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The latest update is Trump intended to fire Mueller last summer (he even “ordered” it), but backed off when his White House counsel threatened to resign. Word is Mueller has known about it. That order to fire the special prosecutor would certainly be in line with the actions of a criminal & a wanna-be dictator, plus fits in with an established pattern of obstruction.  Had Trump succeeded with his intentions, he may have been disposed from the White House by now.  This breaking news plus numerous interviews by Mueller just ratcheted up this scandal to the next stage.  Russiagate has been elevated to where even Trumpeters are taking note. In combination with the will he or won’t he status of a potential Trump interview coming up with Mueller, the prez is in a can’t win situation. If he interviews he’ll be in big trouble, & if he doesn’t interview he’ll be in big trouble.


It looks as though Mueller might interview Trump directly as early as sometime in February, & Trump even said he’d do it under oath, which really isn’t necessary since he’s not going before a grand jury.  Of course, all this is subject to his lawyers’ advice.  His lawyers are still bickering over the terms & disagree among themselves whether the prez should even participate.  The Donald doesn’t appear to share their caution.  Being such a narcissist & living in his own world, Trump seems to take the attitude he can get away with most anything.  So his lawyers will try to set the terms in their favor, but Mueller has the leverage.  If the interview happens, a main line of questioning will revolve around the Comey & Flynn firings, which suggests this stage of the investigation likely centers on potential obstruction of justice.


But I suspect unless straying off pre-approved topics is forbidden under an agreement compelling Trump to testify, Mueller will spring some surprises with questions about Trump’s direct involvement concerning the Russians during the campaign &/or his financial ties.  I’m hoping Trump’s lawyers don’t insist on limiting the line of questioning since I’ve always believed this case goes way beyond obstruction, where Trump is in legal jeopardy over directing the coordination with Russia during the campaign & very problematic financial ties.  And politically, it might be difficult to make impeachment stick with just the obstruction charge without it stemming from the original proof of collusion, whether it was Trump personally involved or his campaign staff.  But Mueller already does have 4 indictments so evidence of crimes is already established, & with the piling on tonight of Trump’s original order to fire Mueller, it all makes obstruction charges look so much more certain.  Especially since wanting to fire Mueller shortly after firing Comey shows intent, strengthening Mueller’s obstruction case.  Trump was defending himself by saying he was “fighting back” in his efforts to derail the investigations, which in itself is basically admitting to obstruction.  And the bigger question to all this, what’s he been trying to hide?


We can still wonder whether Trump might back out of the interview if his lawyers & Mueller can’t agree to terms, & then will the subpoena card be played?  If the testimony does happen & the questions catch him off guard, will he refuse to cooperate & plead the 5th?  It’s easy to envision this whole thing becoming politically untenable &/or a constitutional crisis.  Trump testifying also might indicate the probe is close to being wrapped up.  We may soon learn what Mueller knows.  There were 69 people who got indicted from Watergate.  When the findings from Russiagate start to pop & the you-know-what hits the fan, I suspect they’ll fall like dominoes.  Even congressional & echo-members are not immune.  I said a year ago this would become the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history, & I’m still saying the same thing now.  The drama has now been running for over a year, but like any dramatic Hollywood movie, the greatest suspense & surprise endings will play out at its conclusion.  And the final chapter looks to be starting any day now.  Definitely please read the article by clicking on the first link gop-panics-as-signs-point-to-imminent-mueller-blockbuster. 


Assuming Trump does testify, as Roger Stone & Rush Dimbulb warn it will be a perjury trap. Of course, it’s a perjury trap, since in all likelihood if he tells the truth, he’ll admit to committing criminal activities. Plus he’s by all indications a psychopathic liar, which I’ve seen him lie in every speech I’ve seen of his, & he’s already up to more than 2000 lies since becoming president.  So he is sure to commit perjury merely by being himself.  Plus the prosecutors know what the other witnesses said & will be fully prepared, & with Trump’s attention span he may be incapable of properly preparing.  If & when this interview does happen possibly in the next few weeks, being done in secret behind closed doors out of sight of the public, but it would nonetheless send shock waves around the world, & might even garner the attention of that alternate universe inside the echo-bubble.  If his testimony tape is ever released to the public, as what happened with President Clinton’s sex scandal/perjury tape, the whole world would stand still the moment that tape is played.  Even Fox would report on it. There has been a real whirlwind of activity on the scandal this week as you can read from the articles below.  Rubin in her op-ed one-by-one-mueller-is-reaching-into-trumps-inner-circle sums it up with this:


Two things stand out that should make Trump’s legal team very nervous: The number of people who can describe alleged efforts to stymie the Russia probe and the number of people with Russia contacts, some of whom had to be prompted to reveal them (e.g., Sessions to the Judiciary Committee, Kushner’s multiple revisions on his security clearance paperwork). Mueller continues to make progress on parallel tracks of the investigation — possible obstruction and possible campaign coordination with Russians.


Other articles are quite informative, such as as-mueller-closes-in-paranoia-spreads-white-house-seeks-deep-state-purge & also The Atlantic‘s mueller-probe. In other news articles, it’s been revealed quite a number of the main players have been interviewed by Mueller, which now even reaches into Trump’s cabinet with Jeff Sessions. There’s a group of links to Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI, of whom Trump has been attacking & seeking to have fired for months.  McCabe was originally asked who he voted for by Trump shortly after the Comey firing, & the prez was also livid over McCabe’s wife campaign contributions to Dems, so he has been on the warpath against McCabe ever since.  It’s another indication of Trump demanding loyalty from the top brass in our independent federal agencies, plus solidifying his obstruction of justice evidence by trying to alter the Russian probes through intimidation.  Another important witness looks ready to play ball, as Manafort’s business cohort Rick Gates, who’s already been indicted, appears to be flipping & cooperating with Mueller. And we can’t overlook sonny-boy jr.  In the article donald-trump-jr-congress-testimony-mueller, I found this information particularly intriguing:


The request, from Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), reflected the partisan tension in a judiciary committee whose investigation has for months been splintered along party lines. It also amounted to a suggestion that witnesses — potentially including Donald Trump Jr., who sat for an interview in September — may have made false statements to the committee. In a recent interview, Blumenthal predicted the Trump Jr. transcript would be “explosive” if released. 


russiagate chart about trump



There’s also a group of articles describing how Sessions has been trying to do Trump’s bidding.  As I’ve often said, Trump corrupts all those around him, which seems to include most of the GOP.  Under the different groups of Russian links, there is a section on international dangers.  From there are links where we’ll need to find out if the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels was actually an illegal campaign contribution, especially coming just a month before the election.  It’s the same sort of shady dealings which destroyed John Edwards’ political career a decade ago.  Interestingly enough, on the heels of this Stormy story becoming public, Melania opted out of accompanying her husband to Davos.  She’s probably none too happy, which we can’t really blame her.  The last group of articles cover various topics about our incompetent, dysfunctional president.  In Rubin’s article trump-was-never-a-great-dealmaker-anyway, it starts off with this:


Among the many ironies, some would say falsities, inherent in President Trump’s image of a successful real estate tycoon is that management and dealmaking have never been his strong suits. Trump University, casinos, vodka, steaks, a new football league . . . the list of failures is long. And it was his financial debacles of the 1990s that some would say brought him into the circle of suspicious money men, foreign banks and Russian oligarchs to bail him out. His “deal” was declaring bankruptcy, leaving creditors and employees hanging, and having to be put on a monthly allowance by banks. In the 1990’s, according to The Moscow Project, “Trump found himself $3.4 billion in debt, $832.5 million for which he was personally liable. The Trump Shuttle, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Regency Hotel, and Trump Castle Casino lose a combined total of over $165 million. Trump defaults on Trump Shuttle debt, and turns it over to creditors.” Subsequently, U.S. banks cut him off, citing “the Donald risk.”


From there, in Trump’s desperate need for financing, it plays into the suspicion he resorted to Deutsche & Russian banks, which is where potential money laundering enters into the equation. Toward the bottom, inside the link republicans-are-determined-to-go-down-with-the-ship, we see that whenever Trump goes down, he’s going to take plenty of supporters with him. Even those who aren’t legally liable, their political careers could be irreparably & irrevocably damaged.  When is the rational side of the GOP finally going to show some backbone, siding with truth & principle?  It’s time to get on the right side of history!  The enablers are likely to pay a huge price. I believe this president has committed crimes which will soon be proven, & is only weeks or months away from leaving office.  So to anyone associated with the Republican Party, your sworn duty, your reputation, your legacy & your future (& also search your conscience) will be based on your words & deeds from this point forward.  Your party & your country need you to make the right choice.

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