A Lie Told Often Enough Becomes The Truth.

Vladimir Lenin

Evil-Echo Empire Update

We’re under attack!  Bad enough we need to battle our enemies like Russia & North Korea, plus terrorism is an ongoing reality in our modern world.  But we are also being attacked from within.  Right wing news has gone completely off the rails.  The echo is now so unhinged in their false narratives, they are practically enemies to America with all the destruction they’re bringing on.  This memo-hyping is yet another example of the crazies preaching to the crazies, with that whole group inside their own bubble-world lost in their own false realities.  Among rational/intelligent people, it is so obvious this memo-gate was a total fraud, which should so thoroughly discredit Trump’s cronies in Congress & the echo, never again should anyone ever believe a word they say.  But that large/duped echo-audience still wants to drink the Kool-Aid.  I’m still trying to figure out when Trump & his echo keep coming up with these crazy conspiracy theories, can the echo-audience really that gullible, or are they so blinded by their radical tribal allegiances, they’ll believe the lies no matter how preposterous.  The most transparent thing about Trump is the fact he constantly lies.  It’s been proven!  But the echo embraces the lies.

Staff inside the White House who read the memo prior to its release were concerned, having come to realize the contents weren’t anywhere near matching the hype.  But with The 3 Stooges team of Trump, Nunes & Hannity being the hype-meisters behind it demanding the memo’s release, which upon public inspection the memo has now turned into a running joke among rational Americans with a sense of humor.  So that release of a 3+ page document which Hannity & the echo blew up as the biggest calamity since the Black Plague, instead turned out as worthless as a degree certificate from Trump University.  Undeterred in spite of the tepid reaction even among GOP supporters, Trump still confounded us by saying this memo cleared him from the Russian case.  Huh?  That’s like saying a coloring book would pass for a college thesis, which might have been the case only at Trump University.  The 3 Stooges & others in that alternate universe would have us believe Godzilla, the boogeyman & the deep state are our worst enemies we need to defeat.  They are simply delusional, & those who actually believe them are likewise delusional.

Hannity has been caught in so many lies, at this point Homer Simpson would be more credible if he had his own political talk show.  And Nunes was proven a Trump lackey & fraud from a similar White House caper from a year ago.  If either Hannity, Nunes or Trump were to create a story like Hillary recruited an army of Martians to occupy the city of Peoria, where they infiltrated a Caterpillar factory to build humanoid Honduran robots to spread out & populate sanctuary cities, intending to carry out terrorist acts & cast 4 million illegal votes in the next election, much of their base would believe it.  Trump, Nunes & Hannity would have talking points coordinated to support their conspiracy, it would quickly be picked up throughout the echo polluting our televisions, radios & the internet, plus some of their sycophants in Congress would echo the story, causing millions of bamboozled conservatives in that bubble to believe that crazy tale unconditionally.  Trump & the echo are an integral part of their tribe, which takes a far higher priority to a large percentage of the conservative base than love of country.  Trumpeters don’t give a hoot about potential crimes with the Russians, they’re just the cheering section as the prez & his henchmen try to lie their way out of it.

So the nonsense is permitted to spread unabated getting more preposterous as time goes on.  We can’t legally do this, but it sure would be much better for our nation if the likes of Hannity & Nunes were muzzled & stashed away in a rubber room somewhere.  They are doing a tremendous disservice by spreading repeated lies to the American public.  Mueller’s findings may soon put Trump somewhere else as well.  Many of the servants whom Trump has corrupted are acting so recklessly & irrationally, I’m surmising they are well aware the evidence could implicate them too.  When Mueller starts handing out indictments this year in rapid-fire fashion as I anticipate, there’ll be a few surprises in there, perhaps even Nunes & Hannity.  Evidence of obstruction surrounds them.  It’s apparent beyond Trump staffers, a few in Congress & the echo are in legal jeopardy from actively engaging in this wild cover-up of the Russian probe.  Strong words indeed by me, but we must shake Americans out of their slumber.  Do not be shy about sharing some of the related links below in the related articles, or passing along the blog site The Voracs.  If some audience members of Hannity, Limbaugh or Breitbart get offended, so be it, because just remember those are the same psycho-conservatives enabling a tyrant to wage war on our constitutional democracy!  Far better we try & warn them now than after it’s already too late!

Now to the related articles below.  Everything points towards right wing news being completely illogical & practically psycho over the memo.  Obviously, Hannity is prominently featured.  Especially after this past week, everyone with at least a double-digit IQ can plainly see he’s a liar, so why would anyone still watch him?  But even in the first group of links above the Fox-Hannity group, there are informative articles worth checking out.  Somewhere in the Fox-Hannity group, inside the link sean-hannity-donald-trump-nunes-memo with the headline The Trump-Fox News Feedback Loop Is Now Complete, these excerpts in the next 3 paragraphs explain Trump’s reliance on the crazily surreal propagandist network known as Fox to govern & make decisions, so it’s leading down a dangerous path promising to be toxic to his presidency, while being very destructive for America:

The president regularly starts his mornings with several hours of tweets responding to Fox & Friends, and ends his days with online musings about the latest talking points in primetime. In the span of a year, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity have become, unexpectedly, some of the most powerful people on the planet. Behind the scenes, however, the relationship is even more symbiotic. As my colleague Gabriel Sherman reported last month, Trump has lately evolved into a sort of de facto head of programming at Fox, calling hosts to praise their analysis or to suggest new messaging. “What he usually does is he’ll call after a show and say, ‘I really enjoyed that,’” one former Fox anchor said. “The highest compliment is, ‘I really learned something.’ Then you know he got a new policy idea.”


That feedback loop has spun faster in recent weeks, as Fox—and then the White House—seized on a memo, compiled by staffers of Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, that purports to show FISA warrant abuses by the F.B.I. White House aides reportedly worried that the document—declassified and released to the public on Fridaywould be a dud, and according to The Washington Post, Chief of Staff John Kelly had cautioned the president that the memo might not live up to the hype. But Hannity, who had called the memo “the biggest political scandal in American history,” was adamant that it be released. And, according to the Daily Beast, he had Trump’s ear:


Within the Trump-Hannity feedback loop, Hannity’s power in Washington may have increased at Trump’s expense. One senior adviser joked to the Daily Beast that Hannity has essentially become a “senior counselor to the president.” But Hannity’s political calculus and incentives differ from those of the White House, which must now contend with a compromised relationship with the intelligence community, not to mention the increased scrutiny of special counsel Robert Mueller. Hannity closed the circle, but he may also have done irreparable harm to its most crucial link.

The News Corpse links don’t describe what their articles are about, but check out the very first link in the Fox/Hannity group, where you’ll find the headline The Illness That is Sean Hannity is Infectious and Has Spread to the Trump White House, providing this enlightening information I only wish Fox viewers could grasp:

Leave it to Sean Hannity, the Chief Trump-fluffer of Fox News, to continue trying to peddle the pitiful prattle after its public fizzling. Hannity, practicing total abstinence from reality, opened his Friday night program with a monologue that future psychology textbooks will include to illustrate complete cognitive failure (video below). Hannity isn’t content to simply spin what he incredulously calls the “FISA Abuse Memo” into one his typical pro-Trump rants. Not this time. His spittle-inflected delivery features unsupported hyperbolic nonsense like “shocking” and “stunning” and “the biggest abuse of power corruption case in American history.” Hannity’s unhinged tirade asserts that he has…

“…irrefutable proof of a coordinated conspiracy to abuse power by weaponizing and politicizing the powerful tools of intelligence by top-ranking Obama officials against the Trump campaign, against the Constitution, and against your Fourth Amendment rights.”

Holy hallucination, Batman. The only thing we have irrefutable proof of is that Hannity scored some wicked acid. His wind-tunnel of wingnutisms continued with hoary references to the “Deep State,” “unelected bureaucrats,” “undermin[ing] a duly elected president,” and the baseless contention that the memo “proves that the entire basis for the Russia investigation was based on lies that were bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.” And Hannity’s closer was an impotent demand that “The Mueller investigation does need to be shut down. And the people involved – who we will name tonight – many need to go to jail.” All of that was all that Donald Trump needed to make a painfully misinformed analysis of his legal jeopardy. He tweeted that “This memo totally vindicates “Trump” in probe.”


Hannity’s harangue was just the latest evidence of how he exercises influence with our TV-addicted president. Trump’s reliance on the counsel he gets from Fox News, whether it be Hannity, “judge” Jeanine Pirro, or the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends, is unshakable. He assigns greater authority to their inane ravings than to all of the available intelligence that he has at hand as Commander-in-Chief. Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng. His confidence in the mental midgets of Fox News appears to even override that of his own gaggle of lawyers, who are not well regarded or considered to be especially competent in the law. Particularly when compared to the legal superstars assembled by Robert Mueller. Trump is setting up a title fight for his life wherein he has put all his money on the likes of Sean Hannity. It’s going to be a massacre that will be both painful and beautiful to watch.

On the same subject, in the article fox-news-driving-us-toward (a constitutional crisis), these reports shed more light on this very disturbing & destructive Trump-Fox alliance:

The president has now willfully ignored the director of the FBI (who he appointed) and his own deputy attorney general in favor of Hannity. Remember that the next time Trump and Republicans talk about being the political party that will restore law and order in America. It raises the question: Why was the White House so involved in orchestrating the release of this memo? The answer lies in Trump’s No. 1 resource for intelligence: Fox News and his new consigliere, Sean Hannity. On Monday night, the Fox News host declared the Nunes memo would expose “the biggest political scandal in American history” that “makes Watergate look like stealing a Snickers bar from a drugstore.” “We’re talking about potential crimes,” he said. “We’re talking about people being charged, going to jail. … It’s a scary night.”

Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro piled on, saying to Hannity that then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe “needs to be taken out in cuffs.” The right-wing hype machine has relentlessly stoked Trump’s enthusiasm to sign off on the release of this memo. The president seemed to take their hyperbolic descriptions of the Nunes memo at face value, and is portraying its release as the silver bullet that ends the Mueller investigation. It’s obvious that Trump sees the Nunes memo as a means to discredit Mueller and remove Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But in many ways, Trump’s embrace of the memo telegraphs how desperate he is to undermine Mueller. These are not the actions of an innocent man. Ironically, Fox News may have done Trump the bigger disservice by overstating the contents and impact of the Nunes memo.


The Nunes memo is a Hail Mary pass. A desperate, last-ditch effort by Trump and his Fox News enablers to stop the Mueller investigation before it goes any further and inflicts any more damage. With the memo now public, Trump has officially declared war on his own Justice Department and the FBI. He has laid the groundwork for a full-scale constitutional crisis that threatens to destroy the very fabric of our democracy. He is pushing the boundaries of executive authority in a way that the framers would have found distressing and unfathomable. Most concerning of all, he is doing all of this at the behest of Hannity and Fox News. I used to think that Fox was following Trump’s lead. Now, it appears as if Trump is following Fox and Hannity’s lead ― and in the process, effectively surrendering the powers of the presidency to his own propagandists.

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