Spygate Turns Out A Big Nothing-Burger, Which We Knew It Would….That’s just another way of saying it was a big lie, so lots more on spygate is below.  But first let’s clarify why they keep lying.  The latest contrived trumpian/echo clarion call narrative reverberating throughout the bubble is Rosenstein has become part of that devious deep state out to get the president.  Similar attacks have been aimed at Sessions, so the obvious strategy is to pressure them to quit or drum up reasons to fire them.  It’s their fondest desire to put puppets in charge of the DOJ overseeing the Mueller investigation, who would cripple the probe before all the facts can come out.  It’s way past time for Trumpeters & the echo-crowd to be cognizant of their game being played.
As for now Rosenstein is playing along with the prez, allowing a review of the spygate allegations.  As will most certainly happen is the inspector general findings can show the FBI had an informant monitoring particular individuals within the campaign proven to have unsavory contacts with shady Russians, so the conclusion will be the FBI was just doing their job.  The spying was directed at ill-intent Russians, not the campaign.  If anything the FBI helped Trump’s campaign: james-clapper-fbi-trump.  But Trump & his lackeys are hellbent on finding something wrong, so they’ll surely keep unleashing their string of false conspiracies.  So here’s the origin of their latest mudslinging they call spygate: trump-spygate-politicize-fbi.  Knowing special counsel could take down this presidency, they’ll stop at nothing to discredit & stop the probe: president-trumps-fog-of-scandals-and-outrages-about-the-mueller-investigation.
We have a prez who governs by image & slogans, not good ideas or policies.  His lapdog base have been preconditioned to believe/recite all the echo-buzzwords, like witch hunt, deep state, drain the swamp & this latest one spygate.  So they’re very good at sloganeering, but not so much on reciting the facts.  The only reason they keep lying to us is because it somehow works on their fans, who are incapable of grasping reality.  It’s nothing short of astounding we have roughly 1/3 or more of the American people who apparently believe Trump over the truth, but it is what it is.  Practically everything Trump says or tweets anymore are lies designed to manipulate.  That just highlights how important it has become for us to spread accurate information, since American democracy cannot thrive or even survive when such a large portion of the public operates out of a false universe.  This blog site is one source we’ve set up to expose truths, so as Americans who love our country it’s important we all do our part to inform our fellow Americans.  Please do share The Voracs.  I would even like to take a bow (nevertrumpers-had-trump-pegged-all-along), since if you look back on all our previous blog posts, there’s very little I’ve been proven wrong about!
Freedom is now under assault by a prez shattering our democratic norms & who simply refuses to tell us the truth trump-alex-jones-conspiracy.  The deep state has become the new boogeyman for their echo talking points, while they still beat up on Hillary since they just can’t let her go.  She still riles up the base.  But looking bigger picture, we’ve gotten a larger problem than even Trump himself.  It’s this assault on truths!  Even if Trump resigns or is removed after impeachment, there still remains that deceptive echo-world out there spreading their lies.  When a free democracy has a population fooled into believing a false reality, it is certain to become a nation in decline.  It’s the GOP base who’ve been duped into this nutty fantasy-land, which disturbs me greatly as it’s the same party I’ve supported throughout my lifetime.  Perhaps it helps give me an objective perspective how they’ve lost their way.  It was the echo that came about before Trump & even gave us Trump, so we can’t fix the GOP until we first fix the narrative coming from that nihilistic rightwing echo.
Our prez & his echo are using words like unprecedented & biggest scandal in history to describe this spygate hooey: time-to-stop-chasing-trumps-lies-down-the-rabbit-hole.  But it’s just about as authentic as the following hypothetical Lake Erie fantasies or disasters.  If the Cleveland Browns who play home games on the shores of Lake Erie had won the Super Bowl at any time in Super Bowl history, that would be unprecedented.  Or if Godzilla rose up from Lake Erie to gobble up all the homes in this area, that would also be unprecedented.  But there’s not a smidgen of evidence of that ever having happened, much like there’s no evidence the FBI implanted a spy within the Trump campaign for political purposes: trump-says-spies-in-campaign-would-be-unprecedented.  And it would indeed be the biggest scandal in history if I were to steal all the water from Lake Erie & hide it in the small stream that runs in front of my house, but that too has absolutely no basis in reality!  This whole spygate charade is obviously a political calculation to distract & discredit the real Russian scandal: there-is-no-justice-in-undermining-the-special-counsel-investigation.

Trump & his minions want to create mass deception like what has defined other dictatorial fascist regimes, which so far they’ve been remarkable successful at befuddling their base.  We have to wonder whether Trumpeters are really that naive to believe these blatant lies?  Or do they cheer on the lies because to them it’s their guy fighting back?  It’s either one or the other.  We can’t so much worry about the mental midgets out there who won’t accept facts even if it hit them square in the face.  But if we’re vigilant on spreading these truths based on evidence & reality, thinking people will see this spygate fiasco for what it is, another trumpian-echo concocted ridiculous preposterous nonsensical outrageous bullshit rubbish lying conspiracy theory.  They can also come to know that nothing Trump or his pundits or allies or echo say can be trusted.
This week looks like a freak-out period where team-Trump is grasping the trouble they’re in, so this lashing out we’re seeing is out of desperation they’re running out of options.  And the trackers who’ve pegged Trump’s 3000+ lies since his inauguration are now counting an average of 9 lies per day, when previously it only averaged 5.  News commentators are increasingly calling the prez a liar, since that’s obviously what he is, especially after seeing the crazy nonsense Trump tried to dish out this week: tapper-lists-conspiracy-theories-trump-has-shared & also jake-tapper-torches-trump-for-pushing-conspiracies-in-scathing-monologue-he-just-makes-stuff-up & also don-lemon-trump-trying-to-save-his-presidency-by-lying-about-fbi & also Nicole-Wallace-and-Jake-Tapper-Call-Trump-a-Liar-Set-the-Standard-for-the-Rest-of-the-MSM & also s-e-cupp-unloads-on-president-trump-for-textbook-tactic-used-by-authoritarians.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Thursday tore into President Trump for his repeated claim that a spy surveilled his campaign for political purposes. Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, rattled off a series of false claims Trump has made as president. He told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the latest claim about surveillance is not “spygate,” as the president has dubbed it, but rather “liegate.” “The president said that there was wiretapping at Trump Tower. That was false. He said there was an unmasking conspiracy. That was false. He said that there [were] political spies embedded in his campaign. That is false,” Schiff said. “This isn’t spygate, but it is a form of liegate,” he added. He noted the president’s tendency to share information without providing specific sources. “Whenever you hear that preface — ‘people are saying’ or ‘we’ve been told’ — the American people should know by now that what follows is going to be another false statement,” Schiff said. Schiff’s comments come after Trump has spent several days in a row claiming, without evidence, that an FBI informant was embedded in his campaign for political reasons. Trump has branded his claim “spygate,” and said it could prove a bigger political scandal than Watergate.

Wild Goose Chase Meetings
And what was the White House lawyer doing snooping around this meeting where classified info was discussed?  Rudy so much as hinted they wanted the scoop to use in defending their client the prez (rudy-giulianis-glaring-contradiction-about-trumps-extraordinary-oval-office-meeting), which once again breaks all kinds of norms, especially considering the president is indeed a subject of the investigation: doj-meeting-trump-fbi_us & also white-house-lawyer-crashes-fbi-meeting-on-trump-russia-investigation & also trumps-lawyer-unexpectedly-attends-doj-meetings-about-russia & also white-house-lawyer-briefly-attends-congressional-briefing-on-russia & also Republicans-emerge-from-meeting-to-peek-at-classified-document-along-with-Trump-attorney
But as expected in Thursday’s meetings, zero evidence was found of an FBI spy out to get Trump during the campaign: what-we-know-from-the-meeting-about-an-fbi-informant & also a-confidential-informant-is-not-a-spy-lindsey-graham-undercuts-his-ally-trump & also democrats-say-briefings-did-not-support-trumps-claim-of-fbi-spy & also dems-after-briefing-no-evidence-spy-placed-in-trump-campaign & also mcconnell-says-he-learned-nothing-particularly-surprising-at-doj-briefing & finally no-evidence-to-support-any-allegation-that-the-FBI-or-any-intelligence-agency-placed-a-spy.  If any nefarious info about the FBI were revealed, GOP reps would be shouting from the mountaintops.  Do you hear the crickets?
Rubin chimes in with these thoughts: justice-department-briefings-what-in-the-world-is-going-on & also a-red-line-gets-erased & also trump-keeps-bulldozing-over-our-legal-norms.  Despite spygate being yet another phony tale, all these falsehoods have succeeded in placing doubts about the investigations in the minds of their echo-fans, which is really the whole intent of dredging up these conspiracies.  Rubin also gives us this spot-on intro to trumps-briefing-stunt-may-backfire:

One must keep in mind that President Trump’s conspiracy theories are not even well-devised conspiracies. They hardly pass the straight-face test. (If the FBI wanted Hillary Clinton to win, why was the FBI’s Russian interference investigation kept secret and Clinton’s email investigation shouted from the rooftops?) Moreover, after the tiniest bit of investigative work, the Trump conspiraciesfall apart. The unmasking conspiracy, the wiretapping conspiracy, the “dossier started the Russia investigation,” the “FBI lied to the FISA court” scandal and the “implanted spy” theory enticed Sean Hannity and the rest of the Trump cult (not to mention some “respectable” conservative pundits), but they quickly were disproved. Trump is usually forced to retreat with excuses such as “I was only asking questions.” Of course, the fanciful allegations are always made up; they are figments of Trump’s imagination, part of a deliberate scheme to disrupt an investigation.


The danger for Trump invariably comes when the investigation he demands comes back debunking his outrageous claim. In the unmasking, the wiretapping, the dossier and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act non-scandals, as soon as anyone bothered to get the facts, it become evident even to Trump enablers that the story was a hoax. When the Democrats released their memo about the warrant application to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, Republican Rep. Devin Nunes’s cut-and-paste memo was thoroughly discredited. Trump’s conspiracy theories only work before someone examines them. (It would behoove the media to stop treating these allegations as plausible and to remind readers/viewers that each and every one of these has disintegrated upon contact with reality.)


The same is true of the implanted-spy nonsense. Trump blew it by demanding a briefing for his congressional cronies. Republicans were forced to let Democrats in and, of course, they all learned there was no there, there. After the meeting Democrats confirmed that there was no support for the spy-in-the-campaign theory. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) said Republicans have gotten all the help they needed, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he was satisfied with both the special prosecutor’s and the inspector general’s investigations. The silence from Trump’s GOP House cohorts was deafening.


In short, Trump trampled on the bright line that has be drawn to prevent the White House from politicizing and corrupting ongoing enforcement and investigative actions. But the press, Democrats and lawyers saw him do it and raised a rumpus. In the end, he would up defusing his own made-up scandal. Nunes and company will have a much harder time sustaining this conspiracy theory. Look for them to find a new one soon. Even worse for Trump, Rudolph W. Giuliani essentially confessed that this was a scheme to get information for Trump’s defense. If they didn’t get what they wanted about a secret source in a case involving Trump, there would be no interview! Call it attempted obstruction with a drop of extortion. 

Spygate Rubbish

This report exposes a full-blown crazy: trump-deep-state-coup-hysteria.  And inside donald-trump-fbi-spygate we find this:

Intelligence analysts caution that there’s little public evidence so far to back up Trump’s explosive arguments about what happened. “Accusations that the FBI was ‘spying’ on the Trump campaign — rather than spying on foreign spies, which is its job — erase the important distinctions between counterintelligence and criminal investigations,” Asha Rangappa

There are so many articles this week about how absolutely outlandish & insane these spygate claims are, enough to where it enhances special counsel’s obstruction of justice case, which here is just a mere small sampling for your choosing from the week:
Attack on Truth is Attack on Rule of Law
We’re seeing something unprecedented which is nothing less than an assault on the rule of law: donald-trump-war-justice-alarming-editorials-debates & also see trumps-meddling-in-the-doj-is-a-direct-threat-to-the-rule-of-law.  We also find Trump is shattering records newscorpse.com/ncWP/?p=37988, providing fodder for late-night comedians seth-meyers-mocks-trumps-wild-new-conspiracy-theory-about-the-fbi-spying-on-his-campaign, & has even left cabinet members & GOP congressmen uneasy:pompeo-i-dont-believe-there-is-a-deep-state-at-the-state-department & also senate-republicans-spygate-trump-fbi.
Rubin in blame-these-people-for-trumps-outrageous-attack-on-truth-and-u-s-law-enforcement does point out how many GOP members in Congress are feckless as they watch the norms of our democracy being undermined.  And when a TV host invites a crackpot on the air, things are bound to get heated: cnns-chris-cuomo-fiercely-debates-gop-rep-jim-jordan-over-demonstrably-false-claims-fbi-misconduct.  The most unhinged & possibly soon-to-be-charged with criminal obstruction member of Congress has truly gone off the deep end, as seen in schumer-gop-lawmakers-tell-me-nunes-is-off-the-deep-end & also Nunes-Trump-care-more-about-the-security-of-Trump-than-about-the-security-of-the-American-people.  And here is the biggest phony of all: after-period-of-reckoning-ted-cruz-recasts-himself-from-opposition-force-to-trump-ally.

Why He Attacks Press

Trump did once admit to a 60 Minutes correspondent that he attacks the press so the audience won’t believe negative (& true) stories about him.  See 60-minutes-correspondent-trump-said-he-attacks-the-press-so-no-one & also 60-minutes-reporter-trump-chilling-reason-for-slamming-press_us & also 60-Minutes-reporter-recalls-what-Trump-said-when-she-asked-why-he-relentlessly-attacks-the-media.  Everything about Trump is creating this alternate universe to bolster his personal legend, which out of necessity requires tearing down & discrediting anyone who’d dare tarnish his brand.  So the media, intelligence agencies & the investigations are high on his list of targets, as he justifies to himself it’s OK in making up stuff about them to accomplish the bigger goal.  The prez prides himself on these catchy phrases he thinks up to insult them, as we see in this opening to trump-told-friend-he-wanted-to-brand-fbi-informant-a-spy-because-it:

President Trump told a confidant this week that he aimed “to brand” an FBI informant on his campaign a “spy” because he thought it sounded more nefarious, according to The Associated Press. Trump reportedly told one ally that he thought these embellishments would produce a greater response among media and the public. The president has seized on reports of the informant, claiming that the former Cambridge University professor had been “embedded” in his campaign by the FBI under the Obama administration, though the White House has provided no supporting evidence. 

There’s one man above all Trump wants to train us to hate trump-wants-you-to-hate-mueller-too, but in the end America needs truth to win out donald-trump-pr-battle-mueller.  That will be easier said than done, since Trumpeters are believing the lies they hear through the echo, with a compliant party dutifully following along: trumps-hypnosis-of-the-republican-party-is-complete.
Arizona Senators
There’s a book coming out from this American hero john-mccain-trump-criticisms-restless-wave-book.  It may be the final word we get from this great patriot, although our prez would have us believe he’s not a hero since he got captured.  From his fellow AZ Senator, see inside the link jeff-flake-harvard-commencement-address-president-trump & this one flake-trump-has-debased-the-presidency with excerpts here, as Jeff Flake is seeing the truth & sounding the warnings:

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) took aim at President Trump on Wednesday, saying the president has “debased” the office with his “bottomless appetite for destruction and degradation.” “Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly bottomless appetite for destruction and division, and only a passing familiarity with how the Constitution works” Flake said in a commencement address to Harvard Law School graduates, according to prewritten remarks. “Our Article I branch of government, the Congress (that’s me), is utterly supine in the face of the moral vandalism that flows from the White House daily,” Flake continued. The Republican senator went on to say that the country’s strongest enemies could not hurt the U.S. more than “we are hurting ourselves,” concluding that “we may have hit bottom.”


Flake also criticized Trump for his continuing attacks on the media and what he views to be the president’s willingness to indulge and encourage “our very worst impulses.” “When a figure in power reflexively calls any press that does not suit him ‘fake news,’ it is that person who should be the figure of suspicion, not the press,” Flake said. Flake said his criticism of the president makes him no less Republican; instead, he called it an act of patriotic loyalty. The senator, who has gone after Trump in a number of recent speeches, has voted in line with Trump 84 percent of the time, according to FiveThirtyEight — one of the lowest percentages for Senate Republicans. “My sounding this alarm against the government that was elected, under the Republican banner, and that calls itself conservative, makes me no less Republican or conservative,” Flake said. “And opposing the president and much of what he stands for is not an act of apostasy. It is, rather, an act of fidelity.”

Another common chant at Trump rallies was Lock Her Up!  A major crime was Hillary using an unsecured private email server, which offered the risk classified info could be stolen.  Trump is doing the exact same thing with his unsecured mobile phones, using that exact same excuse as Hillary that the secured devices are “too inconvenient.”  Will his fervent fans at Trump’s future rallies start chanting lock him up?
Fox Lies
I’d like to give you some excerpts from these articles exposing the evils of Fox, but this section 2 has gone on long enough & I have a deadline to meet.  But we’ll start this Fox list with the first link which accurately states Hannity is an existential threat to American democracy.  And he lies even more than Trump since he’s on the air a lot more:
Trump Fascist Intent through Creating a Fog

As the article beyond-golden-shower-diplomacy reveals, Trump is damaging our standing & influence in the world.  But conceding international power over to autocratic regimes, we could precipitate a decline where democratic freedoms dissipate around the world, as this conclusion explains we may be at a crossroads:

If the world experiences a slow, relatively peaceful transition away from U.S. hegemony, then the subsequent global order just might maintain some of the liberal international institutions that still represent the best of American values. If, by contrast, the golden-shower diplomacy of Donald Trump continues, while the Chinese and Russian versions of hegemony only gain strength, then we will likely witness a harsher world order based on autocracy, Realpolitik, and commercial domination, with scant attention to human rights, women’s rights, or the rule of law. At this critical turning point in world history, the choice is still, to a surprising degree, ours to make. But not for long.

It’s hard to even recognize my fellow evangelicals anymore, now under the spell of Trump & his echo, having become infested with a spirit of deception & hateful hearts: the-group-least-likely-to-think-the-u-s-has-a-responsibility-to-accept-refugees-evangelicals.  Maybe it’s time we just abandon the church & just keep our eyes focused on Jesus.  At least until the flock accepts new leadership focused on their higher purpose: christian-leaders-call-out-the-heresy-of-trumpism.  Also see roman-catholics-and-evangelicals-move-apart-in-their-political-priorities & also christian-religious-left-william-barber-poor-peoples-campaign.
And last but not least, our democracy is under threat.  Our president mixes totalitarian instincts with the charisma to attract a large following.  Failure to acknowledge the dangers could allow a Russian-style dictatorship to come to pass here.  Let us join forces to stop the worst instincts of this demagogue leader anti-trumpers-on-the-left-and-right-cant-afford-to-shun-one-another-now.  Please read & share these articles, since our best defense is an informed public embracing the truth: