Part 1
Despite Trump’s repeated denials, Russia did interfere in the 2016 election in order to benefit Trump as these Senate Intel reports confirm.  The preponderance of prior evidence also suggests the Trump campaign team colluded with the Russians to cheat & taint the election, which the Mueller probe was apparently restricted from exploring the most relevant investigatory channels, so the conclusions from his report released a year ago did not rise to the level of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  But more pertinent stuff is being unveiled in these intel reports as more documents get released:
Part 2
This section regularly reveals our president’s corrupt authoritarian ways.  As a president he’s a real hoot.  But he’s also very dangerous.  Part of the Trump manifesto is to create enemies so he can divide us as a people into two separate camps.  He then uses his gestapo loyalists that he’s installed in key leadership positions to go after any opposition.  This is classic stuff dictators are made by.  His compliant media-echo also gives him cover by attacking those same enemies, which lately have been identified as the Dems, media, deep state, governors, Chinese, CDC, WHO, Obama, Biden, Fauci, Bill Gates, & anyone else they can smear & demonize for their own tyrannical political purposes.
Trump truly is a clueless demagogue.  How someone like him could rise to the level of president is beyond horrifying, but he had plenty of help getting there from equally clueless supporters.  It’s just hard to believe the echo can defend & Trumpeters can support such ineptitude from this president, whose crisis management skills over this pandemic might be the most pathetic display of leadership skills in our nation’s history (see Part 3).  Perhaps the only explanation for backing this unprecedented display of futility is Trump pundits & his loyal base are being mesmerized into a cult mentality willing to deny reality.  These are recent articles about our autocrat-in-chief, including updates on his corrupt AG:
Deadly Commentaries
Echo-buffoons are quick to justify a quick reopening to the economy by comparing Coronavirus death counts to the flu or car accidents, conveniently overlooking without social distancing orders the fatality numbers may skyrocket.  I’ve said for years Fox & the echo are bad for American’s mental health with many articles posted helping to prove my point, but lately their irresponsible rhetoric can even be deadly for a person’s physical health.  Most of these links take us into the wild/wacky world of the evil/crazy Fox:
Deadly Tea
This tea party tomfoolery where we’re seeing protests popping up in selected cities demanding to reopen the economy, these people have no clue as to what’s really going on.  In the cause of liberty if they wanted to get back to work in their businesses, they should direct their angry protests squarely at the president they worship.  Their beef should be demanding a mass testing program where hundreds of thousands could be tested daily, giving us the ability to diagnose, isolate & contact trace.  Only then could we proactively stem the spread of the virus, & only then could the stage be set to reopen the economy safely.  The main factor as to why most of the country is still under isolation orders, it’s because Trump has fumbled this supply chain testing issue for months which only a president is authorized to mandate.  So had he done his job from the beginning instead of pushing back on ordering the critically-needed mass testing, our economy likely would be open by now, since we’d have the means to greatly reduce the virus spread.  To all tea-heads, please put the blame where it belongs:
So the confounded Trumpeter protesters who are demonstrating reasoning powers on the level of a gnat (, they are incorrectly blaming the governors who are enforcing public safety (, with these tea-baggers seeking to end social distancing prematurely so lots more people can be stricken.  That would only cause more deaths while prolonging the time our economy would need to stay in lockdown.  Yes, these protesters are nuts following a nutbag agenda:  So rather than putting the cart before the horse, let’s focus as a nation on getting the spread of the virus under control, allowing the economy to open up again as quickly as possible in a way it can be safe & sustained:
Fortunately, a sizable majority of Americans know the health concerns need resolved ahead of restoring the economy, so this reckless tea-brained mentality represents only a small minority: & also see & also see  But if anyone could stoke a civil war with his crazed rabid followers, President Trump & his henchmen are the ones who could do it:  See more links taking us to their loony mindset here:  
Part 3
No matter the challenges ahead of us, it is hoped as a country we can still maintain the all-important individual initiative & work ethic, that which has embodied the American Dream & made us a great nation.  As we battle our way out of this pandemic-induced shutdown that drew attention to the high degree of economic insecurity running throughout society, this massive shakeup to our economy could present a unique opportunity for restructuring an economic model designed for shared growth & opportunity for all.  For way too long large corporate interests have used their power & leverage over the rest of us, taking advantage of their workforce in a relentless pursuit of more profits.  It’s time to explore remedies so workers can enjoy the spoils of their labor, getting a square deal without being exploited & cheated by the powers that be.  Dedicated workers deserve that much from our great/wealthy nation.   
Another spending bill is scheduled to be signed this week, which the amounts keep climbing well into the trillions, but is an amount we can’t afford not to pay:  Even beyond the PPP bills to prop up small businesses, once the economy opens up again we’re going to need an ongoing initiative for saving these mom & pop shops.  The many struggling independent businesses will require a source of reliable financing to help get them on their feet again, whether it’s getting loans through a greatly ramped up SBA or bank loans backed by the federal government:  Small business is the engine that revs up our economy, so there can be no recovery until we offer sustained assistance for keeping viable these small enterprises who are teetering on the edge.  These are links to our temporarily shattered economy in these uncertain Covid-19 times:
It’s a Daily Horror Show
Not just the virus crisis, but the entire Trump presidency which seems to be getting worse by the day.  The testing debacle is emblematic of his failed presidency.  On a per capita basis, with testing we still lag behind many other developed countries who’ve also been slammed by this virus (, yet we still have by far the most diagnosed cases in the world.  That indicates we have a real problem.  The problem stems from the top, since had our president taken the many warnings seriously out of the gates & acted accordingly, we have every reason to think the severity & duration of this virus crisis would have been substantially diminished.  There is no excuse why the federal government still refuses to take charge & ramp up testing by using their power to authorize the mass production of needed supplies:  This slow as molasses response has produced deadly consequences, to what degree we’ll never really know for sure the full extent of the tragic numbers:  
It may get easier to test millions of Americans, with home testing on a mass scale hopefully soon available through nasal swabs or saliva.  That could buy us time until we get a handle on the situation, through some combination of herd immunity, plasma treatments, proven effective drug treatments & a vaccine.  Until we do get to that point, for the near term it’s mass testing that would slow the spread/deaths & speed up the opening of the economy.  So why aren’t we doing that?  It seems like the prez is still trying to justify his initial downplaying the virus dangers, while he also wants to keep the infection numbers artificially lower than they really are.  Plus, he wouldn’t want to be put in position to get queried on why his testing management up til now has been a massive & fatal mistake, contrary to the resolute gaslighting he’s trying to lay on us:
Trump’s priorities seem to be in the approximate order of what’s best for himself personally, the election, passing the blame, coordinated messaging with the echo, talking points for rallying his base & then the economy.  The health of the American people appears to be far down the list, despite our nation being in the middle of a virus pandemic nearing 50,000 deaths.  So for personal, political or whatever other reasons, it looks like Trump is sacrificing American lives for his own twisted agenda:  To actually save lives & get the economy going again, the testing should be by far his #1 priority if he were a real president:–and-reporters-must-tell-him-that/.  But his circus act is wearing thin & driving us crazy:
Here’s a timeline of abject incompetence & neglect:  The prez has basically done nothing:  It’s actually been worse than nothing based on his initial denials & propagating dangerous falsehoods.  Years from now, when the benefit of time offers perspective & the history books are written about this current health/economic emergency, Trump may be regarded as having provided the worst presidential management of a crisis in our country’s history.  Please peruse these link titles providing valuable recent updates on where we stand during this pandemic:
Election Projections
Please get involved in spreading the word about the dangers America faces with this current president.  November has become an election our nation simply cannot afford to reelect an incompetent/corrupt demagogue, so it’s an election us pragmatic patriotic Americans can’t afford to lose.  We’ll even be doing Trumpeters a big favor, although they’re completely unaware of that at least for now (they can thank us later):
Ventilator Blues
I have a buddy obsessed with the Rolling Stones & knows every song they’ve ever done.  So he figured this would be an appropriate song in these tragic Coronavirus times, even though it wasn’t one of their hits & I never before heard of it: