Part 1
Our Part 1’s have been very short lately.  We save this section for when more reports of Trump’s crimes hit the news, which is destined to start happening again someday soon.  So we just have a few links below, but our Part 3 section on the economy & Coronavirus more than makes up for our lack of news in this section.  Yes, there is overall an enormous number of links posted here late on a Wednesday night, since this is a monster story about a virus that’s a beast!:
Part 2
A Wanna-Be Dictator & His Delusional Media-Echo
Our Part 2’s always begin by detailing Trump’s authoritarian instincts, while further on down we expose the the dangers & destruction from the echo, with Fox fake news being the kingpin.  When we have somebody aspiring to be a dictator who is also a pathological liar, corrupt con man, vengeful bully & seemingly mentally unstable, that is a very bad place for our country to be in.  When he’s got the full backing of the echo who’ll spread all his deceitful propaganda, that makes the prez doubly-dangerous!  Some of these articles in this first group deal with one of Trump’s favorite pastimes, his cruel assault on the First Amendment & Freedom of the Press, while others hint at his underhanded plot to usurp unabridged power:
Crazy Fox Becoming Deadly
Although it would be difficult to prove intent or negligence from the network’s repeated lies, every family who loses a loved one to Coronavirus after the deceased failed to take the virus seriously from watching the persistent dismissals coming from Fox fake news, each of those families should sue Fox for millions.  And the more people who keep watching Fox likely means the more people who are at risk of being killed!  That’s no joke, since when viewers are preconditioned not to take extra precautions when their chosen TV network downplays the virus, it really does encourage behavior which might prove fatal.
So these hosts/pundits on Fox aren’t just ignorant delusional liars as they have been for years, but they’ve literally become dangerous to their viewers’ lives & anyone in close contact with them!  The network all along has been a consistent source of disinformation whose viewpoints defile our Constitution while undermining our democracy with autocratic cheerleading, but lately they’ve managed to outdo themselves by becoming a lethal threat!  So here are Fox updates on how the network has become more deranged than ever, & no truer words were ever spoken as seen in these first couple WaPo link titles:
The Radical Cousins to Fox from Inside the Echo-Bubble
There are plenty of other extremist morons running loose out there spreading their lies, lunacy & carnage.  Inside the first couple links, I don’t mean to sound crude about a radio talk-show host battling cancer, but the longer he’s on the air spewing his nonsense, the more he’s putting the lives of other people at risk!  All these echo-voices exposed inside these links are sick!:
Part 3
The Economy
Despite this being the wealthiest country in the history of the world, most Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck & have no emergency savings available for a crisis like what we’re going through.  The stimulus package is much needed & appreciated, but it’s only temporary.  Whenever the economy can get back to normal again (if ever), we’re still struggling with the ongoing issue of America having some of the most disparate income & wealth gaps in the entire Western world.  So despite our massive wealth, a sizeable majority of Americans still have difficulty paying their bills when their income is shut off for just a month or two:  It’s a signal the economic system itself is flawed even to the point of being rigged. 
With the major economic disruption now taking place by this national emergency, it might have otherwise offered a golden opportunity to remake our economic model in becoming more inclusive, since the system has already been rattled & shaken to its core.  What a shame our DC leadership seems incapable of embarking on such a transformative mission, due to the wide bitter divides that keep tearing our nation apart.  A monumental blockbuster would be to muster up enough national determination for recreating careers that offer both a private & public contribution (& would also pay more).  It just seems we have evolved into having way too many “BS” jobs in certain industries whose primary motive is to enrich C-level execs & shareholders, but have no real greater purpose for enriching the public good.  But the hope for such gigantic thinking & restructuring for now is well beyond what our polarized society would be prepared to do:  Here are recent articles on an economy practically frozen in place by the virus crisis:
When We Needed a Hero, We Got a Clueless Narcissist
Some say during this national emergency we should unite for the battle & not politicize the crisis.  I agree on the need to unite since we’re all in this together, & please hear our song at the bottom.  But who is the one that most continues to pick fights, insults others & divides us as a nation?:  And all along Trump has floated his own fantasy versions & lies on the state of the virus crisis, from which calling him out & delivering much-deserved criticism may be the only way to hold our prez accountable, trying to retrieve him back into our world of reality.  Clear-thinking Americans by now can clearly see through his spin, but as for his doting Trumpeter base, it just boggles the mind how they predictably keep buying into his outlandish false rhetoric:
The attempt to rein him in might be working, since after nearly 3 months of delusional spiel, this week for the first time Trump may finally be admitting the gravity of the situation:  As for politicization, remember the person who’s most responsible for painting the best picture of himself over the facts in this election year, as the press conference productions are a daily circus show with highly calculated spin designed to make excuses for the prez:  The constant lies coming from Trump are so transparent & yet his base always believes him, so the prez can keep telling the tale of what a great job he’s done despite his obvious leadership debacle, knowing his low-information Trumpeters have fully bought in:  Those supporters will continue to think the prez is doing a great job because Trump keeps telling them so:
On a recent conference call with governors when the shortage of testing supplies was brought up, Trump interjected that he hasn’t heard of any problems with testing for weeks.  Is he ignoring the pleas from local authorities & hospital workers?  Or just always out to lunch?  He’s still in denial as he is keeping his head squarely in the sand.  Whatever happened to the millions of test kits he promised would come weeks ago?  Not only do we still have testing shortages, but there’s an urgent need for more ventilators & protective gear.  Our leadership at the top responsible for directing the production & distribution of these life-saving supplies continues to be abysmal!  The president still seems inexplicably out of touch, plus his badly delayed response in the first place has us playing catch-up, from which we may never catch up & much of the damage already seems destined.  Intelligence briefings warned the White House starting back in January what was coming, which Trump chose to not only ignore the threat, but even mocked it.  Even now the prez keeps watching the world go by, unaware what the heck to do. 
At some point, we are going to need a commission set up to find out & understand what mistakes were made that led to the disastrous delays.  And the White House mistakes just keep happening.  Despite the urgent & critical need for social distancing, which some of the governors took the lead on that a couple weeks ago, it’s the height of incompetence a nationwide lockdown has yet to come from the top:  The biggest reason this virus got away from us & spread to more people than any other country in the world, it can indeed be linked to a lack of presidential leadership from Trump:  The warnings & models by health professionals have so far been shown accurate as the counts keep rising, as opposed to all the initial denials by Trump & his echo who even went so far as calling the whole thing a hoax. 
At least the social isolation measures recently enforced at the state levels could offer some hope our death tolls might be held down into the tens of thousands, instead of the hundreds of thousands.  Early data does suggest areas who first ordered isolation are more effectively bending the curve.  But tragically, had the warnings been heeded a couple months ago & decisive action taken at the federal level, as a nation we likely could have avoided the dire fate that awaits us:  A huge number of Americans will not survive, which unquestionably much of the blame can be directly traced back to the president’s original hesitations & blunders:
The newsfeeds are overflowing with virus updates, as these numerous reports are valuable in giving accurate insights as to how this crisis has unfolded & where we currently stand.  All Americans should be paying close attention to the details of our shared national emergency:
Speculation on the Election
Whatever anyone might think of having Uncle Joe as our president, the bottom line is America simply cannot afford to reelect Trump for another 4 years.  This crisis has laid bare his incompetence & lack of leadership, & in particular he simply doesn’t possess the essential personal traits needed to be our president.  All along the way he’s been doing more harm than good, but this emergency we’re in have really ratcheted up the stakes & magnified the need for competent leadership, but the prez has failed the test & his missteps have proven deadly.  All of us who follow the real news & can clearly see what’s happening, we must work together to remove this menace or otherwise our nation overall may never recover, virus or no virus.  These links give updated reports on where we currently stand with a very important election coming up in November:
Our Prayers are the Best Shot We Have as a Country
Chicago is using this song for encouragement, while the video with the live performance was done in NYC, currently the epicenter of our crisis: