I Must Do a Mea Culpa & Vote Republican…Please hear me out. The most consistent replies I get to my messages are from a Trumpeter Cubs fan.  He has finally convinced me!  I’ve seen the error of my ways & now realize I must vote Republican up & down the ticket in support of our glorious president.  I can’t believe how silly I was before coming to my senses.  Here are numerous good explanations why I’ve decided to vote Republican, so I ask that you consider these too.  There must be a few dozen bullet points on this list, so it’s no wonder Cubs fan & other Trumpeters are so adamant in their support for Republicans.  Please read these closely & let us preface my reasons with this phrase in bold, which we’ll use as a lead-in to each statement below it in support of the GOP:

We will vote Republican based on the GOP allowing Trump to…

*run up enormous trillion-dollar annual deficits

*promote policies only enriching the wealthy & large corporations, while lying about it to middle class workers

*keep pushing policies favoring capital over labor, executives/stockholders over workers, & income inequality over shared wealth

*introduce a lot more uncertainty & volatility into the economy

*show no inclination to fix free-market capitalism so it can provide the chance at opportunity, upward mobility, & jobs that can earn a living wage for all

*try to take away coverage for preexisting conditions but then lie about it

*suppress important investments in infrastructure, R&D, alternative energy, A.I. & other such areas where American exceptionalism is falling behind

*drop the ball on immigration reform, real tax reform, raising minimum wage, anti-trust enforcement, prescription drug reform, entitlement reform, education reform, student debt reform, election security, gerrymandering reform, & other various issues that need addressed

*take credit for everything & blame for nothing

*pack the courts with corporate stooges

*be the master of voter suppression, gerrymandering & dirty money for campaigns, since they increasingly won’t win elections based on policy positions

*unnecessarily demean & discredit our intelligence/security agencies along with the real media

*unnecessarily scare us to death over immigration

*promote a policy agenda overall that is as irrational as it is clueless

*also at the same time emboldening unhinged white supremacists to violence

*not restrict in any way the mentally ill in their ability to purchase guns, even automatic rifles

*trample on the rule of law & want to change the Constitution based on a mere executive order

*replace those heading the Justice Dept, putting the clamps on the Mueller probe to hide his crimes such as potential conspiracy, obstruction, money laundering, bribery & maybe even treason

*also try covering up his other crimes such as tax fraud, sexual abuse, campaign finance, violating the Emoluments Clause & using charitable donations for personal gain

*make secret deals with Putin in giving up unknown concessions, while also excusing his buddy’s every nefarious action

*yet recreate the dangerous nuclear arms race with Russia

*giving photo ops to the world’s most brutal dictator in North Korea while falsely claiming they are no longer a nuclear threat

*always confuse friends with enemies & enemies with friends

*enable self-serving dictators throughout the world

*endanger journalists & the free press throughout the world

*empower the real fake news from the fanatical right-wing promoting lies, distortions, exaggerations, conspiracies & hardcore far-right extremism

*keep corrupting & radicalizing the conservative party that not long ago was actually sane & rational

*add to the 6000 verifiable lies he’s already told to the American people during his presidency

*not be President of the United States, but President of Trumpeters, governing for a minority of Americans

*keep being his megalomaniac, temperamental, deceitful, narcissistic self, while practically nobody in his party pushes back to keep him in check

*keep fueling the deranged anger & misconceptions coming from his echo & his base

*keep ratcheting up the vitriolic rhetoric that stokes unabridged anger in his followers that sometimes incites them to violence

*keep trying to control our institutions of democracy while wiping out the balance of power, placing it all in the executive branch

*risk putting our constitutional democracy on the slippery slope into a fascist dictatorship

*normalize corruption & demagoguery at the highest levels of our government

*normalize vulgar language & contrived conspiracies to smear political opposition & anyone else the president dislikes

*more & more turn us into an unfriendly, angry, fearful, uncivil, immoral, heartless, divided, violent country

WOW!!!  Those are all excellent reasons to vote Republican!  I don’t know how I could have been so sadly mistaken all this time, but I thank my Cubs fan friend for setting me straight.  And make no mistake about it, this election is largely a referendum on Trump.  Please vote accordingly!  I could have added scary issues like Iran sanctions, tariffs/trade wars & climate change.  But I’m waiting to see whether Trump can strike good deals with Iran on their nukes & China on trade, plus I’ve never considered climate change an imminent threat like so many other issues we face, although I am beginning to wonder.

This is not my party anymore

Getting serious again (& these midterms are deadly serious), with all due respect for the Cubs fan, I think I’ll deferred to Max Boot instead of that crazy idea to vote Republican.  I implore you to do the same & share this info encouraging others to do the right thing also.  I’ve supported the GOP for a lifetime before they came off the rails, so that is not even an option this year.  Here is Boot’s entire article from sick-and-tired-of-trump-heres-what-to-do, where his headline says Vote against all Republicans. Every single one:

(just like Joe Biden) I’m sick and tired, too. I’m sick and tired of a president who pretends that a caravan of impoverished refugees is an “invasion” by “unknown Middle Easterners” and “bad thugs” — and whose followers on Fox News pretend the refugees are bringing leprosy and smallpox to the United States. (Smallpox was eliminated about 40 years ago.) I’m sick and tired of a president who misuses his office to demagogue on immigration — by unnecessarily sending 5,200 troops to the border and by threatening to rescind by executive order the 14th Amendment guarantee of citizenship to anyone born in the United States. I’m sick and tired of a president who is so self-absorbed that he thinks he is the real victim of mail-bomb attacks on his political opponents — and who, after visiting Pittsburgh despite being asked by local leaders to stay away, tweeted about how he was treated, not about the victims of the synagogue massacre. I’m sick and tired of a president who cheers a congressman for his physical assault of a reporter, calls the press the “enemy of the people ” and won’t stop or apologize even after bombs were sent to CNN in the mail. I’m sick and tired of a president who employs the language of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish financier George Soros and “globalists,” and won’t apologize or retract even after what is believed to be the worst attack on Jews in U.S. history.


I’m sick and tired of a president who won’t stop engaging in crazed partisanship, denouncing Democrats as “evil,” “un-American” and “treasonous” subversives who are in league with criminals. I’m sick and tired of a president who cares so little about right-wing terrorism that, on the very day of the synagogue shooting, he proceeded with a campaign rally, telling his supporters, “Let’s have a good time.” I’m sick and tired of a president who presides over one of the most unethical administrations in U.S. history — with three Cabinet members resigning for reported ethical infractions and the secretary of the interior the subject of at least 18 federal investigations. I’m sick and tired of a president who flouts norms of accountability by refusing to release his tax returns or place his business holdings in a blind trust. I’m sick and tired of a president who lies outrageously and incessantly — an average of eight times a day — claiming recently that there are riots in California and that a bill that passed the Senate 98 to 1 had “very little Democrat support.” I’m sick and tired of a president who can’t be bothered to work hard and instead prefers to spend his time watching Fox News and acting like a Twitter troll.


And I’m sick and tired of Republicans who go along with Trump — defending, abetting and imitating his egregious excesses. I’m sick and tired of Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) acting like a caddie for the man he once denounced as a “kook” — just this week, Graham endorsed Trump’s call for rescinding “birthright citizenship,” a kooky idea if ever there was one. I’m sick and tired of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), who got his start in politics as a protege of the “bleeding-heart conservative” Jack Kemp, refusing to call out Trump’s race-baiting. I’m sick and tired of Republicans who once complained about the federal debt adding $113 billion to the debt just in fiscal year 2018. I’m sick and tired of Republicans who once championed free trade refusing to stop Trump as he launches trade wars with all of our major trade partners. I’m sick and tired of Republicans who not only refuse to investigate Trump’s alleged ethical violations but who also help him to obstruct justice by maligning the FBI, the special counsel and the Justice Department.


Most of all, I’m sick and tired of Republicans who feel that Trump’s blatant bigotry gives them license to do the same — with Rep. Pete Olson (R-Tex.) denouncing his opponent as an “Indo-American carpetbagger,” Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis warning voters not to “monkey this up” by electing his African American opponent, Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.) labeling his “Palestinian Mexican” opponent a “security risk” who is “working to infiltrate Congress,” and Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) accusing his opponent, who is of Indian Tibetan heritage, of “selling out Americans” because he once worked at a law firm that settled terrorism-related cases against Libya. If you’re sick and tired, too, here is what you can do. Vote for Democrats on Tuesday. For every office. Regardless of who they are. And I say that as a former Republican. Some Republicans in suburban districts may claim they aren’t for Trump. Don’t believe them. Whatever their private qualms, no Republicans have consistently held Trump to account. They are too scared that doing so will hurt their chances of reelection. If you’re as sick and tired as I am of being sick and tired about what’s going on, vote against all Republicans. Every single one. That’s the only message they will understand.


Russia Investigation updates

We understand how Mueller is flying under the radar during these midterm campaigns, but all heck could break loose right after the election.  Let’s brace ourselves, it could get real ugly real quick!  Even if Mueller finds nothing criminal about Trump engaging in collusion & obstruction as it relates to the Russian probe, which I believe is highly unlikely, I would still consider Trump a crook just based on what we know of his business history.  From what the public knows of, we’ve already seen solid evidence these top campaign officials, Donny Jr, Kushner, Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Stone, Bannon, Papadopoulos & others all had frequent contacts with shady Russians, colluding with Russia &/or WikiLeaks over releasing the stolen dirt on Hillary, thereby interfering in the election which would be committing conspiracy against the United States.  To think the kingpin himself would not have known about all this is not plausible.

This was a big story yesterday about Roger Stone’s emails showing collusion with WikiLeaks & the Russians: wikileaks-roger-stone-trump.  Stone was in contact with WikiLeaks & knew what they were up to plus when they would do it.  And he was keeping the Trump campaign informed.  Mueller’s mission is finding out who knew & approved of this within the Trump campaign.  Stone’s primary legal defense has degenerated down to the level he claims he’s a proven liar, so all these tapes & emails where he’s been caught red-handed was just him lying again.  That’s a rather unique defense!  But it won’t fly with Mueller & the fireworks to this Russian probe may start going off right after election day, so stay tuned.  For more details on this Stone story & how it may tie into Trump, check out these articles:







And if you can access WaPo, you could look these up:




Handed Down a Subpoena?

Here’s a fascinating excerpt from a fascinating story inside has-robert-mueller-subpoenaed-trump, speculating that Mueller may have subpoenaed Trump & the ruling is working its way through the courts, so please click on the link to read the details of why that amazing story may be so:

As a former prosecutor and Senate and White House aide, I predicted here last May that Mueller would promptly subpoena Trump and, like independent counsel Kenneth Starr back in 1998, bring a sitting president before his grand jury to round out and conclude his investigation. What Trump knew and when he knew it, and what exactly motivated his statements and actions, are central to Mueller’s inquiry on both Russian interference and obstruction of justice. But now, thanks to Politico’s reporting (backed up by the simple gumshoe move of sitting in the clerk’s office waiting to see who walks in and requests what file), we might know what Mueller has been up to: Since mid-August, he may have been locked in proceedings with Trump and his lawyers over a grand jury subpoena—in secret litigation that could tell us by December whether the president will testify before Mueller’s grand jury.


The evidence lies in obscure docket entries at the clerk’s office for the D.C. Circuit. Thanks to Politico’s Josh Gerstein and Darren Samuelsohn, we know that on August 16 (the day after Giuliani said he was almost finished with his memorandum, remember), a sealed grand jury case was initiated in the D.C. federal district court before Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell. We know that on September 19, Howell issued a ruling and five days later one of the parties appealed to the D.C. Circuit. And, thanks to Politico’s reporting, we know that the special counsel’s office is involved (because the reporter overheard a conversation in the clerk’s office). We can further deduce that the special counsel prevailed in the district court and that the presumptive grand jury witness has frantically appealed that order and sought special treatment from the judges of the D.C. Circuit—often referred to as the “second-most important court in the land.” Nothing about the docket sheets, however, discloses the identity of the witness. Politico asked many of the known attorneys for Mueller witnesses—including Jay Sekulow, another Trump lawyer—and each one denied knowledge of the identity of the witness. (What, of course, would we expect a lawyer to say when asked about a proceeding the court has ordered sealed?) But for those of us who have been appellate lawyers, the brief docket entries tell a story. Here’s what we can glean:

Another take on the subpoena speculation comes from Does-Mueller-Have-A-Subpoena-Waiting-For-Trump-After-The-Election?.  The intro to the next link newscorpse.com/ncWP/?p=39593 posted below suggests there are reasons Trump has backed off his constant refrain of witch hunt, since the witch may be coming to get him!  Also click on the video at the bottom of that article, showing a hilarious monologue by Stephen Colbert making fun of those nutty conspirators who tried to frame Mueller by paying off various women:

For most of the past two years Donald Trump has been bellowing like a banshee stuck in a time loop that made him repeat the same tedious whining continuously: witch hunt, Witch Hunt, WITCH HUNT! It’s been a mantra that he hopes the recitation of which will cause his recurring nightmares of treason and prison to subside. But despite his commitment to constant verbal regurgitation of the phrase, he has not found any comfort or relief. Trump is a trembling wreck whose every public comment is drenched with the fear that consumes him. He is a non-stop fountain of complaints, criticisms, and most of all, whining (Although he also brags about being the “most fabulous whiner”). But there has been a curious change in his recent behavior. Taking a look back at Trump’s Twitter feed reveals something that requires some explanation. Back in May, Trump tweeted twenty times about what calls the “Witch Hunt.” Of course, he’s referring to the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller of his unsavory connections to Russia, obstruction of justice, and other assorted crimes. Mueller has already found numerous “witches” who have been indicted, convicted, and/or pleaded guilty. Trump’s tweets continued in June with twenty-seven more. Then there were twenty in July and twenty-five August. However, that was the end of the Witch Hunt Tweetstorming. In September Trump tweeted about the Witch Hunt only five times. And in October it was down to one single Witch Hunt tweet. And that one was more about his dissatisfaction with his own Justice Department than with Mueller’s Russia probe. What could have caused this frightened retreat from a refrain that he was singing so incessantly Well, Politico is now reporting a possible cause of Trump’s backing off his Witch Hunt obsession. And it’s a blockbuster, if true. They are asserting that Mueller may have already subpoenaed Trump to appear before a Grand Jury:

More on Stone

Inside this next link roger-stone-trump-russia-collusion-mueller is another fascinating story, which we’ve posted the entire thing below.  Mueller already has evidence of collusion by Stone in Stone’s own words, so the heart of the collusion case could be in proving Stone communicated these WikiLeaks updates about their email dumps directly to Trump & other top campaign officials:

There are many people in the Trump campaign who had lines of communication with Russia that may have been used for collusion during the 2016 campaign: Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, and Donald Trump Jr. But probably nobody in this realm faces clearer peril than Roger Stone. There is a large and growing pile of evidence suggesting Stone had contacts with WikiLeaks during the campaign, which enabled him to flaunt his advance knowledge of stolen Democratic emails. (The latest addition to the pile is that, on a conference call selling his political insight, Stone “told callers about WikiLeaks’ plans to release information that he said would affect the 2016 presidential campaign,” reports The Wall Street Journal.


Yesterday, the Washington Post reported on Stone’s jeopardy. What makes the Post story novel, and potentially more explosive, is that it reports not only that Robert Mueller is investigating Stone’s back channel to WikiLeaks, but also his “private interactions with senior campaign officials.” Here’s why this is significant. Stone communicated regularly and directly with Trump during the campaign. The odds that Stone, a notorious braggart seeking to curry favor with Trump — notorious also for being unhindered by ethical scruples — would fail to share his knowledge of what the hackers had up their sleeves are extremely remote. The catch is that, unless he recorded it in a memo, it will be hard to prove that Stone told any of this to Trump. Stone has been publicly vowing, “I will never roll on Donald Trump.” (Just what you’d say when both of you are innocent!) And Stone, unlike other vulnerable Trump officials, does not appear vulnerable to any state-level charges, which means Trump could (and almost certainly would) pardon him if he keeps his promise not to turn over any evidence implicating the president.


But if, as the Post implies, Stone shared his inside knowledge about WikiLeaks with other Trump campaign officials, then it might not matter if he keeps his mouth shut. Those officials, some of whom have rolled on Trump already, could tell Mueller what Stone knew, and even what he told Trump. One likely candidate to have heard some word from Stone is Paul Manafort, Stone’s former business partner and a current Mueller witness. That testimony could very easily establish Trump’s role as an accessory after the fact to Russian hacking. Stone has made a career out of being a dirty trickster who seeks the limelight. If he boasted about the wrong thing to (or in front of) the wrong person, that habit could come back to bite him, and Trump.

The Plot Thickens

More interpretations on what this all might mean are seen in these excerpts from after-the-midterms-itll-be-mueller-time:

The question is whether Stone — who is, among other things, the former business partner of onetime Trump campaign chairman and convicted felon Paul Manafort — coordinated WikiLeaks’s release of Democratic emails stolen by Russia, which were timed to inflict maximum damage on the Clinton campaign. Stone claims that his contacts with WikiLeaks were meaningless and he didn’t coordinate its activities. But if he did (and let’s just say nobody in politics would take Stone’s word on anything), and if he was in communication with his old buddy and client Donald Trump, his old buddy and partner Paul Manafort, or anyone else in the Trump campaign, then what you’ve got there is the magic word: collusion. That’s a lot of ifs, of course. But the truth is we already know there was collusion. We have to keep reminding ourselves that the president’s campaign chairman, son and son-in-law/chief adviser took a meeting with a group of Russians for the specific purpose of colluding, and then afterward the president lied about it. But to return to Mueller, there’s another intriguing story line, one that has to do with the still-unresolved question of whether the president will answer his questions and whether he will be forced to issue a subpoena to get that cooperation. Nelson Cunningham, a former prosecutor and Clinton administration official, examines a series of recent, unusual legal filings related to a conflict between Mueller and Trump’s attorneys over a grand jury subpoena, in which the person being subpoenaed is not identified. Cunningham makes a good case that the pattern of filings and rulings suggests that the question being argued over is whether the president will have to appear before the grand jury, which would mean that Mueller has already subpoenaed Trump.


Trump’s lawyers are afraid of and worry that Trump will commit perjury almost no matter what he gets asked about, because that’s just what Trump does. Or at the very least, he’ll be confronted about previous lies, get evasive and disingenuous, and wind up looking guilty as sin. If Cunningham’s interpretation is correct, it would mean we’re beyond where Kenneth W. Starr and President Bill Clinton ended up. Clinton rebuffed Starr’s requests for an interview, Starr got fed up and issued the subpoena, and instead of fighting it the courts, Clinton’s lawyers negotiated for a long interview not before the grand jury but in the White House. The result was that the question of whether the president had to answer an independent counsel’s subpoena was never definitively resolved. If Trump is willing to take a chance with the courts, he has good reason to think they’ll protect him. After all, one way or another a case will end up at the Supreme Court — where there are five conservative justices who have shown time and again that serving the interests of Republican presidents and the Republican Party is high on their list of priorities. In any case, it’s looking as though the special counsel’s investigation is approaching its climax. Even if Trump doesn’t have to answer questions, we’ll learn what Mueller has discovered about what he and his aides did in 2016. Even if Trump gets a new attorney general after the midterms and orders that person to fire Mueller, it will probably be too late. And then it’ll be up to the political system — Congress and the voters — to decide what to do about it.

Watergate Precedent

A report just came out this week from the Watergate era, which a special prosecutor had sent this info to Congress & it became public, which is an historical precedent which could provide Mueller a roadmap how to best proceed with his reports.  We must not allow Trump to bury the reports’ findings whenever Mueller releases them which the public has a right to see.  By the way, the question of whether a president can be indicted is not a settled matter.  Here is the intro to us-archivists-release-watergate-report-that-could-be-possible-road-map-for-mueller:

U.S. archivists on Wednesday revealed one of the last great secrets of the Watergate investigation — the backbone of a long-sealed report used by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski to send Congress evidence in the legal case against President Richard M. Nixon. The release of the referral — delivered in 1974 as impeachment proceedings were being weighed — came after a former member of Nixon’s defense team and three prominent legal analysts filed separate lawsuits seeking its unsealing after more than four decades under grand jury secrecy rules. The legal analysts argued the report could offer a precedent and guide for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III as his office addresses its present-day challenge on whether, and if so, how to make public findings from its investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, including any that directly involve President Trump.

Investigate Russia links

This Investigate Russia site is dedicated to keeping track of public knowledge about the Russia scandal, which inside these links it helps fill in the blanks on some of the same reports we posted above while also citing various news sources like we do: 





Bungling Buffoonery

Here is an article on that attempt to frame Mueller, which came off as so inept it was actually hilarious: fabricated-mueller-smear-wohl-burkman-sexual-misconduct-surefire-intelligence-hoax.  As that whopper of a conspiracy against Mueller was so poorly cooked up it blew up in their faces, the bigger questions are why did they do it & who all was behind it?  As seen inside the link robert-mueller-smear-sexual-harassment-scheme-jack-burkman, it asks what does the special counsel have on Trump & his cronies?  

Domestic Terrorism

Part 1 in the previous two posts had several articles about Trump’s words (while supported by his echo) inspiring acts of terrorism.  Here’s another excellent op-ed about that, seen in excerpts from robert-reich-murderous-week-america-was-inspired-trump-opinion:

Demagogues rarely commit violence directly. Instead, they use blame, ridicule, fear and hate—and then leave the violence to others. That way, they can always claim “it wasn’t me. I don’t have blood on my hands.” Of the tens of millions of Americans that the Trump-Fox News regime has made fearful, only a small percentage—say, a hundred thousand—have been moved to hate the objects of that fear. And of those hundred thousand, only a relative handful—say, a few thousand—have been motivated to act on that hate, posting loathsome messages online, sending death threats, spray-painting swastikas. And of that few thousand, a tiny subset, perhaps no more than a hundred or so, have been moved to violence. But make no mistake: This lineage of cause and effect begins with Trump and his Fox News propaganda machine. Politicians and media moguls have long understood that fear and hate sell better than hope and compassion, no matter how much we might wish it otherwise. But before Trump, no president had based his office on it. And before Fox News, no major media outlet had based its ratings on it.


Since taking office, Trump has ramped up fear and hatred—towards immigrants, journalists, black athletes who won’t stand for the anthem, major media, and prominent Democrats. In recent weeks he suggested that criminals and terrorists from the Middle East had joined a caravan of immigrants heading toward the border, and even helped float a conspiracy theory thatSoros helped fund the caravan. Fox News has magnified the fear and hate exactly as its founder would have wanted. A guest on Lou Dobbs’s show claimed the caravan was being funded by the “Soros-occupied State Department.” That same week, Soros was among the targets of pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats and members of the media. A Florida man who identifies himself as a Trump supporter was arrested in connection with the attempted bombings. Hours before a gunman entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed eleven worshipers, he reportedly wrote that a Jewish organization for refugees “likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.” Bombs mailed to political leaders. Threats against the media. A shooting in a place of worship. None were directly ordered by Trump or his propaganda affiliate. They didn’t have to be. Trump’s demagoguery inspired it. Fox News magnified it.


The hatefulness is unconstrained. Having fired the few “adults” in his Cabinet, Trump is now loose in the White House, except for a few advisors who reportedly are trying to protect the nation from him. House and Senate Republicans are not holding him back. To the contrary, they have morphed into his sycophants. An increasing number are sounding just like him. Atwater and Ailes are gone from this world, but their descendants—Fox News’s Sean Hannity and Bill Shine, formerly Roger Ailes’s deputy—have direct pipelines to Trump (Shine is now formally installed in the West Wing). The upcoming election is not really a choice between Republicans and Democrats. Those traditional labels have lost most of their meaning, if not much of their value. It is really a choice about the moral compass of America.

Most Important Midterms Ever & We All Need To Vote!

Americans are rightly disgusted at what’s going on in our country.  As a center-right conservative & ex-GOP supporter, it’s my fervent hope the pollsters haven’t fully factored in the expected huge turnout (catch our posted songs at bottom of part 3), which we may find on Tuesday night the anticipated blue wave is actually a tsunami sweeping away GOP candidates around the country!  Someday I hope to be able to vote Republican again, but not until they find their values & become sane again.  That time is not now!  Let’s send a loud clear message the party of Trump is NOT what America is about!  So please do your part & VOTE!!!  We’ll wrap up this part 1 with articles about the election:

He’s proving to Americans we need a Dem Congress as a check on him:


Let’s get back to basic human values, as America is better than this:


Let’s make it a Blue Tsunami:


Not fooling us around here anymore:


Hoping for a yuge young person wave coming out to vote:


And also hoping the tea party dies for good:


The GOP should be worried:


Other articles here if you’d like to look them up: