Fix the White House’s Occupant First, then Fix the Economy…Trump is touted as some great salesman, but as a sales rep myself I’ve always believed in being honest with my prospects, since if we’re always throwing out lyin’ BS at some point we lose our credibility.  Trump not only lies regularly about the performance of the economy, but he’s been shown to be a lousy leader, always pitting his people against each other as he plays his divisive games. 
He is also clueless, utterly failing in providing viable solutions when he can’t even identify what the core issues of our economic problems are.  The one & only thing I give him credit for is exposing those China trade cheats, but we’ve got to question his dealmaking prowess with the lingering stalemate.  So overall let’s first get some leaders of integrity in DC we can trust & will try representing all the people, which from there we can finally start working on a fix for the economy featuring shared economic growth.  Please peruse these links describing structural economic challenges, while further below we feature the wayward GOP & 2 songs for Trumpeters:
The wage gaps & suppressed middle class incomes are a serious/intransigent problem…
“A democracy can die of too many lies”
Other Important Issues
Dumb Comments
By a dumb senator appealing to a dumb Trumpian crowd:
What is Wrong with this Party?
They’re resorting to defending the indefensible, taking irrational positions that are morally vacuous & completely opposed to the norms of a civil society.  They’ve totally sold out to selfish tribal ambitions rather than the common good, making the current GOP a scourge on our nation.  Inexplicably this formerly conservative bunch turned far-right radicals have tied themselves into knots explaining away the sins of their leader, trying to convince us what is down is up & what is wrong is right. 
It’s as though they’re deliberately wanting to turn us against them based on presenting themselves as despicable as humanly possible, except their base have been so duped beyond recognition, that hanging onto any last shred of short-term political relevance puts the GOP on a road to ultimately self-destruct.  That party can no longer be respected nor trusted (no matter what their base thinks), so here are the latest reports on their over-the-top malfeasance.  There are plenty of articles here since the GOP buffoonery is running on overdrive:
A New Entrant?
Advice to Trumpeters from Roxette
Please LISTEN!!!  Not to that deceptive right-wing echo-media but listen closely to the live congressional hearings coming up.  Listen with an open mind & maybe, just maybe, it can provide the means to escape that delusional alternate-reality bubble by embracing the truth.  Trumpeters do need to come to grips with the reality their mob boss has to go.  So in reconnecting with that inner moral voice it can allow a person to listen to your heart, giving us all the wisdom & courage to do what must be done, tell him goodbye:  
This infatuation with Trump must have been love for fawning Trumpeters, but once they see the truth about their cult leader, it’s over now: