Part 1
Those who follow our blog, the message is crystal clear…WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT!!!  Once again we don’t have much to report here in Part 1 on any recent reports of Trump’s criminal activity, with the headlines having wall-to-wall coverage about the Coronavirus crisis.  But we’ll keep our Part 1’s reserved for news on more crimes exposed which is destined to come again someday, because that is simply the true nature of our mob boss president.  In Part 3 below which is the section on the economy, that’s where you’ll find an overload of links to Coronavirus news. 
So with us Americans isolating ourselves for awhile, if you’re cooped up at home & need something to do, may we highly suggest you send out the website address to a certain political blog.  Here are just a handful of links posted in Part 1:
Part 2
Trump a Genuine Threat to Our Constitutional Democracy
And the GOP Cult is Helping Him Every Step of the Way
This is NOT the Same Fox We’ve Known & Trusted
It will be impossible to ultimately determine how many fatalities were (& will be) caused by Fox & the echo downplaying/dismissing the virus threat in those critical first couple months, but the death toll will probably be substantial.  They caused many in their audiences to not take the virus seriously as way too many conservatives failed to take the necessary precautions.  I don’t know what it’s going to take before those right-wing echo-fans begin to realize their preferred media hosts are just a bunch a damn liars, since they lie repeatedly with many of those lies being incontrovertibly verified as lies.  Yet that audience keeps coming back for more.  As the death toll unfortunately keeps rising, maybe those echo-heads can remember the hosts who originally convinced them this virus threat was a hoax or some kind of conspiracy.
It wasn’t that many years ago Fox was a relatively sane conservative source, & at that time they were my primary network of choice.  But in recent years I just can’t watch anymore, since they’ve succumbed to the evil-echo narratives polluting the internet & radio, so I became insulted at the way they were constantly lying to me.  To those viewers still watching Fox, please know the network is playing you for fools, lying to you in promoting their extremist agenda & worship to their demagogue king.  Fox & Trump actually work closely in tandem to coordinate their messaging, so the same string of lies our prez tells on a daily basis are echoed by Fox.  Every Part 2 in our blog for years have articles proving what liars the on-air buffoons at Fox have become, which here we’ve posted yet more evidence: 
His Loyal Evangelical Base
Part 3
This section takes up most of our post here on Wednesday night, since it has links about the economy & Coronavirus.  It’s what everyone is talking about.  This current national emergency has sent our economy into a tailspin.  But even prior to that, we had a very uneven/disjointed economy where roughly half the population had virtually no savings to deal with an emergency.  That’s why the massive federal relief package is so urgently needed & it sounds like Americans might be receiving two separate checks in time.  So crank up the printing presses for the next bill that’s coming through Congress, since it will amount to a ton of government money, but it’s a small price to pay in preventing the economy from collapsing:
I would have preferred a more targeted relief package going to the small businesses & workers directly hit by this crisis (, but that may have been too complicated to identify those most in need, plus Trump is probably hoping a check for every adult might serve as a bribe to vote for him.  But as a president he’s a disaster, so I would hope most of us will be wise enough to not vote for him.  Sure, companies in distressed industries like the major airlines, cruise lines & hotel chains are going to need relief, but we must not overlook the small independents, including restaurants & retail shops.  The goal is to keep them in business until the patrons & shoppers can come back.  Some package of financial aid, debt relief &/or zero-interest loans should become available to them, coming with a stipulation to keep their workers employed, since business owners & employees alike need the revenue to keep flowing in staying afloat.                                                                                                 
Here are links about the economy, which I don’t necessarily agree with all the points presented in the articles we post, but it does help get us thinking about various viewpoints & ideas that are being brought out:
Coronavirus National Emergency
These are unique times.  We just need to alter our lifestyles & get through this together.  Someday once we’ve gotten past the worst of it & lives start returning to normal, all this can become just a bad memory.  But for now we’re having to navigate some rough waters of unknown severity & duration.  So let’s use common sense in minimizing the risks of catching/spreading this virus without panicking about it:
The focus at those daily White House press conferences are always about him & what a terrific job he’s doing.  But the job wasn’t so great the past couple months when the prez was dismissive of the virus & painfully slow in rolling out the federal defenses:  That was especially true of the delayed testing which put us behind on containing the virus in those critical early stages, no doubt contributing to much of the spread & deaths we’re seeing now.  Trump’s crisis management has been a bust:
So we should demand of our leadership, take aggressive action!  Do not delay on calling out the Army Corps of Engineers to act, including making available buildings into temporary hospitals & repurposing manufacturing plants to start making critically needed supplies & equipment.  In particular we need lots more ICU beds, ventilators & protective gear for doctors & nurses.  Until today, we had not heard much instruction from Trump & just like the delayed test kits, leadership from the top was AWOL in calling for the fast production of these much-needed supplies:
So our prez has gaslighted us with excuses, denials & happy talk during his showboating, pat-himself-on-the-back press conferences:  It’s all about the optics & branding with him, not the actual results.  In a crisis he’s proven to be very wishy-washy, not decisive.  Just compare his pressers to any of our governors addressing this crisis, the specific details & concise instructions coming from the govs show the leadership gap is glaring.  And isn’t it curious the prez has finally stopped bragging about the stock market, now that it’s down to the same levels as when he took office:  
So with the White House fumbling the response for two months since the virus first hit our shores in January, the delayed testing prevented the hopes of containing it through isolating those diagnosed, while the lack of urgency producing/distributing badly needed supplies/equipment could be about to cripple the medical community in trying to treat patients:  It may prove to be Trump’s Katrina moment only this time on a nationwide level.       
Let’s hope & pray our leadership moving forward can make wise decisions to help mitigate the damage caused by this virus outbreak, from both a health & financial outlook.  We’re all in this together & believe it or not, our nation has faced far greater challenges in our historical past.  Below are several pertinent articles on the virus crisis & our government’s response, conveniently organized here in one place to review:
Lessons from Overseas
Election Projections
For My Wife
I haven’t been posting songs lately, but my wife’s work just informed her she’ll be working half the days remotely from home for awhile starting Thursday, plus she loves this song.  So this link has that hit song just released under #TogetherAtHome which is an in-home concert, part of a larger at-home concert series recognizing all the people who are required to stay home, either to work remotely &/or stay isolated from the virus until we can get a handle on this crisis: