Part 1 – Trump the Criminal
It was hoped Trump would have been chastened enough to stop his corrupt ways & criminal behavior.  But with his GOP cult protecting him during the impeachment trial, the prez has been emboldened to carry on his illegal activities more than ever.  He’s now weaponized the Justice Dept. to go after political opponents, to where our top law enforcement agency is serving more as an Americanized gestapo enforcing Trump’s unique brand of injustice.  So here in Part 1 are sections of links reporting on Trump essentially confessing again to his Ukraine crimes, General Kelly calling out Trump for his sinister craziness, & numerous articles describing our increasingly corrupt DOJ:
General Kelly Tells the Truth
Like many of us, he’s shocked by the president’s lawless actions:
Injustice Dept.
It’s truly astounding how the lying & corruption have taken hold at the highest levels of our governing institutions.  I would have never believed we’d see the day this could ever happen in America, but currently we’re watching the evils play out before us in real time.  Americans had better wake up/get serious about the true dangers we’re up against & leave their complacency behind.  These articles spell out the nefarious intent being carried out by Trump & his AG.  See reports about the good guys & the bad guys, featuring the likes of McCabe, Vindman, Yovanovitch, Stone, Flynn & crazy Rudy:
Part 2 – Assault on Our Democracy
Part 2 always starts off with revealing reports on the very real threats to our constitutional democracy, so we have loads more links below verifying factual information that should have become clearly obvious to most of us by now.  Trump tells us every day through his words & deeds he’s an aspiring dictator, so as the American people we just need to pay attention to him…& stop him!!! 
The rule of law, our Constitution, our democracy & our freedoms are truly now on the line more than at any other time in our lifetimes.  There’s a whole lot to cover here that patriotic, freedom-loving Americans do need to be paying close attention to.  We should be approaching this situation with the same importance & urgency as any citizens of a country who may be facing an impending takeover by a dictator:
Criticism of Trump’s Tweets Likely just a Ruse
Facing a potential mutiny on his hands from within the DOJ, the AG is sending a subtle signal to his fuhrer that if they’re going to usurp unbridled power as part of their plot to take over the U.S. government, they can’t be so open about their evil scheme.  Barr needs to pull off all his dirty work in secret, so we need to think the worst of Barr unless he proves otherwise.  I say that because Trump has been able to politicize & weaponize the DOJ in going after his political opponents:
Fox Fake News
General Kelly states what I’ve been saying for years, Fox viewers are not informed!!!  The end result is, no other organization in America poses a bigger direct threat to our constitutional democracy than Fox, as they’ve mastered the art of convincing their viewers to believe their relentless lies.  Anyone backing Trump is a party to his lying, lawlessness & lunacy, so we must make sure there are always more of us than them:
I Know a Scumbag when I See One
An embarrassment to America & Ohio:
Another Entitled Jerk
It seems cheating has become acceptable in America, perhaps a byproduct of the Trump era:
Propaganda Onslaught
The preposterous nonsense is about to get ramped up from now till November:
Evil Aligned Evangelicals 
No other demographic group poses a bigger direct threat to our constitutional democracy than Evangelical Christians.  They’re the ones most responsible for enabling Trump & keeping him in power.  Inside this first link with Brian Stelter’s monologue, he describes a democratic backsliding & creeping authoritarianism.  The evangelical backsliding features a sworn allegiance to a corrupt demagogue, which not only places our free society in jeopardy, but the moral duplicity & hypocrisy ultimately becomes a threat to the church itself: 
Part 3 – The Economy
Our Part 3’s always start off with articles on the real economy.  A system that only works well for part of the population is a rigged system not working for everyone.  Much of the working class continues to be getting the shaft, so it’s an insult to them when this keeps getting reported as such a strong economy.  Just look at these link titles on what’s really happening out there:
A Critical Election
No matter who becomes the Dem nominee, it’s imperative we turn out & vote for them in November!  Maybe we can give Trump voters a pass from 2016 for being snookered by him & Russian disinformation during that campaign, but now that we all know who Trump really is, there is no excuse for those voters making the same blunder again!  Another 4 years of Trump, our democracy & freedoms may be blown to smithereens.  America desperately needs a fresh start with a new president: