The divider-in-chief who doesn’t adhere to reasonable ethical standards or norms of human behavior, continues to lie and bully his way through his presidency.  This White House produces constant chaos.  I know he’s trying.  More than anything he wants to win.  But he’s not qualified.  His expertise is in building skyscrapers, casinos & hosting reality TV shows.  He simply does not have the knowledge, experience, temperament or personal traits to be President.  I’m sorry, he just doesn’t, and it shows.  We need to continue to call out this train wreck of leadership and not excuse his abuse of power & trampling on the Constitution.  I once heard our local congressman here say we must respect the office of the presidency, which I sincerely do, but we don’t need to respect the occupant when he leads us down a path of attacking the standards, values & principles America has always stood for.  The worst possible leader we could choose is someone who pits Americans against each other.

In the links to the news below, we see Mueller’s interviews with top White House staff are about to commence (including Priebus and Spicer), Manafort & Flynn could be indicted soon, the IRS is providing info to the Mueller team (follow the money), & various other updates on the probe are in those articles.  It really is getting dangerous!  Mueller’s team is careful not to leak info & show their hand, plus with the testimonies being performed in private, it’s difficult to know the extent of what they’re learning, but the tea leaves seem to indicate it’s substantial.  From what the public knows we’ve already seen a case for obstruction against Trump when he admitted the Comey firing was about Russia, but expect that to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Speaking of tip of the iceberg, the links below to the Facebook ads show the amount of Russian interference was way more widespread and diverse than we even could imagine.  The investigations are tasked to find out how much & who helped them with micro-targeting for max effect, and there’s no question voters were influenced.  Even the advanced knowledge of our language within the ads looks suspicious the Russians didn’t do it alone.  It’s very conceivable not only was there collusion between Russians & Americans, but it may have swayed the election.  And as the Russian hacking & even the Equifax hacking is clearly warning us, as a nation we need to launch a full-scale defense against enemy hacking & cyber-warfare.  There’s an urgency to erect the proper protections ASAP, despite the cavalier denials coming from Trump.

Look at some other links below.  Ummm, sonny-in-law Kushner used a private email to send official White House communications.  Isn’t that the exact same issue the GOP used for years to rail against Hillary?  It was certainly a favorite during campaign rallies, with a frenzied crowd chanting lock her up!  The overwhelming publicity it received means there are no good excuses for those in power repeating the same offenses.  Even now at Trump’s rallies his cultish fans still show fury with their vitriolic lock-her-up chants.  What do you suppose the chances are they’ll instead start shouting “lock him up” directed towards Jared?  Don’t hold your breath.  Check out those links also revealing his wife Ivanka & other White House staff members used private emails to conduct White House business.  The hypocrisy is overflowing!

As for the most dangerous immediate threat, now we have a rogue regime with missiles & nukes interpreting Trump’s bluster as a declaration of war.  Our President should have developed some wise plans how to actually deal with North Korea along with negotiating for a consensus among major players in that region like China & Russia, before stirring things up with his saber-rattling to the point where one misstep could start a nuclear war.  Unless his bombasts are designed to force the major players to the table, or baiting Jong-un to take a shot at us so we can be justified in retaliating, but my hunch with Trump is he’s just lashing out on impulse with no cogent strategy behind it.

That’s a very dangerous position to put America in or every country around the Pacific Rim.  I agree more than most SOMETHING needs done about the increasingly dire threat North Korea represents, but we can only wonder if we’ve placed that responsibility in the small hands of a thin-skinned, narcissistic psychopath.  We’re in for a bumpy ride at this high-risk posturing, but in recognition that a ratcheted up future nuclear North Korea & a nuclear Iran are the greatest threats the world could encounter, making them the most difficult challenges we face.  So if Trump can somehow successfully de-nuke either one he’d become a hero.  That could trump all the criticisms I’ve ever thrown at him.  The crow would taste good if against long odds we can navigate to a much safer world.  The risks are enormous, but the risks of not acting could be greater.

In the links toward the bottom, Lindsey Graham choked up with kind words for his friend McCain even though McCain gave a thumbs down to Graham’s healthcare bill.  People have tremendous affection for this American hero who’s fighting a dire medical condition.  The exception would be, of course, our President, one of the most despicable & heartless Americans ever elected to any political office.  The official White House twitter account went on a rampage with words & videos viciously attacking McCain.  Morning Joe even sounded out at Trump “you have no humanity!”  Also check out the articles exploring Trump’s mental stability (or lack thereof).  Then there’s a poll showing a majority agree Trump isn’t fit to be President.  There’s other polls where Americans agree he’s a divider, something that should be obvious to all of us.  Happy reading on the most important news articles so far this week, roughly organized by topic for convenience.

He did it again!

I posted a quote in my previous message from Steve Schmidt giving commentary on cable news.  Here is new commentary from him yesterday which I post some of the text below along with links providing access to the video feeds.  I agree with him, but he’s even more direct & hard-hitting in his opinions than my rants….


One hundred percent of the time, 100 percent of the people around Donald Trump have lied, and have been found out very quickly thereafter about the connections to Russia. We will find everything that happened. With time. When we find out, I think it’s going to blow people’s minds. And I think that we’re on the edge of one of the great scandals in American history when we see what happened here. Let’s let the special counsel do its work. Let’s let the facts drive the process, and we’ll see. But I know for sure, from the president, to the vice president, and on down the chain. You ask them a question about Russia, they lie about it. Not 90 percent of the time. Not 99 percent of the time. 100 percent of the time.

Views from the far-left….

A liberal source with an edge.  Yes, they might be overly exuberant in their views, but can serve as a worthy counter to the crazy right-wing echo.  Their hardedge speculation could turn out more correct than we currently realize….