Let’s Do Something But Play It Smart…Many of those older, retired, white, male, conservative, Fox-watchin, Trump-lovin GOP supporters held jobs when America was generally great for workers, a time they earned a livable wage with full-time jobs that defined the American Dream.  That might have worked out great for them, but they’re out of touch with the current realities of the modern-day working class, where so many jobs pay a pittance of the income needed to sustain a living.  As age catches up & more of these Trump fans move onto the next world, the GOP base will steadily shrink, giving rise to the growing political clout of young people & minorities who lean heavily towards the Dems: https://time.com/5770140/millennials-change-american-politics/.  As that happens, we might finally discover the resolve to tackle the chronic issue of wage stagnation & income inequality, so America’s incredible wealth-producing engine can become a more inclusive economy.
The vast & growing disparities in our economy truly need addressing, as doing nothing is not a viable option.  Relying on the free market to sort it out worked well in yesteryear, but now requires some serious tweaking.  As we are destined to shift towards that transition of Dems gaining power, perhaps as soon as one year from now, a cautionary note is some of the more progressive ideas are pretty far left & expensive.  So we’ll be faced with the challenge of threading the needle by solving the core of the problem without throwing a bunch of government funding at each pressing difficulty.  Restoring the American Dream must be accomplished without sacrificing the great American work ethic, cause the more government aid is available to more people, the more people who’ll become dependent on the handouts.  So it will be far from easy, but government policies need to be proactive in restoring the quality & dignity of work, with the working class benefiting from an enhanced purpose/motivation/initiative along with higher compensation for their efforts.  Steps also need taken to again restore the American Dream of starting a business by making that possibility more viable for more would-be entrepreneurs.  The big multinationals should not be given carte blanche to run roughshod over the dreams of individual American workers desiring more productive careers.
Such an ambitious agenda would take an aggressive comprehensive approach, from education/training/apprenticeships, tax policies, higher minimum wage, public/private partnerships, R&D/new technologies, business start-up financing, more teeth in antitrust laws, broadband everywhere, integrating human labor to work in conjunction with A.I. & robotics, along with dozens of new initiatives we have yet to discover & have hardly even imagined (requiring brainstorming from a lot of smart people to help figure it all out).  The world & technology are changing fast, so we must reconstruct our society so the workforce can adapt to the rapid transitions without being left behind.  As a nation we’ve accomplished extraordinary things in our history when we work together & put our collective minds to it, so helping workers achieve success in jobs that can pay the bills should become America’s #1 domestic agenda.  But America has become too divided & our political process too polarized to accomplish great things, so we stay mired in our troubles & that’s a big problem.  As a result, the American working class keeps getting the shaft while our disturbingly lopsided society continues on unabated.  We should all come to grips with the thought of creating a more prosperous middle class equates to more disposable incomes, so they become more qualified customers/consumers of the goods & services our economy produces, becoming a win-win for all.
There’s a severe price we might be about to pay for our inaction.  That up & coming younger generation not only favors the Dems, but they’re largely fed up with what they’ve experienced of capitalism & are generally more predisposed towards socialism.  So as I’ve warned dozens of times here inside the many Part 3’s over the years, we either fix capitalism or we’re going to lose it!  Socialism is not really a change we should aspire to, as it could permanently ingrain the dependency mindset into our psyche & derail that inner drive which made America great in the first place.  If we let that happen, we as a nation only have ourselves to blame, failing to respond to an obvious affliction that has steadily eroded the rewards of hard work over the past few decades.  No society producing the overall wealth America does should have roughly half the working population struggling to make ends meet.  It signals a dramatic flaw in the system itself.  The links here in this first section analyze where our economic model has gone astray, as the empirical evidence points decidedly towards modern-day capitalism needing a major upgrade.  Further below are sections on a Republican Party now hopelessly beyond repair, the latest polling & election speculation, then concluding with a song of tough love aimed squarely at white evangelicals.  So here goes:    
The Divided States of America
MAGA is not possible until we find a president with leadership qualities that can help unite us, while we the people must find some way to overcome our stifling polarization:
Shocking News from the Sports World
The Hopeless GOP
The party has been so thoroughly corrupted they’re beyond hope: https://www.salon.com/2020/01/23/impeachment-trial-should-remove-any-lingering-doubt-republicans-are-beyond-redemption/.  So the GOP needs blown up & from the ashes, we can start over with a brand new conservative party: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/01/republicans-fear-2020-election-wipeout-if-more-ukraine-bombshells-drop-after-they-clear-trump-of-impeachment/.  Without some enormous new monster smoking gun that could prove Trump’s guilt to even Republicans, it looks like getting at least 20 GOP senators to vote for conviction/removal is a bridge too far.  It’s because what has become of the GOP, which is no relation to the party of the same name from the 20th Century, at this point has no scruples, no honesty, no common decency, no sanity & no known cure: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-gops-terminal-infection-of-advanced-trumpism-has-no-known-cure?ref=wrap.  
But with a mountain of evidence against Trump & no legitimate rebuttals from Trump’s defense team, it greatly raises the necessity of gathering key documents & calling important witnesses for piecing all the facts together.  Yet the GOP is so far gone, it’s questionable whether just 4 GOP senators can muster up enough moral courage to vote for witnesses to appear.  Perhaps excerpts from Bolton’s book just released tonight could ratchet up the pressure to call him as a witness.  It certainly should, since it details firsthand the quid pro quo Trump orchestrated with Ukraine!  TN Sen. Lamar Alexander who’s not running for reelection could be the one swing vote in deciding on witnesses.  But they’re all so terrified of Trump, the echo-media & their base, these senators are likely to place party loyalties far ahead of choosing truth & justice for our country.  In listening to the conflated excuses & crazy alibis for Trump coming from GOP politicians over this impeachment trial, it’s become apparent along with joining the cult, they wound up losing their minds.  I present the following links as evidence:  
Polling & Election Speculation
The core of Trump’s base are older white guys, less-educated whites & white evangelicals.  But the demographic groups against Trump are growing & extremely energized to vote, predominately women, young people, minorities, college-educated, urban/suburban voters, & anyone else with a moral compass & clear grasp of reality.  Plus the prez will get slaughtered on specific issues like his dishonesty, divisiveness, chaos, health care, gun safety & threats to entitlements.  And as much as people might complain about the trial or the length of it, a lot are paying attention.  While at any given moment less than 10 million are tuning in, the number who’ve caught at least part of the trial is estimated to be around 50 million.  But generally they’re not consumed by the gravity of the moment as a time like this should command, probably because they know senators’ minds are already made up along party lines.  But more Americans than not want him removed:
We’re Better Than This!
Please hear the song inside these links at the bottom!  It should be sung in all our churches, specifically white evangelicalism.  If the congregations could ever embrace the truths contained within those lyrics posted below, it just might restore the Christian witness & quit driving people away from our churches in droves.  It might also repel the spirit of deception sweeping through the churches, making it safe to go to an evangelical church again without being bombarded by the hypocrisy & moral duplicity.  Between our earnest persuasion & the Good Lord’s intervention, perhaps we can retrieve those wayward souls who do primarily fall under the categorical demographics of white evangelicals, so they can soon reconnect with their moral integrity which has been lost with their undying support of Trump.  Trump is as corrupt & dishonest as they come, so by association faith believers are being badly tarnished by him: https://www.alternet.org/2020/01/heres-how-trump-will-corrupt-the-evangelical-movement-and-make-it-lose-its-soul-former-christian-post-editor/.  And those in the church who signal support for Trump is part & parcel to the faith, as some do, it is devastating to the reputation & growth of the church.
This week saw an overwhelming amount of concrete evidence presented by House managers that our president committed heinous acts, perhaps the most egregious crimes ever done against our constitutional democracy by an American president.  The abundance of lies, distortions & cover-ups by Trump & his supporters don’t alter the real facts.  Our prez really did solicit foreigners with the intent to cheat & steal an election!  It’s alarming to me as an evangelical Christian that my brethren are primarily responsible for enabling & empowering Trump.  Should our prez & his enablers get their way by helping Trump fulfill his dream of becoming a autocratic dictator, the eventual blowback could soon put us on the road to the destruction of the GOP, our nation, our rule of law, our Constitution, our democracy & our freedoms.  And yes, the collateral damage might also wind up taking down the evangelical church.  We could lose everything we hold dear!  That’s quite an enormous risk in exchange for temporal political gain.  Worshiping both Christ & Trump doesn’t square.  Let’s hope evangelical leaders & their flock begin to realize the kind of damage being done in their obedience to a corrupt earthly leader.  Don’t forget if Satan is the father of lies, what does that make our president who has lied to us over 16,000 times during his 3 years in office?
I sometimes wonder if white evangelicals would support Hitler as their president so long as he was pro-life.  That singular issue should not persuade the faithful to bow in submission to a fascist tyrant.  Trump needs removed ASAP either by Senate conviction or losing the November election, so these church-goers have become our sworn opponents as we strive for truth & justice.  Once a group known for moral judgments & grandstanding is perceived as losing its virtue, don’t expect it coming back any time soon.  So as their kowtowing to evil is being revealed for all the world to see (& the world is definitely noticing), their political power will steadily wane under the weight of such an unholy allegiance, which ironically may ultimately derail those tunnel-vision hopes of stopping all legal abortions.  I too am pro-life, but I won’t sacrifice my principles by aligning with moral debauchery in our nation’s leadership as a nefarious means to an end.  I hope to return inside those church walls someday once most of my fellow believers again share my moral values.  For now, it’s become an embarrassment to associate with those who degrade our faith while cluelessly not even knowing it.  This powerful song is directed squarely at what has become of the evangelical church which has sacrificed its greater mission.  Call it tough love by calling them out:
So imagine my dismay,
when I watched you lead the sheep to the wolves.
You weaponized religion,
and you wonder why I’m leaving,
to find Jesus on the wrong side of your walls.

You said to love the lost,
so I’m loving you now.
You said speak the truth,
so I’m calling you out.
May love overcome and justice roll down.
Come home, come home,
You’re better than this…