Evil-Echo Empire Update….That Trump cult spurred on by the echo

With Congress stuck in the partisan muck, thankfully, we do have the Mueller probe as explained in mueller-marches-on-while-the-house-gop-covers-up.  As the House Intel investigation went down in flames, we see in these excerpts below from the-republican-cover-up-for-trump-just-got-much-worse that one party wanted to reveal the full truth, while the other party was determined to hide the truth.  Presumably, the GOP would prefer to find a minor hiccup to investigate Hillary over, much like their multi-year probe of Benghazi. That way the nutheads on Fox have something to talk about.  We also saw with the GOP majority on the committee, they didn’t press witnesses on questions that went unanswered, giving those testifying a pass on the sensitive information most critical to the case. The extent of their cover-up will become obvious when the other investigations become complete, especially Mueller’s.  And at this stage I’d say it’s more likely than not Nunes will be held legally liable.  If in the end, the likes of Nunes & Hannity wind up serving jail time over the charge of obstruction, a distinct possibility, I would probably find that sentence more satisfying than even if Trump is found guilty.  But we have found this destructive Trump cult has extended to his aides, many GOP reps in Congress, echo talking heads & the Trumpeter base.

 Schiff told me the minority report would set forth new facts not yet made public that will contradict the House GOP conclusions on both those fronts. He said he expected the GOP’s report to be “a far longer version of the Nunes memorandum that will omit key material facts and misrepresent others in order to tell the president’s political narrative.” “We will be presenting evidence of collusion, some of which is in the public domain and apparent to everyone willing to see it, and other facts that have not yet come to public light,” Schiff told me. “I fully expect that the majority will omit many of these facts in its report and mischaracterize others.” Schiff has said that committee Republicans have failed to sufficiently pressure key Trump associates — such as Donald Trump Jr., Hope Hicks, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Stephen K. Bannon — to answer questions raised by the committee’s investigation. Schiff added to me that the minority report would also detail what further investigative steps “need to be done” to discover the truth — steps that Republicans have declined to take.


“I suspect that we’ll be on a similar page to the analysis by the Senate,” Schiff told me. “House Republicans are likely to be out on a political lark.” If this comes to pass, then even some Republicans in the Senate will have reached conclusions that House Republicans declined to reach, though we don’t know yet what this might look like. The House GOP decision to end the probe is being widely portrayed in the press (as always) as the result of partisan fightingSome news accounts have repeated with a straight face the idea that House Republicans are ending the investigation out of frustration with Democratic efforts to use the probe for political purposes. But there is a known and verifiable fact set here about House GOP conduct that renders the reality inescapably clear: One party wants to get to the full truth, and the other simply does not. The Nunes memo fiasco — in which Nunes’s bad-faith efforts to discredit legitimate inquiry into the Trump/Russia scandal crashed and burned — demonstrated for all to see the true nature of the Republican effort to weaponize and pervert the oversight process to protect the president. Hopefully the Democrats’ minority report will illustrate this even more comprehensively, with a level of clarity that will punch through the usual both-sides media coverage.

Rubin chimed in on the same topic with this first paragraph in her op-ed from its-official-the-house-intelligence-committee-is-a-joke:

Without interviewing key witnesses, looking at all relevant documents or awaiting special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s findings, the Republican majority on the House Intelligence Committee — lacking the knowledge or consent of committee Democrats — proclaimed that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. In addition to an utter lack of initiative, Republicans were disinclined to recall events that have already been made public and that show a peculiar degree of interaction between members of the Trump campaign and Russians (e.g., then-candidate Donald Trump’s invitation for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, the June 2016 meeting between campaign officials and a Kremlin-connected lawyer at Trump Tower). Republicans went so far as to deny Russia had intervened in the 2016 election on President Trump’s behalf.

John McLaughlin summed it all up with this tweet:

trump cult with tweet from john mclaughlin


At least one honest Republican on the committee admits to the whitewash & how the probe went off the rails in republican-on-house-intelligence-panel-weve-lost-all-credibility-on-russia-probe.  From there we see how GOP investigators were ” shutting their eyes and closing their ears” to substantial evidence of collusion in the link house-intelligence-committee-republicans-deliberately-ignored-the-obvious, from which the article concludes with this:

During the last month of the campaign, Trump mentioned WikiLeaks 141 times, while denying that Russia was behind the hacks. The Kremlin, meanwhile, undertook a massive propaganda blitz for Trump that reached 126 million Americans via Facebook alone. After Trump won, his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, held secret conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak that he later lied about to the FBI. The two men talked, in particular, after President Barack Obama announced sanctions on Dec. 28 to punish Moscow for its meddling. Putin did not retaliate and Trump praised his forbearance, suggesting a quid pro quo. This very short, very incomplete summary can only hint at the connections between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. There is much more we do not know but that Mueller does. For instance, a recent New Yorker article on the Steele dossier noted that during the campaign the head of GCHQ, Britain’s signals intelligence agency, briefed the CIA director “on a stream of illicit communications between Trump’s team and Moscow that had been intercepted. (The content of these intercepts has not become public.)”


It is hard to imagine an innocent explanation for such contacts — or for all the lying that Trump officials have done about them. It is harder still to imagine that Trump was unaware of what his team was up to. He was, after all, personally involved in putting out a false statement that the June 9 meeting at Trump Tower was about “adoptions.” The fact that Trump fired FBI Director James B. Comey over the “Russia thing” and has attacked Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein for the same reason, is also highly suggestive. As is the fact that he still refuses to retaliate for the Russian attack on America. Imagine what Republican lawmakers would have said if this case had involved Hillary Clinton. Charges of “treason” would fill the air. But because it’s Trump, they put party above patriotism. When Mueller comes out with the real story, the dishonor, disgrace and degradation of the Republicans will be complete.


There are lots of important political updates in the dangerous enemies group.  We’re facing some serious threats out there without the leadership team prepared to deal with them.  Our enemies are no doubt starting to look at us as vulnerable targets with this bungling administration.  At long last, we’re seeing sanctions placed on Russia, but Trump seemed to almost be forced into it kicking & screaming.  It wasn’t just because of Russia’s interference in our election & the recent nerve gas attack in Britain, but we just found evidence of Russia infiltrating our infrastructure, including the electrical & nuclear grids.  So we’d better stop playing around with this, with Trump playing patty-cake with Putin.  See this article: hackers-attack-basic-us-services.

Rubin offers up a dire warning from a-new-report-on-american-democracy-how-are-we-doing, that an increasing number of Americans are more accepting of some type of strong-armed rulership which would be the antithesis of democracy.  Unless we can somehow unite as a nation & agree on better leaders with better policies, our constitutional freedoms could be on its way out.  Please read these comments:

Notably, 29 percent of respondents show at least some support for either a ‘strong leader’ or ‘army rule.’” “Among those who rate democracy unfavorably, believe it is not so important to live in a democracy, or do not believe it is always preferable, just over half are opposed to a ‘strong leader’ and ‘army rule.’ This finding clarifies that dissatisfaction with democracy does not necessarily translate into openness to authoritarian appeals, though there is significant overlap among the two view.” The bad news, although hardly surprising, is that “the highest level of openness to authoritarian political systems is among those voters who supported Donald Trump in the primaries. . . . The highest levels of support for authoritarian leadership come from those who are disaffected, disengaged from politics, deeply distrustful of experts, culturally conservative, and have negative attitudes toward racial minorities.” (The latter description surely sounds an awful lot like many Trump voters, which explains his appeal.)


What do we do about this? The problem — the fragility of democracy — should be addressed from both sides of the equation. Democratic governments need to reach disaffected voters who are prone to embrace authoritarians. Convincing them that they have a stake in the system and that others care for their welfare is critical. However, in a multiracial and multi-ethnic society it would be a mistake to concede the high ground on equality and inclusion, just as it would be wrong to buy into relativism by refusing to distinguish between fact and fiction. We should respect these voters enough to engage with them and present facts even if they conflict with their preexisting views. The antidote to talk radio and Fox News propaganda is more good, honest journalism and more civic education.


On the other side of the ledger, Western democracies plainly need to do a better job of shoring up institutions, touting the benefits of free societies, and explaining the connection between democracy, on one hand, and peace and prosperity on the other. What was self-evident in the Cold War can no longer be taken for granted. In short, Trump didn’t cause the crisis of faith in democracy, but he has exploited it. To halt the erosion of support for democracy we need to acknowledge the challenges, provide real results for those who feel left behind and make the case for democracy. We’ve learned the hard way that there is nothing inevitable about democracy’s survival.

In the group of links where Trump shows his vindictiveness & always seeks revenge, I vividly recall during the campaign when he was pressed on Putin being a murderous thug, he came across as if it’s no big deal & that America does similar atrocities.  That told me right then & there if Trump had the power to get away with it as Putin does, he would likely copy Putin’s tactics.  Since he’s not yet a dictator, Trump is displaying his vengeful nature by doing things like trying to get an FBI official fired just days before he’d qualify for his pension: donald-trump-is-finally-close-to-firing-one-of-his-imaginary-enemies.  McCabe has a stellar background with the FBI.  I even heard a TV host call Trump a “bleep-hole” over this, which I agree.  The spiteful prez might even be setting up Sessions, daring him to fire McCabe or else Trump would use that as an excuse to fire Sessions (since always remember, the real goal is to sabotage the Mueller probe).  I still maintain based on what I’m seeing, America is being led by a bullying jackass or a psychopath, perhaps even a combination of both: trump-and-his-supporters-a-dangerous-cycle-of-collective-narcissism.

We always provide a group of links on Fox fake news.  Their early morning & evening shows are particularly abhorrent as they’re turning their regular viewers politically into knuckleheads.  Maybe they watch for the entertainment value, but that would assume they enjoy being lied to.  Far more likely they’re being duped & don’t know it.  There are links in the Related Articles on the likes of Hannity & Carlson, two of the worst offenders.  Fox management gives them the freedom to lie as long as it’s good for ratings: shepard-smith-fox-news-opinion-hosts-dont-really-have-rules.  And as I keep repeating, these buffoonish clowns are doing anything they can think of to go after Mueller, which first means disparaging & removing those like Rosenstein or Sessions.  It’s only a dastardly plot, just like all the previous nutty conspiracies Fox has bloviated over.  We need to share this info with Fox fans you personally know, which despite their objections, the only way we might reverse their flawed thinking is by hitting them square between the eyes with the truth.  You may not want to get in the middle of what could turn into an unpleasant argument, so it’s strategically better to simply share The Voracs blog. Let them get mad at the site if they hopelessly have themselves trapped by the echo.  Or maybe, just maybe, they’ll snap out of their sleepy haze & see the light.

We also provide a group of links on other echo morons outside of Fox.  Here’s an article that covers both: alex-jones-and-fox-news-face-lawsuits-for-their-wild-theories.  Alex Jones was always worse than Hannity, until Hannity caught up to him in going full-fledged conspiracy theorist the last couple years.  Both have built a business model based on outrage & lying to their audiences, getting them all riled up with preposterous tales that always demonize the echo-world’s commonly agreed upon villains.  Those hosts often go berserk on the air which is part of the entertainment value, but anyone who actually believes these guys should have their head examined.  They also need a healthy dose of The Voracs (Voice of Reason and Common Sense) plus other legitimate news sources, helping to wean them off the crazy conspiracies polluting their mind.  I recall a commercial from years ago that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste,” so with your help it’s possible you can free your friends from the echo. See this excerpt from the article:

Fox News and Alex Jones’ Infowars are two symptoms of the same disease — and they’re facing similar treatment. The major conservative network and the “alt-right” online media outlet have been slapped with separate lawsuits for their baseless conspiracy-peddling. For Fox News, the suit comes from the family of the slain 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer, Seth Rich, after the network endlessly promoted a baseless theory that there was a connection between him and WikiLeaks, according to ABC News. Jones is being sued for defamation after he allegedly spread false conspiracy theories about a counterprotestor, Brennan Gilmore, who witnessed the deadly attack at a Charlottesville white nationalist rally last August.


The lawsuits against both Fox News and Jones convey a similar message: how news is covered matters. Both have expressed overt support for the Trump administration and Trump’s radical agenda. Both have also deeply fed into the Trump narrative that the mainstream media is an enemy that spreads “fake news.” The lawsuits highlight that the true broadcasters of “fake news” have been those who have screamed it in the opposite direction the loudest.

There is a level of gullibility running through the conservative mindset that is hard to believe & hard to explain.  The force almost seems supernatural in nature, as if Satan himself has cast a spirit of deception over the GOP & Christian flock, using tools like Fox News which the faithful are susceptible to.  As the Father of Lies, he may well be the author of the falsehoods Fox is feeding their viewers.  When satanic forces can deceive the flock of believers, that’s when the most damage can be done.  So if the echo has become gospel for faith followers, only bad things can come out of it.  It’s just so baffling all along the vast majority of white evangelicals would support a moral degenerate, going against all their presumed values.  They apparently have a tunnel-vision purpose from joining a single-issue voting bloc opposing abortion, while in doing so might actually lead to the demise of the church.  In this classic battle between good & evil, it’s disturbing beyond measure why so many in my faith are taking the wrong side.  The outside world can clearly see the hypocrisy & are viewing this as not so much a religion, but the Trump cult.  Here’s an excerpt from why-white-evangelicals-abandoned-their-principles-for-trump explaining all this falling for deception may indeed stem from being plugged into the evil-echo:

Michael Gerson examines why America’s white evangelicals have gone all in for a president that you might have once thought they would find grotesque. Despite his terrible conduct toward women, his racism, and his disregard for basic human decency, Donald Trump has managed to convince many evangelicals that he will protect what they see as their endangered status in modern-day America. He has also delivered to them a policy agenda rich in social conservativism. Gerson, a harsh Trump critic, looks at the complex history of America’s evangelical communities, and comes to the conclusion that the embrace of Trump will ultimately be corrupting and catastrophic. As he writes, “This is the result when Christians become one interest group among many, scrambling for benefits at the expense of others rather than seeking the welfare of the whole. Christianity is love of neighbor, or it has lost its way. And this sets an urgent task for evangelicals: to rescue their faith from its worst leaders.”


I think there are inherent problems because evangelicals do not have a centralized teaching authority, but this is very different from accepting the circumstance in which the main source of advice and input on Christian public engagement is Fox News and talk radio. That is a disturbing element of this, and that is a failure to some extent of the teaching authority, of the teaching role of the church. There are in fact theories of social engagement that pastors and others can talk about without being politicized, and those are not effectively communicated to people in the pew. Many of them really do get their main source of information and their main philosophic structure from partisan media. 

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