And They’re Proud of What Their Guy has Done?…In my exchanges with hardcore Trumpeters, even the ones who hesitantly admit their leader is a hyperbolic, bullying, braggadocious, narcissistic con man of a nutball, they’ll say they’re still behind him because they like his policies.  So my question is, what’s there to like?  When we examine this list of Trump’s so-called accomplishments, this braggart really doesn’t have much to brag about, but he sure has his base fooled:
*Tax cuts for the rich & we’re still waiting for trickle down
*Runaway deficits as far as the eye can see
*Runaway personal debts, especially for housing, college & medical bills
*GDP growth & job creation roughly the same as Obama’s economy
*Policies which are at war with unions & the working class
*The manufacturing, agricultural & retail sectors in a downturn
*Initiatives removing safety/environmental standards for workers & consumers, which also plays into advancing climate change
*Has done nothing to fix health care, plus has failed to rein in prescription drug costs
*No infrastructure bill
*No gun reform bill
*Plays on our bitter divides while rousing anger & fear
*Appoints judges consistently favoring dark money, gerrymandering & multinational corporations
*Various schemes for voter suppression
*Not much of a wall being built because the prez backtracked on a DACA/immigration reform bill
*Crafted policies for kidnapping desperate migrant kids from their parents & holding them in cages
*Withholding hurricane relief aid led to widespread death & disease in Puerto Rico
*Inspired white supremacist hatred leading to murders in places like Charlottesville, a Pittsburgh synagogue & El Paso Walmart
*Expanding our bitter divides with the us vs. them governing strategy
*Absurdly low federal minimum wage still stuck 
*Widening wage/wealth gaps as the middle class still struggles to make ends meet
*Capitulates to the Russian dictator
*Capitulates to the Saudi dictator
*Capitulates to the Turkey dictator
*Capitulates to the North Korean dictator
*Inexplicably abandoned the Kurds, who really did the fighting for us & took thousands of casualties in the battle against ISIS, plus it may allow ISIS to regroup
*Distancing us from NATO as he alienates our allies
*Pulled out of Paris Climate Accord
*Pulled out of Iran deal, letting them race towards nuclear weapons while possibly sparking a catastrophic nuclear arms race in the Middle East
*Sacrificing our leadership role in the world, turning over power & influence to our adversaries like China & Russia
*Enabling authoritarian dictatorships around the world, including nativism, xenophobia, racism, human rights abuses & attacks on the free press
*A new NAFTA deal not really much better than the old one
*And despite good intentions, the protracted negotiations may produce a China trade deal not much better than the status quo, if they ever get a deal done at all
Yep, that’s our prez!  That list sums up the Trump presidency & his ardent fans love his policies?  Greatest economy ever as Trump boasts?…HARDLY!  Add to that my personal beliefs about Trump based on close observation & overwhelming evidence, that he’s a BS’er, pathological liar, egomaniacal narcissist, temperamental vengeful bully, immoral & unethical, lacking empathy, abuser of women, racist, bigot, corrupt con man, tax cheat, campaign finance violator, abuser of power, colluder with foreign powers, obstructor of justice, demagogue & wanna-be dictator, so by any measure he’s clearly unfit for office.  But the cult influence is beyond reason as his base stays with him.
Frustratingly Distorted Economic Conditions
The Trump base also blames the Dems for the gridlock in DC, but the reality is hundreds of bills to help fix our economy have come out of the Dem-controlled House (some really good & some not so good), but it’s McConnell’s Senate who has blocked them all.  The economy does need a major fix since the accepted narrative of this being a strong economy is only true for the top half of the income chain.  For the bottom half it’s become an American nightmare, remnants of a long-lost American Dream.  These articles further reveal how the system has evolved & currently designed so the wealthy can exploit their servants doing most of the work, which no wonder there is so much pent-up frustration building among the working class.  As one of the link titles below says, we’re running out of excuses for high inequality:
Healthcare Debate
We’re not taking away private insurance initially until the public plan can prove itself better, plus it’d never get through Congress anytime soon.  But neither would Medicare-for-All be any more expensive overall than the hodgepodge mess we have now.  The costs may not change much at all, it would just be a different system how we pay for it:
Buried in Debt
Foxconn Deal Looks Like a Con
Trade Deals All Hype, No Substance
The Battle of Ideas


Make America Cruel Again through Family Separations
Human Scum?
Trump said this week GOP politicians were worse than Dems if they essentially did not bow to worship him & freely give a human blood sacrifice, & that all us never-Trumpers were “human scum.”  We can wear that badge with honor, since the only human scum is the scumbag throwing out the scum:
Recent Polls
A Party in Turmoil
The Republican Party has come off the rails & is nowhere near the same party I’ve always supported.  If his cult helps Trump survive his crimes & he’s on the 2020 ballot, the choice comes down to a wish for left-wing progressivism (which doesn’t go nearly as far as socialism no matter what the GOP claims) or a possible slide into far-right fascism.  The choice may not be ideal but the decision is clear.  Until we can eliminate the extreme radical thinking that has hijacked the GOP, we must oppose the party till the deceitful evil elements can be left behind, thereby saving the GOP by starting over from scratch or forming a brand new conservative party based on integrity, pragmatism & reality. 
The party is currently in a quandary, but dumping Trump ASAP would be a good start.  Keep in mind Nixon also had strong GOP support (& denials of his impeachable conduct) until the televised testimonies & public evidence became so black & white, his party’s support towards the end tanked along with his approval ratings.  So when the evidence on Ukraine becomes damning enough & resonates with the public, along with Trump’s ratings taking a nosedive, getting 20+ GOP senators to vote to convict becomes very doable.  Public opinion will hold the key, so please share so Americans can become better informed: 

We’re Facing a Fork in the Road
America has a pivotal & consequential choice to make.  We can either continue on with dishonest, corrupt & demagogic leadership like Trump, or make a new beginning with principled leaders we can trust.  The chorus provides the stark differences in our decision ahead…
With the correct choice, we can start to rebuild:
Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We are part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day
With the wrong choice, we face a dim future:
But I’m frightened for your children
And the life that we are living is in vain
And the sunshine we’ve been waiting for
Will turn to rain
When the final line is over
And it’s certain that the curtain’s gonna fall…