Part 1
For the most part, our Part 1’s have dealt with Trump’s criminal enterprise, Part 2’s on his assault on American democracy & Constitution along with the echo-media/Trumpeter base who empower him to get away with it, & Part 3’s about the economy.  Obviously, economic news lately has been dominated by the Coronavirus effect with the crisis dominating all the headlines, so our blog posts lately have Part 3 dominating most of the space, where you’ll see an enormous number of pertinent Coronavirus related articles from major news sources (mostly the print/digital media with real journalists & op-ed writers).  So yes, this national emergency has spawned a ton of reports. 
This late Wednesday night post again puts most of our message into Part 3, since the virus’ carnage of peoples’ health & effect on the economy continue to get wall-to-wall coverage on the major news sources this week, plus we finally got the huge stimulus bill passed in the Senate.  So we’re reserving our Part 1’s for any new breaking news revealing more of Trump’s criminal behavior, since that’s just who he is, but tonight we have no article links in this first section with the other stories dominating the newsfeeds.  If you do want to revisit articles showing the president’s extensive criminal background, we have thousands of them posted here in the past few years.
Part 2
Part 2 always begins with a review of the president’s assault on our constitutional democracy, which some of the articles here in this first group feature his attack on Freedom of the Press, a favorite pet project of his:
GOP Death Squads
These comments sort of remind me of the death panels Sarah Palin used to refer to when talking about Obamacare, but it looks like the GOP has come up with their own version of the death panel.  Maybe Trump & his party who sway their base by being pro-life, it looks like they’re really becoming more pro-death.  Think about this question…For an economic rebound, would you be willing to sacrifice your parents or grandparents?:
Trump Governs by His Favorite TV Network
He trusts them far more than his professional government experts, which can often have disastrous consequences.  So Trump’s latest posture for handling the Coronavirus crisis seems to be based entirely on a nonsensical rant from a nutty conspiracy theorist on Fox fake news.  See Part 3 for plenty of analyses on Trump stating he wants to restart the economy by Easter:
The Crazy Fox & the Nuts Who Follow Them
That entire crowd is truly living in some wacky alternate galaxy:
Part 3
The purpose of the stimulus bill is to tide us over until our social distancing strategy can reverse the spread of the virus & our economy can start on the road to normalcy again.  And it’s critical we stay on this strict isolation track to reduce the number of deaths & try to keep the hospitals from being overrun by flattening the curve.  There are early indications social distancing is starting to have a positive impact in slowing down the spread, so we just need to keep it going:  So we can’t put the cart before the horse by opening up the economy before the health dangers begin to subside.
I was waiting up tonight to see if the Senate could finally pass the stimulus bill, which they just did so unanimously.  Expect the bill to reach the President’s desk by Friday to sign after passing the House.  From there the stimulus checks can begin to roll out.  Direct deposits should hit in April while mailed checks hopefully arrive in May.  And based on new unemployment claims, those payments are sorely needed by millions.  As seen below, Part 3 is the section with an overload of links to articles on the stimulus, the economy & the virus.  The link titles themselves & the articles you can click on are full of valuable/informative reports, so check them out:
Suggesting we open up the economy by Easter is incredibly reckless & dangerous!  The outbreak is still on an upward trajectory & here is the prez already talking about dropping the lockdown in just a couple weeks?  It’s CRAZY!!!  Trump looks at everything through the lens of his own political future without regard to preserving peoples’ lives!  No American President in their right mind would advocate for a return to normal as this virus wreaks havoc on the health of thousands of Americans, but those of us who closely observe Trump should know by now he really is out of his mind. 
Taking decisive action with our social distancing & isolating those infected is the only proven way to stem the spread, & don’t let up until the worst of the threat subsides.  Being smart about this could keep the death rates at or below what we tend to get in a normal seasonal flu season, but opening up the economy prematurely while this virus is still ravaging us as Trump is pushing for, it risks shooting up the death toll more in line with what happened a century ago with the Spanish flu:  These are important articles in this next group & the outcry from the American people could prevent a catastrophic decision by our prez, since decisions made in the next few weeks could impact all of us for the rest of our lives:
Denier & Liar-in-Chief
The president’s denials, dismissiveness & dishonesty all along about the virus has led to deadly consequences.  The initial bumbling failed to contain the virus when we still had a chance to nip it in the bud.  And it sure gives Dems plenty of fodder for their campaign ads:  Anybody with a discerning mind couldn’t possibly trust Trump anymore.  So all throughout this crisis as Trump concocts his delusional spin, it’s been lie after lie after lie after lie:
Lessons from Abroad
The best way to restart the economy is to stay in this stay-at-home mode until we can arrest the spread of this virus as they’ve done in China & South Korea, at which point we can return to some kind of normalcy.  We’ve been given the playbook & just need to stick with it.  To crank up the economy again before we have a handle on the virus spread as Trump suggests, that would only increase the spread & deaths, with the resulting fear also unnecessarily extending this period of economic calamity.  That’s especially true with testing, ventilators & medical supplies still lagging way behind what we’re going to need.  The risk we face is very real: 
Ominous WHO Expectations
It’s hoped the government relief aid package can be enough to keep most people afloat until it’s safe to reopen the economy, which if we do follow the examples of China & South Korea could hopefully occur in just a few more weeks/couple months.  But the time frame is very much unknown, since those other countries didn’t dither on the testing & isolation like we did.  So for the time being, here in the United States the spread/impact of the virus is actually accelerating, with April expected to be a particularly tough month. 
If we’re really becoming the epicenter for the virus as the WHO projects, it just illustrates how irresponsible & insane the president’s suggestion is to reopen the economy by Easter.  If anything, we should have a nationwide lockdown order at least until we’re able to reverse the spread of the virus.  That’s why the major stimulus package is designed to tide us over for awhile, so we can afford to keep the lockdown going until we can finally get a handle on this virus.  If the WHO is right, we’ve really got to hunker down this spring as we base our strategy on the lessons learned overseas:
Newsfeeds Were Flooded
I keep repeating this point to be patient so that point rings through loud & clear.  Yes, arresting the virus needs to come before lifting the current lockdown, otherwise we’d only extend & worsen the misery from both a health & economic standpoint.  Trump already made this crisis far worse through his initial dismissive attitude, which delayed the response & testing that could have helped contain the spread early on.  So I’m sounding here like a broken record, but we don’t need the prez making another monumental blunder by opening up the economy before the health danger starts to pass.  Stopping this virus first is the only effective way to rescue the economy.  I can’t emphasize enough this need for patience, otherwise thousands if not millions of lives would be put at risk. 
It seems the president’s daily circus-show pressers are swaying some impressionable Americans who haven’t followed this entire crisis closely enough to understand the whole story:  It’s basically all spin & happy talk, so too many people are buying the bull & we need to get the truth circulating out there:  It’s one thing for the prez to be optimistic, but it’s quite another to blatantly lie by showering us with false hopes:
Words cannot adequately describe the full extent of the foolish bungling & mixed messaging coming out of the White House, going back to when this virus was first detected in America back in January & even before:  That’s been a big reason why the spread & deaths have now spiraled out of control.  So please peruse & share these link titles as there’s a massive amount here.  But as Americans we need to stay informed during this national emergency while holding our leaders accountable, which is especially true when leadership at the very top has been so over-the-top incompetent.  I don’t recall even 9-11 dominating practically all the news for this long.  This truly is a crucial moment in our nation’s history:
Election Projection & Speculation
The November election is very much up for grabs at this stage.  All we know is America wins if Trump loses!  Let’s all pitch in & do our part to make sure that happens: