Part 1
We’re still keeping this first section open for more news of criminal behavior, since numerous reports over the years seen in this blog have offered substantial & irrefutable evidence we’re dealing with a serial criminal (aka our president).  The pandemic with its devastating effects on our health & economy are totally dominating the headlines, which all that news is found below in Part 3.  But for now we’ll go to Part 2, the section always presenting valid & cautionary messages about an autocratic authoritarian & his compliant echo, those deceptive forces waging war against basic facts, our Constitution & democratic institutions.   
Part 2
Assault on Our Freedoms by Trump & His Echo…It’s a tragic shame Trumpeters lock themselves away inside their echo-bubble world, filling their minds with false tales from misguided propagandist messaging sources.  If they’re ever exposed to real news, the echo has trained them to ignore, dismiss & not believe anything they see or hear from credible journalistic sources.  In their alternate-reality universe, only their chosen disinformation messengers spouting uncompromising tribal narratives are given any cred, since just viewpoints strictly fitting a predetermined distorted ideology are accepted no matter how wrong they are.  It’s been the main obstacle to unifying our nation, since the rest of us can’t reason with those so adamantly opposed to basic truths.
The conservative conversion from rational to radical has been evolving for years, culminating in the election of a tyrannical narcissist who’s truly nuts:  So here’s where things really get dangerous, since the Trumpeter echo-world are fully united behind a wanna-be dictator madman who would irretrievably lead us down the road into fascism if we let him.  I’ve warned for years we shouldn’t think America could never fall into a fascist state, since the signs are all around us under this president’s rogue leadership.  All these nefarious sly moves he makes that often fall under the radar, when taken as a whole are becoming a big deal by essentially undermining our human rights & democratic freedoms.  Plus Trump is a pathological liar with a large following of gullible supporters, so his base will give him a pass on anything he tries to pull. 
Among his many miserable personal traits include dishonesty, bullying, divisiveness & corruption, while all the while lacking ethics & a proper temperament, plus he is truly the one who is “inherently dumb:”  Everything about the guy screams out at us we’re dealing with a dangerous authoritarian demagogue, somebody who must be stopped!  But don’t just take my word for it, since over the years in Part 2 we’ve posted thousands of links backing up my fears.  And here are a few more articles exposing the diabolical ways of Trump which Trumpeters refuse to acknowledge, but these links are here for people to evaluate & they can make up their own minds:   
Fox Fake News Hosts are Proven Liars, Idiots, Deceivers & Dangerous Dingbats (That’s a Bad Combination)
In teaming up with Trump spreading propaganda that is deceitful, demagogic & dangerous, they are a real threat to our American democracy & way of life.  The articles posted below detail the recent exploits of the more insane Fox hosts, headed by the most deranged lunatic of all, insanity Hannity.  How anyone could still believe these fools after all the lying, let alone keep watching them on TV, is beyond me.  The best we can do is present reports like as seen inside these links, hoping the word can spread about what kind of nonsensical garbage this network continually spews out.  In the middle of a pandemic crisis, the rhetorical viewpoints by Fox & the rest of the echo in servitude to their king have actually turned deadly, when all along they downplayed the virus & the need for social distancing:  Fox has reached a new low, so please peruse these titles:  
Other Echo Buffoons & Trump Sycophants
Here’s someone I know who wrote a great book about talk radio:  Brian knows his stuff, but the buffoons I was referring to are all the far-right hosts, pundits, politicians & advisers who have sold their souls for Trump, unabashedly spreading the uniform narratives preordained by their cult.  So Fox may be the head of the asylum, but they certainly aren’t the only messaging source spreading radicalized nihilistic trash on TV, radio & the internet.  Echo-world is full of these grifting nudniks taking a ride on the psycho crazy train, including some lunatic-fringe congressmen, as seen inside these articles:
Radical Crackpots Unleashed Again in America
Liberty can be a matter of one’s perspective.  These protests in certain states that are popping up, it looks like a way for those tea party rallies from a decade ago to rev up again & make fools of themselves, wearing MAGA caps while waving around Confederate flags & those demonic-looking serpent flags.  For the cause of liberty, they want to be free to further spread the virus contagion so themselves & others can also get sick & in some cases die.  Like the Patrick Henry quote during the Revolutionary War, give me liberty or give me death, it’s not an either/or proposition for these goofballs trying to start their own revolution, since they apparently want both liberty AND death:  As an American, I actually find it both disturbing & embarrassing we have to share our great nation with these tunnel-vision nutjobs.  The protesters are the very personification of the Trumpian attitude, featuring the selfishness, stubbornness, divisiveness, greed & tribal grievances that exist only within their false-reality bubble.  So it’s rather ironic that in the so-called name of liberty, these misguided tea-baggers are aligned with a tyrannical leader & his echo-propaganda machine who would ultimately seek to remove our liberties.
This might be the biggest collection of dimwits ever assembled among the modern-day American populace, with the nitwits on Fox during prime time encouraging their moronic antics.  I have no way of knowing if these protesters have brains the size of peas, but they sure are acting like it.  The prez is central to inciting civil unrest in these culture war protests as a way to reinvigorate the former tea party rallies & energize his voting base:  His call to liberate these states where protests have sprouted up is in direct contradiction to the social distancing measures helping to stem the spread of the virus.  So to all patriotic Americans who aren’t blindly following the deceptive clarion calls from Trump & his evil echo, if we could just hang in there & abide by these isolation guidelines a few more weeks, it’s very likely we’ll get a handle on the spread as the virus threat steadily subsides.  And until effective treatments come along, we also need to greatly escalate our testing programs (see comments about that in Part 3).  But here are articles we can add to the crazy files:
Part 3
A big reason why our economy has been brought to its knees during this pandemic when our social distancing guidelines are barely a month old, has been the very uneven nature within the economic structure itself.  This episode highlights that despite the staggering wealth our country creates, not nearly enough of it is enjoyed by the working class, as most family incomes aren’t high enough to allow for a meager savings of even one month.  That’s why the stimulus bill was so urgently needed to keep people afloat.  If any good may come from this economic shutdown, it blows the lid off our grossly distorted economic model where most of the gains from economic growth go to a small percentage at the very top.  At some point, we need to find some smart way to engineer a system offering shared wealth (but based on one’s efforts, not a socialistic model).
Despite enormous stimulus spending from the previous bill, too many sectors in need were overlooked.  Among those include the post office, mortgage servicers, Indian reservations, the disabled, hospitals, those thrown off health insurance, state/local governments & small businesses, where we saw with the recent stimulus package how some large restaurant/retail chains siphoned off funds intended for mom-&-pop independents.  These groups represent people who need the funds NOW!!!:  Congress says they’re on the verge of a new deal, so we’ll soon see. 
But as is their way, Trump & his party are reticent to right the wrongs, perfectly content with letting so much of any gigantic stimulus package get pilfered by the donor class who don’t need the help, while also holding up a new reparation bill that could fill in the gaps to help desperate people in sectors about to go under.  Currently there’s a half-trillion dollars still up for grabs from last month’s stimulus which the privileged are first in line to scoop up, which Trump wouldn’t have it any other way:  Despite his repeated claims which have snookered his loyal followers, the president’s policies are doing very little for workers:
I normally would abhor such a huge government spending program, but under these special circumstances it’s a relatively small price to pay in preventing our economy from totally collapsing.  Once we’ve made our way through the crisis whenever we do happen to start feeling a sense of normalcy again, we shouldn’t get in the habit of relying on government bailouts.  So what we do need is a major national initiative creating a coordinated, comprehensive, synergistic, dynamic plan providing a solid foundation for resolving the ongoing condition of chronically stagnant wages.  The fix certainly won’t be easy & is sure to get huge pushback from the far-right who adhere to unworkable policy positions decades obsolete, but if we really put our minds to it & forge a constructive public-private partnership, America is still capable of accomplishing great things. 
So once we are finally able to come out of this current virus emergency, in the long run there is no greater mission from an economic standpoint than restoring opportunity, upward mobility & shared growth for the working middle class.  It’s a situation we should have gotten serious about years ago.  With the economy now shaken to its core anyway, it might just open the door to making the transformational structural changes the economic system really needs so workers can start earning what they’re worth.  Here’s the latest on the economy:
Let Me Repeat Again & Again About Testing
I’m going to emphasize this issue over & over like a broken record, since the repeated bungling on testing has been inexcusable & unprecedented!  Brace yourselves, since when I get emotionally jacked up, I tend to go off on long rants, especially as this one issue is fast becoming among the biggest boondoggles in presidential history.  Trump’s job right now is to fight the spread of the virus & prevent the tragic deaths arising from this pandemic, from which it can become safe again to reopen the economy.  A major component to that effort which must be done immediately is a major federal coordination effort over ramping up testing & improving the accuracy of those tests.  The prez should have made testing a top priority months ago.  At least there is word funding for testing is part of the new stimulus bill (to pass Congress on Monday?).  But Trump still refuses to take the lead as he keeps fumbling the ball over this testing tug-of-war, proving beyond doubt if we haven’t figured it out already, he’s a terrible president as his leadership has been defined by abject failure & incompetence:
For this non-existent leadership, there are no excuses!  Here is an excellent interview where we now stand:  There remains no coordinated national leadership on the much-needed testing program & that unquestionably can be laid squarely at the feet of the President.  His failure to launch the widespread testing that should have started in earnest back in January/February, allowed the virus to spread out of hand & led to the deaths of thousands of Americans.  But the prez stubbornly refuses to learn from his mistakes ( as he’s still not taking the initiative on producing the critically-needed testing supplies, instead lying about our nation’s testing capabilities:  Trump failed to do his job from the beginning & he continues to fail doing it now:
For emphasis I’m going to keep repeating this main point, since it boggles the mind how Trump refuses to lead at this critical moment in our nation’s history.  It just flat-out doesn’t make any sense that a major testing initiative is not being coordinated from the White House.  Even if the CDC testing lab was contaminated which initially delayed the testing rollout, strong presidential leadership could have overcome those obstacles quickly.  Until a vaccine or some kind of herd immunity takes form, the best way to get the economy going again & prevent the deaths of tens of thousands of more Americans, is to organize a mass/widespread/regular national testing program.  The testing of millions in a timely fashion can help us isolate & contact trace, greatly enhancing our ability to stop the spread in its tracks, thereby giving the American people confidence to go out & engage in our society/economy again.  By dismissing & punting on the testing issue from the beginning, our prez has only prolonged & deepened the health/economic misery.  
Those testing supplies & coordination can only be effectively done at the federal level, not with the states.  For a president to not step up & take the bull by the horns in launching/organizing such a nationwide program, it can’t be denied that it simply shows a level of incompetence of mind-blowing proportions!  Trump’s performance has been so irresponsibly awful, if it were legally possible, by rights he probably should be liable:  America has always risen to the occasion & done great things in previous times of crisis.  Considering what’s at stake with this pandemic, I would forcefully argue leadership providing the direction, funding & rallying cry for getting the supplies/logistics underway for such a massive testing initiative, is the single most important project our president should be working on right now.  In fact, preventing mass casualties & the economy from falling into depression, it makes Trump’s current responsibilities at this juncture probably the most critical role since FDR battled the Great Depression & Axis powers in WWII.
Great leaders unify & rally their people together in fighting major threats.  It’s tragic that Trump is not up to the task, not only lying, gaslighting, sugarcoating & BS’ing his way through this, but he’s shirking his responsibilities by handing over the all-important testing role to the states.  It’s as though after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, would FDR been an effective leader by letting the states decide whether America would enter WWII?  And would the states be tasked with conducting the war & making decisions which require putting our troops in harm’s way?  Such a ridiculous scenario is preposterous to even imagine, but had it really occurred, that over-the-top incompetent, tepid, flailing leadership would have made FDR into the worst president in our nation’s history, sort of where Trump is at now!:  Great leaders also know the buck stops with them, something Trump will never learn:
Another factor is the states were shut out of the previous stimulus package, so how could they possibly have the funding to carry out this huge testing endeavor on their own?  If Trump wants to abdicate his leadership role & pass the buck onto the states (, the least he could do is provide the money:  The bigger question remains, if mass testing is the key to saving lives & the economy, why is it not forcefully being pursued at the federal level by the White House?  Plus his tone-deaf party is balking at adding testing funding to the latest stimulus bill.  What the hell is wrong with the GOP?  The states just don’t have the resources or the clout to do what’s needed.  So Trump’s dawdling put us in this mess to begin with, while his continuing wimpy leadership could cost us trillions more dollars as this economic shutdown is prolonged, plus cost us tens of thousands of more lives as the virus is not effectively contained.  
Let’s face it, the prez is not just a clueless & incompetent leader, but he’s a despicable human being lacking the qualities & skills to do his job.  For me & millions of other Americans, he even lacks the moral authority to be our leader.  Just watch the guy!  And listen to him!  He’s off his rocker!  So we’re now at over 40,000 deaths in America in under two months & rising:  It’s very likely many if not most of those deaths could have been prevented had our presidential leadership just done his basic job in a timely manner, especially upon receiving several intelligence reports early in the year warning about the monster that was coming.  There’s only one person we can point to for such horrific failings, the one with blood on his hands.  The recent newsfeeds had many stories on this testing issue:
Yes, with Trump’s lack of leadership as the number of tests still hasn’t ramped up, it can only keep the numbers diagnosed artificially low.  So if the models & trending are the criteria used in allowing states to open up based on two weeks of declining infection rates, the decisions will be based on false readings.  Is that the real reason Trump is downplaying the testing?  It just seems he’s jamming through reopening the economy without consideration for the health risks.  So to prioritize opening up again without putting the needed health safeguards in place is bass-ackwards thinking:  In Trump’s infinite wisdom with his war on the deep state, the CDC, FDA & NSC had been hollowed out, while the former pandemic response team was disbanded, resulting in a loss of professional expertise we could have counted on to provide wise direction in times of a national emergency such as this. 
Those daily press conferences where the prez hogs the spotlight, there’s a notable lack of detailed medical information & advice as Trump rambles on with his propagandist spin.  And once again here on Sunday, his presser became a disgrace as he again attacked a reporter, doing his typical bullying jackass shtick pretending to be a tough guy.  Did you see his angry act?: & also see  It’s so painfully obvious by now, the prez is a total jerk & we haven’t been able to trust anything he says:
I suspect even with his massive ego, the prez is fully aware he’s really blown his management of this virus crisis by dragging his feet.  That’s probably why he is so focused on creating distractions, blaming others & being obsessed with the numbers instead of using his leadership authority to fight the virus: & also see  Once again we have an enormous number of links from the newsfeeds these past few days, since for those of us born after WWII, this is likely the biggest ongoing headline story any of us have ever seen!  With so many links, I’d suggest to keep informed it’s a good idea to at least peruse the titles, which I’m sure you’ll find some interesting enough to open: 
Election Speculation
This is one we have to win, or otherwise the big loser will be our American democracy & free society.  I’m cautiously optimistic we can rid ourselves of a dangerous demagogue, so long as Uncle Joe doesn’t fall flat on his face.  As bad as Trump has been, in our country of over 300 million people, probably 90% of us would do a better job than Trump.  At least we’re not out to trash the Constitution:
One World Global Citizen
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