Just What the Working Class have been Feeling for Decades…are described in the top links below & our current prez is not being helpful.  Overall, many Trumpeters who respond to me basically admit our prez is a dirtbag, they still defend him by saying they like his policies.  If that’s so, I’d like to know what Trump has really done they like so much?  He made many promises & then lies about the subsequent results, but when we consider key issues like healthcare, infrastructure, immigration reform, revised gun laws, debt/deficits & other pressing concerns, our prez has really been a dud.  If you think his international record is any better, things have actually gotten worse in our dealings with hot spots like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran & Saudi Arabia.
And as our headline suggests, there’s another important economic concern that hit the news this week.  As much as Trump also lies about income inequality along with most everything else, it’s not just our imaginations the income/wealth gaps have escalated so dramatically.  Data from the past 50 years shows income inequality has indeed become more disparate than ever.  There are numerous reasons, but it’s indicative of large corporations grabbing all the power while being catered to by DC politicians, so working people have been exploited & steadily lost ground over 50 years.  Those are the links on that subject leading off our economic articles from this week, & at the very bottom we conclude Part 3 with a song about our president having a bad day (actually several bad days in a row):
Worst Income Inequality in 50 Years
This should be given major consideration in all our economic policy decisions:
Other Economic Concerns Defying Trump’s Claims of a Great Economy
In other words, don’t believe Trump:
Health Insurance Needs Fixed
It’s way too expensive & getting worse:
Polling Shifts Toward Favoring Impeachment
The public sentiment flipped this week, so when the people get behind it, politicians will follow.  Prior to the Ukraine bombshell, the Russia investigation did help prepare the public with the knowledge committing conspiracy with a foreign nation to taint an election is a serious crime (a lesson lost on Trump):
The Camera Don’t Lie, You Had a Bad Day
Based on the news headlines each day this past week, our selected song is descriptive of Trump from every single day, & we can use this song for many more bad days going forward that are surely coming: