BREAKING NEWS!…It looks like the Saturday Night Massacre from Watergate fame is now happening in modern times on Wednesday afternoon!  With Jeff Sessions being forced out, our constitutional crisis looks to have arrived with the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as the acting AG, so he can take oversight over the Mueller investigation!  Whitaker is a Trump crony who has previously criticized the Mueller probe & has publicly stated ways the investigation could be halted by choking off funding.  Due to his expressed opinions there’s obviously a conflict of interest, so he should rightly recuse himself, but that’s not likely to happen as the fix looks to be in & Whitaker by all appearances looks to be another corrupt Trumpeter.  The obvious intent here is to install an AG who’d block Mueller, which such motives should be viewed as both corrupt & illegal.
Check back with us for our next scheduled post Friday afternoon for articles & commentaries on what’s going on here.  I can’t say any of this was a surprise, since I’ve written frequently about the likelihood of Sessions getting ousted right after the midterms, plus there are a few times I’ve warned about Whitaker & the possibility Trump could install him to derail the probe.  This is the most dangerous stunt our president has pulled yet, further revealing more proof of obstruction & highlighting Trump may well be the most corrupt political figure in American history.  Plus whatever revelations Mueller is discovering, it’s also very likely Trump will be proven to be a criminal!  Thank God the Dems won the House!!!  They’ll be called upon to clean up this mess when they take control in January!  But plenty of fireworks are sure to go off in the interim & our democracy itself might be teetering on the edge!  Bottom line is, the American people need to learn all the facts from the Russian probe & our constitutional rule of law must be protected!!!  Nobody is above the law!  But a lawless demagogic president pays no heed to the law.