Evil-Echo Empire Update

As a proponent of genuine & intelligent conservative messaging, I can most definitively assert the echo ain’t it.  The echo is defiling the GOP base & causing the party to lose its way.  That’s why I keep bashing the GOP since a spirit of deception has engulfed them.  At one time years ago the echo had value as a balance to the real media, but their plunge into irrational nihilism enabling demagoguery has turned the currently accepted conservative narrative into something far more extreme, unworkable & destructive than even what progressive liberals are spewing.  Now that conservative ideology has been driven way out on the radical right & rational moderate conservative voices have been overrun, there’s a huge gap in the center that needs to be filled, even if by an emerging independent party.  It’s no wonder we’re so polarized, both parties have moved to the fringes & stubbornly entrenched in tribal allegiances.

The echo is that coordinated rightwing media-messaging machine out there which includes Fox fake-News, psycho talk radio & conspiratorial internet sites.  Their cheerleading for an unworthy, dishonest, calamitous leader & dredging up/propagating delusional propaganda have totally compromised any integrity & credulity they once had.  It’s absolutely stunning so many in the conservative base aren’t discerning enough to distinguish rightwing propaganda from real news.  Please join me in a crusade to spread truths to that large echo-audience out there, exposing the dangerous deceptions they are regularly plugging into, since saving the conservative mindset back to reality is the only way to make the GOP a viable/constructive party again.  Please forward this message or direct them to the blog page, The Voracs.  Hopefully, other sensible political blogs & news outlets can also pop up.  America is desperately in need of better informed GOP supporters.  If there’s one overriding message in all my commentaries, other than warning of the dangers of Trump, is that the GOP messaging & mindset must return back to rational from radical.

There are so many related articles below explaining why those tuning into the echo, in particular the Fox fake-news primetime programming, are like unfortunate viewers voluntarily placing their heads in a microwave or meat-grinder to deliberately fry or scramble their own brains.  That’s basically the long-term effect watching Fox in the evening is having on so many.  Why would anyone want to put their heads in a microwave or meat-grinder?  Brain cells are becoming so irreparably damaged they actually start believing some of the most preposterous conspiracy theories such radicalized show-blabbers can possibly dream up.  As the deceptive cult of Hannity & the rest of the Fox primetime rhetoric dumb-down their viewers with a relentless assortment of distortions & lies, it’s having devastating consequences on the GOP agenda as they try to appease a badly misinformed base.  The echo influence on shaping the conservative alternate-facts reality is turning the GOP itself into a basket case, enough to where I can no longer recognize the party I once aligned with.


We’re living a bizarre new Alice in Wonderland existence as we’ve fallen through the rabbit hole into a world constantly bombarded with false narratives crafted under the guise of conservative rhetoric.  As a vital public service, please caution people not to do egregious harm to themselves & their thinking, by actually believing what Trump says or watching that conspiracy-laden Fox network.  Every time I send these evil-echo messages, the numerous links in the related articles consistently reveal details about the echo which are devastatingly horrific.  We must first expose the lies to those audiences so they can eventually turn around & embrace the truth.  Many are beyond hope, but by retrieving some of those victims from radical to rational conservatism, there’s still time to save the GOP, which in turn can save America & its democratic system.  The hijacking of the party by Trump & his echo have corrupted the GOP far more than Americans can even imagine.  Lifting that veil of deception that has invaded the thinking of a preponderance of conservatives would go a long way toward restoring America.

In the related articles, it starts with Trump’s relentless attacks on the free press & democratic institutions, which is only serving to undermine democracy here & around the world.  The prez has a rather unique autocratic-like personality, making him all the more dangerous.  Trumpeters are bamboozled by him, so it’s up to the rest of us to rein him in.  In a rather surprising article, we see there is renewed hope in that Trump’s popularity among Fox viewers is dropping, so some in that audience are watching other news sources & rising above the Fox brainwashing.  Since Fox notoriously feeds their customers whatever they want to hear, maybe the network’s cheerleading for Trump will go from completely selling out to merely mostly selling out.  But for now, the hosts on the Fox morning show & evening primetime lineup are showing a staggering amount of ignorance & delusion.  More of their buffoonery is again on display inside the numerous links below.  There are also a group of articles on the buffoonery of the press secretary, although she does have a very tough job, required to constantly lie on behalf of the president.

Then there are links to the net neutrality thievery, which on the surface doesn’t make sense other than it’s another example of crony capitalism, a power grab by Trump & his huge corporate partners.  Our freedom to an open internet is being threatened.  The broadband companies would be given the power to control access to the sites/information the public is allowed to view. It opens the door for blocking, interfering, slowing down or creating barriers for certain websites while giving preferential treatment to others. The big boys with deep pockets will use this rollback in net neutrality to their full advantage, with small businesses & consumers being the ones who’ll no doubt get screwed. Internet providers can establish a fast-lane for their preferred websites & slow-lane for others, with their customers likely getting stuck with higher bills &/or poorer service.This whole thing looks like a blatant effort to corrupt where authorities in the top levels of government/big business can designate which sites we can & cannot see, & we are made pawns for whatever information they want to feed us. Such rules provide an open invitation for controlling the flow & content of internet messaging by a rogue regime (like Trump’s?). Most are oblivious to the dangers, but just look at the way so many moves with this administration have the intent of usurping control, whether it’s in the Justice Dept, intelligence agencies, courts, media & the internet, it follows the pattern of how a fascist state can be formed.  I keep saying, don’t be so naïve as to think it couldn’t happen here in America.  If the messaging is controlled by too few, the people are susceptible to being controlled through propaganda & falsehoods.  That’s why a free press is central to preserving our freedoms, which in today’s age certainly extends to the internet.  Today’s action on net neutrality needs to be shot down by the courts.

So in wrapping this up, please share this info since we’re in dangerous times.  If a wanna-be dictator succeeds in controlling the messaging, America will never be the same.  So as political blogs go, The Voracs is like a grain of sand going up against the monster of the echo, but if we all do our part, we can fight back against the forces of darkness & deception which would lead us into fascism.