Trump immigration news prompts troops on border, & trade war spooks stock market….


So the economic political updates this week has been dominated by Trump immigration news where he insists on sending troops to the border, & the volatile markets are panicking over prospects of a trade war with China.  The big reasons Trump is such a poor president, he is very erratic, impulsive & simply cannot tell the truth.  He’s closing in on 3000 verifiable lies during his presidency, & those are just the ones we know of having been made public.  Whenever he opens his mouth or sends a tweet, we can’t trust a word he says.  He fudges his facts & figures on practically every point he brings up to support his positions, but when he’s wrong on basic claims as he usually is, it actually undermines selling his intentions.


The prez is sincerely trying to accomplish great things, but his approach is as inauthentic as it can get.  A leader who is a dishonest, clueless, incompetent, self-centered, bullying jackass cannot be a true leader.  Trumpeters deny that, but that’s who he really is.  He still plays exclusively to his base since he’s irreparably alienated the majority of Americans.  Perhaps the value he brings to the table is in blowing up the stodgy establishment norms, so hopefully a competent successor (whether here in 2018 or we’re forced to wait till 2021) can begin rebuilding America with a clean slate after the old/elitist political system has been blown to smithereens.  In the words of Abe, we need a government of the people, by the people, for the people, not self-serving career bureaucrats playing to the wants of big corporate & special interests.

In the first link under Related Articles, you can read the whole thing by clicking on tired-winning-yet-youre-not-alone, but I’ve posted the last half of it here.  Tired of winning yet?….

Trump’s been pretty much the president he said he would be, even before he seized control of his own administration a few weeks ago and started replacing milquetoast policymakers with like-minded TV celebrities. He’s told the Europeans and other allies who relied on our leadership for the last century to go figure things out for themselves. He’s done his damnedest to discredit the entire idea of America as a nation of immigrants who share common values. He’s responded to the Russian czar’s threat to nuke Florida by congratulating him on his hard-fought fake-election win and suggesting he visit Washington.


Thanks to Trump’s tax cuts and military buildup, we’re now rocketing toward an economic calamity in which just servicing the interest on our spiraling debt, coupled with our other obligations, will push interest rates higher and crowd out almost everything else the federal government does. Oh, I know what you’re saying: This doesn’t sound like winning at all. But that’s only because you misunderstood what Trump was trying to say.


Trump doesn’t define winning the way you and I do. It’s not about giving back or improving people’s lives; as I’ve written before, Trump has never done that anywhere, unless you count remodeling a skating rink. Winning, in Trump’s mind, wasn’t about us. It was about him. It’s about ratings and primacy. Trump wants more than anything to exist outside of himself, to occupy your screens and your emotions. He always has. Losing, to Trump, is receding from center stage. Winning is finding one way after another to keep us riveted to the show. So Trump is absolutely delivering on his promise. He’s winning and winning and winning. Every day, it seems, he taps some new well of audacity, willing himself to become the overarching story of our time. Even the reimagining of an old TV sitcom becomes a national conversation not because of anything that happens on the show itself, but because of what its star says about Trump, in the script and in real life. They should call it “Roseanne in Trumpland.”


Another win for the president.


And yes, we’re winning, too. Because like it or not, America has become the world’s Donald Trump. We’re shameless, unpredictable, outrageous. We’re a never-ending spectacle from which no one can look away. We’re the topic of all conversation, too. We horrify and fascinate, and then we get up the next morning and somehow figure out how to do it again. And we haven’t yet seen just how crazy and sordid this whole Russia investigation might become, dragging the country into yet another prolonged legal drama with unbelievable ratings, amazing, like you’ve never seen. Of course Trump’s idea of winning feels deflating to most of us. It’s exhausting. It’s disorienting. It’s like putting your face up to an industrial fan every hour of the day. It seeps into our dreams — all this dissembling and smallness and provocation bursting onto our TV crawls and iPhone screens — and when we wake up, we’re not an inch closer to giving our kids the America we promised them. But you can’t really blame the president. He told us right from the start that we’d get tired of the whole noisy routine. We were just too busy gawking to listen.


Then we see articles on the tax cuts.  Had the tax cuts come in conjunction with raising the federal minimum wage or stipulations for corporations that a certain percentage go towards workers & investments in plant & equipment, it could have forced their trickle down motives to actually trickle down.  Rubin provides her perspective in this paragraph I pulled from trump-and-the-supply-side-zealots-get-their-comeuppance.  That supply-side economic philosophy is nothing more than crony capitalism where political leaders reward their donors by helping increase their wealth & power:

Supply-siders and wealthy Trump supporters, delirious over tax cuts, have been beguiled by the distorted economic philosophy that has gripped the right ever since Ronald Reagan. For too long, they have considered a reduced top marginal tax rate as the be-all and end-all of economic policy, a magic elixir that swamps concerns about ballooning debt, long-term unemployment, decreased economic mobility, income inequality and the middle-class squeeze (rising college and health-care costs, flat wages). Failure to recognize the equal (if not greater) importance of robust immigration and trade, along with the critical stability provided by a rules-based economy (rather than one directed from on high by personal grudges), rendered them blind to the risks associated with an erratic right-wing populist such as Trump. If they were really true to conservative, market-based economic principles — rather than simply obsessed with tax cuts — they would have realized that Trump’s economic “philosophy,” if you can even call it that, is a threat to the United States’ long-term economic health.

The tax cuts were also touted as the rocket fuel that would finally drive up wages.  As we see from three-months-into-the-tax-cuts-significant-wage-gains-seem-elusive, the weak jobs report today did show wages ticked up slightly, but nothing to get excited about.  As wages have been stagnant for more than a decade, the working class has fallen further & further behind.  Unless we can come up with big/new/bold ideas, the prospects going forward into the future look no brighter.  In another article, for more descriptions of this corrupt president, I pulled these excerpts from president-trump%E2%80%99s-perversion-of-leadership:

“What’s truly shocking is how much petty graft has sprung up,” Chait notes, but not all of it is petty and none of it is shocking. The tone is set at the top, by a boss who maintains serious conflicts of interest, glories in nepotism and treats the presidency as a gilded marketing opportunity. Trump’s example is a green light for corruption. A leader knows whose counsel to seek and whose to be wary of. Trump knows only the siren’s song of sycophants saying what he wants to hear. He’s not interested in a diversity of input and information. One obsequious, affirming channel will do. He doesn’t do what a leader should and challenge himself — and the rest of us — to be bigger. He exploits his privilege to be as small as possible. With all the world watching and potentially taking cues from him, he crassly insults just about anyone who crosses him. It’s equal parts pathology and sport.

The other links in the first group deal with education & poverty, which from the article mlks-vision-matters-today-for-the-43-million-americans-living-in-poverty, we see these facts here where MLK’s dream has a long ways to go in being realized:

At a time when millions in the U.S. are poor and disenfranchised, the Poor People’s campaign remains as relevant for the U.S. as it was 50 years ago. Consider the evidence:

*At least 1.5 million households in the United States with about 3 million children are surviving on cash incomes of no more than $2 per day.

*A 2017 United Nations report found infant mortality rates in the U.S. to be the highest in the developed world. Children alone comprised 32.6 percent of all people in poverty.

*The World Income Database found that the U.S. has the highest rate of inequality among all Western countries.

Making this situation worse, many of the welfare and poverty elimination programs have been cut back or eliminated. A recent Washington Post investigation found that extreme poverty has nearly doubled since major welfare reform efforts in the 1990s under then-President Bill Clinton.

Other link groups below offer a few articles on health care, infrastructure & the March which seeks sensible gun laws.  There’s a larger group under the Amazon heading including why-big-business-isnt-defending-amazon-against-trump & an even larger group on the trade war with China can-america-and-china-avoid-mutual-trade-destruction.  There are reasons to hope some good can come from this: trump-is-right-chinas-a-trade-cheat & also see u-s-china-signal-room-for-talks-with-trade-tensions-heating-up, while there are also plenty of reasons for being worried: chinas-retaliatory-tariffs-will-hit-trump-country-hard & also see china-could-use-treasuries-in-trade-war-against-us.  The stock market sure doesn’t like it: stock-market-dow-jones-trade-war-china.


I haven’t been nearly as critical of Trump over his stance on Amazon or trade with China as most critics.  It’s because even though he has no clue what he’s doing, at least he’s brought attention to issues that I’ve always felt have been very damaging to our economy & cost us millions of good-paying jobs.  Huge companies setting up monopolistic practices to run roughshod over smaller competitors is a big concern, as is China using manipulative methods to give their industries an unfair advantage over American manufacturing.  And lately their stealing of our intellectual property is having huge ramifications.  At least Trump has successfully shined the spotlight on problems other political leaders washed their hands off, now if we could only figure out a good way to solve these dilemmas.  If Trump’s gambit forces China to the table in working out a more fair trade deal, it’d be a great move.  If it leads to an all-out trade war, it becomes a disaster & could bring on a recession.

Let’s examine another large group of links, that of Trump immigration news & his base egging him on to secure the border, first with troops until they can fulfill their long-awaited fantasy, the wall.  Our liar-in-chief went off script again yesterday in a talk in West Virginia, spewing a litany of lies.  I show our prez total disrespect because he hasn’t earned our respect, especially someone who’s a pathological liar.  He’s lied to us thousands of times, & that’s not just my opinion, they are proven lies (& somebody is actually counting).  It’s who he is.  His statements have nothing to do with the truth, he just makes stuff up based on how he wishes things were.  And he lies repeatedly to embellish himself.  Or he’ll concoct fake problems only he supposedly can fix.  That’s why it’s unbelievable any sane person could still believe him anymore.

So here comes the troops, to do what is unknown: trump-says-he-wants-to-send-2000-to-4000-national-guard-troops-to-mexican-border & also see gop-rep-im-not-comfortable-with-trump-sending-military-to-southern-border.  As to his unhinged rant from yesterday, this excerpt helps sum it up I took from a-rambling-trump-tosses-out-the-script–literally–in-w-va:

Rather than zeroing in on a focused message about the tax cuts that congressional Republicans believe is the key to retaining their majorities this fall, Trump launched into a rambling diatribe of red-meat rhetoric that had nothing to do with the tax law. Trump — who has been fixated on a “caravan” of migrants traveling north from Central America — charged that women on the journey are “raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before,” despite no evidence in mainstream news reports backing up that claim. He complained about birthright citizenship, sarcastically noting: “If you have a baby on our land, congratulations. That baby is a United States citizen.” He returned to criticism of the visa lottery system and family-based immigration, two provisions of U.S. immigration law that have been frequent targets of his ire. Trump also insisted that the military will build some parts of his promised border wall. And the president repeated his false claim that millions of people voted illegally by voting repeatedly in the same election. 

Other articles from that Trump immigration news group worth checking out are trump-tax-event-west-virginia-no-notes_us_ & also trump-was-supposed-to-talk-about-tax-cuts-we-got-rape-immigrants-and-voter-fraud-instead & another one jamie-dimon-immigration-reform-tearing-apart-u-s-society-holding-back-economy.  At the bottom are groups of links from Rubin & election concerns, before we get to a song honoring MLK.  That whole separate group of links from Jennifer Rubin are looking ahead to future elections & future leaders.  You may have noticed I refer often to Rubin’s articles.  She like me is a center-right conservative horrified at the direction the GOP has taken.  She definitely has a handle on what’s really happening & is someone we should pay attention to.

April 4th was the 50th anniversary of the MLK assassination….

This is a tribute to him….

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