Trump & His Echo are responsible for these crazy Conspiracy Theories…When invaded by a cult as America is now dealing with when a major political party has been taken over by a corrupt leader, it must be dug up by the roots & discarded.  Either saving or replacing the Republican Party requires we clean house & start over.  That includes flushing out any politician that has attached themselves to Trump.  We do need a viable conservative party, built upon integrity & rational governing, not the radicalism it has now become.  I should know as a lifelong Republican, I’ve seen how the party has changed dramatically.  Please share blog address, since we need to inform Americans of what’s really going on with our politics.  Nothing short of the future of American democracy is on the line.  As always in part 2, we particularly focus in on calling out the lies & conspiracy theories.


Those who are immersed in Fox/the echo & actually believe the stuff they hear are detached from reality, but through our efforts we can certainly rescue some of them from the dark side.  Erick Erickson just stated “If you’re a conservative who’s at war with the truth, you’re not really being conservative,” which is exactly what’s happening as so many buy into the delusional nonsense that is a perversion of authentic conservatism.  So this alternative-reality media has deceived millions of Americans in the name of ratings & profits, so by exposing their constant stream of lies & conspiracy theories, we can help stem the flood of widespread disinformation.  If you don’t read another word of this blog, at least make sure you hear (& share) this powerful video!!!: Steve-Schmidt-does-not-hold-back-in-tonight-s-Commentary.

Trump’s words during these times of threats & tragedies come off as wholly disingenuous, since behind those words it’s so obvious he has no ability to show empathy or remorse.  Nothing seems to matter to him except how he is personally affected, so even tragedies he views through the prism of how it impacts his midterm messaging.  And how can someone call for calm & civility when they are singularly the person most responsible for the current climate of anger & hate now pervading America.  Trump is not directly to blame for the heinous acts we’ve seen lately, but more than anyone else as the leader who sets the tone, he is inspiring this culture of vengeful division.  Inside these posts from why-its-fair-ask-whether-trump-is-blame is a question many of us are asking:

We don’t know whether the events of this week would have happened without President Trump’s rhetoric. And we never truly will. But the fact that Trump’s rhetoric is without compare in American politics makes that a logical question. And it justifies that question being asked in a way it hasn’t after other, similar acts of political violence. There is a growing sense of grievance among Republicans about the narrative that Trump might have some culpability for the postal bombs that were sent to many of his high-profile political foes over the past week. A Florida man whose van was adorned with pro-Trump and anti-Democratimages (including some with Democrats in crosshairs) was arrested Friday, and that quickly led many people to connect the dots and suggest that Trump had inspired him — if they hadn’t already made such connections. In response, some conservatives have asked why Trump gets this treatment when others haven’t. The media isn’t blaming Democrats for antifascists, or antifa, they argue. The media didn’t dwell upon this when Bernie Sanders supporter James T. Hogkinson fired on Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice last year, they note. 


The argument is a non sequitur, though — at least when it comes to the debate over whether President Trump bears blame. It’s true that political violence is nothing new. We’ve had anthrax and ricin scares. We’ve had shootings. We’ve had violent protests that turned deadly. We’ve even had assassinations. You can’t just quickly look at whomever the perpetrator supports and say they are culpable. But when you are confronted with a data set, you always look for the variables. You ask what’s different about this set of circumstances from the others. And in this case — unlike the others — Trump’s rhetoric is a highly unique variable. Trump just last week approvingly spoke of a GOP congressman who body-slammed a reporter. He has promoted violence — jokingly or otherwise — at his rallies, including offering to pay the legal bills of supporters who rough protesters up and telling people to “knock the crap out of” anybody who might be wielding a tomato to throw. He has suggestively mused about “Second Amendment people” preventing Hillary Clinton from appointing judges as president. He has encouraged police to be rougher with criminal suspects. He has tweeted a GIF in which he body-slammed a CNN logo. Trump has also gone further than other politicians in attacking his political opponents. He has regularly called the “fake news media” the “enemy of the American people.” He has said he would put Clinton in jail, despite her never being charged with a crime. And just two weeks ago, he gave a lengthy defense of calling opponents of Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nominations “evil.”


All of this being said, it’s an unprovable assertion, and we’d all do well to emphasize that. The suspect in the mail bomb case, Cesar Sayoc, is someone who has had run-ins with the law for years — from long before Trump was a politician. He may have done these things even without a president who seems to revel in the idea of his supporters “knocking the crap out of” his opponents. There are plenty of radicalizing forces out there not named Donald Trump. But to pretend this question represents a double standard on behalf of the media is to engage in some pretty illogical whataboutism. Trump has built a political brand and a base with edgy rhetoric, and the flip side of that is sometimes we all must ask when it’s gone over the edge.

More on Trump/GOP/echo inflammatory language

There are tons of article titles on this topic at the bottom of part 1, so here’s another one in excerpts pulled from critics-say-trump-has-fostered-the-toxic-environment-for-the-political-violence-he-denounces:

President Trump and his Republican allies, having tried to stoke public fears of Central American migrants ahead of the midterm elections, are suddenly facing accusations that they helped foment a rising right-wing extremism that poses a far greater national security threat. Over the past few days, the killings of two African Americans in a grocery store outside Louisville, a series of mail bombs targeting a dozen high-profile Democrats allegedly sent by a Trump supporter, and a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue have left the nation on edge. The common thread among them appears to be the targeting of specific groups based on race, religion or political persuasion. His (Trump’s) critics countered on Saturday that the president and the GOP, in a cynical pursuit of political power, have gone beyond partisan political combat into outright demagoguery of racial minorities, foreigners and prominent Jewish political figures. Jewish Democratic donor George Soros, for instance, has become a major focus of Republican attack ads ahead of the midterms, even after a bomb was found in his mailbox last week. Trump has accused Soros, without evidence, of paying for protesters at his rallies. Such rhetoric and actions have provided tacit approval to fringe elements who are considering violence, Trump’s critics said.


Since early in his 2016 campaign, when he denounced immigrants from Mexico as criminals and rapists, Trump has employed language that appeals to the nativist impulses of the electorate — to the point that he was endorsed by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. In his closing ad during his presidential run, Trump warned darkly of a triumvirate of prominent Jews — Soros, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Fed Chair Janet L. Yellen, and suggested his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, was partnering with them in bad faith in a bid to control the global power structure. Last year, Trump drew far-reaching condemnation for suggesting, in the aftermath of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville during which a counterprotester was killed, that there were “good people on both sides.” This past summer, Trump repeated, in a tweet, a white nationalist conspiracy theory, which he appeared to have heard on Fox News, that white farmers were facing mass killings in South Africa. Chants of “lock her up” about Clinton and other prominent Democrats and “build the wall” to keep out immigrants have been a staple of his campaign rallies for years.


In recent days, Trump has taken action against the caravan of Central American migrant families who are traveling by foot in Mexico hundreds of miles from the U.S. southern border. The Trump administration authorized sending 1,000 military troops to assist in border security operations, and the White House is weighing a plan to issue a blanket denial for asylum protections, based on national security concerns. The president has suggested, without offering evidence, that criminals and Middle Eastern terrorists are among the migrants. He and other Republicans, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.), floated a conspiracy theory that Soros helped fund the caravan. He (Trump) also took delight as he appeared to allude obliquely to plans to issue an emergency executive order to deny asylum to the migrants. “Watch next week what’s going to happen — just wait,” Trump said, drawing applause. “It’ll be exciting. It’s going to be great.” “This is the central premise of his presidency — to attack and smear immigrants and refugees,” Wang said. “All the violence we see is the extreme and radical version of what he is implementing on a policy and legal front as president of the United States.” Republican commentator Charlie Sykes, a regular Trump critic, suggested on Saturday that the president’s focus is misguided. “So, America,” he tweeted, “perhaps the greatest danger we face is not a caravan 1000 miles away. Maybe it’s already here.”

President’s Words Matter

Words do matter, especially from the president.  We now have a president uniquely stoking anger & division.  See excerpts from inside one-presidents-scary-story-is-a-countrys-scary-world:

Donald Trump, alone of all people on earth, has the luxury of not caring at all what Donald Trump says. He dwells inside a pasteboard nightmare where everything is horrifying and 10 or 20 times larger than life — Hillary Clinton is an enormous spider presiding over untold conspiracies; a caravan full of “Middle Eastern terrorists” is making its way to the border; he is being hunted by witches, ceaselessly, for no reason — but nothing is real. He invents this world. He does not have to live there. He tells these stories, and his world does not change. At the end of the rallies, having been more or less applauded, he gets back onto the plane. He is presented with the same steak and the same cable channels. The only enduring change in his existence since becoming president is now the television sometimes yells back. Why should he not tell these stories?


The scariest thing about Donald Trump is that he thinks none of this is real. Someone has punched a protester at his rally? It is some clever trick, fodder for a morning show. It is all done with wires and camera angles, something like the WWE. No one’s indignation is real, least of all the press’s. Those protesters are crying because they have been paid. This was all a sort of game, and the advantage was to the person treating it as such. To feel that nothing matters — Everyone lies! Say what you wish! Nothing is real! — may be enlightened in some cases. But not in the case of the president or his administration. The president’s words have the power to alter lives, and to believe otherwise is not only naive but terrifying.


Donald Trump has been standing at a mirror summoning a demon for the past three years. But he can honestly say he had no idea his words would summon any demon at all. He is sufficiently cretinous to see no connection between reality and the world he has been working so hard to evoke. These are magic words he uses to get people to the polls, and if the way they get to the polls is on the back of a historical monster, it is no great matter. Here is a terrifying story: There is an ominous caravan, filled with dog whistles and nightmares. Another: We will have a tax cut by the election. Never mind that these are lies. Never mind that these are impossibilities. They are only words. Words do not matter. But if the past two years have taught us anything, it is that these words do matter. Donald Trump is building lies for people to live inside.


Yet these words, as he wields them, can only work in one direction. A sufficient explanation, a less embarrassing coverup, cannot revive a murdered journalist or put him back at his keyboard with his fiancee. But they can tear down and sow fear. They can make it seem reasonable to lock her up, build the wall, do whatever is necessary to ram the agenda through. Fake news! Witch hunt! For the greater part of his career, Donald Trump was not in a position to create reality with his words. He could say what he wanted — You’re fired! Trump University will help you succeed! — and it did not matter.


But now his words have a power to build worlds. He and his “nationalism” are strengthening something distinctly ugly. He and his “fake news” are undermining a bedrock democratic institution. His administration’s effort to redefine gender to strip trans people of protections will have real consequences for people’s safety and welfare. The story Donald Trump is telling about America is getting scarier and scarier. It is all a conspiracy. There is nothing to be scared of in a bomb; it is only a picture on the television. It is only a clever trick. But for some people, these are not only stories.

No Excuse For This!

At a time when bombs are being mailed to CNN & the nation is mourning the loss of life in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Trump’s words as seen in these links where he’s attacking the media are REPREHENSIBLE!!!  And if Trump wants better coverage, for starters try being honest for a change!:

We also posted these excerpts taken from trumps-attacks-news-media:  

Mr. Trump was open about the tactic in a 2016 conversation with Lesley Stahl of CBS News, which she shared earlier this year: “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all, so when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you,” she quoted him as saying. And with the president settling on “fear and falsehoods” as an election strategy, as The Washington Post put it last week, the political information system is awash in more misleading or flatly wrong assertions than reporters can keep up with. It’s as if President Trump has hit the journalism industry with a denial-of-service attack. We have seen gross distortions aplenty during political low moments in this country. But something like the “Swift Boat” campaign against the Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004 — with its accusations that the candidate had faked his war record — seems almost quaint in retrospect. That attempt drew scrutiny from major media organizations, and eventually led to broad condemnation, even from the candidate it was intended to benefit, President George W. Bush. Now, partisan smears are a staple of every single news cycle. As crude pipe bombs were discovered at CNN headquarters and in mailboxes across the country, Mr. Trump’s supporters like the Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh and the conservative writer Ann Coulter asserted that the crime was a frame job by Democrats. Before pipe bombs and the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings dominated the news, the main story was the migrant caravan — and it was accompanied by wild speculation on talk radio, social media and from opinionated personalities on Fox News. A myth went viral: The thousands of desperate Hondurans making their slow way toward the American border were players in a drama hatched by Democrats and funded by the right’s all-purpose villain, Mr. Soros, a notion Mr. Trump seemed to nod to at a rally in Montana.

A Committee Warns Trump about his Hateful Attacks

Incredibly, Trump has ratcheted up his attacks on the media, again calling them the enemies of the people, when our nation is going through such a somber, tragic time.  This post comes from committee-to-protect-journalists-warns-trump-about-press-attacks as journalists are facing serious risks:  

The Committee to Protect Journalists urged President Donald Trump on Friday not to keep attacking the media as the country reels from a bomb scare that gripped the nation this week. “It would be reckless and dangerous for President Trump to continue his rhetorical assaults on the press and branding of journalists as enemies of the people after this spate of package bombs aimed at political figures and CNN,” The Committee to Protect Journalists’ Deputy Executive Director Robert Mahoney said in a statement on Friday. The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit origination based in New York, committed to defending “the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal,” its website says. Police arrested the bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc Jr., on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida. They found evidence suggesting that Trump’s rhetoric toward the media may have influenced his actions. Police seized a van linked to Sayoc that displayed several pro-Trump stickers, including one that said, “CNN sucks.”

President’s hateful rhetoric certainly influenced this guy

He had a list of 100 targets who he perceived as Trump’s opponents, which they all may have been sent mail bombs if he wasn’t caught.  We had lots of articles on this terrorist mail bomber in last Friday’s part 1, but here are a few more, which you’d need to do a search as our blog has a limit on outbound links:







Trust the FBI, not Fox!

Great job by a vital organization tasked every day to protect America: the-real-fbi-gets-its-man.  Don’t believe any of that crap demeaning the FBI we hear from the echo or House Freedom Caucus!  Gee, how convenient when Trump controls the messaging on most Fox News shows: inside-trumps-new-fox-takeover.  It’s the same setup Kim Jong Un has with his state-run North Korean TV.  In these excerpts from donald-trump-fear we see more of the blending of Trumpism with Fox News, which has become the bullhorn amplifying this disingenuous politics of fear & tribal grievances:

The real fear that Cesar Sayoc Jr. is accused of spreading was distracting from the fake fear Trump was spreading to spur Republicans to the polls. And the president didn’t like it. Before Sayoc was caught, Trump implied that the terrorism was a Democratic setup to deflect from his midterms roadshow. Pipe bombs getting in the way of pipe dreams. Trump tweet-whined that “now this ‘Bomb’ stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows,” using dismissive quote marks around “Bomb.” The president has, after all, put a tremendous effort into the sulfurous stew of lies, racially charged rhetoric and scaremongering that he has been serving up as an election closer. He has been inspired to new depths of delusion, tweeting that “Republicans will totally protect people with Pre-Existing Conditions, Democrats will not! Vote Republican.” He has been twinning the words “caravan” and “Kavanaugh” in a mellifluous poem to whitemale hegemony. Whites should be afraid of the migrant caravan traveling from Central America, especially since “unknown Middle Easterners” were hidden in its midst, an alternative fact that he cheerfully acknowledged was based on nothing.


This season of ghouls is animated by the ghost of Roger Ailes, who — bankrolled by Rupert Murdoch — was the mastermind behind the hate-breeding technique he perfected on Fox News. It bore poison fruit with the Florida bomb suspect, whose Facebook page was littered with Fox News agitprop. One Fox producer under Ailes said they called it “riling up the crazies.” For Ailes and now for his Frankenstein Trump — who has Ailes’s old lieutenant Bill Shine as his media czar — it’s all about picking and inventing the right battles, finding the lowest common denominator to boost ratings. “Divide and Conquer,” an excellent new documentary produced by Alex Gibney and directed by Alexis Bloom, shows the divisive strategy Ailes used to help elect a succession of Republican presidents, even as he turned Fox News into a sexually transgressive cult where he and Bill O’Reilly and others could get away with any predation. For Ailes, and later Trump, politics was a war to preserve a gauzy John Wayne throwback world, patriotic and traditional, to save it from a sneering, contemptuous elite and from the “Other.” Ailes was a student of Hitler propagandist Leni Riefenstahl. Sometimes, as with Trump’s birther campaign, the Other needed to be made to seem even more Other. Michelle Obama segments were designed to scare. In the documentary, those around Ailes marveled at his relentless talent for pouring gas on a fire, for stoking the paranoia and fear that would keep viewers on the hook. Trump’s main training for politics was being a sparring star in the House That Roger Built. And Ailes taught Trump well.

Evil Echo Conspiracy Theories

Here we see how Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs & other echo-knuckleheads have become as deranged as Alex Jones, so says Alex Jones: alex-jones-it-s-real-moment-rush-limbaugh-and-lou-dobbs-are-calling-migrant-caravan-false-flag-just & also ann-coulter-didnt-ditch-conspiracy-theories-after-bombers-arrest-most-false-flaggers-didnt.  The angry far-right rhetoric & conspiracy theories that encourage violence are absolutely complicit in these recent evil acts, but as Boot points out in this conclusion to ask-the-questions-about-right-wing-terrorists-that-we-ask-about-islamist-militants, Fox News certainly has a share in the blame.  The article also points out a clear double standard between how the echo & Trump’s cronies spin radical Islamic vs. white supremacist terrorist attacks, since evil is evil regardless of motives or ideologies:

Fox News isn’t just vilifying a major Jewish donor to liberal causes. It is also demonizing all Democrats — literally. Host Jeanine Pirro refers to them as “demon rats.” This nonstop drumbeat of over-the-top invective and irrational conspiracy theories can drive otherwise sane conservatives to extremism — and it can drive those who were already unstable to violence. The New York Times reports that until 2016, Cesar Sayoc’s Facebook page was full of “decadent meals, gym workouts, scantily clad women and sports games. . . . But that year, Mr. Sayoc’s social media presence took on a darker and more partisan tone.” That’s when he began posting “stories from Infowars, World Net Daily, Breitbart and other right-wing websites,” which “showed a fascination with Islamist terrorism, illegal immigration and anti-Clinton conspiracy theories.” Naturally, when Sayoc sent letter bombs to Trump’s critics, the right-wing media claimed it must be a “false flag” operation. Once the preserve of the paranoid radio host Alex Jones, this lunacy is now propagated by the likes of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Dinesh D’Souza, Frank Gaffney, Donald Trump Jr. and Michael Savage. D’Souza tweeted: “Fake sexual assault victims. Fake refugees. Now fake mail bombs. We are all learning how the media left are masters of distortion, deflection & deception.” Trump himself appeared to give winking support to this crackpot theory by referring to “this ‘Bomb’ stuff.” Even after Sayoc’s arrest, few “false flag” theorists recanted or apologized.


There is partisanship on both sides of the political spectrum, but no left-wing outlets propagate extremism as successfully or widely as conservative media do. A new study of “Network Propaganda” by three Harvard researchers notes that liberals, by and large, get their news from sources such as The Post, the Times, NPR and CNN that, regardless of any political bias, also engage in rigorous fact-checking. Conservatives, by contrast, are being brainwashed by right-wing media that are an “echo chamber” for “rumor and conspiracy theory.” The frightening thing is that the right-wing media will be here long after Trump and the current crop of Republican politicians are gone. These outlets have a First Amendment right to say what they want, but investors and advertisers also have a right to take their dollars elsewhere. If Rupert Murdoch and his sons won’t rein in its extremist propaganda, advertisers should flee Fox, and investors should flee its parent company, News Corp. Its stock should become as toxic as shares of mining companies that produce “blood diamonds.” The propagandists and politicians who are radicalizing the American right must not be allowed to escape responsibility for the dangerous consequences of their actions.

Fox Conspiracy Theories

We’ve been pointing out for years how deceptive, disingenuous & dangerous Fox News has become, which here in enough-platitudes-lets-name-names Rubin gives us more examples:

Rupert Murdoch, the executives, on-air talent and shareholders of Fox need to self-reflect. Fox is home to anti-immigrant cranks such as Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham. It’s where the caravan is attributed to Jewish billionaire George Soros, where Sean Hannity leads his audience to believe immigrants are especially prone to commit crimes and where Tucker Carlson has adopted the language of white nationalism, decrying diversity in America. Unless and until Fox cleans up its act — drop conspiracies made up out of whole cloth, end demonization and hysteria about immigrants, and stop invoking Soros to explain every political threat (real or imagined) — people of good will should not appear on Fox News, advertise on it or watch it. In sum, we all have a tendency is to talk about “hate” or “bigotry” as if such sentiments were inanimate objects. We have to root it out. We have to combat it. But there is no “it” — there are people who say, write and do hateful things. And they should be held accountable. Let’s end the lazy thinking and the moral denseness. Lots of people have behaved in ways that degrade our culture and give oxygen and inspiration to dangerous people. We should call them out — by name — and implore them to do better.

Also click on these other links since we want to expose Fox fake news for who they really are.  Even Drudge called them out!:

Let’s Talk Mental Health

Mental health is an increasingly disturbing issue in our stressful society often lacking vital connections & affiliations, without a sense of family or community, which directly plays into these evil acts of terrorism looking to spread fear through mass murders or attempted murders.  There are no easy answers but the problem demands cogent nonpartisan discussions, seeking better ways for identifying & treating mental conditions, especially those who might be a danger to themselves & others.  But those who are mentally ill often are hidden undercover until a point where they tragically lash out, so the signs sometimes aren’t readily available until it’s too late.  And even those who clearly present themselves as a danger to society, how does society intervene with treatment or institutionalization if they refuse the help.

At the risk of sounding facetious, I can make the case those who frequent right-wing conspiratorial sites, are consumed by far-right talk radio &/or are regular viewers of Fox News prime-time shows, & most importantly ACTUALLY BELIEVE ALL THE STUFF THEY HEAR, are showing signs of mental problems.  Yes, I know that’s rather provocative language, but I’m not the President of the United States assigned to run the country & be the leader for ALL Americans.  I make such a controversial claim based on the echo’s bombastic rhetoric dishing out a litany of provable lies on a daily basis, plus their constant spewing of crazy conspiracy theories which always end up being false.  So it’s not so outlandish to question the mental state of anyone who would constantly listen to that trash.

We’ve been detailing the onslaught of lies on these pages for years.  The evidence against the echo is overwhelming!  But that the echo-audience keep coming back to their echo-shows for more when most sane Americans could readily decipher they’re being lied to within the very first hour of tuning in, so how else can we describe the devotion of echo-fans other than there could be some mental issues at play?  I just don’t get it how so many can be so deceived by a constant stream of blatantly obvious lies.  It’s shocking how gullible people can be!  But like those hooked on tobacco or opioids, it could take a treatment program to ween people off their echo-addictions.

Of course, I really don’t think the audiences of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones would willingly submit to psychological treatment or being institutionalized, so all we’re left with is trying to communicate the facts to them, hoping some of them can at least question the insanity they regularly expose their minds to & become more open-minded to the truth.  When millions hear & somehow swallow the unmitigated garbage dished out on those shows, it only serves to badly deceive, divide & damage our nation.  There’s no way to unite around shared values & solve problems to move America forward if millions in that ultra-conservative sect wall themselves off inside their tribal-bubble, refusing to believe even the most irrefutable realities.

I can relate to what this person is saying inside Confessions-of-a-Reformed-Republican, as we’ve seen how once-logical conservatives have gone off the deep end after by being influenced by the worst aspects of the tea party & Fox News, along with the rest of the growing echo with hundreds of delusional far-right radio talk shows & social media sites.  Another example of the latest proven-false echo-conspiracy are seen in these excerpts from candace-owens-and-her-fellow-false-flaggers-want-america-to-forget-we-wont:

By now, we’ve all seen, and will remember, alleged mail bomber Cesar Sayoc’s white van covered in right-wing propaganda. Let’s also remember the propaganda of the prominent conservative media figures — including Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Lou Dobbs, Mike Flynn Jr., Frank Gaffney Jr, Rush Limbaugh, Candace Owens, Michael Savage and James Woods — who peddled “false flag” conspiracy theories about the mail-bomb spree this week, suggesting or outright stating that the pipe bombs sent to CNN, the Clintons, the Obamas and other top Democrats and critics of Donald Trump were a plot by liberals to make the president and his party look bad before the midterm elections. Sayoc is in FBI custody and facing 48 years; the pundits intend to go back to life as normal and change the subject back to the migrant caravan. They are counting on people forgetting, never knowing, or not caring about their appalling words.


Some are working hard to memory-hole their comments. Owens, communications director for the pro-Trump group Turning Point USA and a Fox News mainstay, deleted a tweet she wrote that read: “Caravans, fake bomb threats — these leftists are going ALL OUT for midterms.” Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs deleting his tweet that read: “Fake News–Fake Bombs. Who could possibly benefit by so much fakery?” Others are offering up weak-tea defenses. Ann Coulter tweeted she was only citing “history” in her earlier tweet saying that “bombs are a liberal tactic.” Dinesh D’Souza mounted a “both-sides” defense on Twitter: “With all the demented loons on their side, we may have to concede there is at least one demented loon on ours.” Both sides? Fox News’ expert guests speculated about the “false flag” theory during the channel’s news programming. Trump complained on Twitter about the political impact of “this ‘Bomb’ stuff” — with “Bomb” in scare quotes — hours before the alleged bomber was found. The Trumpist pundits also want a new conversation in the hopes that as they erase and evade, the news moves on. 

Think About This…

Nope, Trump isn’t directly to blame for sending mail bombs to Dem opponents or shooting up a Jewish synagogue.  The shooter in Pittsburgh even has posted criticisms of Trump on his social media comments (because the prez wasn’t sufficiently anti-Semitic & not enough of a nationalist), but he did express alarm at the coming migrant caravan.  There’s no question Trump’s rallies & tweets have inspired some of the anger.  Words do matter, especially when coming from the bully behind the bully pulpit.  Every appropriate word of remorse or condolences he reads from a teleprompter is always followed with an unscripted wink & a nod to his racist/bigoted supporters that he has their backs.

The Trumpian/echo conservative talking points constantly warn of the dangers of MS-13 brutality, illegal immigrant violence & Islamic radical terrorist attacks, & rightly so.  But keep in mind, & correct me if I’m wrong, but a lot more murders have occurred in America from right-wing extremist groups than MS-13, illegal immigrants & Islamic terrorists combined.  Three terrorist attacks have occurred just in the last week, which the racist shooting in Kentucky we hardly heard about with the other two terrorist attacks dominating headlines.  The attacks have been on African-Americans, Dem opponents of Trump, & Jewish worshippers.  Based on the hateful language we’ve heard from Trump going back years, it’s only logical to wonder to what extent they played a part.  Please peruse the many articles at the bottom of part 1.  Also see the song at the bottom of part 3.  Americans need to let this be lessons learned.

For those who still don’t realize how scary Trump is, please read these Daily Kos articles, which you’d need to look up as we limit our outbound links:





Part 2 in Closing 

The lessons from Brazil & other nations are we’re seeing an unmistakable trend from democracy to dictatorship: brazil-election-far-right-democracy-social-media.  As I keep warning, America is also at risk, especially now!  We’ve seen how the GOP seems to be sliding into fascism, but also face-ism?  I suppose if Hitler had a conservative-looking face & ran on an anti-abortion platform, would GOP voters vote for him too?: thehill/gop-voters-more-likely-to-choose-candidates-who-look-conservative.  Evangelicals with a single-minded doggedness on the abortion issue have seen them willing to denigrate most other moral values for humanity.  The devil may have convinced them to offer unquestioned support for a morally-vacuous leader by using corrupted tools like Fox News trusted by that audience.  This paragraph is taken from religion-politics-evangelicals:

The infatuation appalls some others on the religious right, among them Michael Gerson, a speechwriter for Mr. Bush who was reared in an evangelical family. In an Atlantic magazine article this spring, Mr. Gerson criticized the likes of Mr. Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. for having provided “religious cover for moral squalor.” A comparably dark assessment was offered by Timothy Keller, a Presbyterian clergyman who wrote in The New Yorker last December, “ ‘Evangelical’ used to denote people who claimed the high moral ground; now, in popular usage, the word is nearly synonymous with ‘hypocrite.’ ”