Trump evangelicals reap what they sow?… Trump evangelicals voted at 80%+ in that demographic group for Trump not because of who belongs in the presidency, but because who he could appoint to the highest court.  There was a vacant seat for much of 2016, energizing evangelicals to vote as they did, so in electing Trump we got Gorsuch instead of Garland.  Now that demographic group so loyal to Trump looks to cash in by doubling up.  I believe Trump chose Kavanaugh from a long list of pro-life judges prepared by the Federalist Society mainly because he stood out as someone whose past writings indicated a preference for strong presidential powers, which is directly related to the mess Trump is in over Russia.  Now look at the further mess we’re in.  As I’ve stated repeatedly, Trump corrupts everyone he touches.  And based on the staff Trump has chosen for his campaign & administration, it’s also apparent the corrupt are drawn to Trump.  We’ve even seen a criminal element to this.  It’s as though Trump has this evil aura about him which extends to all he touches, perhaps reflecting his aberrant words & deeds demonstrably lacking a moral code, but none of that seems to bother conservatives/evangelicals.  Trump evangelicals in their unwavering support may have indirectly & unknowingly made a pact with the Devil. 
My Warnings & Pleas to far-right Conservatives & Trump Evangelicals
You may not agree but please hear me out.  I’ve been writing these commentaries for years, going back to when the tea party was spewing their hateful form of radical delusions, straying far away from the pragmatic conservatism I ascribe to.  I couldn’t help but notice some of the most rude & vile responses I’ve received over the years have come from my evangelical brethren.  One comment I received during the waning days of the 2016 presidential campaign, I was so taken back, I replied back to that person that I considered the info they sent me to be nothing short of “demonic.”  That’s because they were replying to a commentary of mine explaining why I was not voting for Trump in the election (while delivering my typical criticisms), which that person then sent me an opinion which concluded with the idea those who fought against Trump were just like the people who crucified Jesus.  WOW, that’s quite a stretch!  Let me state unequivocally I believe Jesus Christ is our Lord & Savior.  I also believe God has a better place for us when our time on Earth expires.  More than ever we must follow the teachings of Christ, not putting so much faith in wayward political or evangelical leaders.  Louisiana Sen. Kennedy said today the Bible verse what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?  He said that in his judiciary committee speech in support of Judge Kavanaugh.  What strange times we are living in.  
Along with a holy God, I also believe there’s a Satan, whom the Bible calls the father of lies.  As a devious schemer, the Devil seeks to spread his deception everywhere on Earth, & he’s shrewd enough to know if he can deceive those who most profess to be followers of Christ, he can do maximum damage.  It’s not my place to judge, but it’s my opinion a spirit of deception has come over many in the conservative base, where for some reason they’ve bought into all the falsehoods, bullying & sexual depravity we’ve been witnessing lately stemming from the worldly leader they support.  If for nothing else, I’m personally offended our president has lied to us a verifiable 5000 times in less than two years.  While I’m still taking the barbs from conservatives & evangelicals, just remember who’s actually taking the higher moral ground.  I’m going out on a limb here in speculating, but could the instruments the Devil is using in spreading his mass deception include the likes of our president, many in the GOP, & throughout the rightwing echo such as Fox News?  Strong words indeed, but as a longtime evangelical & GOP supporter, I’m still searching for rational explanations for what we’re witnessing, with such toxic/self-destructive attitudes existing within our church, our party & our country.  If anyone thinks they can explain this, please help us understand why is this happening to the conservative mindset?  And I invite conservatives to contemplate (& pray over) rather than automatically lash out or dismiss my thoughts.         
(Breaking News/Great News!  Sen. Flake won’t vote yes on a Kavanaugh floor vote until a brief FBI review is conducted.  This should force Trump’s hand to order the FBI look into the sexual abuse allegations, or otherwise, he’ll likely not have the Senate votes.  And sure enough, Trump did just order the FBI to take a look, but they only have one week to do it.  Finally, at least some common sense prevails!)
By voting for Trump, is this really what Trump Evangelicals voted for?
Of course, the entire confirmation process has been tainted by blind partisanship, emblematic of the divides in our nation that are tearing us apart at the seams.  After Ford’s very believable account of the assault, it’s clear Kavanaugh was told to come out swinging.  It looks like he got a full dose of Trumpian coaching & given the president’s playbook, adamantly denying whatever the women say, even coming across as scary-angry: kavanaugh-opening-statement-angry & also kavanaugh-turns-himself-into-trump-to-get-confirmed-never-quite-seen-anything-like-this.  He even scored points with the base by using a tried & true Trump/echo trump card, bashing the Clinton’s: kavanaugh-says-hes-victim-of-revenge-on-behalf-of-the-clintons.


And in watching the hearings, I would say it’s quite apparent Grassley & Hatch have been hanging around the Senate at least 10 years too long.  Then there’s Lindsey Graham who apparently can’t think on his own, so his friend John McCain was always able to keep him contained & reasoned.  Without McCain, Graham looks to have turned into a monster like a mini-Trump: lindsey-graham-brett-kavanaugh-hearing-yell.  But the final decision is likely resting on the shoulders of the GOP Senators from AZ, AK & ME.  We need a brave Sen. Flake moment doing a thumbs down much like his fellow AZ Senator did over health care a year ago (& maybe today he just did!).  And if we need more signs the party’s base is mired in corruption & possessed by the Trump cult, here it is: poll-majority-of-republicans-want-brett-kavanaugh-confirmed-even-if-assault-accusations-are-true.
Dr. Ford did come across as the most sincere & credible witness we can imagine: christine-blasey-ford-credibility & also blasey-ford-says-100-percent-certain-kavanaugh-assaulted.  Others can corroborate her story: 4-people-christine-blasey-ford.  I do believe her: opinion/christine-blasey-ford-kavanaugh-testimony.  The lady prosecutor the GOP Senate brought in to question Ford made lots of rambling points & asked irrelevant questions, knowing Ford’s perceived honesty could not have pinned her down in any contradictions.  My best guess from yesterday’s gripping hearings is that both Ford & Kavanaugh may be telling the truth.  Dr. Ford was likely assaulted by Kavanaugh from which he was probably too hammered to ever remember.  There’s so much in Dr. Ford’s testimony that cries out to believe her, that all the other accusers need to be taken seriously before this lifetime appointment is made to the Supreme Court, which potentially could leave a stain on the court for the next 40 years.
This alleged sexual assault is no laughing matter: kavanaugh-may-have-laughed-at-ford-years-ago-hes-not-laughing-now.  I always turn to Rubin for a proper perspective, especially in these times when we routinely see the inexplicable: why-brett-kavanaugh-should-not-be-confirmed & also the-most-telling-moment-kavanaugh-goes-after-sen-klobuchar.  Rubin starts off with this impression of Ford’s testimony from the first paragraph in the-power-of-a-single-womans-voice:

Only the cruelest partisans who watched or listened to Christine Blasey Ford’s opening statement Thursday could be unmoved. The quiver in her voice, just short of tears, made her statement, which in writing seemed unexceptional, arguably the most gripping testimony most of us have ever heard. Her sincerity, and her pain, cut through weeks of gum-flapping on cable TV news. Here was a woman raw with emotion, visibly scared and utterly without guile.

If Judge Kavanaugh thinks he was so wrongly accused, the FBI investigation should be a blessing in disguise.  Since he repeatedly pushed back against such a suggestion, what’s he afraid they might find?: kavanaugh-hearing-refuses-fbi-investigation.  And those GOP Senators had already made up their minds & weren’t interested in learning the truth: kavanaugh-vs-ford-cries-out-investigation-before-vote-editorials-debates.  Kavanaugh’s prior FBI background checks came before these allegations & didn’t look specifically into the people & circumstances surrounding those events.  But the GOP Senate wouldn’t even devote a week for an FBI background check interviewing potential witnesses (except for Flake), even though they waited a year on Merrick Garland.  At least the American Bar Association has the right idea: american-bar-association-calls-on-senate-to-hold-off-on-kavanaugh-vote-until.
Evangelicals could still get their pro-life judge without demanding the wrong judge gets confirmed.  But those fully indoctrinated into the cult of Trump, why let some minor inconvenience like sexual assault against helpless women stop them from getting their judge right away.  That was the plan before Flake bravely stepped up, as for most in the GOP the moral duplicity & hypocrisy is the same reason they have total devotion to this president.  The prez admitted in his press conference he feels a kinship with Kavanaugh, based on Trump personally being accused of sexual abuse/assault by nearly 20 women (which surprise, Trump lied about that too!): fact-checking-president-trumps-statements-about-sexual-misconduct-allegations).  
And that same man-child who’s now our country’s president was also caught on video bragging about grabbing women by the p-word, so it’s no wonder he picked Kavanaugh & is now taking a hard stand against Kavanaugh’s accusers: trumps-willingness-believe-sexual-misconduct-allegations-usually-falls-along-partisan-lines.  Trump had that rare press conference Wednesday knowing his Supreme Court nominee was in serious trouble, the same day allegations of gang rape became public.  He’s a master-distractor!  Posted here is an excerpt about that presser found inside donald-trumps-press-conference-was-complete-disaster:

But it was Trump’s comments about the allegations against him that were the most bizarre. Each time a high-profile man is accused of sexual misconduct, it serves as a reminder that at least 19 women have brought allegations against the president himself. The official White House line is that all 19 are lying. The president went a step beyond that on Wednesday, claiming that the women were paid to lodge the claims, and that after several of them recanted, the media refused to cover it. There is no evidence for this; the claim is evidence of a president either increasingly untethered from reality or ever more willing to dissemble. The appearance was Trump’s first extended solo press conference since February 2017, and it showed why he and his advisers wouldn’t want him answering questions in an open forum like this very often. The president is incapable of speaking on any story for long without turning the subject back to himself, often with disconcerting results, like his claim about the media conspiracy. The accusations against Kavanaugh have already put the Republican Party in a difficult spot ahead of November’s midterm elections. Women are poised to be a crucial voting bloc, and Trump is unpopular with them—even in the context of Trump’s atrocious approval ratings. The GOP is trying to strike a balance of getting Kavanaugh through without appearing dismissive of sexual assault, and Trump’s rambling comments on Wednesday deepen the trouble.  

Let the other accusers have their say
I thought the allegations of gang rape from Michael Avenatti’s client from Wednesday would have sealed the judge’s fate.  Then after Dr. Ford’s testimony I thought Kavanaugh was toast.  But this nomination is still alive, as I keep underestimating the grip the Trump cult has over the GOP.  And Kavanaugh deserves the benefit of doubt, so if he’s innocent, he should welcome the chance to let the FBI clear his name.  The full Senate vote may take place as early as a week from Tuesday, or whenever McConnell thinks he has the votes, so we can only hope that gives the FBI time to find all the pertinent facts.  There could still be some major surprises over the next week or so from the other accusers out there.  Any accusations should be investigated to see if they hold up to scrutiny.  
The gang rape accuser will make a TV appearance: morning-joe-airs-interview-footage-of-third-kavanaugh-accuser-julie-swetnick, from which Mark Judge’s ex-girlfriend gives such deplorable stories real plausibility: julie-swetnick-allegations-mark-judge-kavanaugh-elizabeth-rasor.  Keep in mind the alleged victim Swetnick did sign a sworn statement under oath submitted to the judiciary committee.  As a member of the State Dept, she has passed numerous security checks over the years, & she does have other witnesses.  And her lawyer Avenatti has the same kind of cocky aggressiveness & TV smarts to be Trump’s match, so he’s a wildcard who could have a surprise up his sleeve to throw a wrench into Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  
Playing favorites with Russia over China
It’s striking that the prez said at the UN he’s warning China not to interfere in our election since they likely don’t want Trump’s party to win, whereas he leaves the door wide open for Russia to interfere since Putin even admitted he prefers Trump.  So he’s blaming China without evidence, which we can likely perceive as a ploy to water down the proven election interference from Russia, as seen inside without-evidence-trump-accuses-china-of-interfering-in-us-midterm-elections.  There’s more about Trump’s UN speech in part 2, plus here is the beginning & ending to the article trump-is-the-laughingstock-of-the-world:

Promise made, promise kept. “The world is laughing at us,” Donald Trump often said during the campaign. The claim was not obviously true then, but Trump has made it so. The world is now laughing at us — specifically, at our president. “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” Trump boasted, in typical fashion, to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday. “So true,” he added, as if addressing a campaign rally. The world leaders chuckled at the braggart before them.


While trashing these and other institutions, Trump hailed the “courage” of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and praised the nationalist governments of Poland and Israel, both of which have made recent moves to restrict democracy. He offered no criticism, and barely a mention, of Russia. Trump, rejecting the U.N. plan to address the migrant crisis, instead suggested that other nations embrace a familiar-sounding theme. “Make Their Countries Great Again,” he proposed. MTCGA! An American president, devoting half an hour before the world body to insulting friend and foe alike and trashing all efforts at international cooperation? Sad. The same American president then suggesting that the solution to the world’s problems is for other nations to adopt his campaign slogan? Now that’s funny.

Please give us clarity Jennifer!

And finally Rubin offers brilliant perspectives to the UN speech here in her conclusion to trumps-funny-u-n-address, which had the world laughing at us:

Moreover, Trump simultaneously declares that all nations are beautiful, unique, stars in the constellation (or whatever) and should do their own thing, while criticizing the world’s bad actors — including China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela. Either the world is hunky-dory and we can retrench, or the world has some very bad players who treat their people terribly, requiring U.S. leadership. It’s one or the other. Trump says, “Both!” Then there is Trump’s weird fondness for dictators. He accords more praise for the leader of the world’s worst gulag (“I would like to thank Chairman Kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken, though much work remains to be done”) than he does for allies, who he thinks are still ripping us off. Somehow Russia’s occupation of a sovereign country and its attacks on our electoral democracy didn’t figure in his defense of national sovereignty. Odd.


Finally, there is Trump’s unhinged, cartoonish attacks on international bodies. The speechwriter seems to think frothy speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) or blog posts from Breitbart represent the true state of affairs. Does anyone outside 1980s-fixated, right-wing confines think the International Criminal Court is the first step on the road to “unaccountable global bureaucracy”? This is an applause line at the Values Voter summit, not a serious foreign policy statement. If you listened to Trump without any knowledge of post-World War II history, you’d think the international system of trade, multilateral alliances, human rights treaties and the rest had left the United States hobbled, destitute and weak. How is it then that we are the richest, most powerful nation on the planet, a country to which immigrants risk life and limb to enter? You can sympathize with the U.N. General Assembly attendees. Sometimes it is better to laugh than cry when Trump is talking. Nevertheless, the lack of respect afforded to the United States and the utter unreliability of an administration so bedeviled by bogeymen and phantom threats should trouble us all. Sure, it would be hysterically funny — if it were not so dangerous, destructive and demoralizing.