A Trump Attack is Dangerous & Must Be Called Out….

The same party I’ve supported for a lifetime has not only lost its mind, it’s lost its soul.  The blame goes largely to the toxic rhetoric that started on talk radio a couple decades ago, like cancer then metastasized to the internet, & finally corrupted Fox News as of a few years ago.  Having ginned up a conservative base with false narratives full of vitriol & crazy conspiracy theories to justify their nihilistic agenda, it’s led to unleashing the monster as we see in our current president.  So this leader America has been cursed with, we see a Trump attack on anyone who crosses him, since his trigger doesn’t have a safety lock.

While we wait to find out whether he illegally colluded with a foreign power to taint the election in his favor, we must be vigilant in the meantime by reining in Trump’s authoritarian tendencies.  It’s abundantly clear as he criticizes, belittles, threatens & takes out his vengeance on those public servants doing their civic duties, such as judges, intelligence officials & political opponents, this is a level of totalitarian instincts & thuggery we’ve never seen before in an American president.  A Trump attack shows no mercy.  In fact, it’s a whole new level of bullying/intimidation that goes waaaaaay beyond anything we’ve ever witnessed.  Numerous times Trump also fired or sought to fire those in the DOJ/FBI he perceived as not being totally loyal to him, despite the independent nature of those agencies.  The so-called deep state is far from perfect, but is so very necessary: leaks-trump-deep-state-fbi-cia-michael-flynn.

On the Reliable Sources show, I highly recommend hearing this interview with David Remnick: remnick-trump-hides-in-plain-sight-rs.cnn/video, where they discuss deplorably ruthless intentions by Trump as revealed in the Comey book, that a good way to send a message to reporters is to throw them in prison & allow them to be sexually assaulted.  Folks, we’re saying this of the person elected President of the United States of America!  He brings shame on all of us!  He also brings the threat of fascism coming to our nation, should the prez & his state-run echo bamboozle enough people into converting to doting Trumpeters who worship him.  Yes, it is indeed a cult!

Another version of that same story on the Trump attack in threatening reporters is found here: trump-quipped-about-putting-reporters-in-jail-in-conversation-with.  And these excerpts below found in what-was-new–and-disturbing–about-the-comey-memos also match what was said in the Reliable Sources video about imprisoning & sexually assaulting journalists, which such sentiments/actions are routinely carried out by the most brutal dictators.  And make no mistake, no matter what we might think of Comey, he is an honest man.  Our president is a proven chronic liar, so we know who we can really believe in these accounts:

There was not much the public did not already know in the Comey memos that leaked to the media Thursday. The contents of the documents, in which then-FBI Director James B. Comey contemporaneously kept track of his interactions with President Trump over the course of 2017, had already been mostly disclosed. But there are two elements that nevertheless stood out, adding detail to the picture of a president dismissive of democratic norms and distracted by his obsessions.

First is Mr. Trump’s private expressions of contempt for press freedom. According to a Feb. 14, 2017, memo, the president said Mr. Comey should jail journalists to compel them to identify government leakers, as Justice Department officials did in 2005 with New York Times reporter Judith Miller. When the FBI director said that such a plan would face legal barriers as well as reticence at the Justice Department, the president ordered Mr. Comey to talk to the attorney general about “being more aggressive,” saying, “They spend a couple days in jail, make a new friend, and they are ready to talk,” according to the memo. In response to this disgusting statement, Mr. Comey writes he laughed and exited the room.

Mr. Trump would not be the first president to bemoan leaks, but a president repeatedly suggesting the imprisonment of journalists should be unfathomable in a country committed to freedom of expression. It rings all the more threatening in the context of Mr. Trump’s historic hostility toward the media, which includes calling to “loosen” up libel laws , encouraging crowds at his campaign rallies to turn and jeer at the peaceful press corps behind them, and transforming the term “fake news” into a phrase now used by dictators across the world to dismiss truthful reporting they do not like. Meanwhile, his vulgar reference to making “a new friend” in prison trivializes the dehumanizing torture of prison rape that too many inmates continue to suffer. 

And this beginning to comey-trump-has-an-emptiness-inside-of-him-and-a-hunger-for-affirmation provides a sad commentary that says a lot.  It could explain why the constant lying & hollow statements full of bluster:

Former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday night accused President Trump of having “an emptiness inside of him and a hunger for affirmation.” “I think he has an emptiness inside of him, and a hunger for affirmation, that I’ve never seen in an adult,” Comey told The New Yorker Editor David Remnick on stage at The Town Hall theater in Manhattan. “It’s all, ‘What will fill this hole?’”


Trump understands the surest way to usurp dictatorial power is in attacking & discrediting the free press, especially knowing the corrupted echo headed by Fox has his back.  More Trump news has just hit the newsfeeds about a Trump attack on reporters, this time a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, & again, it’s obvious the journalist is the honest one while Trump is the liar.  There’s just no question about that except in the minds of irrational echo-fans.  You can read the accounts of their spat in cnn-host-criticizes-trump-for-his-attack-against-nyt-reporter & also in nyt-reporter-hits-back-trump.  These excerpts from that same story come from trump-maggie-haberman-michael-cohen-tweets:

A New York Times article published Friday laid out Donald Trump’s pattern of bullying Michael Cohen, with eye-popping details and quotes from Trump insiders, like this one from Roger Stone: “Donald goes out of his way to treat him like garbage.” On Saturday morning, the president—who won’t be attending Barbara Bush’s funeral alongside his wife, “out of respect”—woke up and, what else, lashed out on Twitter, with a particularly laughable claim about one of the Timesarticle’s writers, Maggie Haberman. Haberman, who won a Pulitzer earlier this month for reporting on Trump, has interviewed the president on numerous occasions. The article, which Haberman wrote along with Sharon LaFraniere and Danny Hakim,suggests that after years of being underestimated and berated by Trump, Cohen finally has the upper hand. “Mr. Trump’s lawyers and advisers have become resigned to the strong possibility that Mr. Cohen, who has a wife and two children and faces the prospect of devastating legal fees, if not criminal charges, could end up cooperating with federal officials who are investigating him for activity that could relate, at least in part, to work he did for Mr. Trump,” the Times story notes. Cohen’s home was raided by the F.B.I. on April 9 and authorities collected thousands of documents, his computer, and his phone. 


Trump seeks revenge as practically a knee-jerk reaction, which now we also see he wants to go after Comey: trump-to-lawmakers-pressing-sessions-on-comey-good-luck-with-that.  This is nothing new, as Trump has a long history of seeking revenge on opponents: a-short-history-of-threats-received-by-donald-trumps-opponents.  Do not underestimate the dire consequences of supporting Trump & believing the echo, which millions of conservatives have fallen for the deception.  If the Trump-echo are given their druthers, this could really get out of hand, as our country could become led with an iron-fisted dictator like we see with other fascist regimes: there-are-many-ways-for-democracy-to-fail.

Fox Fake News & insanity Hannity updates


Fox has become the corrupted network doing tremendous damage to America by deceiving many in the GOP base, promoting an unworkable agenda & cheerleading for a demagogue president.  These excerpts from sean-hannity-isn-apos-t nail it:

Earlier this week, Fox News declared its “full support” for Sean Hannity after it was revealed the conservative commentator was also a client of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney. Although Hannity has spent months defending Cohen on his nightly program, his failure to divulge such information to his viewers or to his bosses has not jeopardized his standing with the network. It does make clearer, however, the extent of Fox News’ corruption as a propaganda mill for the Trump presidency and its dishonesty as a news organization.


That corruption was evident in both Hannity’s actions and Fox’s defense of itself, as the network said it was “unaware” and “surprised” to learn of the Hannity-Cohen connection. It’s a shocking admission for what is supposed to be a news outlet. It’s also fully in keeping with an organization that is more devoted to stoking conservative indignation than to carrying out truthful investigations and that has a history of turning a blind eye to inconvenient truths. As David Frum pointed out in his recent book Trumpocracy, this is the same media organization that claimed “nobody knew” its former chief Roger Ailes had been sexually harassing women in its own offices for decades.


The channel’s coverage of the president, particularly in its heavily watched morning and evening opinion shows, provides a steady stream of cheerleading and flattery for the president who they know is a regular viewer. Trump has responded in kind, lavishingfrequentpraise on Fox. In this mutually reinforcing relationship, it’s hard to say who the sycophant is. Either way, it’s a sickness that has despoiled both. Fox has always tacked rightward, but that didn’t mean it served as an uncritical mouthpiece for the GOP. But in turning itself into Trump TV, the network has effectively abandoned any pretense of objectivity or neutrality for the short-term gains that come from embracing Trumpism. In that way, Fox’s transformation resembles the Republican Party’s own remaking under Trump, setting aside whatever principles and policies it may have held for a man who had neither.


These excerpts on Hannity I pulled from sean-hannity-isnt-a-leader-hes-just-a-fan-of-powerful-republicans, which does make good points but allow me to be more succinct.  Hannity is nothing more than an irrational, dense-minded simpleton who fools his audience with constant lies & conspiracy theories that are doing tremendous damage to an already divided nation, while his dangerous rants are a serious threat to the pillars of our constitutional democracy.  Conservatives need to start seeing Hannity for who he really is:

Hannity isn’t the first conservative media personality to gain the ear of a president. Unlike most before him, though, his role is not that of kingmaker but of loyalist. Fealty to people and power, not to ideas or policies, has defined Hannity’s career — which makes Trump the perfect partner for him. All right-wing media personalities modulate to some extent, but they also have a core approach that sets them apart. Tucker Carlson, now that he’s lost the bow tie, is defined by his patently populist rhetoric and his criticism of interventionist foreign policy. Ann Coulter, who has perfected the art of Trump-era trolling, marries vicious insults to an unshakable nationalist and racist agenda. Rush Limbaugh is known for exaggerated egotism and imperviousness to criticism. Glenn Beck is famous for his conspiratorial chalkboards, nutty morning-zoo antics and teary, quasi-religious passion. Hannity’s affect — embattled and aggrieved — and the fervor and repetitiveness with which he regurgitates the party line, however regularly it changes, has always most defined his programs. 


There is no policy issue on which Hannity has emerged as influential. The one area where he stands out is in his fervor for proclaiming Trump’s greatness and pushing conspiracy theories about the White House’s adversaries. That’s not as small-bore as it may seem: Hannity plays an important role in Trump World. All political leaders need outside sources to bolster their claims — it’s one reason authoritarian systems have state-run media. Even a philosophy as free-floating and fact-light as Trumpism benefits from outside evidence, and Hannity serves as a fairly mainstream source that the president can cite to bolster his outlandish claims. And so it’s Limbaugh, not Hannity, who’s bordering on irrelevance these days. Trump and Hannity have a natural affinity. They share New York roots (Trump in Queens, Hannity in Long Island ), and they both marinated in the city’s raucous media landscape of confrontational radio talk shows and titillating tabloids. Both dwell in the world of conspiracies. 


Also feel free to feast on these Hannity/Fox articles, which I’ll just let the articles speak for themselves on this deranged messaging source which has become an embarrassment to rational conservatism. The first few articles here show Stormy’s lawyer believes some very embarrassing stories will be coming out about Hannity from the info gathered in the Cohen raid.  Can’t wait for that!  We also see Hannity should probably go full time into real estate since as a political commentator he’s a fraud.  Also posted here are far-left Kos stories & a far-far left Palmer story.  I don’t post from sources because of ideology, as long as they speak to truths:

Other Media

These excerpts in this-emperor-is-running-short-on-clothes, Morning Joe doesn’t think the prez is running again in 2020.  Of course, I’ve been saying that all along, simply because I don’t think his presidency will last that long.  Whether the evidence of crimes is so strong emanating of out the scandals to force his exit this year, or if the GOP Congress capitulates despite the evidence & we need to wait till 2019 with a far more Dem-leaning Congress, I truly believe the incumbent president during the 2020 campaign will not be Trump:

It has been nearly three years since Donald Trump descended his faux-gold escalator to announce an improbable run for president, and Republican politicians seem just as baffled by the reality TV star’s future as they were the day he first launched this publicity stunt gone wildly wrong.

It is true that GOP leaders stand silent as President Trump trashes the rule of law, attacks federal judges and declares America’s free press the “enemy of the people.” These lap dogs even remain muzzled as younger Americans are chained to a future of crippling debt. And they shame the memory of the first Republican president — who gave his life ending slavery — by marching alongside a bumbling bigot who labels Hispanics “breeders” and “rapists,” seeks to bar tens of millions of Muslims from entering the country, and defends white supremacy in the ugly aftermath of Charlottesville.


But while the president and his team of misfit lawyers have reason to tread carefully under stormy legal skies, Republicans on Capitol Hill can relax. It’s becoming clear that Trump will not be running for president in 2020. This past week, White House office pools reportedly set up in anticipation of the next staff firing are shifting their focus to predicting which Trump family member will be the first to land behind bars. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s independent investigation into Russia may have inspired a defiant West Wing response, but the U.S. attorney’s raid of Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel room has stirred more fear and loathing inside White House offices than at any time since President Richard Nixon battled Watergate prosecutors in the summer of 1973. Now, even Trump’s most steadfast allies are quietly admitting that the Southern District of New York’s investigation poses an existential threat to his future, both politically and legally. Trump allies are telling the president his “fixer” could flip for the feds, just like Michael Flynn, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos. In Washington and across the country, Republicans are sensing the president is a wounded political figure, leading them to withhold their future support or — in one high-profile case — to challenge the president directly.

In other relevant articles about evil-echo rhetoric, we see in our battle between right & wrong, good & evil, the battle lines will be drawn along the lines of what is true vs. false: trump-us-syria-truth-tribal-robert-mueller-white-helmets-fact.  Along that topic is this article: deepfake-ai-false-memory-psychology.  Inside this next link, even if we find a way to banish the likes of Hannity & Alex Jones, there’s always some far-right nutjobs ready to step in & ride the crazy echo gravy train: alex-jones-protege-paul-joseph-watson-is-about-to-steal-his-crackpot-crown.  For another Jones article, click on youtube-removed-compilation-alex-jones-sandy-hook-lies-due-harassment-his-own-videos-are-still.  Perhaps if some good comes out of this presidency, it might be the way he marginalized the extremist libertarian wing of the party: disruptive-conservative-groups-lose-their-punch-with-trump-in-charge.  But he has unleashed the bigoted/racist side of his demented base: is-it-a-coincidence-that-trump-uses-the-language-of-white-supremacy.  Hopefully now that the alt-right has been exposed, they can be dismissed for the subhuman attitudes they possess: imploding-lawsuits-fundraising-troubles-trailer-park-brawls-has-the-alt-right-peaked.  Sinclair is also quite dangerous as a brainwashing mechanism: Former-Sinclair-TV-reporter-Anything-that-went-against-anything-that-corporate-wanted-was.  And yes indeed, Nunes is an imbecile (& irreparably corrupt): twitter-wonders-why-house-republicans-pushed-for-release-of-comey-memos-nunes-is-an-imbecile.

In this article, I can identify how his brother feels: Its-Too-Late-Evangelicals-The-Ship-Has-Sailed.  I don’t know how those in my faith who take the higher moral ground can possibly support such a wretch.  I just don’t get it, unless the evangelical faith has been given over to a spirit of deception.  If anyone has a better excuse, I’d like to hear it.  Sure, a high percentage voted for him over the justice appointment to the Supreme Court, but why the continuing overwhelming support?  And I mean overwhelming, with the approval ratings from white evangelicals twice the general population.  Especially when he’s proven to not have an honest bone in his body.  Other articles on this are white-evangelicals-cant-quit-donald-trump & also poll-prri-white-evangelical-support-for-trump-is-at-an-all-time-high & also this one Lord-Dampnut-is-King-Cyrus-for-the-evangelicals-where-praying-is-preying.  Could one explanation be some Christian broadcasting have become as deceptive as Fox?: trump-christian-evangelical-conservatives-television-tbn-cbn. Just asking.