Evil-Echo Empire Update

The GOP has been in power but gotten very little done.  Much of the GOP base in taking cues from the echo, have been convinced the blame for not getting things done goes to the establishment, RINO’s, the President’s opponents, the deep state, & any such villains going well beyond the liberal Dems.  So the echo has them bamboozled, since the problem can largely be placed on a clueless/incompetent President along with a lunatic-fringe congressional caucus which represents the radical right & is tearing the GOP apart.  On top of that, the legislation they’ve been putting together are shown to be flawed, mostly unsellable & highly unpopular with the American people.  Then the moderates of whom the echo denigrates & are the only ones actually offering hope of getting something done, they’re being marginalized, demonized & even driven from office, exacerbating the problem of polarization & gridlock which is the polar opposite of what we need.  In this new alternate-reality echo world, former conservatives have become known as RINO’s (derisively).  But it’s apparent the far-right operates in its own distant galaxy from a place disconnected from the planet Earth.

Jeff Flake rode in on the tea party wave as a staunch conservative.  Now the echo-crowd views him as an establishment RINO.  And Flake hasn’t changed.  It’s indicative of how much the conservative mindset has been influenced/shifted over the past few years to the radical right, courtesy of the echo.  It’s like what’s up is now down & vice versa.  If the GOP remains the party of hardcore rightwing extremism where the my way or the highway attitude assures continuing obstruction & gridlock through torpedoing even the idea of negotiation/compromise, accompanied by an agenda representing irrationality, uncivility, dysfunction, dishonesty, chaos, recklessness, cluelessness, close-mindedness, selfishness, irresponsibility, vindictiveness, non-inclusiveness, hatemongering, nativism, bigotry, racism, bullying, pettiness, crudeness & destructive to our constitutional democracy, count me out.  Such a party is way too toxic to try & save, so it may be necessary to make a clean break & start over.

And if the GOP remains the party of Trump, loose-cannon Bannon, Insanity Hannity, Rush Dimbulb, gridlock-Teddy Cruz, the House Freedom-less Caucus, Fox & Friendless, the Koch brothers & Robert Mercer, it is indeed a party I want no part of.  Those of you out there still aligned with the GOP, it might be a good time to do some serious introspection.  We can return someday if the good guys can take back control of the party, but for now the echo-influence of deceit & delusions have given evil the upper hand.  At this particular moment in time, liberal Dems look more reasonable.  Call it the lesser of two evils if you will, but the reality of our time is both parties are incoherent, intransigent,  incompetent & intellectually vacuous, which America is suffering as a result.  Saving the GOP demands an informed base, but the bombastic voices of entertainers, not journalists, have dumbed-down their audiences.

The latest echo outrages, who the likes of Insanity Hannity would have us believe are the greatest crimes against mankind in the history of the world, involve the Russian uranium deal & Hillary’s campaign paying the firm who acquired the dirt from the British intelligence officer written up in his dossier.  These episodes play right into the hands of Trump & the echo’s playbook, where every problem & fault can be pinned on Hillary & Obama.  Must be part of a brilliant GOP plot to impeach Obama & Hillary.  Now I’ve always found the uranium deal to be rather suspicious, as what could possibly be the rationale for turning over the rights to 20% of our uranium mining to the one foreign adversary with a nuclear arsenal similar to ours.  This isn’t just about Hillary or Obama, as why did 9 different federal agencies sign off on the deal?  So it’s fine if they want to review this now 7-year-old case.  But the agreement doesn’t allow for the exporting of uranium to Russia, while the “Clinton Cash” angle on this has been investigated & debunked, so it’s not the cataclysmic event echo-blabbermouths would have us believe.  Funny how in echo-world they’re using these trumped up stories to dismiss the major Russian scandal, while for the rest of us the real scandal is really heating up!

As far as paying for the dossier, every campaign pays for oppo research.  Fusion GPS is a reputable domestic firm originally hired by a GOP operative which Hillary’s campaign also then used, from which that organization outsourced some of their information gathering to this Brit agent with a stellar background.  There were no obvious infractions here other than the Clinton people hiding their involvement, which this secretive nature has always been who the Clintons are, but they knew if revealed the negative optics would provide fodder useful to their opponents.  The echo is also trying to use this story to smear Mueller, since he headed the FBI at the time.  So dredging up this story does provide Trump with a convenient diversion.  The Clinton camp didn’t have any direct involvement with the Russian government or any other foreign governments, so it makes for a poor excuse for a scandal, especially since she lost the election & is not in power.  All that really matters is not who financed the dossier, but whether investigators can substantiate the details in there.  Normally when Trump & the echo go nuts on phony conspiracy theories on the Dems trying to whip up a scandal, it really means something big is about to land on the real Russian scandal.  Stay tuned.  I still say he could be gone by the end of the year, since when Mueller announces his findings, it could hit like a loud boom.

Below we see the first article gives cogent advice how to engage a fanatic, referring to echo-fans, but can we in our hearts really shower them with love as the op-ed suggests?  Sounds like a real challenge.  After all, their flawed opinions are helping destroy the GOP.  The title below that describes Trump’s authoritarian cult, which it does seem like a cult movement the way the echo has Trumpeters mesmerized in a sea of self-destructive deception.  Then we see links dealing with topics like sexual harassment, Jeff Flake & the constant stream of knuckleheads Fox keeps parading out in front of the cameras.  Trump also appears on Fox for their softball questions & unconditional adulation.  There’s also an article where CNN in trying to present both sides, they parade out their own brand of Trump pundits to appear on the tube & they consistently look like fools.  Moving on down the list we see several links to the uranium story & wrapping it up with an excellent book on fake news by Bruce Bartlett.  It’s important to share this info in helping refute the constant lies & propaganda coming from Fox fake-news & other echo-sources, since the GOP base needs warned & educated, as it’s our only hope for saving the GOP which our nation desperately needs.

What does it take to be an echo-fan?

I’m continually baffled not only by how many in the audience are consumed by Fox fake-news & pseudo-conservative talk radio, but somehow they actually trust what they’re hearing!  Truly astounding!  But in remembering my daughter growing up watching the Amanda Show, I found this video staged in a school setting which is quite instructive.  Watch & you may agree I’ve finally discovered the type of gullible mentality it takes to believe loony sycophants like Insanity Hannity.

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Link to full video in photo

Millions are being affected by this affliction

Documentary: The Brainwashing of my Dad

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Here’s a review of the documentary.


Economy Section

With the GOP desperate for a ​major legislative win & prove they can do something (anything), they’re actually trying to pass tax reform this year.  Good luck.  The actual details are due to be revealed Nov 1st, but if it’s nothing like Trump claims, where the reality turns out it’s more a tax cut for the rich, some in the middle class will actually pay more, & it will spike the national debt by the trillions, the backlash will likely derail the whole thing.  Of course, Trump has no conception of what he’s selling or its ramifications, he only looks at it as a needed win.  He’s always only about shallow talking points, not substance.  If this worst-case scenario does materialize as I expect, no amount of phony trickle-down claims or dynamic scoring hyping pie-in-the-sky growth forecasts can save this turkey.  Assuming that proves to be the case, this tax bill will collapse like the Trumpcare bill because the promises are far removed from the facts, so the public won’t buy in.  Deficits could rise far beyond growth if passed.  Corker admitted the economic growth won’t be enough.  W’s tax cut even proved it.  I wish in DC they could change their paradigm & come up with something that could truly help the working middle class, rather than just trying to pass something just for the optics they actually did something. ​

Let’s highlight some links from this week’s newsfeeds as seen in the related articles below.  There’s the future of work, since we do have to figure out a whole new approach.  There are the struggles describe in rising rents, lack of retirement savings, & the unique problems faced by farmers & rust-belt areas (although I hate the word rust-belt).  An article on coastal elites not understanding the draw of Trump in rural blue-collar communities, helps illuminate the huge divide in economic & cultural circumstances which practically put Americans in totally separate worlds.  Some of these areas visited from the article are near me so I’m familiar with those towns, where the decay is as bad as described with that industrial base & good-paying jobs decimated.  So these communities have a justifiable anger towards the establishment elite, but in jumping on the Trump-train they’ve adopted extremist viewpoints which cannot reverse their plight, as they misplace their blame on factors they don’t understand & which have little to do with the core reasons for the economic decline all around them.

Check out the Our Future article pointing out half the nation’s employed earn less than $30K.  With the cost-of-living for basic necessities rising faster than incomes, is it any wonder why at least half of all working families struggle to make ends meet?  It sparked the anger that got Trump elected.  This is not the America & American Dream we grew up with, which is why we should seek fundamental changes for creating the environment that promotes far greater opportunity & upward mobility, as opposed to a liberal income redistribution approach or a trumpian whatever that is approach.  That same article provides a statistic where a person earning $1 million has 1.6% of their income taken out for Social Security & Medicare, while a $60K earner has 7.6% taken out.  Far from progressive, that tax structure sounds stunningly regressive.  If the proposed tax reform wants to make up for revenue shortfalls so we don’t spike the deficits so much with these hoped-for tax cuts, adjusting the tax code for paying into these entitlement programs might be a good place to start.  The problem comes down to the GOP having totally sold out to big corporate interests & their big donors, which the Dems have largely done the same.  Money now counts more than the people.  It’s a big reason why getting tax reform through is so incredibly difficult, & why the sales-pitch promise of tax cuts for the middle class won’t really square with details imbedded within the bill.

In the various links below, there are loads of articles on tax reform, a few on healthcare proposals, & then there’s the JFK files, opioids & the misery of Puerto Rico.  We can’t forget those desperate people as Trump seemingly has.  Towards the bottom are links to the wide divide between the parties.  Finally, Elizabeth Warren is in the last article.  If this GOP civil war destroys the party & those now in power prove they can’t get constructive things done, Warren may well win the next presidential election.  I’m not endorsing her, just pointing out if the GOP can’t figure this out in the short time they have left, the angry voter base will throw up their hands & decide we tried it one way & it didn’t work, so next we’ll try the other extreme.  Also see where Rubin in this first article points out the huge differences & growing gaps between the top 40% & bottom 60%, which is a serious problem not going away on its own, so it’s essential someday dynamic leadership starts reversing that most disturbing trend.

Trumpeters will be singing this tune….
when their hero goes down in flames.
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