Part 1

Part 1 was previously our most crowded section with links reporting on all the corrupt Trump high jinks associated with Russia & Ukraine.  We do have a few links posted below tied into the potential illegal activities from Trump.  And Adam Schiff always has a tremendous way of articulating & connecting the crimes behind Trump’s actions, as seen here:


What’s Going On In North Korea?

There’s mysterious drama emanating from the most closed society in the entire world.  Is the brutal dictator dead or alive?  The only person we know of who’s ever declared love for this murderous thug without being coerced into doing so, is our very own President Trump.  I’m sure he would be crushed if he didn’t have his great friend to pal around with at various photo-op summits which command the world’s attention.  Despite our prez once claiming North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat, nothing could be further from the truth, so any succession plans or internal power grabs could have monumental implications.  With such conflicting reports in the news, the real story coming out of North Korea won’t be known until well after the fact:


Part 2

Don’t Fall for Trump & His Evil Echo

Out of my upmost respect for the office of the presidency, I’ll refuse to call Trump crazy, but I truly do think he’s nuts!  Over the years in our Part 2’s we’ve posted an abundance of links showing conclusively that since his inauguration in January 2017, the prez has shown every indication of being a deranged psycho bent on destroying our Constitution & democratic institutions.  The numerous commentaries & articles from major news sources seen in, plus all other op-eds written by real journalists or never-Trumpers like myself, are there to expose our president’s autocratic intent that could permanently dismantle our cherished freedoms & human rights. 

Plus he’s failing to actually do his job, offering zero credible leadership as he spends much of his day in private quarters consuming cable TV:  And it’s hard to fully discern the true amount of damage being done by a delusional president spinning tales straight out of loony-land:  It’s like being stuck in an ongoing nightmare, which we can only wake up back into normalcy by voting out this nutball in November:  Since nobody in their right mind can trust Trump, we need reliable sources like what is found on Reliable Sources: & also see

I keep warning over & over about this, but Americans have never personally experienced fascism before & they’re not taking the threat seriously enough.  So I’m warning again, with Trump’s authoritarian nature/personality traits & installing corrupt sycophants in key positions of power, plus he has the full backing of a compliant echo-media & Trumpeter base, the current risk is indeed very real!  Tyranny is an insidious thief that can creep us on us, & once we’ve become aware it’s upon us, it may already be too late & our freedoms are stolen away.  An informed populace can prevent such a fate so long as we don’t succumb to complacency or denial.  Here are more warnings explaining the kind of president we’re dealing with:


Folly of Fox-Fueled Fodder Fooling Fandom Folks with Fake & Fictional Fables

In other words, that crony network is polluted with pathological liars just like the president they serve, as they constantly spew demonstrable falsehoods.  Since their viewers have been pretrained (in other words brainwashed) to believe in preposterous far-right viewpoints from many years of conditioning through other delusional echo sources, Fox has learned to keep their audience happy by echoing that same extremist hogwash their customers are demanding.  It wasn’t that many years ago Fox actually offered somewhat reasonable conservative dialogue, but their rhetoric has totally changed as they’ve come off the rails.  The network has gone from commentating on the real news to now being provocateurs in advocating outlandish propaganda & conspiracy theories.  Especially the prime time shows, they’ve made a blood sacrifice in being wholly subservient to the earthly master they worship.  It’s immeasurable & incomprehensible the amount of damage these buffoonish hosts are doing to our democracy by aligning with demagoguery. 

It’s bad enough America is suffering from the abject incompetence coming from the White House, but those damn liars like insanity Hannity are deliberate purveyors of false rhetoric serving to enable/empower the worst instincts of an irrationally destructive president.  All of us suffer since the cult members who watch those shows can’t be reasoned with, so we’ll never unite as a nation for as long as a significant conservative block in our country are locked away inside their illusionary bubble & refuse to acknowledge basic facts.  Of course, Trump wants even more of a North Korean TV network clone willing to go to hyper-extremes in servitude to a wanna-be dictator:  So Fox is no longer extreme enough for the prez?  We always feature links revealing horrible components of a deceitful Fox, so here are more articles showing no sane American should be watching that network anymore.  We do have to wonder in light of Fox’s unrelenting lying, what type of intellectually-challenged mindset does it take to keep watching that stuff?  The chronic naivete of Fox viewers is creating an erroneous alternate reality & dragging down our country:–the-trump-fox-news-coronavirus-misinformation-campaign-has-real-consequences/2020/04/25/def5272d-f17b-48b3-89f8-dbe46d90f24f_video.html?itid=sf_opinions


Those Crazy Tea-Heads

I haven’t had a haircut for months, so my flowing locks are starting to resemble my mod hippie-looking days in college from the 1970’s (except for the bald spots).  In the general scheme of things, that’s a relatively minor inconvenience in maintaining social distancing & helping fight a deadly pandemic as we’re all in this battle together.  With so many of our fellow citizens getting infected & dying, we all play an important part in mitigating the spread & ravaging effects of the virus so as to minimize its tragic outcomes.  So as highly responsible citizens having respect for our fellow Americans, we’re taking the highly responsible stance of staying isolated until the worst of the threat has passed. 

Of course, there are always some displaying the height of irresponsibility.  These social isolation times have inspired the old low-information tea partiers to crawl out of their holes & ramp up their protests again for old-times sake, as they love to rally around any perceived grievances so they can play the woe-is-me victim game.  Little do these bamboozled kumquats understand they’re being manipulated by powerful forces, as large corporate interests are inspiring & even funding their civil disobedience rabble-rousing, since the rich oligarchs want to make millions & billions again from their highly profitable businesses & rising stock market portfolios.  So they seek to enlist the help of willing peons who’ll risk their own health & those around them for the cause of a drummed-up version of liberty, fighting a pseudo enemy which they uniformly perceive as government overreach & oppression.

Even the White House was sane enough to recommend states should wait to reopen until there’s a pattern of 14 days with a reduced number of infected residents.  So yes, it’s crazy to just haphazardly open up the economy before the virus spread has been reasonably trending downward.  Even upon reopening if it happens too soon, many won’t circulate out in public engaging in normal commerce out of a sense of caution anyway (, while the ones who do try going back to normal will only further spread the virus, making matters that much worse.  The last thing we need is a 2nd wave of outbreaks which would only prolong our health & economic misery.  See the actions of some deranged goofballs inside these links, a reminder of the idiotic tea party rallies from a decade ago, because they’re mostly the same people:


Other Far-Right Extremist Nutwings Spreading Their Smelly Manure

Yes, these people are yet more certifiable crackpots, wallowing in crap on the lunatic fringe of the far-right echo!  They need exposed for the dangerous wackos they truly are, as these articles are helping to do:


Part 3

The Economy

I’m getting a sense the essential workers on the front lines are receiving a newfound respect, providing the essential goods & services we need while putting their health on the line.  I can also sense a greater recognition for the millions of Americans battling to stay afloat during this Covid lockdown.  So it was necessary to pass the stimulus bills in helping to bail them out.  Once we’re able to reverse the virus spread & get the economy’s engines revved up again, millions of workers will still be struggling, but obviously the stimulus payments cannot go on indefinitely.  Once we get through this virus economic shock, we’re still going to need a better plan for the long run. 

We should pursue an economic model going forward where the working class receives their fair share of the proceeds, for the efforts they put forth in keeping our society functionally operational.  With GOP politicians basically proposing no new ideas, while Dem politicians mostly favoring some sort of redistribution model, I fear neither party is anywhere near on the right track for a fundamental restructuring in the way the very core of our compensation structure is administered.  As our capitalist system has evolved, large corporate interests have way too much leverage in exploiting their workforce, which corrective measures are required in giving employees a stronger voice (& higher pay). 

If there are worries better worker compensation again makes us less competitive on the world stage which could accelerate outsourcing, perhaps our DC leadership could place even higher emphasis on bringing down the relatively high costs of living in America.  A main target should be reforming our healthcare system for bringing costs more in line with the rest of the world, rather than being twice or 3 times more expensive like it is now.  So overall in presiding over our economy, the focus of our leaders should be on creating a sustainable foundation based on higher incomes & lower expenses for the typical family household, since allowing workers to get a fair deal involves having an economy where jobs are typically sufficient to pay the bills.           

As for making any real progress, that could realistically come about only with a new presidential regime.  During the previous presidential campaign, Trump stated we would be winning so much we’d get sick of winning.  Well, in so many ways we have literally become sick:  And we’ll never pull out of our economic malaise if Trump keeps going by the advice of his clueless economic heretics:  This situation alone is reason enough to vote for Biden, since his economic advisers would not be outdated trickle-down numskulls.  With the current severe downturn, these links take us to reports on the gravity of our situation in these very difficult Covid times:–more-dangerous


The Indomitable Dr. Trump

I think we’d better leave the medical advice to real doctors!  It’s bad enough Trump has contributed to countless deaths by his dismissive attitude early on & refusing to ramp up testing which could have contained the spread, but now he might be convincing his naive base to swallow or inject disinfectants into the body:  Since the prez has his loyal cult following who’ll adhere to whatever he says, maybe he wants to become like Jim Jones of Jonestown lore who presided over a mass suicide pact:

This entire episode is beyond crazy batsh** bonkers, especially coming from a president:  There’s a great ad that sums this up (& look at Dr. Birx’s reaction): & also see  That leads us to just one conclusion:  And here’s proof his Trumpeter cult will follow whatever he says: & also see  For many more articles on Trump’s bizarre & lethal suggestions, it’s here inside these live links:–and-his-administration-scrambles-to-stop-people-from-injecting-disinfectants/2020/04/24/77759238-8644-11ea-a3eb-e9fc93160703_story.html


How Did Covid-19 Get So Bad Here?

As a nation, unfortunately we have by far the highest number of cases & highest number of deaths in the world.  We’re about to hit one million diagnosed cases, while in a little over two months we’re about to hit the death toll our country had for the entire Vietnam War.  Had we had real presidential leadership from the beginning when health experts & the intelligence community started sounding the alarms, maybe we could have nipped the virus spread in the bud.  But it’s tragic we had Trump in charge, since he had no idea what to do, & even now still doesn’t have a clue how to handle this emergency.

Despite our nation’s plight in being hammered by the virus beyond all others, we still inexplicably have less than 2% of our population who’ve ever been tested.  Trump’s coordination with the private sector in ramping up testing supplies remains abysmal, as has been his rhetoric still blindly dismissing the need for mass testing.  That our nation’s president has not used the power of his office to command an urgent initiative for mass testing is one of the greatest derelictions of leadership during a crisis as ever seen in American history.  Plus we’re still having issues providing enough PPE for medical workers despite Trump’s emphatic & oblivious denials:

Just like the revolving door nature for so many who’ve served in this administration, the possible replacement of the HHS secretary may be based on Azar taking seriously the virus threat at an early date, running contrary to his boss’ chosen narrative: & also see  It may turn out to be just a rumor or a threat much like reports of Dr. Fauci’s possible firing a few weeks ago, but this chaos administration has a level of instability that is consistently beyond dysfunctional.  It’s just another explanation why the White House & our nation are being so badly managed.

The prez may pare back his daily pressers since polling shows they are no longer serving him well.  Of course, he’s been lying to us all along with his fantasy-land happy talk, & while the U.S. death count is 50K+ & rising, it comes shining through with all his rambling comments that all he really cares about is himself: & also see  I hope he does curtail his daily circus show with all the propaganda, since they’ve become too irritating & aggravating to watch anymore. 

It truly is tragic that a president’s incompetence & negligence in handling a crisis would lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans.  And those early & ongoing stumbles may lead to what is anybody’s guess what lies ahead, as we’re sure to suffer many more fatalities along with a very deep & prolonged recession/depression.  They say elections have consequences, & never has that been more true than the fatal mistake our nation made in November 2016.  To all those reading this, please let’s not allow that same mistake to happen again.  These links take us to much more news on the virus pandemic:


Let’s Get This Election Right!

With genuine concerns over a possible second virus outbreak returning in the fall, all states should be gearing up with a vote-by-mail system, avoiding the risky absurdity of long crowded lines like we recently saw in the Wisconsin primary debacle:  And we still haven’t ramped up election security enough to repel the illegal meddling sure to come from foreign bad actors.  Voter suppression is also a serious issue attempting to rob American’s right to vote, which those infringements of our rights are coming specifically from one major party:

I’m all for Uncle Joe.  But in so many ways this election isn’t so much about him.  It’s all a referendum on Trump!  With our current presidential leadership being as ridiculous, repulsive & revolting as we could possibly imagine, even a great country like America could be brought down by a leader so unfit for office & completely in over his head, that the permanent damage wrought by a second term could be incomprehensible & irreparable!  That’s why I please ask of you to spread the word near & far to our fellow Americans, since we’re down to just 6 months until a decision is made whether we want new leadership that’s actually sane to run the White House.

In many ways Biden is just a regular Joe without the dynamic type leadership we’d find ideal in a president.  But even if he’s just a one-term caretaker kind of a president, that’s a geometric quantum leap from what we’re enduring now.  At least Uncle Joe has the experience, judgement & connections to keep our country on track, plus he has a heart for others, something our current narcissistic, self-absorbed, sorry excuse for a leader could never have!  It’s not such a stretch to say the choice in November is between an elder statesman who could restore a sense of normalcy to our nation, or a clueless con man whose reckless machinations could literally wind up destroying us!  Never has our decision ever been more clear….or critically important!–the-populism-hustle/2020/04/23/82fc26e6-859d-11ea-878a-86477a724bdb_story.html


A Nice Touch

My daughter now resides in San Fran, & this was a classic song the city sang in honor of the frontline medical workers: & also see