Part 1 – Criminals Should Not Be President
We always have a huge number of political article links in each one of our posts, accumulating into tens of thousands of links overall in our archives, & it’s not because we like searching out & posting links.  It’s all because Trump is a prolific newsmaker (that was even the case before the virus hit), which all these articles clearly show him to be the most incompetent, clueless, divisive, destructive, dangerous, dishonest, vengeful, immoral, corrupt & criminalized president in American history!  The most important thing we can do the next 2-1/2 months to save our democracy is to share this valuable info with our fellow Americans, since our nation cannot afford another 4 years of this deranged demagoguery backed by a delusional cult following who threaten to take our country down the road to authoritarianism.
Please peruse the many link titles in all the groupings below, taking seriously the warnings these articles are telling us, since from now til November will likely determine whether America can right its ship & return on the path to restoring our functioning society, or continue on our current path of precipitous decline.  Making that critical decision is dependent on voters getting accurate accounts of what’s really going on, since our nation’s very survival may hinge on not making the same disastrous mistake as what occurred in November 2016.  Part 1 articles have always provided articles for exposing Trump’s illegalities, which these links offer up this week’s edition.  Taken together with all our prior Part 1’s in the archives, which the articles are there for all to see, it provides loads of irrefutable evidence Trump is indeed a hardened criminal:
Part 2 – The Crazies Have Been Unleashed!
It’s just not possible for one person to screw things up so badly.  It takes a team.  Trump has surrounded himself with willing sycophants who’ll comply with his every command, a big reason why we’ll suffer hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths & a continuing crippled economy.  Team-Trump is also running roughshod over democratic institutions, our Constitution, balance of power & rule of law.  Because the prez & his minions seem to spark another new constitutional crisis on a regular basis, we cannot allow ourselves to become numb to it all.  Power-mad rogue tyrants can gain a foothold when the people get lulled to sleep by the constant barrage of mindless calamities which are a daily routine for this White House.  Even in just his first term, the prez has done so much damage domestically & internationally, plus to our ethical, legal & democratic norms, it might already be impossible to undo.
Let me state this clearly & emphatically so even naive Trumpeters can understand, Trump wants to be a dictator!  If he gets reelected, there’s a strong possibility he will succeed, from which our democracy will be gone.  Those who don’t see that either aren’t paying attention or don’t want to admit it.  I’ve been warning America runs the risk of falling into fascism from the moment Trump got elected, & dare I say time & events have proven my fears correct:  This blog for years has clearly laid out that threat.  Any individual article by itself may not seem to be that big a deal, but all of them taken together including the thousands of links at the top of previous Part 2’s, should set off a 5-alarm fire siren that we’re dealing with an administration that is totally corrupt & completely lawless as they relentlessly/shamelessly engage in serial abuse of power!:
Follow the Real News, Not Fox
I don’t think the real media has been tough enough on Trump, since this presidency has featured an unprecedented amount of dishonesty, divisiveness & corruption.  But while the media arguably leans left & does profusely criticize Trump (& justifiably so), at least their reporting is based on facts.  The right-wing echo-media has become a pure propaganda machine based on lies & conspiracies.  So make no mistake there is no longer any comparison between the two sides, as far-right messaging has become far more extreme than the far-left, simply because their right-wing media sources have dragged that conservative mindset way out into a constant pattern of delusional misinformation.  Following in the footsteps of talk radio & social media who started spewing their far-right extremism before them, Fox fake news in recent years has been blasting out the same abhorrent nonsense since it’s what their viewers have been conditioned to believe:
Crackpot Q
There’s a Trump faction out there who embrace a world of sick demonic lies which sometimes erupts into domestic terrorism: & also see  Those mental midgets who buy into such crackpot conspiracies are certainly a few blooms short of a bouquet.  But some congressional districts are cursed with so many of the citizen nutcases, those voters are willing to vote QAnon loonies into the halls of Congress.  No wonder Congress is so divided with some reps existing in some fact-free distant galaxy rather than operating in the real world.
The Q thinking is so off their rockers, they are truly dangerous!  One thing followers of radical conservative media fail to understand, white supremacist groups like the Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys & QAnon have far more violent tendancies than leftist groups like Antifa.  If a civil war breaks out after Trump loses, it will be those crazy gun-toting/2nd Amendment Trumpeters who’ll launch the deadly violence.  The Q-inspired shooting up a pizzeria from believing Hillary was operating a pedophile sex ring in the basement may seem mild by comparison.  That the GOP has attached itself to such insane lunacy tells us everything we need to know about that party.  And we thought the tea party was crazy?:
More Related-Type Lunacy
Like QAnon, the nihilistic derangement on the far-right takes many outrageous forms.  Anyone in their right mind can easily detect how wrong these people are, but we need to be familiar with what makes these nutbags tick.  So the links here take us on a wild tour of loony-land, as these folks are so misguided they’ve earned our disgust.  Yep, they’re all nuts!!!:
Evangelicals Self-Destructing
There are millions of evangelicals out there who have destroyed the Christian witness through their fervent allegiance to Trump, perhaps permanently tarnishing the church.  I believe any person can be a morally upstanding Christian or a Trump supporter, but they really can’t be both.  No person can serve two masters.  To support someone as morally reprehensible as Trump just doesn’t comport with Christian values, so evangelicals are free to make their own choice, but I hope they understand their relentless quest for political power can ultimately undermine the greater mission of their church.  There’s a fine line between a genuine faith & a cult, so when a faith is seen as part & parcel to supporting Trump, such a faith becomes meaningless.  The travails of our prez may ultimately destroy our GOP party, our nation & our church, simply because his fans are letting him. 
It is turning into a not-so-pretty picture when evangelicalism is in decline & the world is increasingly viewing our faith in an ugly light (& just look at the negative perception many have in this next article), but the faithful only have themselves to blame when they’ve transitioned from embracing truth to lies:  Revival is only possible by leaving Trump behind & saving souls doesn’t come about through dumb twisted theology: & also see  More cautionary notes to evangelicals are sounded inside the links as these articles can get us thinking: 
Part 3 – Trump Destroyed Our World along with the Economy
We never want to lose that American initiative which made our nation great, so rather than relying on government, we as a people can be incentivized to work hard & strive to accomplish great things.  Those who succeed in providing a valuable product/service in making the world a better place should be richly rewarded.  If government benefits become too prevalent & recipients grow too dependent on them, that can undermine the great American work ethic & motivations that have led to tremendous achievements.  Of course, government assistance is required during this pandemic emergency that has undercut our economy, so the nation is waiting for the next stimulus, but once we come out of this it will be necessary to cut off the spigot that’s feeding a dependency mindset. 
However, cutting excessive government aid programs can’t be done in a vacuum.  The challenge is to restructure our capitalist model so workers can earn a livable wage without the handouts, where their hard work is compensated at a higher level than it generally is now.  For decades the corporate oligarchs have worked in cahoots with DC politicians by directing most of the economic gains to the very top, which allowed the middle class to steadily lose ground as we’ve seen how it can be a fine line between empowering workers vs. exploiting them:  The big challenge to restoring the American Dream is getting all sides united in agreeing around a common purpose while putting a lot of thought into potential remedies.  With the GOP mostly holding tight to the status quo, the Dems seem to be the only party that even recognizes that entrenched structural problem, which the first step towards finding solutions is to clearly recognize the dilemma at hand.  The separation between Wall St. & Main St. has grown gigantic as capital is king & labor is dumped on, which that has to change:
That’s why the Trump economy was no great shakes before COVID (, since he is the poster boy for our crony capitalist system which rewards top earners with the most benefits.  If only his blue-collar base would realize they’ve been hoodwinked:  The tax cuts that failed to trickle down are actually lauded by conservatives as some great achievement, but they didn’t achieve much except spiking deficits.  The reality is our prez has done very little to boost our economy, but his avid supporters believe all the hyped-up bluster when Trump boasts of even minor accomplishments like he just cured world hunger.  If only he had concentrated on fighting the virus, our economy could have tempered the nosedive & been way better off by now, then he’d have something real to brag about. 
So now that a pandemic arrived this year which Trump bungled badly, the economy has undeniably plunged off a cliff.  We should not be mistaken, it was Trump’s lack of leadership which largely resulted in mass deaths along with crashing the economy, so as voters we must hold him accountable.  And as usual, it’s small businesses & workers taking the brunt of this COVID slowdown:  And without the extra federal unemployment boost, we can now expect the economy to slow further.  Correcting our current plight won’t be at all easy with a political culture overrun by tribalism, polarization, gridlock & obstruction, which is why we can’t solve big problems as explained here:  Here’s a long list of links revealing many other economic conditions we’re dealing with:
The President of Death
Other countries had leaders who took this virus pandemic seriously, taking decisive actions to help mitigate the damage.  There was no standard one size fits all, but basically they effectively fought the virus on a national level through promoting universal adherence to social distancing & mask wearing, acting swiftly early on with mass testing, isolation & contact tracing, while not reopening their economies again until guidelines were met for bending the curveCompared to other nations, our President Trump made the wrong moves every step of the way, which most Americans have come to realize:  I often wonder about those Trumpeters so quick to defend their president by somehow downplaying the carnage wrought by this virus, have their partisan viewpoints made them so indifferent or insensitive to the mass death totals of 170,000 & rising, even to the point they hardly seem to care?  And wouldn’t a few months sacrifice by all of us adherring to those vital precautions been worth it to save many of those lives?
Trump has even managed to recently reduce the amount of testing when we urgently need more testing: & also see  So we’re increasingly flying blind as the virus still rages, crippling our ability to isolate & stop the spread:  If the new in-home saliva test proves quick & accurate, we should go all in!  While Trump basically ignores a pandemic where hundreds of thousands of his people are dying, at least he’s promoting better water pressure in the shower so he can make his hair pretty: & also see  So it’s good to know his presidency is not totally useless.  Just don’t trust a damn word he says:
Because Trump failed to do his job when called upon to take steps in protecting the American people & saving lives, it’s not such a stretch to accuse him of negligent homicide:  When we examine what he could have done, it’s obvious to see he’s got the blood of many thousands of Americans on his hands:  And with schools & football returning, we may be in for another big spike soon.  No amount of Trumpian echo-spin can change the dire facts & the stats:  Here’s a listing exposing more facts about the virus & our handling of it:
Post Office Scandal Enters the Campaign
The key states that will decide the election, namely FL, PA, MI & WI, current polling has Biden leading by roughly 4-7 points in those states.  That’s far too close for comfort!:  The most dangerous & very worst president in American history running for reelection should be easily down by double-digits in battleground states & sinking fast.  How incompetent does a president need to be & how many thousands of deaths would he have to be responsible for before the cult mentality of his base is finally broken?  Trumpeters are horrifyingly scary in their delusions & devotion.  Why anyone would even consider voting for such a proven lying lowlife is beyond me.
Since it’s perhaps the only chance Trump has of winning, we’re seeing an unmistakable strategy of cheating coming from his campaign, happening through various means like voter suppression, sabotaging the post office, a contrived Durham investigation & again allowing the Russians to interfere:–this-election-will-be-determined-by-whether-trump-can-steal-it/.  Trump proudly confesses to cheating in these areas like his admitted hijinx with the postal service: & also see  What sense does it make to defund the post office of desperately needed funding while at the same time ordering the removal of mail sorting machines, other than wanting to suppress votes & taint the election?  It’s blatant corruption!!!  Please catch this impassioned exchange:
With the mail backing up, this is a transparent attempt to stop mail-in voting, especially in these COVID times when it would make the mail the best, easiest & safest way to vote.  The risk of fraud through the mail is probably lower than in-person, with the Russians already proving their ability to hack into our voting machines.  Personally, I’ll request my ballot early & I may take it to a local dropbox.  Let’s not risk letting the enemies of democracy fraudulently suppress our votes!  So let’s all be aware there are multiple devious schemes crafted by Trump & his henchmen to mess with & rig the upcoming election.  It’s fairly obvious the prez has determined he can’t win a fair fight, so he’ll cheat any way he can.  It looks as though there’s no limits to what this dictatorial demagogue might do:  But like we see with the post office debacle as mail delivery is now being delayed, Trump has been caught in the act.  Pelosi wants to call the House back into session this week to address this urgent threat:  In any normal times, this scandal alone would be reason enough for impeachment.  It really would!
Birtherism is raising its ugly head again, a familiar page out of Trump’s playbook.  I enthusiastically embrace the Dem ticket with Harris on it.  However, I must confess to emphatically supporting the Dems even if Biden picked as his running mate Edith Bunker or Marge Simpson: & also see & also see–Ordinary-suburban-housewife-Marge-Simpson-responds-to-Trump-campaign-s-senior-legal-adviser.  For most Americans, this election is a referendum on Trump, which is why Biden should win in a landslide: & also see
Life can never return to normal again until we get past COVID & Trump!  We cannot survive another 4 years of this:  The Trump campaign is trying to paint the Biden-Harris ticket as the radical far-left, which is simply hogwash.  The GOP is shrinking & this party of Trump needs to disappear, to be rebuilt or replaced.  So stay informed & spread the word to our fellow voters, since this is the one election America can’t afford to lose again.  Our future is on the line like never before!  Polling looks encouraging but let’s work together in trying to widen Biden’s lead.  When every current poll is consistent in showing Trump losing, it demonstrates their validity but we do have more than two months to go.  We’ve posted a healthy number of live links about the election campaign & evil Trumpian tactics, as the race is really heating up with the presidential tickets having been decided as we’re heading into the virtual conventions:

King Sings Queen
Vocals by our compromised president who sings to Putin’s tune, he’s got to go: