Evil-Echo Empire Update….

There are many articles below which carry over from some comments in part 1 on Russian interference.  We’re under attack from a foreign adversary.  We’ve got the proof Russian bots are still flooding us with false information.  They’re seeking to exploit our divides & discredit our elections.  Yet our president does nothing.  He won’t even acknowledge these attacks.  Had FDR done nothing after the Pearl Harbor attacks, we may have been taken over by Hitler & the Nazi’s.  Had W. (& even Obama) sat back & did nothing after 9-11, Bin Laden & the Taliban may still be committing major terrorist attacks including slamming commercial airliners into major buildings.  Cyberattacks can undermine a democracy as much as guns & bombs.  It’s as though Trump is thumbing his nose at the unanimous consensus of the intelligence community, apparently trusting the opinions on Fox & Friends more than the experts.  And it should be appallingly obvious to all intelligent Americans that the attacks on the DOJ/FBI from Trump & his echo are nothing more than trying to discredit/derail the Mueller investigation.  That’s it.  It’s the lone reason.  Our intelligence agencies are being smeared to stop the facts from coming out on Russia.

Many of the related articles below cover the congressional testimonies this week from our top intelligence chiefs.  Intelligence Director Dan Coats testified the U.S. is under attack from Russian cyberattacks & Chinese cyber-espionage.  He also expressed concern how our fractious political process & reckless spending/deficits could undermine our leadership authority & security.  FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that despite the integrity of the bureau being attacked, those in his organization can continue doing their important jobs & need to blot out the noise coming from TV & social media.  He also confirmed the Russian interference & China engaging in an all-out assault to steal our intellectual property in the high-tech sector.  Plus he also disputed the White House’s account of the Rob Porter scandal (which we have a ton of articles about that).  All those intelligence leaders who answered questions on Russia confirmed that adversary did, are & will continue to disrupt our electoral process, so we must do something about it now.  Everyone agrees on that point except their top boss.  And that’s a problem.  It’s becoming a huge problem for America.  Our enemies are real threats to democracy, yet again we’re left to wonder why the current prez does nothing to stop it!

Getting to the related articles, the first couple links show a GOP that’s lost its bearing, as seen in the-underrecognized-damage-trump-is-doing-to-the-republican-party & a-vicious-vortex-of-irrationality-is-sucking-in-the-republican-party.  In the next link, here’s an excerpt from the-real-threat-from-autocracy-is-how-we-deal-with-democracy & it doesn’t sound good:

In 2017, autocracy — that is, government in which one person wields unlimited authority — seemed to have the upper hand against the troubled democracies of the West. 

 Among the democracies, President Donald Trump polarized a divided American electorate, and European elections in Germany, France and elsewhere evidenced equally deep enmity between the political right and left. Brexit all but paralyzed Britain.

In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index concludes that 2017 produced “the worst decline in global democracy in years,” highlighting, in particular, decline in freedom of expression, including media freedom. 

None of the four democracies above even made the top 10 in the EIU’s ranking of 167 countries.  Germany is 13, the United Kingdom is 14, the United States is 21 and France is 29. Of the Asian democracies, Indonesia fell from 48 to 68 in the rankings, the worst country decline globally, and the world’s most populous democracy, India, fell steeply in the rankings from 32 to 42.

History is full of failed autocratic states, but few failed democracies. A functioning democracy can heal itself, unless a democracy has become neither free nor equitable. There are palpable fears that the United States is slipping into autocracy. Political discourse is fractured, and the EIU writes, “Income inequality is higher in the U.S. than in other rich countries and has worsened since the global economic and financial crisis of 2007-09. Studies show that higher income inequality reduces trust in others and undermines social capital.” The resilience of democracy in America is being tested by an autocratic president who de-legitimizes ordinary civil discourse through misrepresentation and distortion, aided by complicit actors, such as Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) of the House House Intelligence Committee and his famously flawed memo on FBI surveillance. While the world’s autocracies loom as a threat, the real threat to our welfare and to world peace is how we deal in the democracies with the erosion of basic civil liberties and the rise of domestic social and economic inequality.

In the link chris-cuomo-jim-jordan-fbi-conspiracy-theory, it’s truly embarrassing a total crackpot like Jordan was sent to Congress from Ohio.  He’s afflicted with the same type of deranged false reality syndrome causing mental incapacitation as Hannity & Alex Jones.  From there, see groups of links on Fox, other echo-sources, the memo debacle, intelligence chiefs testimonies & the domestic abuse situation inside the White House.  That Porter story has been running hot for more than a week.  A year in & a few dozen in the White House still don’t have security clearances, totally unacceptable & ridiculous.  No check that, now we’ve found out there are 130 who haven’t passed! (over-100-white-house-officials-dont-have-permanent-security-clearances-report)  It doesn’t help when the White House keeps changing their story.  And what’s going on with Kushner? (watchdog-group-files-complaint-remove-jared-kushners-temporary-security-clearance)

And as always, there are articles below having the prerequisite amount of Fox fake-news articles & other crazy echo-messaging.  Fox every day has 3 hours of pure insanity in the morning, & another 3 hours of pure insanity in the evening.  Hannity proves conclusively on every show he’s an imbecile.  They are backed up by an entire radio & internet echo-chamber repeating the same lies, distortions & far-right radicalism as Fox.  It has systematically destroyed the conservative mindset!  And don’t call me some loony-lib!  I was a GOP supporter for several decades until I saw the way the echo dragged the ideology way off to the extreme right, while enabling a dangerous demagogue like Trump.  So now the only way to save the party is by first destroying it, then build it back up from the ashes based on common-sense center-right principles.  I don’t see any other viable options.  The current GOP as it’s constituted seems too far gone.  We’re facing real threats to democracy, yet the GOP is willing to just let it happen.  If the Mueller probe can soon take down the Trump presidency, hopefully the echo will also go down in flames, so we can start over with a brand new party that’s sane & can compete with the Dems.  It’s a free country, the echo-base has a right to be wrong.  But as they try dragging our nation down the drain, we have an obligation to inform them & try to set them straight.  We can’t force them to abandon their insanity bubble, but perhaps by sharing this info we can nudge them back to somewhere a little closer to reality & objective truths.  A good place to start might be sharing the blog, The Voracs.

These came from a previous message but worth repeating