Part 1

Crime Report…Even without any new articles about Trump’s crimes, we still reserve our Part 1’s for all the Trump crimes that have occurred but just haven’t been uncovered yet.  It’s interesting that it wasn’t that long ago when Part 1 was our most crowded section, with all the Russian & Ukrainian headlines along with many other crimes.  Just check the archives from our blog, it’s all there!  The newsfeeds are still being overwhelmed with numerous vital & relevant news articles, which fall into the categories of Trump’s tyranny & echo-media in Part 2 (along with the protest headlines), while Part 3 dives into all the pertinent stories about the economy, virus & election (plus our song at the end). 

Our blog always provides the most important recent news all in one place!  And with several major news stories having descended upon us all at once, this is certainly one of the most turbulent news cycles we’ve ever seen!  This blog can help serve as your eyes & ears to keep up with it all.  And based on what we’ve clearly seen from his presidency, TheVORACS has been right about him from the beginning!  But finally the tide is turning, on both race relations & the general perception of our president:

Part 2

Dictator Warnings…Our ex-Presidents & many top generals, some who had also been part of this current administration, have spoken out.  They struck the right chords about repeated tragic instances of white racism plus police brutality too often involving excessive use of force against African Americans, along with the way our current president has mobilized & is threatening to ratchet up the use of our military against American citizens exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest:  These leaders who have guided our nation in the past know what a slippery slope into tyranny might look like & now fear the prez is crossing that line, so they’re warning us the signs of fascism are rearing its ugly head.  We need the current generals now in charge of the military on our side as a last line of defense against a rogue dictator wanting to trash our constitutional liberties.  Or maybe I’m wrong, since the real last defense is us:

Gen. John Kelly is the former Chief of Staff, so he’s worked closely with the President & knows him well, has just alerted us about Trump’s character & ethics while lamenting how much he also sows divisions, plus Kelly cautions we need to look harder at who we elect.  Kelly’s comments along with those of numerous other prominent military leaders were expressed this week in reaction to a president going off the charts on the shock meter, in unison channeling the same concerns I repeatedly harp on, that our prez is clearly abusing his powers while running roughshod over the constructs of his constitutional authority.  Colin Powell is another who spoke out on the Sunday morning shows:, correctly saying Trump always lies & is a danger to our nation.  We need to listen to these great patriots.  They know of what they speak!  Many of these generals would ordinarily be reluctant to publicly air such grievances unless they sensed something was seriously amiss.  The red-alert alarms they raised are revealed inside these links:

More Warnings about a Wanna-Be Dictator

As we always do in every Part 2, there are several links here explaining the authoritarian dangers we’re facing as a nation like never before.  To those who don’t acknowledge or recognize this fascist threat, they’re just not paying attention.  Or if they are paying attention, they’re gathering all their news from the echo, which gives them a very distorted view of a very unique & disturbing pseudo-psycho hallucinatory existence.  In other words, they’re being duped!  To salvage their sanity & sense of reality, they need to be clicking on these live links as an important refresher course with real news, if only we could get Trumpeters to pay attention to the facts:

I Encountered Ugly Racism Firsthand

When I was out & about in public this week, a main topic of conversation was the George Floyd murder that ignited the protests.  But it’s almost as though people had forgotten about the other calamity still spreading among us, the Covid-19 virus, with far too many failing to adhere to social distancing guidelines or wearing masks.  There was one particular disturbing example I encountered this week with a blatant white racist.  He didn’t say whether he was a Trumpeter, but based on his actions it’s easy to assume that connection.  This jerk embodies everything that’s wrong with America which has played out with multiple crises in recent weeks, like people not taking proper precautions for stemming the spread of the virus &/or boldly spouting their racist hatred.

Here’s how it played out.  I’m white, so had I been a black man there’s no telling how this situation may have escalated.  As I was minding my own business in a public place of business, this caucasion male whom I did not know & don’t want to know, was going around getting in people’s faces mocking social distancing, derisively asking others whether he was keeping the 6-foot rule.  When he approached me I backed off, from which he asked me if I was one of those wussies afraid of the virus?  So I mentioned this virus has killed 100,000 Americans in 3 months & he retorted suicides are killing more people than that (which he must be using some fuzzy math since the virus has just killed twice as many people in America the past 3 months, than the typical number of deaths from suicide that occurs in an entire year).  I called him heartless after he turned to walk out the door, while he started talking loudly enough for all around us to hear, saying we’re just thinning the herd, need to get rid of all those (n-word). 

True story from this week.  Maybe the only real way to explain that is using Uncle Joe logic:  It’s as though some of these racist scumbags are cheering on the virus, since it’s disproportionately impacting those who aren’t like them, the elderly & minorities:  This type of ugly racism has been with us for centuries, but it’s become clear lately the white supremacists among us have been inspired & emboldened by the rhetoric/attitude of our current prez.  The scary part is, even if they’re not so outfront about it like this nudnik, there are millions out there with a similar attitude.  On a brighter note, a lot more white people are finally getting it.  Here in my lily-white neighborhood, my neighbor two doors down actually has a Black Lives Matter sign in his front yard, something I could have hardly imagined around here prior to a couple weeks ago.  Across the land there’s a general feeling the message behind the protests this time may stick & that attitudes could actually change, & here’s why:

Another Police Incident

Here’s another example of the oppression we face in Donald Trump’s police state, this time seen in Buffalo, not with ugly violence against a black man but instead a senior citizen:  These cops were rightly suspended & charged although some feathers were ruffled within the department:  So when the entire tactical unit of the emergency response team supported the cops by stepping down in protest, it sure looks like a protective culture for the tribal code of blue/white good ole boy network is going on here:  Obviously the cops have a tough job daily putting their lives on the line, while the many calls for defunding or disbanding police departments are totally impractical, but maybe greatly enhanced & comprehensive sensitivity training for current cops & new cadets should be mandatory in softening the urge some officers have for playing a Rambo-type character on our streets:  Here are other related reports:

Tone Deaf

As the nation pays our respects to a murdered man, our prez to score political points would shamelessly & inappropriately put words in his mouth.  After the jobs report came out on Friday, Trump got on his high horse gloating about it, even taking his hyperbole to an absurd level by saying it was a great day for George Floyd!  Huh?  Presuming a black man who was recently murdered through police brutality is suddenly having a great day because of some economic numbers, or that America might be just a little farther along in striving for equality, just badly misses the mark in so many ways.  Such words from our president are unbelievable given they’re just so off-putting & revolting:

Lots of Other News on the Nationwide Protests

The protests have fortunately been a lot more peaceful this past week, while they’re even being held in small towns/rural areas plus also taking place overseas.  The end result could permanently change America for the better, where the MLK dream is finally realized.  So here are a large number of links taking us to various reports on what has become a real movement, & in particular read about our president’s disgraceful handling of the entire situation:

Words of Wisdom?

When asked to articulate & pontificate on the deeper meaning of this topic which has captivated the nation & sparked nationwide protests, the President in his infinite wisdom was brilliantly able to enlighten us on the core predicament of how to resolve this preeminent issue of the chronic distrust between African Americans & the police.  This was his moment to wax eloquently on the concerns & reasons for the chronic bitter feelings felt both ways when cops are on patrol in black communities, while perceptively proposing cogent solutions how ongoing dialogue can help police & black residents better understand each other, thereby reducing the needless violence.  A media interview is also an opportunity to expound on the bigger underlying issues, like the higher crime rates & economic poverty that have long plagued black Americans.

So it was the perfect time for a great president to shine & show his leadership chops to a distressed nation, while rallying the nation to embrace his uplifting point of view.  His response was both awe-inspiring & jaw-dropping!  So see Trump’s retort in these links which can leave no other thought than the obvious conclusion, he’s an idiot.  Yes indeed, if seeing is believing, make sure you see this cause you’re not going to believe it!  Especially catch this video showing the transcript to fully appreciate that radio interview:

Trumpeters Aren’t Crazy Like a Fox, They’re Crazy Because of Fox

I can normally tell a Trumpeter from a mile away.  They recite the same ridiculous talking points heard from Trump, Fox News &/or psycho-conservative radio, proudly parading such nonsense while pretending they were actually capable of producing original thoughts on their own.  The shift of the conservative base to the radical far-right came about because right-wing extremists were the ones who got their gigs with the echo-media in the first place, causing the substantial shift of their audiences’ mindset into bonkers delusion-land, while also leading to the dangerous electing & empowering of Trump.  Too many echo-hosts chronically lie as much as Trump does, the president who will soon hit the mark of 20,000 verifiable lies while in office. 

So whenever we hear Trumpeters reciting those same lies, they may not be lying, since they actually believe the garbage they’re constantly ingesting from living inside that right-wing media bubble.  It’s like a vicious circle, since Fox & the rest of the echo need to excuse all the president’s lies to stay on the Trump train, otherwise they’d risk losing a lot of their Trumpeter audience.  It’s like a large group cooperative of deceit enabling each other from which the conservative base has become trapped in.  Whoever controls the messaging controls the people, which is why Trump constantly discredits the real media in trying to elevate Fox as the official state-run mouthpiece.  No dictator can hold power without loyal sycophant TV.  So as we always do in Part 2, here are articles describing more of the liars & their lies coming from inside the studios of Fox fake news:

Other Echo Buffoons & Their Crazed Fans

Here’s a trip through radio insanity-land:  And there are lots of crazies down in Texas:  The rest of the links in this group explore the world of extreme right-wing loonies, with a number of articles exposing Facebook as a big part of the problem:

Can Evangelicals Be Saved?

Our president had his sacrilege moment when he ordered the gassing of his own people, just to clear out the crowd so he could hold up a Bible in front of a church as a political prop:  How much longer will my evangelical brethren keep putting up with this type of moral degradation?  If the problem of our nation being in moral decline is at its core because we’ve turned away from God, then those purporting themselves as people of God should not be driving others away from the church in droves through abject hypocrisy & moral duplicity, destroying their own Christian witness by aligning with an earthly leader with demonstrable character traits about as unchristian as any person who’s ever walked this earth.  Here are some sorry details:

Maybe, just maybe, their support for Trump is starting to fray:


Part 3

Volatile & Uncertain Economy…The anger coming from the black community isn’t just about the law enforcement inequality, but the economic injustices:  African Americans still mostly lag behind in educational & employment opportunities, plus they generally lack the legacy wealth many white families enjoy.  And during this Coronavirus economy, the latest jobs report shows the black population is feeling the brunt of the pain, helping to fuel the anger behind these protests:  So despite Trump touting these jobs numbers being a great day for George Floyd, as he looks down from heaven how could he be pleased to see black unemployment rising?: & also see

So who are the ones still profiting in America despite the huge economic falloff?  I’ll give you one guess:  These other eye-popping numbers come from Michael Phelan of Social Security Works: There are 630 billionaires in America who collectively hold $3.5 trillion in wealth―an amount that has only been growing in the pandemic. The average Social Security benefit is $16,104 per year.  As to the workers still taking the brunt of our distorted economic system now distorted even further by a pandemic, could the worst of this downturn be behind us?  That latest jobs report looks rather suspicious to me, since how could we have a 13.3% unemployment rate when 40+ million Americans have filed for unemployment the prior two months?  Our wanna-be dictator is pulling the strings to try gaming the system for gaining control over the instruments of power, so could he also be tipping the scales with data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics?  I’m just asking, especially considering the reported stats were way off from what was projected:

In all the confusion surrounding this economic crash, there were certainly some anomalies in the figures with the responses to the bureau being lower than normal.  Plus an unknown number of unemployed have yet to be processed & are still counted as employed, along with a chunk of those 40 million actually being independent contractors in the gig economy which complicates reporting.  Credit was given to the PPP program designed to help businesses retain their workers, plus a deeper dive into the numbers point towards many of the unemployed being furloughed workers who’ve already been called back, or many furloughed workers were misclassified & undercounted.  And after all, the government & the Fed did pump a tremendous amount of stimulus dollars into the economy which cushioned the fall.  But a part of me still doesn’t get how 40 million unemployed can square with only 13.3% unemployed, when logic would dictate the actual count should be closer to 20% (yes indeed, over the weekend the bureau admitted their stats were off & estimated unemployment should have been 3 percentage points higher).  Overall with the better than expected numbers, maybe it’s just that the initial plunge from early spring was so steep, there was no place to go but up. 

Despite a jobs report that wasn’t nearly as devastating as expected, the economy is still in a deep hole which could take years to dig out from, so anticipate a tremendous amount of volatility in the data during the months ahead.  Certain specific industries may never recover.  Trump used his blowhorn Friday morning to brag about the recent economic numbers apparently being a historical event on par with Moses carrying the tablets off the mountain.  And should a president really be crowing about numbers not as bad as expected, when millions of workers have been thrown out of jobs in recent months, a huge number of businesses are struggling to survive, while state & local governments face budget calamities?  The coming months will tell whether a V-shaped recovery is even possible, which will weigh heavily on the presidential campaign:  I sense a bumpy road ahead, much of it depending on whether the virus spikes or subsides.  See here the latest economic news:

Virus Pandemic Updates

Trump’s leadership has fostered an attitude that it’s full-go on restoring the economy, while creating a sentiment among far too many the virus is behind us so we can stop worrying about taking the necessary precautions.  That the public has been lulled into a false sense of security is being seen played out as we fail to keep our distance or don the mask.  It’s a very dangerous culture to create.  We’re still losing roughly 1000 Americans along with 20,000 new cases diagnosed daily, as the infection rates continue to rise in southern & western states:  There are legitimate fears those lax attitudes along with the crowding taking place at protests in all our major cities, may cause the virus counts to soon spike.

I am heartened by reports, assuming they’re true, that the virus doesn’t easily spread from surfaces, plus the research is being done fast & furious on finding treatments/vaccines.  So if we can all be conscious of doing our part, such as wearing masks & adhering to social distancing when we do venture out, we can help get a handle on this pandemic in minimizing the tragic outcomes moving forward.  Opening up the economy as Trump is so determined to do should be done in the context of observing important safeguards, but our prez is negligent in providing the guidance that could otherwise save lives.  Current polling shows Trumpeters refuse to wear masks, so they’re doing their darndest to spread the virus.  The passion igniting nationwide protests are justified & well-intentioned, but as I mentioned that too could elevate the infection stats:  The DC & LA crowds yesterday were massive, but the protesters believe racism & police brutality are a greater threat to American lives than Covid-19.

We were provided a pathway from other countries who took steps which effectively helped mitigate the virus, but our White House leadership mostly chose not to go that route:  So after America was slammed with by far the highest number of infections & deaths in the world, the carnage may be a long ways from over when our complacency risks igniting more spikes in the numbers.  And the higher the virus counts get, the more our economy cannot bounce back.  Keeping the economy open won’t accomplish much if we get another virus wave & people are afraid to venture out.  From the beginning right up through today, the president’s response to the virus has been an unmitigated disaster.  He dismissed the virus early on despite repeated warnings from health & intelligence experts, plus was very slow on the trigger for a robust nationwide testing initiative.  Currently, he’s practically ignoring the virus despite the infection spread & deaths still ravaging us.

Trump never led on fighting this virus, just like he’s now failing to lead on race relations & police reforms.  Recall a few months ago when America had only 15 diagnosed cases, Trump was bragging then what a great job he was doing, saying they had the virus contained & the count would soon drop to near zero.  He also said the virus was about to fade away like a miracle, even inferring all the hype over the virus was somehow a hoax.  The prez even convinced many of his followers this virus was not something to take seriously or worry about, with the echo echoing that dangerous misleading attitude.  Those factors are largely why the United States is unique in the world with a death toll reaching into the hundreds of thousands:  And to think he wants another 4 years with the GOP base mostly fine with that?  INCREDIBLE!!!  More valuable reports regarding this virus pandemic are presented here:

Never Have We Faced a More Important Election

Keep in mind we’re not out to permanently destroy the GOP.  We just need to eliminate this echo-fueled Trumpist version of the party so we can start over with a clean slate:  This article even reasons the GOP has become the stupid party (hard to argue):  If voting were confined only to those in the know & not echo-brainwashed, Trump would be shutout in November with zero electoral votes, even losing in places like Alabama, Oklahoma & Wyoming.  To me it’s like a rolling my eyes/pulling my hair out moment that after all we’ve seen, Trump still maintains his base of around 40% support.  Not to sound rude, but as I seek for any plausible explanations, the only reasons I can think of for those staying on the Trump bandwagon are they’ve been badly deceived, dumbed-down or just aren’t paying attention.  No wonder they’re drawn to a clueless/dumb president:  

But because the conservative base has been bamboozled even to the point of becoming involved in a destructive cult, it’s incumbent upon us to get active & help inform our fellow citizens, since the only way to overcome their misguided cult is for voters of reason & common sense to greatly outnumber them in the coming election.  It’ll be a base election decided by turnout.  So what if their side maintains their 40%, as long as the 60% of us on the side of democracy all are registered & determined to vote.  Let’s all work on this noble crusade together the next 5 months, since any time devoted or pushback we might get are a small price to pay in joining the fight to save our constitutional freedoms.  This is the same link we posted at the top:, since it’s up to us to beat back the forces of corruption & authoritarianism who’d seek to destroy what made our country great. 

We must also stay on the lookout for dirty tricks, since Trump has already shown us he’ll stoop to any level to cheat & steal an election:  Life as we’ve always known it is under siege, so in these trying times we’d better be ready to stand up & fight, making sure in the midst of multiple challenges we get a fresh start when we elect a new president.  In polling that just came out, 80% of Americans consider our situation out of control: & also see, which Trump isn’t to blame so much for causing the multiple crises we face, but his leadership certainly contributed to making things much worse.  Here’s more news on the election & campaigns, including recent polling that looks encouraging:, but let’s not get complacent:–and-the-downfall-of-a-president/

Schmidt Rants & Trump Reelection Song

Here’s Steve Schmidt unleashed (another one of us former Republicans back in the days the party was sane):

His rants illustrate how leadership matters, so consequentially our vote also matters!  As a nation it’s time to admit, our president has been a national catastrophe:  If Trumpeters & their media-echo get their way by reelecting Trump, this is where America is headed since he’ll only bring more chaos & calamity (hear our selected song), especially if he gets further empowered & unleashed by winning again (we can’t let that happen):