America’s Future Hinges on just 2 Viable Options, Either Conviction or the Election…Our Part 3’s are always about the economy, while further below we expose the ridiculous GOP spin & post our selected Christmas song.  I stay out of the Dem primary race.  I’ve never been a Dem & still am not real comfortable with the idea, but I now fully align with the Dems against a common foe headed by a corrupt demagogue presiding over a conservative party that’s gone mad.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to deny Trump a 2nd term, or otherwise America may never again be the same & it certainly won’t be for the better.  So whatever we can do to help the Dems, I’m all for it, since I firmly believe the only way to ultimately save the GOP is to first destroy what has become of the party.  This urgent matter depends on the Dems winning in November, unless another breaking headline lands exposing a major Trump crime which compels the Senate to convict & remove.
I will say this about my concerns of the Dem candidates.  We’re heading into the new year with the start of the primaries/caucuses only a couple months away, yet none of the contenders seem capable of separating themselves from the pack.  I was hoping a superstar would have emerged by now.  We can only hope this whole thing soon sorts itself out with the very best & most electable candidate emerging.  And always remember, Trump’s a chronic cheater & will keep trying to underhandedly take the decision away from American voters.  I’ll admit I do love the genuine passion of a Warren or Sanders, but are they taking their progressive ideas too far?  Not only could their initiatives become a feeding-frenzy spending spree, but I fear such a Dem nominee might become sitting ducks for the strategic & overly-transparent GOP smear campaign of painting their political opponents as socialists/communists.
I’m also concerned voters will go for Trump based only on a perceived strong economy, even though the vast majority of Americans report their own personal finances have gotten no better during these 3 years.  But with jobs plentiful & the news reports keep drilling in our heads how wonderful the economy is, we have a case of perception trumping reality.  The real truth is most jobs available &/or are being created still don’t pay a livable wage, while waiting on the free market to make the necessary corrections ain’t happening, as the powers-that-be in the form of corporate oligarchs will keep using their leverage to artificially suppress wages.  Only some smart government intervention through a comprehensive plan &/or collaborative effort (see song at the bottom) from a public-private partnership, could possibly hope to start balancing the equation & right the wrongs working against the working middle class.
Trump’s policies have skillfully navigated the narrative by creating a mirage.  Through his tax cuts for the rich & pressuring the Fed to keep rates low, which helps prop up the stock market along with spiking deficits that’s serving to pump liquidity into the marketplace, it’s really a temporary sugar-high the prez hopes can sustain moderate 2% economic growth through the November election.  But nothing Trump has done even begins to scratch the surface on correcting the core structural issues that have bedeviled the economy for decades (arguably cutting regulations has helped but that’s a double-edged sword of environmental, health & safety concerns).  So Trump will carry on with his artificial stimulus & phony promises which effectively snooker his adoring base of Trumpeters, keeping his talking points on the economy intact while he passes the growing/enormous/unsustainable debt levels onto an unknown future date when the bubble is sure to burst someday.  As for the coming election, any perceived slippage in the economy could turn into a November bloodbath for the GOP.       
Let’s face it, the current 2% GDP growth basically channeling the same trajectory going on for a decade, along with rapidly rising income inequality & deficits, are not much to brag about.  A key factor for the 2020 campaign is for the Dems to educate voters on the uneven nature of the economy, while articulating real solutions on how the engrained problems can be tackled.  They need to differentiate themselves from Trumpian policies in a logical way that can really resonate with the American people, since many incorrectly give the prez credit for the economy, as the rosy metrics are being accomplished by priming the pump/smoke & mirrors rather than sound policy. 
The Dems should come up with real answers fast for the white working class (really for all workers) that Trump swayed, who remain angry/alienated over their declining status & shaky financial circumstances.  Much like Boris Johnson just won a big victory in the British election largely because the working class outside of the major metropolitan areas feel the liberal Labour Party had abandoned them, so we cannot allow Trump to get reelected for the very same reasons:
It would be intriguing to give the Warren/Sanders type of revolutionary ideas a try for finding out if they can mitigate our extreme & growing levels of inequality, while spurring on shared prosperity & upward mobility.  But the electorate would probably not be ready for such a risky experiment unless the economy was really down in the dumps.  I wish we could somehow find a way to blend the best ideas from progressives & conservatives, but for now they’re too far apart & the current political climate is not conducive for bipartisanship.  Yes, we do need to find ways for giving workers a fair shake while reversing out-of-control wage/wealth gaps, but we must strive to do so within the confines of the free-market capitalist system.  We should not aspire to socialism, but as I’ve often warned, we either fix capitalism or the younger generations will soon opt for socialism. 
Plenty of progressive proposals seem as though they’re just throwing large gobs of money at the problems in an ever expanding government, which tends to enable a dependency mentality when too many take advantage & abuse such programs, while weakening the work ethic/initiative that always defined America & made us great.  It’s essential we never lose the attitude as a society how it takes hard work & ambition to strive for what we achieve, rather than wait to have our subsistence handed to us.  And those who do rely on government benefit programs should never be seen by the working class as having it better than they do, after those workers slaved away day after day while getting further behind financially, which can tend to motivate workers to look for reasons they can qualify to jump into the government’s large safety net instead of finding a better job. 
So let’s together find the determination to do something about raising incomes & living standards for workers, being smart about restructuring our economy towards jobs able to pay for a living rather than increasing government handouts, while being diligent in preserving our obligations to help the truly needy.  And yes, this would require all sides truly working together & brainstorming for the best ideas, but it’s hard to imagine that actually happening in this age of bitter polarization.
The Real Economy
This first section of links details various aspects of our economic challenges, including reports on our squandered opportunity as America falls behind, the manufacturing slump, failed tax cuts, Dem strategies, health care, lessons from the British election & our polarizing gridlock:
The Party with No Shame has Become a Disgrace
Believe me, when I supported this party for all those years, they were still rational & sane.  Now look at them!  Check out these articles & there’s just no question they’re really spreading the manure on thick.  The GOP has become so possessed by the cult, they’ll do anything for their demagogue king no matter how depraved: 
Latest Polling
When polls show a majority favor removal from office, that strengthens the Dems’ hand.  Polling also has consistently shown nearly half of Americans definitely won’t vote for Trump, while roughly a third say they definitely will vote for Trump.  So it’s that slice of less than 20% who’ll need persuaded, & ridding ourselves of a dangerous demagogue will require overcoming fake (echo) news, their lies & conspiracies, foreign interference, Wall Street donors, the bully pulpit, electoral college distortions, voter suppression & various other dirty tricks the party of Trump will surely throw at voters.  And is the new poll on evangelicals & impeachment an outlier?:
Can It Be?
Merry Christmas to You & Your Family.  We expect to be back posting more political messages in two weeks, barring major news breaking prior to that.  But let’s ask ourselves, is it possible for two people with nothing in common & completely different perspectives to collaborate, making beautiful music together?  Will DC ever learn to collaborate, where Dem & GOP, liberal & conservative, find a way to work together for the common good on behalf of all Americans?  And can it be we’ll ever have peace on Earth?
The story behind it is in here.  And Bing passed away a month after this recording, so his TV Christmas special aired in 1977 after his death:
The collaborative tune itself, a popular Christmas song: