Evil-Echo Empire Update

The newsfeeds overflowed this week since the echo became unhinged.  As I continue my crusade to call out the party I’ve supported for a lifetime, someday the GOP can thank me should they ever return to sanity.  My viewpoints haven’t changed much, but most of the GOP have been led by the echo in shifting waaaaaaaaay to the right.  One unfortunate consequence in that slide to the extremes has manifested itself in the election & support for the current prez.  Donald Trump is a master con man.  It’s how he built his businesses.  It’s also how he has the majority of the GOP base conned, with the help of his compliant echo led by Fox fake-news, buying into his plain-spoken style, commanding charisma & finely-honed entertainment skills.  The chronic dishonesty, insults & outrages are seen by his fans as simply Donald being Donald.  The way he constantly steps over the lines of human decency have gotten so commonplace & even expected out of Trump, our society is no longer shocked by his words & deeds, actually coming to somehow perceive his pronounced indiscretions as normal.  Conservative media have long since crossed over from conservatism to derangement.  A classic example was Hannity screaming out this week about a scandal far worse than Watergate, which the whole thing by today proved it was only a joke.  It’s time to stop the nonsense, leave Mueller be, & let him finish his work.

So now the prez has given his marching orders to his troops, sounding an all-out war to cover-up any illegalities him & his staff may have committed with the Russians.  So he’s blowing the battle horns to fight against the truth & anyone/any organization seeking to expose the truth.  The attacks are directed at the investigations, real media, intelligence agencies like the DOJ/FBI & the president’s political opposition.  The Trump corruption infests all who join his tribe, this den of iniquity comprised of his White House staff, the compliant pundits in the echo/Fox, loyal Trumpeter base, & his submissive congressional allies.  All these GOP talking heads coming on camera blowing smoke about this secret society are looking like kooks.  The latest evidence proves those texts where the “secret society” originated from were said in jest, perhaps as code language to go out for a beer after work.  And those missing FBI text messages were just retrieved, so as the prez’s GOP lapdogs pour over messages between two lovers, it looks as though their latest version of the greatest scandal since Noah built the Ark just blew up in their faces.  Trump lackeys like Nunes & Hannity continue to prove the validity of their words are lower than a snake’s belly.  All these outrageous conspiracy theories the echo keeps hyping really signal they know Mueller has some aces up his sleeve, & they’re floating these preemptive strikes against truths & facts as their defense.

The assaults we’re seeing against the FBI’s motives & reputation are deplorable. As an organization of 30K civil servants who pride themselves on their independence & keeping our nation safe, the corrupting influence of Trump-world is attempting to co-opt them.  Just like the population-at-large, we’re bitterly divided along party lines, with workers in the FBI no exception. I’m sure any perceived anti-Trump biases within the FBI was likely matched by an anti-Hillary sentiment.  So there’s now a coordinated attack going on directed at the FBI where pro-Trump forces are teaming up with Trump’s congressional sycophants, mounting an all-out smear campaign against high-ranking FBI officials who are not Trump supporters.  Trump’s puppet Nunes won’t even reveal the contents of this memo he claims is so accusatory & that his congressional/echo allies were going ballistic over, but is being kept hidden from the FBI & even Richard Burr, the GOP head of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Looks like Nunes just wants to stir up the controversy without allowing his memo to be scrutinized.  As the head of a congressional investigative committee assigned to find the facts, Nunes has been trying to hide the facts & set off diversions from day one.

Fox fake-news is throwing out there these sensationalized stories they can’t even verify.  And the propaganda isn’t just coming through the echo, but these false narratives are also being promoted by (naturally) Russian bots!  Looks like they’re still in cahoots!  Russian collusion may still be happening!  The real scandal behind release the memo & the Peter Strzok texts, which should be investigated, is to the extent Trump’s enablers are again coordinating with the Russians in spreading disinformation to obstruct in the Russia investigations.  So maybe we really do need a second special prosecutor, only to investigate all the conservative lies.  From my vantage point, this campaign of lies against the FBI looks as though we might uncover a large faction of Trump supporters themselves actually committing obstruction of justice.  They’re also possibly engaging in a conspiracy with a foreign adversary through the Russian bots, plus they’re attacking the First Amendment by suppressing free speech in demanding only Trump cronies be in charge.  The Trump corruption is just plain toxic & may bring down many in his sphere.  That’s another way of saying Trump & his minions in Congress & the echo are waging war on our constitutional democracy.  Those who impugn the FBI for personal political gain are they themselves enemies to America.  The legal jeopardy when Mueller is all said & done is bound to extend far beyond the White House or presidential campaign.

So I’ll repeat to help it sink in; the far-right extremists in covering for Trump are engaging in an apparent coordination with the Russians (again) by spreading disinformation, plus are irresponsibly throwing the FBI under the bus even without credible evidence just to smear the Mueller investigation. This is astounding! The GOP looks to be thoroughly corrupted at the highest levels! Among the absurd attacks, it was reported where Trump asked Andrew McCabe who he voted for, then complained about his wife’s support for Dems, so he’s had it out for McCabe ever since.  It seems they’re trying to purge the bureau of those who don’t bow & worship at the feet of Trump.  So rather than preserving the independence of the FBI which is critical to our national security, the prez is seeking a litmus test where their top people pledge allegiance to him.  He must want a gestapo squad at his beck & call to be used to suppress his political opponents.  That not only indicates strong evidence of obstruction of justice as Trump tried to steer the FBI off the Russian case, but it also sets up a very dangerous precedent for America.  Even if the prez doesn’t succeed in becoming dictator, he’ll so weaken our democratic institutions that the next autocratic personality America elects could succeed.  This bunch now in charge regard the Constitution & rule of law as mere suggestions, made to be trampled on when they get in the way.

Infatuated with the Russian Empire & their history of strong-armed dictators, which now-a-days features Putin, it looks as though Trump would love to get away with turning our American intelligence agencies (including the FBI, DOJ & CIA) into his own personal KGB, while so discrediting the American media he can prop up the authority of Fox & the rest of the echo to serve as his own state-run Pravda.  And now their conservative base are captivated by hearing pundits spinning those tales about a secret society born out of the deep state.  Obviously, that most recent conspiracy is all poppycock, but try telling that to a Fox-watching Trumpeter.  When people lose faith & trust in the pillars of our democracy (as Trump-world seeks to do), it foments an alternative mindset where a faction of citizens become susceptible to fall for anything.  This is scary stuff, which history teaches us once the fascist states in Germany & Italy from the 1930’s managed to take control of their media messaging & intelligence communities, it resulted in a large segment of the population buying into their evil nativist/bigoted ideologies.  That started on their path of a slippery slope which unleashed a horror far beyond what the citizens & institutions within those countries could control, requiring the world to intervene.  In discussing Trump & his conspiracy-mongering surrogates, I heard Morning Joe say Wednesday AM in concluding his show that day: “This is the stuff of dictators. This is how democracies start to die.”

The related articles below help reveal these crazy machinations coming from the far-right media.  Some of the claims we can read about are hilarious, like putting Inspector Clouseau & Deputy Barney Fife together to solve the case of the secret society. Fox fake-news continues to center their coverage around not the real news, but various phony conspiracies to help fill out their airtime, trying to divert, discredit or ignore what is quite likely the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history.  They’ve taken a page out of the psychotic Alex Jones InfoWars playbook, becoming almost as crazy as some of the outrages he’s perpetrated, such as claiming the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings were a hoax & Hillary was running a child sex ring out of a pizzeria.  So these days the credibility of Fox is skating on similarly thin ice, especially their deranged early morning & evening shows.  Hannity has long since gone off the deep end.  Over the past year the echo has drummed up probably a dozen different stories they compared to Watergate, so we can’t help but wonder how many times they need to cry wolf over these so-called scandals before the echo-crowd finally starts to doubt them.  We must never forget the scary reality there are lots of Americans over the age of 10 who actually believe this stuff!  The first link providing your-guide-to-the-anti-fbi-conspiracy-theories-rippling-through-conservative-media, offers an excellent rundown on the latest conspiracy theories the echo keeps hyping & lying about, doing everything within their power to give cover for their hero through hiding the truth on the Russian scandal:

Over the past year, this tactic has become pervasive: defending Trump by arguing that it’s actually the president who is the victim of a conspiracy and whipping up whatever evidence is at hand to bolster that claim. This effort has by now spawned nearly as many branches and subparts as the Russia investigation itself — though these offshoots are often ad hoc and unsubstantiated. In recent weeks, we’ve seen a bumper crop of allegations woven into the Trump defenders’ tapestry. They’ve captured the attention of both conservative media and Republican members of Congress. In light of that, we’ve assembled an overview of the emergent allegations, including, where appropriate, the reasons that they might be considered with a grain of salt.


Of course, we’ve heard far more crazy narratives that Fox & the echo have tried to pass off as scandals than just the ones explained in that article, but the four categories it gets into details about are the dossier, the memo, the text messages, & the deputy director.  None of these should be regarded as a scandal in any way, since it’s only the overwhelming coverage given to them by the fake-news Fox/echo that has their audiences believing there’s something there.  Their litany of fake scandals this past year have blown their credibility with logical people.  So as Trump’s state-run media is flailing away with preposterous false messaging, they’re probably going to fail in their desperate attempts to stop or change the subject away from this epic scandal that is the Russian probe.  This scandal does make for great drama, so viewers should switch away from Fox so they can hear about what’s really going on.


By clicking on the link republicans-are-desperate-to-protect-trump-from-mueller-but-will-their-strategy-work, we find the true motives for the Trump/echo rhetoric engaging in the poisonous contamination of facts which the bedazzled GOP base are falling for.  Their twofold purpose is to discredit the Mueller investigation both before & after they release their findings.  We should strive to get any Fox/echo-fans to read this excerpt:

In their desperate attempt to protect President Trump from the Russia scandal and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, sizable portions of the Republican Party have returned to a place they know well. It’s the home of intricate conspiracy theories, where nothing is as it seems and the most mundane pieces of information are proof of sinister machinations so shocking that any tactics are justified in order to expose them.

It’s a place where only those willing to believe the most outlandish and ludicrous tales are able to grasp reality and where the truth is a hundred times worse than you think. It’s a madhouse, and they’re moving right in.

As bizarre as this all sounds, there’s a logic to it. If these Republicans can convince the public not only that Trump and those around him did nothing wrong but also that he’s the target of a malevolent conspiracy, then nothing that Mueller or any news organization reveals needs to be believed. It can all be cast aside as fruit of that poisonous tree, no matter what the facts might say.

Inside the next link after-his-gusher-of-lies-can-anyone-trust-trump, Rubin concludes her article with this statement of wisdom:


Will they believe the mound of nutty conspiracy theories (remember the claim that President Barack Obama bugged Trump Tower?) so obviously intended to distract from the inquiry of Robert S. Mueller III? Or will they instead believe Mueller, the FBI and the rest of the intelligence community? More than 2,000 lies later, Trump — we dearly hope — has revealed that he is unworthy of the public’s trust. The Mueller findings might not shake loose congressional Republicans, who have demonstrated a remarkable willingness to sacrifice their own credibility to defend the president, but then the public doesn’t trust Congress much these days either. When the GOP and Trump most need the public’s faith, they may find that the well of trust is bone-dry.


Also, see another link near the top republicans-go-full-illuminati that helps shed more light on the bizarro-world delusions inside the echo-bubble.  I’ve got 3 paragraphs here that are enlightening but just the beginning. There’s plenty of other nutty information about the Fox/echo & Trump’s congressional enablers in the rest of the article, & all the other articles that follow in this conspiracy group of links:

But if you do watch Fox or listen to Rush Limbaugh or read websites like Breitbart, you’re living in an entirely different reality, in which there’s a massive and sinister conspiracy at work and the only appropriate response is to live every moment of every day on the verge of outright panic. In this bizarre fantasy world, the FBI — as conservative an agency as you’ll find in the federal government — is actually an organization committed to destroying Donald Trump, so gripped is it with pro-Democratic bias. If you haven’t been following this story, some of the strands that have absolutely consumed the right will sound unfamiliar and even ludicrous. 

There’s the matter of text messages exchanged by an FBI agent and an FBI lawyer who were having an affair, in which — cover the children’s ears — the two are revealed to not think particularly highly of Trump. Even though any reasonable reading of the messages shows the two doing anything but trying to subvert Trump — not to mention the fact that we aren’t reading whatever texts were sent by the thousands of other people who work at the FBI — each message is examined with Talmudic care to find its hidden meanings and subtle implications, in the desperate hope that some ill will toward Trump might be found. The latest “revelation” came when a couple of congressmen rushed to Fox News to tell of a reference they found in a text to a “secret society.” Egads! They don’t know what it means, but it certainly couldn’t be tongue in cheek. Is the FBI controlled by the Illuminati? The Freemasons? The Rosicrucians? Some powerful secret society so secret and powerful that it has prevented us all from even knowing what it’s called?

But that’s just the start. The latest obsession goes under the title “Release the memo!”, a new rallying cry on the right. It comes from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who you might recall was forced to recuse himself from the Russia probe after he came under Ethics Committee scrutiny for potentially revealing classified information as part of his comical attempts to protect the Trump administration from the investigation he was supposedly overseeing. Now Nunes has produced a memo allegedly showing questionable FBI behavior in 2016 leading to a warrant putting certain people associated with Trump, including foreign policy adviser Carter Page, under surveillance.

Another good article the-gop-steps-into-the-deep-state-fever-swamps is written by a conservative, who expresses concerns this conspiratorial paranoia propagated by the likes of Hannity/Limbaugh is crossing over into Alex Jones/pizza-gate territory.  Fox fake-news truly looks to be becoming more demented by the day.  Hannity screams out to throw some of those FBI agents in jail, but he should look in the mirror to see who most deserves to be jailed.  Every time he hollers about the biggest scandal ever or worse than Watergate, he winds up with egg on his face.  Why do his viewers still watch this nonsense?  Lou Dobbs is another one, who once was reasonable on a real news network, but in going to Fox Business he’s been corrupted & has wigged out. Also, see the articles where Tucker Carlson is sounding like a racist. The article bill-kristol-on-deep-state-conspiracies-what-fringy-websites-once-said-is-now-said-by-fox-news-hosts is so true, as Fox has adopted the same radical formula.  There’s another section of links on crazy & fake far-right news.  I heard boos (& rightly so) at Davos when Trump chided the real media as fake news.  And what is really sad is how school shootings have become so commonplace in the U.S., the news networks anymore only pay scant attention to them.  Compare the coverage of that Kentucky shooting with the Columbine tragedy from two decades ago.  I guess in one sense maybe it’s better these sicko shooters aren’t given the notoriety they might crave.


The last group of links describes modern-day Scribes & Pharisees.  Evangelicals are rapidly losing their moral authority in following heretical leadership.  They’ve discovered a new god in America’s leader.  I spoke of the heretics in evangelical leadership from my previous message a few days ago, which based on the links at the bottom we can add Tony Perkins to our charlatan list, once again proving Trump corrupts all those who align with him.  Far better these presumed leaders bite their tongues rather than getting twisted in knots trying to explain away moral debauchery.  Even former RNC Chair Michael Steele went off on evangelicals as you can read in the articles at the bottom.  This is emblematic of the type of disgust many are viewing our religion as the world turns against the faith, coming on the heels of their newfound hypocrisy & immorality.  I keep saying over & over Trump corrupts all those he touches, including evangelicals.  From the ashes of this conflicted episode in history, we may need a new church faith as much as we need a new political party:

“I have a very simple admonition at this point,” Steele said on “Hardball” on MSNBC. “Just shut the hell up and don’t ever preach to me about anything ever again. I don’t want to hear it. After telling me how to live my life, who to love, what to believe, what not to believe, what to do and what not to do and now you sit back and the prostitutes don’t matter? The grabbing the you-know-what doesn’t matter? The outright behavior and lies don’t matter? Just shut up.”