We Do This as a Public Service
Our posts consistently provide links to factual information on how our president is the most dishonest, divisive, corrupt, lawless & pathological leader America has ever had!  So please review & share, since reelecting this despicable demagogue to another term could result in devastating consequences to our country, even to where this free society we’ve always known becomes permanently damaged beyond repair!:
Looks Like Another Quid Pro Quo
Is there no end to the pattern of corrupt collusion?
Bolton Book
Follow the Russian Money
Other Foreign Concerns
Part 2
Our Clear & Present Danger
Not nearly enough Americans are alarmed about this very real risk to our constitutional democracy:
Lowering the Barr
Fascism may be right around the corner with a president who weaponizes the Justice Department:
Corrupt Pardons
More On Trump’s Moral Debauchery
The GOP Goes Off the Rails, an Evil Fox & Other Radical Crazies
The Faithful Becoming Their Own Worst Enemies
Part 3
Trump Economy an Extension of the Obama Economy, Not an Improvement Over What We Had Before
And as all politicians hide behind the rosy unemployment rates, the bigger long-term structural problems are still largely being ignored:
Health Care
It’s an Election Year
And it will be a very contentious campaign with turnout promising to go through the roof:
A Lively Debate
With the interest spiking tonight as Bloomberg makes his debate debut while taking the hits from lots of incoming missiles.  The way I see it, let the Dem voters decide on their nominee, & from there we must rally behind that person to defeat Trump: