Evil-Echo Empire Could Trigger Trump and Fascism….

The party I’ve always supported has lost its way, & the only way to save it would be conservatives abandoning their delusions & start accepting reality.  As the GOP is rightfully destroyed as a party under the weight of their own radical extremism, we can either rebuild from the ground up or start an entirely new center-right party, but in the process, we must also destroy what is currently comprised of Fox fake news & the evil-echo.  No party could ever be the source of good for America when controlled by a lying conspiratorial messaging apparatus that consistently promotes both Trump and fascism.  Some Fox shows aren’t bad, but the daily lineup features 3 hours of the idiot zone in the early mornings, with another 3 hours in the idiot zone during the evenings.  The network has dramatically changed in recent years, once being a valuable voice for conservatism as a counter to the mainstream news, but now becoming a voice to irrational far-right nihilism while enabling a dangerously unhinged autocrat.

Fox & the echo keep bamboozling that army of Trumpeters out there, falsely singing the praises of a demagogue despot who keeps defiling our constitutional democracy, where the factors could all come together causing America to slide into Trump and fascism.  The prez regularly teams up with his state-run media to spin crazy tales in creating their false reality universe, where their base chooses to join them inside that delusional bubble & perplexingly keeps falling for one lie after another, even with so many of those lies being brazenly obvious.  As people age, we often need to protect our senior citizens from falling for scams since their mental capacities have started to slip, & as they seem to make up a targeted demographic for Fox, those older Americans can be excused for believing all those false conspiracies.  But the rest of Fox viewership, they have no excuses, many of them who seemingly can be convinced 1+1=3 if that’s what their trusted echo tells them & the rest of their partisan tribe also believes it.

We can all do our part to bring Americans back to truths by using the tool we provide here.  If during a conversation somebody brings up Trump news &/or politics, & if we can sense a decidedly hardcore conservative bent, rather than challenge/argue with them, it may be best to ask them where they get their news from, or which shows they tune into.  If they mention any Fox evening shows or far-right radio talk shows, that could be a surefire giveaway they’ve been indoctrinated by that extremist element & hopelessly brainwashed.  So rather than engaging in an adversarial conversation which does about as much good as talking to a wall, simply ask them to check out The Voracs.  You could go as far as saying it’s an alternative view from the shows they like.  If they don’t check it out or don’t believe it if they do read it, you can’t control what they think, but at least you did your part.  We must be realistic enough to know just a small percentage can be positively influenced, but for those precious few the truth could shine through.  In addition to direct conversations, you could always share the blog site in an email or text.

With the current times in America being so perilous & the stakes so high, we owe it to our fellow Americans to spread rational information, doing our very best to inform the misinformed.  Please be bold in trying to educate echo-fans & Trumpeters, since they’ve taken part in the GOP shifting way to the far-right & bringing on the current polarizing divisiveness that is tearing our nation apart.  And after all, they’re the ones having voted for that imbalanced wanna-be dictator which is largely responsible for putting our country in the current dire straits we’re in.  Most of that crowd really aren’t dumb, just badly deceived.  They may well listen to reason when exposed to it, as way too many got themselves cordoned off & trapped by Fox & the echo.  If we can just direct them to messaging based on facts to balance the junk they’re plugged into, they might be fully capable of figuring it out for themselves as they come to their senses.  We can be doing them a great service by helping them escape their echo-bubble.  All we can do is try.

I keep repeating, don’t think it couldn’t happen here.  I’m referring to Trump and fascism overtaking America.  Reviewing some of the Related Articles below, the opening paragraph is posted here for art-of-the-no-deal-is-trump-a-transactional-president-or-a-hitler-wannabe-maybe-its-both, which I invite you to click on & read the rest, offering scary parallels to Hitler’s Nazi Germany, since history can provide us with valuable warnings we can learn by:

There’s a recurring and perhaps unresolvable debate about the nature of the Trump presidency that came into sharp focus after another week of apparent White House chaos. Is Donald Trump a “transactional” presidentshaped by the business world, as many of his defenders and normalizers argue, a non-ideological or anti-ideological CEO concerned only with wins and losses and the proverbial “art of the deal”? Or is he an aspiring fascist dictator, a discount-store Hitlerscheming to subvert the Constitution, overthrow democracy and impose his will on a nation that largely despises him?

Every part 2 message on the echo always has several links in the Related Articles offering proof on the bumbling buffoonery that has become Fox fake news, especially the idiocy of the likes of Hannity & Carlson: tucker_carlson_smears_march_for_our_lives_student_activists_they_hate_middle_america_obviously.  Inside the link maher-fox-news-is-running-the-country we see this excerpt, which we’ve been aware for awhile now the prez seems to trust that milk-toast, sugarcoated Fox morning show over his professional advisers, only leading to distorted/wrongheaded conclusions resulting in bad decisions:

“It’s scary how much Trump takes his cues from Fox News,” Maher said. Trump is known to be a frequent viewer of the network, particularly “Fox & Friends,” and often tweets in response to what the show’s hosts have been discussing. Maher joked that while Russian state television broadcasts Russian President Vladimir Putin’s views, he thinks the situation is reversed in the U.S. “Putin has state TV, but Putin’s not an idiot,” Maher said. “So state TV does what Putin wants. I think it’s the other way in this country.” “America’s being run by Steve Doocy,” he added, referring to the “Fox & Friends” host. In December, Mediaite named the “Fox & Friends” hosts the “most influential” in media because the president watches and responds to them frequently.

In the article Fox-News-Creator-of-the-false-reality-that-undergirds-American-Conservatism the writer looks to shame Fox advertising sponsors for the immense damage the network has wrought, which includes these excerpts I really can’t argue with:

In my not-always-humble opinion FOXNEWS is the single most damaging element in this country’s disastrous political situation. People who watch FOX live in an entirely different world from the one that you and I inhabit. Sure, The Orange Douche who lives in the Whitehouse got help from the Russians and other criminal elements, but the world depicted on FOX provided the necessary background for the Trump lie-machine. A steady dose of racist, right-wing lies gets viewers to believe that they are the victims of lazy, dangerous people who are getting a free ride while they, the hard-working White Christian folks, fork over their money to a government that gives them nothing in return. A wise old local political worker explained the mentality of those who vote Republican.  They “identify upward and blame downward.” So instead of seeing the top tenth of one percent as the people who are robbing the hard working regular folks they blame the poor and feel sorry for the rich.

There is a poll taken some time ago (in truth I’ve never seen it) that asks people what percentile do they believe they are in income-wise. Twenty percent claim they are in the top one percent and an additional nineteen percent say they expect to be in the top one percent in a few years. So 39 percent of the population thinks of itself as the put-upon rich who must turn over their wealth to a monstrous rabble. No wonder zombie movies are so popular. Every word that comes out of the collective mouth of Fox is devoted to stirring up hatred toward the people who have the least.  And they have decided to support Trump, the most corrupt, inadequate, and destructive monster ever to head the federal government. Trump isn’t just a bad president. He is hell-bent on destroying the country. He is a sick and twisted sadist who destroys everything he gets his mitts on.

In a group of links at the bottom, it’s interesting while Congress & that so-called deep state got the lion’s share of the blame in the echo for that budget-busting spending bill without spending on the wall, Trump also got quite a bit of blame.  It’s the most I’ve heard these sycophants turn on the prez.  If some commentators in the far-right wacko-world break from Trump & isolate themselves, it fractures their nutty agenda.  And it weakens both the echo-blabber & the prez when there’s a divide, forcing their confused compliant followers to not swallow whatever it is they’re being spoon-fed, while in their confusion actually requires them to try thinking for themselves.  It could cause them to reevaluate their extreme viewpoints & perhaps return to sensible reality.  The war of words against the echo in this battle of good vs. evil, at The Voracs we keep exposing the evil & promoting the good, so America can get back on track by rejecting the lies & conspiracies, while going back to rational viewpoints that adhere to common sense perspectives, basic truths & moral principles.  And a more informed American populace can squash the threat of Trump and fascism.

Views from the far-left….
Since the Kos doesn’t hold back, they may be extreme in their opinions, but they’re also interesting.  As I keep saying, they’re not always right, but in time will be proven more right than the far-right echo….