Warnings here of a Trump autocracy, so we’re fully aware & don’t let it happen…Until recently, I’ve always been a center-right conservative & GOP supporter.  But particularly in this past decade as the center of the GOP mindset has shifted way to the nihilistic far-right, pragmatic conservatism has been left in the dust.  So for moderates like me, the base of the party now considers us to be squishy RINO’s.  So I’m calling out my former party in the hopes they can soon be retrieved back to sanity, since the country needs a rational & constructive conservative party.  It shouldn’t be a big surprise as a lifelong Republican I would currently advocate for Dems, with a president having no regard for the rule of law & trampling on the Constitution, as his party just lets him do it.  Just think about where we stand at this exact point.  With Congress already under his spell, Trump may soon control all 3 branches of government, plus him & his echo are working their base hard in trying to take over the media & security/intelligence agencies.  I’ve said it often & I’m wondering how many out there believe it too in light of what we’re witnessing, are we possibly on the cusp of sliding towards fascism?  We can see the foundation for a potential Trump autocracy taking shape.  
The commentaries & articles we put in this blog help us identify the main reasons for the GOP losing its way.  Much of the frustration from the base stems from dramatic economic & cultural shifts, along with a bitterly divided country leaving our political leadership feckless in solving problems.  The rightwing echo has tapped into this sense of frustration, with Fox News in the past few years piggybacking on the radicalized rants coming for years from far-right talk radio & internet social media.  So that audience has fallen for the distortions, exaggerations, falsehoods & conspiracies that have shifted the GOP thinking & rhetoric into some kind of alternate reality, resulting in fundamental misunderstandings of our nation’s problems & potential solutions, while breeding policies which are largely counterproductive & self-destructive.      
As the base has been brainwashed by the echo, that type of flawed thinking has also produced something that would be almost unthinkable in times past, a president like Trump.  That has put the exclamation point on a party that has become riddled with divisiveness, lying, conspiracies, incompetence, cluelessness, bullying, selfishness, demagoguery & moral depravity.  I get a sense the Trumpeter base don’t really care if we fall into a totalitarian government, so long as their guy is in charge.  But anything short of martial law or Trump declaring himself president for life, there will be a severe backlash in the 2020 election where Dems sweep into power by taking the Congress & the White House, which by then if Trump has changed the rules to where the party in power can rule with an iron fist, suddenly Trumpeters are not going to like reaping what they sowed.
What kind of autocrat is Trump?
On the subject of a Trump autocracy, this hard-hitting article offers some possibilities: Trump-Is-no-Hitler-So-Which-Autocrat-Does-He-Most-Closely-Resemble.  Next is the beginning & ending to a-comprehensive-account-of-russias-scheming-in-the-2016-election, explaining that we may have an illegitimate president based on Russian interference/collusion, while Trump may be a wanna-be dictator in more of a clownish way instead of a ruthless fascist way.  Either way, we don’t want it!:

We called Watergate our long national nightmare. The presidential scandal captured headlines for two full years, from 1972 until President Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974. But our collective obsession with the scandals of President Trump, elected just under two years ago, seems somehow far more excruciating. We are exhausted from trying to absorb revelations involving a wide cast of characters — not to mention the president’s almost daily barrage of tweets, some merely outrageous and not a few bordering on the nonsensical. Even the most careful readers of this newspaper and other serious news outlets must sometimes struggle against a definite sensation of vertigo. We cannot understand what happened in the 2016 election, Russia-gate or the imploding Trump presidency by reading the 24-hour digital news on our phones or watching the talking heads on partisan cable news platforms. Fortunately, we still have a simple technology invented nearly six centuries ago: books. Greg Miller has written a damn good one. “The Apprentice” is not as breathless as Bob Woodward’s recent “Fear: Trump in the White House,” nor as anecdotally investigative as this spring’s “Russian Roulette,” by Michael Isikoff and David Corn. Miller’s book paints on a broad canvas, showing readers the full arc of an incredibly complicated political tale. Miller has twice won Pulitzer Prizes for his reporting on national security issues for The Washington Post. He and other Post reporters, including Adam Entous and Ellen Nakashima, have broken many of the hard news stories about the Trump presidency. But Miller puts it all together in “The Apprentice,” placing the story in a comprehensible historical and political context. The resulting portrait of our very weird president is certainly not flattering — but somehow it is reassuring that Trump comes off as a politician more in the tradition of the dangerous but clownish Silvio Berlusconi rather than the fascistic Benito Mussolini.


At the end of his book, Miller wonders what exactly Putin has on Trump. Citing the infamous but increasingly plausible “dossier” by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, Miller suggests that “kompromat” images of prostitutes urinating on a hotel bed in Moscow, even if true, might not be “decisive leverage on a man who has survived scandals including his taped admission of sexually assaulting women, and payoffs to a porn star and ‘Playboy’ model for affairs while his wife was tending to their young child.” Trump, he writes, “appears beyond shame when it comes to his relationships to women and money.” So what explains Trump’s strange submissiveness to the new tsar of Russia? Yes, perhaps the Mueller investigation will uncover “financial entanglements with Moscow that he seems determined to keep hidden.” But Miller also cites unnamed CIA officials speculating that the answer is “in plain sight.” What happened is what we saw, a presidential candidate openly soliciting a foreign power’s help with opposition research: “Russia, if you’re listening,” Trump said at a news conference on July 27, 2016, “I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” But for Trump, this is the one thing he can never admit — that “his victory might not have been earned free and clear.” If so, it seems that the president’s narcissism is about to drive the country into a full-blown constitutional crisis.


In isolation can only backfire
Doing trade deals unilaterally is limiting, which in dealing with China had Trump first established a multilateral coalition with once loyal allies, he would have had much more clout striking a better deal with China.  I do appreciate the prez looking to craft together more fair trade deals, something that’s long overdue, but these trade wars get dangerous the longer it goes on.  As was on full display in Trump’s UN speech, when this nationalistic fever is taken too far, it can play right into China’s hands as America’s isolationist approach drives a lot more of the world’s economic activity through China.  When we retreat from the world, we lose influence in the world, very hazardous to our future economic & defense security.  Here are good articles about this topic:
Scary news on Trumpworld trying to usurp control over Russia probe
I normally start off any Russian news at the top of part 1.  But the Judge Kavanaugh hearings totally dominated the headlines this week.  For more indications of a corrupt party under the Trump cult, they’re unwilling to protect Mueller: democrats-efforts-to-protect-mueller-fail-on-the-floor.  And Rosenstein may face an ambush in the House: rosenstein-agrees-to-meet-lawmakers.  So as Trump & his congressional & echo henchmen plot their evil scheme to take over the DOJ, they seek to remove Sessions &/or Rosenstein, while also pulling the strings to put a full-fledged cult member in to oversee the Mueller probe.  If this Whitaker character were to start calling the shots, that would truly be another Saturday Night Massacre moment from Watergate & bring on a constitutional crisis!  These links warn of the dangers to our constitutional democracy as the president’s orbit continues to obstruct & try to cover up crimes, playing right into the intent of establishing the Trump autocracy, as there’s no limit to the evil they’re plotting:
Echo’s absurd takes on Kavanaugh
Since Rush Limbaugh is now wrong on most of what he says, he was also wrong when he said losing the Kavanaugh nomination would cost the GOP the midterms.  The Dems are going to win the midterms anyway, but the anger over their judge not being confirmed would actually energize Trumpeters, much like an open Supreme Court seat energized evangelicals in 2016.  I still recall a big factor that won George W. a second term was in 2004 when Ohio put an issue on the ballot about gay marriage, which the conservative turnout won him Ohio & made the difference in the electoral votes.  If Kavanaugh does get confirmed, the one positive would be incensed voters (especially women) would turn out in huge numbers against the GOP & probably turn it into a bloodbath.  See these links for some more nutty, crazy, delusional, disingenuous & deceitful garbage that continues to pour out of Fox & the echo:
As for more projections on the coming midterms, click on these links.  The importance of the Dems winning Congress cannot be understated, since it could become our best defense against a Trump autocracy:
Unprecedented in American history & a serpent covered in vaseline
This is the general sentiment, that Americans are worn out from all the constant chaos.  The circus show is unrelenting, but us political junkies are hooked, knowing this political drama playing out live in front of us is unlike anything ever recorded in American history: https://www.rollcall.com/news/opinion/tired-of-trump-and-everything-else.  Here’s another interesting way to describe gridlock-Teddy: conservative-ny-times-columnist-calls-ted-cruz-a-serpent-covered-in-vaseline.