Evil-Echo Empire Update

As usual, Fox fake-news totally missed the story, especially right after the news broke.  Ignoring the sealed indictment bombshell, they turn to old news like the uranium story as if it’s the most earth-shaking headline since Pearl Harbor.  They could have blown up this story anytime in the last 7 years, but the occasion called for the hype to start now.  Then there’s Hillary’s campaign paying for the oppo research which brought us the British spy’s dossier, but the steam has been let out of that story now knowing a conservative organization originally hired that research firm.  Oblivious Fox commentators are analogous to sports reporters covering the World Series, where the competing/competent reporters keep track of the game, while other reporters from a certain network discuss the grass growing outside the stadium, totally missing the game.  It’s amazing to think the echo believes their audiences are actually that naïve, but based on tangible results apparently they really are.  That the GOP base firmly backs a clueless incompetent buffoon in the White House shows the destructive power of the echo, from which I’m dedicated to fight against & call out the party I’ve supported for a lifetime.  The GOP has lost their way.  The MAGA-heads out there might be unified, but that doesn’t mean their renegade nativist movement is taking the country in the right direction.  Succumbing to the trumpian-echo is going down the wrong path.


So Fox viewers are unaware of what’s going on if that’s their only news source.  And the times Fox does report on the story, they get it all wrong.  They try to buffer the impact through slanting the news with their rose-colored glasses.  And anything to do with Hillary-bashing always plays to this crowd.  Trump looks more & more like a fool the more he blames the scandal on Hillary.  And with Fox constantly attacking Hillary, perhaps they actually think she won the election!  Do they know she’s out of power?  And why did Russia attack Hillary to support Trump’s campaign?  Especially in the morning & evenings on Fox, lying propaganda have come to dominate their rhetoric.  If the crazy conspiracy site InfoWars were a TV network, they might look a lot like what has become of Fox these days.  One article below refers to Fox’s prime-time lineup as Breitbart TV.  It’s why the Trumpeters within the Fox viewership are left totally in the dark about the news.  If this Fox audience are looking for headline updates, watching their favorite so-called news network provides about as much real news as tuning into reruns of Gilligan’s Island.  Since they’re politically unaware, we should probably do them a favor & send them this message.  The great challenge of course, is the way they stubbornly cling to life inside their echo-bubble, not being open to the truth.

See the related articles below where there are articles ​on​ former White House aide & creepy Trump ​ongoing-​pundit Gorka (a Nazi sympathizer)​, heard​ ​saying​ on Insanity’s show that Hillary should get the electric chair.  Yes, he really ​insinuated that, click on the links.  This is the type of trash & nutty conspiracies Fox fake-news regularly trots out there as supposedly rational political discussion.  Their morning show & evening lineup resorts to a recipe of shock value to ensnare their audience, much like the strategy shock-jock Howard Stern used to get rich, the difference being Stern relied on raunchy sexual talk, while shows like Insanity’s Fox captures viewers with raunchy conspiratorial & outlandish rabble-rouser talk.  As evidenced by some more articles below, every day Insanity Hannity proves to us the nickname I tagged him with is more than just a nickname.  I’ve watched him over the years as he seems to be gradually losing his mind, till lately he’s ​gone​ flat-out nuts.​ And as we can see with Gorka, some of his guests are also total loons.  And to think I once respected Hannity, but that was long before he went off the deep end. ​

Trump is playing the echo against the mainstream media to spread ridiculous propaganda that gives rise to his dictatorial instincts.  They’ve teamed up to strategize on coordinating the rhetoric for the falsehoods they invent.  As President of the United States, it’s terrifying how he demonstrably governs based directly on the bombasts he takes in regularly on shows like Insanity & Fox & Friendless.  In other words, he makes decisions affecting the people of America through being influenced by false, distorted & hyped-up commentary.  And in attacking the real media so his followers only trust in the echo, he’s also attacking the 1st Amendment while using a tried & true recipe often employed by dictators throughout the world, where a state-run media only refers to their leader in glowing terms to befuddle the population & keep them in line.  With the real media having been so discredited in echo-bubble world, combined with the coordination of messaging between echo-sources on Fox, talk radio & the internet where the same basic lies & conspiracies are heard by the audiences in unison, it forms a twisted dynamic where the preposterous is nonetheless believed within that echo-demographic.  It becomes dangerous when Trump & the echo can manipulate their fans towards nefarious ends.

He’s also trying to run roughshod over the DOJ & is blurring the lines of the independent nature of the agency, as seen in reports he’s pushing for an FBI informant to talk.  Trump is ignoring the rule of law & trying to stamp out all dissent since that’s what dictators do, which makes him a imminent danger to our democracy.  As I’ve often said, especially with a unique character like Trump, don’t think fascism couldn’t happen here.  The dangers could really play out when investigators find evidence of crimes rising to the level of impeachment, where Trump could try undermining the system by trampling over constitutional laws in an attempt to retain power, or do something horrific like preemptively shooting off nukes at North Korea primarily to serve as a distraction from articles of impeachment.  As a dangerous narcissist he may not care so much how much horrific tragedy he unleashes on the world, since he might be about to face what he’d personally consider the greatest tragedy of all, that of being disgraced as he faces removal from office which would make him a loser.  But someone so mentally unstable to begin with, we can only imagine the possible dangerous decisions under the pressures of his presidency being threatened.

Never has Fox fake-news’ aversion to the truth been more evident than this past week, when they focused on the fake scandals & bent over backwards to hide the indictment headline.  It’s become apparent Trump & the echo got wind in advance Mueller’s arrest of a key aide was imminent, since the few days prior to the breaking news on the sealed indictment there were a flood of allegations & attacks trying to distract/misdirect/undermine the bombshell events taking place.  Consider this list of echo breaking news (where even timing the release of the JFK files may have been a calculated distraction), featuring the 7-year-old uranium story, Hillary’s campaign hiring an oppo research firm, her email scandal (again), lifting the gag order on a FBI informant, trying to weave a tale in discrediting Mueller & Comey, while floating rumors Mueller should resign, get fired or close down the investigation altogether, claiming it’s a nothing burger or too expensive.  Of course all this is poppycock.  But the rising tide of echo-foolishness may have sped along the timing of this indictment.

I tend to ramble when I go on these rants, but these are serious concerns.  Protecting our democratic process & electoral system are of the utmost importance.  This other stuff from echo-land are simply a sideshow dug up out of nowhere to convince their echo-followers these concocted scandals rank right alongside the real scandal, impugning the impact of Mueller’s findings.  These disingenuous tactics are so transparent, yet the less intellectually-sophisticated crowd are somehow believing in their nonsense.  Don’t they know an obvious lie when they hear it?  And since Trump lies about most everything, I don’t get why it’s so hard for Trumpeters to see his unmistakable fibs like when he says Russia is fake news & there was no collusion.  It must be brainwashing from repeated lies can cause people’s thinking to exist in some kind of alternate reality.  I fully expect when & if Trump has to be removed, many of these Trumpeters will become enemies to the American people, since if it turns out they defy the rule of law by joining in with Trump & the echo through offering resistance despite substantiated evidence of crimes, they’ll in effect be engaging in a fight against the Constitution & our democratic system.  It’s a system that has served us well for centuries & we must rebuff those who would try to change the rules.  Never before did I ever expect America would have to deal with such a threat.  It’s sad.

And it’s dangerous.  This weekend I saw Bruce Bartlett, former advisor to Reagan & Bush 41, refer to Joseph Goebbels of 1930’s Germany when bombarding media sources with a slick propaganda campaign caused the listening audiences to become convinced of a horrific belief system.  By hijacking the messaging, enough of the population sided with pure evil to overwhelm the righteous, resulting in a holocaust & world war where millions suffered & died.  When we examine Goebbels, do we seem to detect eerie parallels to the way Bannon seeks to control communication sources & enable a cult-of-personality dictator?  I’ll say it yet again & keep sounding the alarm bells, don’t think it couldn’t happen here!  Trump is more than a jerk, he’s a would-be fascist!  The section of that interview where Bartlett cites Goebbels when asked about how people can protect themselves against fake news if they’re inside that conservative news silo, here was his answer:

Well, I don’t think they want to be protected unfortunately.  I mean you’ve got a huge number of people in this country who get virtually all their news from Fox, where they listen only to talk radio, where you really only hear the rightwing point of view from Rush Limbaugh (Dimbulb) or Sean Hannity (Insanity).  And if they’re looking on the internet they’re reading the Drudge Report or Breitbart.  They’re in a closed loop where they never hear many facts, they hear lies, and so when they hear the same lie over and over again, we know this is called the Big Lie technique that Joseph Goebbels invented back in the 1930’s, and unfortunately it works.

Please indulge in the related articles below, as the stakes are high & we must defend our fragile freedoms when threatened.  The first group of links offer interesting insights what a divided country we’ve become & see Bartlett’s interview in the very first link, plus a separate interview from him in the next link.  From there we have links to the evil Gorka as he calls for Hillary’s execution, & then a group of links on the evil in Fox.  We see our authoritarian leader meddling with the independent nature of the FBI by wanting to lift an informant’s gag order.  At the bottom are a huge group of links illustrating the false equivalencies drummed up by Trump & his echo trying to paint any scandal they can think up as somehow being as bad or worse than the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history.  It’s like presenting the argument a mouse is as big as an elephant.  Incredibly, echo-trumpeters would actually believe it when the echo tells them your average field mouse weighs five tons.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind if the echo-crowd wants to go ahead & make themselves look like fools, but these echo-lies from the pit of hell have latched themselves like leeches to the minds of millions of formerly-logical conservatives, to where it’s ready to destroy the GOP & will have hugely negative consequences for America.  Fox & their audience are doing a great disservice to our nation even if they’re unaware of what they’re doing.  And Fox has actually put up a huge smokescreen in hiding the evidence of Russian collusion, enough so that when the truth comes out, those like Insanity should really be implicated in the cover-up.  Even congressional reps like Nunes & Rohrabacher should also be implicated in getting caught up in their misdirection plays.  Ditto for CIA Director Mike Pompeo.  Many will be permanently sullied by all this.  If we let our conscience help us distinguish between what’s right & wrong, I hate to say most in the GOP apparently have opted for the dark side.  As for Fox fake-news, we do indeed need a rational conservative messenger to counter the left-leaning media, but Fox ain’t it.  They’ve gone to the extremes taking their gullible audience with them.  Rational heads in the center-right should want nothing to do with supporting what has indelibly become the stupid party.

Economy Section

These ​next 5 paragraphs below come from the article, Trump was an election surprise. Expect more.  Is it any wonder why the natives are angry when we view these dismal economic stats on stagnant/declining wages & the lost American Dream.  It’s why even if Trump bombs out, the voters will likely still seek a populist leader to shake up the system.  That’s precisely why we need to think big & brainstorm on a fundamental adjustment in how we view careers & incomes.  A great nation with tremendous wealth should never accept the disgraceful reality that much of their working class lives on the brink of financial peril.  Just look at these stats from the first link below:​

Consider the economic data. One of the best measures of national economic progress, or lack of it, is the simplest: Are wages rising? Looking back over the past 40 years, the answer is no. According to the Hamilton Project, overall U.S. wages, adjusted for inflation, are essentially flat over this period — registering about 0.2 percent growth. Which means that purchasing power, a good proxy for living standards, is flat, too.

The trend in real median household income, a measure that incorporates increases in the number of family members who work, is similarly poor. This figure peaked right around $59,000 per household in 1999, after many years of rising female participation in the workforce. But it was also approximately $59,000 last year. This comes after a recent uptick in both wages and household income, an increase that furthermore probably reflects this late stage of the economic recovery, rather than any change in this long-term stagnation.

Then, there is the degree to which so many Americans now live on the edge of financial danger. The 2016 Federal Reserve Board survey of household well-being found that 46 percent of U.S. adults could not meet a $400 emergency expense without borrowing or selling something they owned. And a stunning one quarter of adults cannot pay their monthly bills in full.

These factors explain why income mobility has decreased so much. Profoundly important research, led by Raj Chetty of Stanford University, demonstrated this year that 50 percent of the children born in 1980, who are now well into the workforce, would not earn more than their parents. And that such mobility has been declining steadily for four decades. Which suggests, unfortunately, that it may continue downward.

A series of powerful, entrenched factors have brought the American Dream to an end. Economists generally cite globalization, accelerating technology, increased income inequality and the decline of unions. What’s noteworthy is that these are long-term pressures that show no signs of abating.


So those grim economic trends are in the first article & right below that is a related article on our new gilded age.  There’s another link to future jobs, which it’s important for a private-public partnership to team up in aggressively providing advanced training for the jobs/careers of the future, since a big problem is the skills mismatch with the new high-tech workplace.  The section on the tax plan we’re due to actually see the details on the proposal soon.  Expect it to not look anything like the Trumpian promises he’s been making.  Sure, we do need corporate tax reform making our businesses more competitive on the international stage & incentivizing businesses returning back here.  But if the specifics look like a sellout to big corporate interests & large donors, the public won’t buy in & the backlash will be vociferous.  As desperate as the GOP is for a legislative win, this will be as tough as Trumpcare was to pass.

Then we see a few healthcare & opioid articles below, & wrapping things up are links to Puerto Rico.  Trump’s big announcement on this urgent national emergency over opioids naturally came without funding, as tens of thousands are dying annually.  Any tax or healthcare plans should properly fund those truly in need, such as the disabled, instead of cowering to rich donors.  But in Trump’s reign we’re descending to a place no longer civil or moral.  Trump’s corruption & lies are further revealed in the $300M no-competing-bids contract awarded to Whitefish Energy to help rebuild Puerto Rico, a tiny home-based business with two employees.  Is our President really supposed to be draining the swamp or maybe he is the swamp, as we come to find out Trump’s interior secretary has ties to this company.  I’m all for supporting small companies, but this is an absolute joke!  Overall I would’ve said the wheels have come off this presidency, except the Trump-car never got started with any wheels to begin with.

It could drop like a hammer or detonate like a bomb

It could hit Monday or sometime shortly thereafter, & it could come off as anywhere from hot to cold or lukewarm.  It could scoop up one, two or multiple suspects.  The charges could be serious or a dramatic jaw-dropping game-changer.  They could also be isolated to those arrested or potentially reach to the very highest levels.  The public could greet the news with a yawn or be totally captivated & shocked by it.  And it could be just another piece to the puzzle or rock the very foundations of our society.  This could mark the beginning of a long process or the beginning of the end.  All weekend we were forewarned something was about to happen & it’s nearing time to find out what that is.  It’s keeping us waiting & been building up our Anticipation. Read more!

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