These links start out with the economy & finish up with interesting polling.  More commentary & our song comes out on the weekend:
Big Shift in Polling
WOW!!!  Look at these new numbers!  Keep in mind bad news for a criminalized presidency is good news for America!  Looks like more Americans are coming around to seeing the truth.  The numbers include a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll showing we’ve hit the magical 50% mark, then a Fox News poll came out at 51% (although other polls are not yet there).  When we see 50% in those two polls, we’re talking about voters not only supporting the House impeachment inquiry, but also support Trump BEING CONVICTED & REMOVED by the Senate!!!  As these impeachment numbers keep trending upward as more incriminating evidence comes out, a GOP senate could be persuaded to follow suit:


My response to a Reply:
Yes, it’s tragic people allow themselves to be brainwashed through Fox fake news, especially the prime-time shows are nothing but distortions, propaganda & conspiracies.  Warren could win as Trump continues to become more unpopular (if he’s even on the ballot).  Hillary did win the popular vote even before Americans fully understood who Trump really was.  Warren comes across as passionate & genuine, which may be what voters are looking for.  She just has to overcome these 50 main problems holding her back compared to Trump, which I wrote about in this blog link when Warren announced her candidacy the beginning of the year…