheery news we hear, there remains a plethora of troubles with the Trump economy.  GDP, job creation & wage growth remain stagnant, wage & wealth gaps keep expanding, plus the temporary juicing from the tax cuts at the top purported to trickle down has been a bust, as deficits are rising far faster than economic growth.  So despite a low unemployment rate & tight jobs market, workers still aren’t getting ahead, suggesting an ongoing major flaw in our economic structure.
The bottom line is despite our economy creating enormous wealth, much of the working middle class in America are still getting screwed, as real wages have not risen for a half-century!  Check out these articles posted from the newsfeeds, which highlight among other things the current recessionary status in sectors like manufacturing, agriculture & retail.  Data suggests factory job losses have hit particularly hard in the states of Pennsylvania & Wisconsin, ironically where Trump’s wins were pivotal to his election victory.  If our prez is even on the ballot a year from now, I don’t see him winning these critical states again:
The Trump Economy:
Polls are Trending in the Right Direction
With the major news reports over the past couple weeks, the tide is turning in favor of impeachment.  Should more bombshell headlines of crimes keep coming out, these numbers could snowball.  I’m quite confident the public will soon favor impeachment & even conviction by wide margins, but the question becomes will at least 20 of 53 GOP senators go along?:
Indiana Wants Me
Although Trump has a much smaller inner circle than Nixon’s, his crimes are far more serious, blatant, widespread & international in scope.  Dozens of Nixon’s associates were indicted & sent to prison, so fully expect a good number of Trump associates could be convicted & imprisoned once this entire scandal plays out.  We are increasingly seeing with Trump & his cronies as more evidence is uncovered, particularly the more prominent names featuring Rudy, Pompeo & Barr, it appears all but certain they broke the law & betrayed our country.  Also included on that list is VP Pence, since the news this week reveals he was fully immersed in the Ukraine scandal.  As I’ve stated recently, conservatives need not be alarmed, since our new era of President Pelosi will only be for a short while.  After that, will it be Biden or Warren for the January 2021 inauguration?  It’s now hard to imagine it could somehow be Pence:
Pence hails from Indiana & was recently the governor there, but since our prez corrupts everyone he touches, Pence got caught up in Trump’s life of crime.  He may also soon pay the price.  So we dedicate this song to Trump toady & distinguished vice president, Mr. Mike Pence…