Part Two – Liberal Political News Sites Love My Rants (But Conservatives Need Them)

Evil-Echo Empire Update

There’s no mystery what my basic message is.  As a center-right conservative & lifelong (former) GOP supporter, I’m adamant in my belief the echo has dragged the conservative mindset sooooo far out on the extreme right, it has radicalized the party & enabled the election of someone like Trump.  For the GOP to even survive as a party going forward, the base must return to a rational & pragmatic conservative approach, which requires rejecting the fraud of conservatism running through the echo messaging-machine.  America desperately needs a conversion over to a healthy & governing GOP in reestablishing competent leadership.  So while I appeal more to liberal political news sites, I wish I could better connect with conservative news sources, because I believe it’s the GOP we need to fix.

We’re all predisposed into certain belief patterns based on the circumstances we were born into & our life experiences.  Such factors as one’s socioeconomic, cultural, geographic, ethnicity, religion, race, age, gender, family’s occupation & other such demographic categories greatly influence our viewpoints.  Those beliefs tend to be reinforced through the influence of family, friends, coworkers & the like, with political opinions particularly influenced by the messaging sources a person plugs into.  With the recent expanded menu offered up by cable TV, radio & the internet, people will gravitate towards the opinion sources matching up to their worldview.  This assortment of choices allowing people to choose whatever narrative lines up with their ideology, it poses the risk of people getting locked away inside their chosen bubbles.  And that is just what’s been happening, particularly with the extremes on both sides.  Consequently, we’ve lost our ability to work together.

For conservatives, they’ve learned to find solace over the past few decades in the messaging geared towards them through Fox News & Limbaugh (and they weren’t nearly as bad back in those early days).  What started off as a cottage industry has grown into a behemoth, with more & more show hosts entering the fray & shifting the narrative increasingly further right to help their shows stand out.  So the likes of Fox & Limbaugh joined in on the relentless shift way to the right.  They’ve successfully peeled off much of the conservative audience to their fanatically nihilistic brand while training them not to trust their competition, the mainstream media.  Some of these conservative followers have undergone mind-alterations for 25 years or longer, making them too far gone to be reprogrammed back to reality & truth.  We can only try to rescue the ones open-minded enough to start viewing things rationally.

If Trump & his echo were to tell their followers up is down & down is up, 1+1=3 & the sky is green while the grass blue, many of their fans would probably believe them.  In my message with accompanying video from a week ago, a Trumpeter even said he’d believe Trump over Jesus.  This is the kind of evil deception that has invaded much of the GOP & conservatism.  Over time these dynamics have played out to where many conservatives lost their objectivity, given totally over to a mindset where they implicitly trust their preferred talk-show hosts & completely distrust the media.  And their President has become infallible, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  Once these extremist shows got their hooks into the most hardcore of the GOP base, they were able to lead them around by the nose, telling them most anything & those compliant followers would wholeheartedly buy in.

This long term mind-conditioning by far-right talk shows way out on the lunatic fringe, they’ve managed to convince their audiences of opinions which couldn’t possibly be true, but inside their bubble they’ve become accepted as facts, or what is commonly referred to as alternative facts.  It’s literally brainwashed many conservatives into thinking the mainstream media is all lies while their preferred fanatical rightwing opinion source is all true, when the exact opposite is actually far closer to the truth.  Sure, the media leans left, but the echo is so far out on the radical right, the media is much, much, much closer to the center & bases their reporting on real news far closer to the facts.  With millions in echo-land now completely rejecting real news, it sets up a dangerous dynamic where even contrived conspiracies somehow become real.

But like Pavlov’s dog the echo-audiences slobber over all the crazy rightwing bombasts every time they hear it, explaining why so many are hooked on these shows.  It feeds their hunger & raises the vitriol against their most recognized enemies.  Anti-Hillary & Obama rhetoric are always a favorite with this crowd, but with the Dems out of power it was necessary for echo-blabbers to invent new villains, from which targeting establishment Republicans along with the media provide the new ammo that keeps their followers amped up.  The confused echo are also turning their barbs & arrows on Mueller, since his crew could be about to crumble their world when the leader they idolize goes down in flames.  Yes, things could dramatically fall apart inside the cult-like alternative reality of the echo-bubble when those living there might discover their great maharaja has been exposed as a criminal.  And the witches brew these shows stir up have absolutely nothing to do with constructive policies or responsible governing, but everything to do with drumming up anger & hatred in boosting ratings.

Some perceptive & principled conservative talk show hosts became alarmed during the campaign last year about the direction the conservative movement was taking, especially the emerging popularity of an amoral, values-less, ideologically-vacuous demagogue like Trump.  In trying to push back against the worst impulses of their audiences, they were met with stiff resistance.  That’s when it dawned on them the Frankenstein monster they & their talk-show colleagues had managed to create/unleash.  In sticking to their principles, many of these conservative hosts lost a lot of their audiences, & in some cases even lost their shows over taking the high road by opposing Trump.  That list features Glenn Beck, Charlie Sykes, John Ziegler, Steve Deace, Erick Erickson & others.  But the majority of conservative blabbers showed no such scruples, shamelessly selling out to Trump’s clueless agenda & moral depravity, a calculation only based on ratings knowing their far-right followers had been preconditioned to accept illegitimate conservative doctrine delivered by a charismatic showbiz charlatan.  The coordinated messaging found on Fox News, talk radio & the internet has successfully tapped into these tribal loyalties to please/hold their audiences, giving little credence to principled objectivity or the truth.

As for the news of the week, the liberal political news sites can see the Trump hypocrisy, so why can’t conservative news see the obvious?  In his statement last week Trump said how wonderful it is all these women are coming forward blaming their abusers, while then basically saying he doesn’t believe them.  When questioned about the Moore accusations, Trump said “he denied it, & by the way, he totally denied it.”  Good thing he threw in the word totally, since that must clinch it Moore is totally innocent.  As I recall, when the first allegations came out against Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein & others, they also totally denied it.  I guess in all those cases we should have right away pronounced them innocent & instead started blaming the accusers.  Seriously, here again it just illustrates the treachery (& sexism) of Trump & his echo where truths are irrelevant, since all that matters is the spin.

As I evaluate the Moore case in seeking the truth, with the nine credible women accusers supported by numerous sources vouching for the women’s accounts &/or the alleged perpetrator’s unsavory pattern of behavior, I do believe the women.  If that is indeed so, it would make Moore a sexual abuser, pedophile & child molester.  Likewise when I evaluate another case with more than a dozen credible women accusers supported by numerous sources vouching for the women’s accounts &/or the alleged perpetrator’s unsavory pattern of behavior, again I do believe the women.  I could understand if there were just one or two women accusers in the heat of a presidential race, that maybe the stories were contrived to serve as a political hit job.  But when there are more than a dozen women?  With credible accounts?  And Trump’s own confessions seen on that bus video!  In refuting his accusers’ stories plus the women accusing Moore, that means Trump is basically calling two dozen women liars.  And it’s not just that the women seem credible, but that Trump sounds so unconvincing.  So should we believe the word of two dozen women or the lone voice of a chronic liar?

If all those accounts about Trump are indeed true, it would make Trump a sexual abuser, pedophile & child rapist.  Believe what you will, but that’s what I believe.  Here in this link is the account of that child rape from a Newsweek article I included in my message from last week.  I know I send you millions of links to articles, but if you have yet to read this one especially, please do & then decide for yourself.  With a wave of sexual abuse stories hitting the headlines lately, maybe it’s time to revisit the accusations against Trump now that society is seeing such cases in a whole new light.  That could possibly include this sordid tale of the alleged rape of a 13-year-old, since threats & intimidation caused her to back down last year before the evidence could be fully revealed.  I don’t know about you, but since I honestly believe it’s very likely our President has really committed sexual assault, pedophilia & child rape (not to mention coordination with Russia that could potentially go so far as committing treason), obviously I don’t want him to be our President.  He might deserve to be sent away to a big house, but not the White House.

In examining the most egregious high-profile sexual abuse cases of late, here’s a list of the famous celebrities who got caught & the consequences they faced….

*Cosby:        Lost career & was disgraced

*Weiner:       Lost career & was disgraced

*Ailes:           Lost career & was disgraced

*O’Reilly:       Lost career & was disgraced

*Bolling:        Lost career & was disgraced

*Halperin:      Lost career & was disgraced

*Weinstein:    Lost career & was disgraced

*Louis C.K:    Lost career & was disgraced

*Spacey:       Lost career & was disgraced

*Rose:           Lost career & was disgraced

*Trump:         Elected President of the United States & shows no remorse or shame

From this list only one so far has escaped punishment for his hideous acts, but there’s still time to make amends.  Keep an eye on Mueller with the Russian case potentially breaking wide open at any time.  In the related articles below, the first group provides us with several articles about Trump’s alleged sexually-deviant behavior.  Beneath all those perverted Trump links I have a heading Excellent Articles, which features these truly excellent articles.  The first three are “Do not bother debating with Trump-supporting family members, motivated ignorance & America tears at the seams,” they highlight the intense polarization we’re saddled with, stubbornly bought into by political extremists being influenced by hyper-partisan messaging sources delivering distorted reporting from inside their impenetrable bubble.  Then we see a former Reagan adviser saying “The Republican Party needs to die,” which is absolutely true in its current state, needing to return to some semblance of sanity or start over as a different party.  In the Slate article by Justin Peters, click on the link & you’ll see the headline “Watching Fox News is a form of brain damage.

From there we see a group of links exposing the craziness of Fox & their nutty hosts, with the insanity on Hannity always prominently featured.  And then we have the dangers of alternative messaging including from the alt-right, followed by the dangers of Trump’s autocratic actions.  Our President yet again attacked the First Amendment in attacking CNN.  Trump is engaging in an unprecedented level of power-grabbing by going after the democratic institutions of power which have served us well for centuries, helping resist dictatorial takeovers.  Those institutions are now being tested.  Trump is not smart enough to pull off his authoritarian intentions on his own, but he does have an extensive support network willing to stop at nothing to usurp power, from his political supporters to the echo, with millions of Trumpeters unwittingly setting the stage to usher in fascism.  Everywhere we turn Trump & his minions are making dangerous moves to undermine democracy, from attacking the real media, weaponizing the Justice Dept, packing the courts, nixing a corporate deal just to spite CNN, obliterating net neutrality to control internet messaging, sounding off dog whistles to his racist/bigoted/Second Amendment fans, deporting minorities & dreaming up whatever number of deplorable acts to energize his base.  All his calculated moves to a shocking degree seem to be blatant attempts at consolidating & abusing his power.

At the bottom we see in the news a set of links taking us to more evidence how Judge Moore’s perverted sexual past looks to be like something out of Trump’s own heart.  That helps explain why Trump is pushing for him to be elected to the Senate.  Alabama voters can decide between a Dem or a child molester, but many conservatives seem to have a stronger distaste for Dems.  Much like Rep. Conyers rightly stepped down from a key committee position today & should probably exit Congress, likewise Moore should exit the race, but inexcusable immorality too often gets a pass.  The final group of links explore Evangelicals’ bewildering alliance with Moore.  It’s become apparent to me much like echo-blabbers have deceived their followers from a political standpoint, many prominent Evangelical leaders have deceived their flock from a faith standpoint.  There is nothing about the moral depravity coming from the actions of Trump & Moore that Jesus would condone, & neither should believers.  But the spirit of deception being spread far & wide by echo show hosts & certain evangelical leaders, it’s unfortunately caused a mass delusion to prevail among way too many conservatives.