Evil-Echo Empire Update

Our nation is under attack by forces as sinister & dangerous as a North Korean nuke. The threat is internal so it largely flies under the radar. The best way to start combating this grave threat is to make lots of people aware of it. We would have thought by now the blatant far right and Trump lies and deceit coming from the echo would be self-evident, but their level of cunning persuasion has proven too much for the more naive, so it’s incumbent upon us to re-educate that echo-audience. The major conservative political party now running things in DC has been thoroughly corrupted, which the echo has brought that on. We’re now at war with the oppressors of our democracy, including the White House, congressional enablers, the echo & Trumpeter base. The Constitution & rule of law is too important not to fight back. We’re at war because failing to win this fight against the enemy could lead to a catastrophic collapse of our once great nation. Defending America requires battling against the echo-crap. This is no time to sit back watching it happen!  Be bold & don’t be timid about hurting people’s feelings!  Show this info to as many as you can.

The attack today was a full-out assault on the DOJ/FBI, feeding into the growing body of evidence signaling an abuse of power by this White House.  The memo being released is pure rightwing propaganda trash, while releasing the memo providing the Dem rebuttal was turned down.  These GOP lapdogs at the urging of Trump have turned this whole thing into a charade.  We’re on the verge of a constitutional crisis, if we’re not there already.  Our nation desperately needs a clearheaded conservative party, only made possible by drawing the GOP base away from the echo & back to sanity.  The lying inside the echo, featuring talk shows like Limbaugh, Hannity, Carlson & Fox & Friends, have become so pervasive & transparent, their audiences are either wanting to be lied to or they’re gullible beyond belief.  Those are the only two explanations possible, other than a few who might tune in to find out what the radical right is up to.  It’s largely the same crowd (certainly the same mentality) who actually believed Trump lies, specifically when he repeatedly said Mexico will pay for the wall, and when he says Russia collusion is fake news, so they’ve already established their gullibility.

I’ve been saying for a long time the insanity heard on Hannity is the most dangerous rhetoric in America, fueling the same kind of tribal hatred that fueled the deranged uprising in 1930’s Germany.  Russia also sees the opening here to help take down America’s democracy from within, so to this very day they keep flooding social media through Russian bots, spreading false propaganda tearing away at the fabric of our democracy.  That propaganda actually echos the same lies heard repeatedly on Hannity & other such echo-shows.  Trump is picking up on these crazy conspiracy theories from snake oil peddlers like Hannity & Alex Jones, running with them even when they’re demonstrably false, but around 1/3 of the population have been so indoctrinated into the Trump lies, they’re preconditioned to actually believe this stuff.  As I alluded to, Hannity may be the single most dangerous person in America besides Trump, since he spins inflammatory tales that are totally separate from reality & enrage both sides for opposite reasons, yet he has millions of followers who’ve been trained to swallow such rhetoric unconditionally.

For the sake of pursuing fascist rule, we may be seeing permanent damage done to the intelligence communities & free press, courtesy of a wanna-be dictator & the party who enables him.  That is the strategy by Trump & all his co-conspirators, that hiding evidence of crimes require attacking the investigators & media sources devoted to unveiling the facts.  It even extends to that highly-partisan memo that’s not even based on facts in the proper context, which releasing such sensitive classified information threatens to blow the cover of important intelligence sources our nation depends on. And it could sabotage future findings of vital knowledge that make us aware of America’s security threats & is indispensable to the daunting challenge of keeping us safe.  It’s little more than putting our nation at risk by playing politics in protecting tribal loyalties. Also, all the Trump lies are completely irresponsible and are smearing & discrediting important institutions tasked with protecting our constitutional democracy. All this nonsense we used to hear coming from the tea party about being patriots & abiding by the Constitution, those same people have largely become enemies to such beliefs through aligning with corrupt forces.

Nunes worked for Trump’s transition team.  That’s a conflict-of-interest from which he’s been thoroughly corrupted, & may himself face legal jeopardy.  He’s been in on the cover-up this past year.  His hyped-up memo exposing bias in the FBI is reportedly nothing more than nitpicking a few agents expressing anti-Trump or pro-Hillary sentiments, which in a bureau of tens of thousands, naturally there will be those who don’t agree with Trump.  Whoopee!  It’s a free country with free speech & we all have our own opinions.  Trump’s minions & the echo should just get over it.  No doubt Obama faced the same level of biases within the FBI & other federal agencies, it’s just human nature.  The FBI even has a reputation for leaning more conservative.  This should not be the gestapo where total loyalty is demanded to the Fuhrer, much as Trump would like.  But all this loose talk of a large cabal inside the federal government working against our better interests, forming some secret society or deep state is utter nonsense.  Sure, there are some bad apples or those not dedicated to their jobs as in every organization, but to paint with a broad brush that a few worrisome examples are somehow representative of an entire agency like the DOJ or FBI, it comes across as patently absurd.  Since these conspiracies are so ridiculous, it should become obvious to all Americans these suspicions drummed up by Trump-world & his compliant echo are only done to disparage the credibility of the Russia investigations.  But apparently, the majority of the GOP base still choose to believe the unreasonable, indicative of the enormous level of deception circulating out there.

The abuse of power emanating from Trump is propelling the pathetic agenda of his surrogates.  From the related articles below, this is terrifying in the link far-right-pundits-are-now-calling-for-the-death-of-trumps-opponents, where the echo looks to purge opposition in establishing their utopian fascist state under Trump lies.  Another very scary message inside the-right-wing-war-on-dissent-ousted-white-genocide-professor-speaks, which starts off with this alarming Trumpian war on dissent in this excerpt.  (Do some of you still think he doesn’t want to be dictator?):

With the help of the Republican Party, the right-wing news media, and his legions of followers, President Donald Trump has attempted to silence dissent. Part of this campaign involves a coordinated assault on the concept of critical thinking and those individuals who dare to protest against his policies.

The right-wing assault on the American people and their capacity to resist Donald Trump and his movement has many elements: delegitimizing the free press; harassing and imprisoning political protesters and others who dare to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights of free speech and assembly; creating a malignant alternate universe through propaganda; supporting Christian fascism; cultivating ignorance and stupidity; eliminating restraints on corporate power; destroying the social safety net; growing the culture of cruelty and the surveillance and punishment state; and encouraging violence against liberals, progressives, and any other group or individuals whom conservatives view as “un-American.”


From more links below, one article says 2017 may have been the high point of his presidency. I’ll concur with that, since I’d be very surprised if he’s still in office come 2019. And even if he is, a Dem Congress could put an end to our long national nightmare (channeling Gerald Ford).  Please definitely watch the opening monologue in a video from Reliable Sources by clicking on stelter-refuse-to-be-confused-on-mueller-rs.cnn/video.  From there we see an article when former Defense Secretary Robert Gates over the weekend, pointed out the implausibility of the deep state propagated by the echo in the link robert-gates-laughs-off-the-idea-of-the-deep-state, where we see this perceptive insight: 

Gates, speaking on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” said there’s no way such a thing could exist in Washington. “So I, as the director and deputy director of CIA, let’s just say I was exposed to more than a few conspiracy theories over the years. And the one reason I always told people, ‘Conspiracies could never succeed in Washington,’ is because everybody in this town leaks,” he said. “I mean, the idea that you could have some kind of a cabal to organize or control the government in some way and have it not leak or somebody go sell the story to a magazine or to a book publisher doesn’t comport with reality.”

In the links below on the craziness that keeps coming from Fox fake-news, every message about the evil echo contains multiple links revealing the aimlessly delusional babble constantly spewed from Hannity‘s lips.  There are also links highlighting the racist bigotry & inane arguments polluting our TV’s on the Tucker Carlson show, so I have no idea what the purpose is every weeknight of this wasted hour.  His audience would be far better served learning politics through watching reruns of The West Wing than polluting their brains with the garbage Carlson rolls out there.  See the article titled fox-news-deep-state-conspiracies, helping distinguish the rift between rational & radical conservative pundits.  The echo props up Trump, a particularly loathsome individual, so to the extent the GOP base overwhelmingly believe Trump is “a good role model” & provides “moral leadership,” that only further confirms the extremely high level of deception they’re operating under.  Those revelations are revealed in the article republicans-redefine-morality-as-whatever-trump-does, which include these excerpts in the next two paragraphs:

Yet so strong is the pull of tribalism that we’ve reached a point where partisanship outweighs morality. The difference: Democrats disapproved of Clinton’s morality by 2 to 1 (65 to 33 percent), even as they overwhelmingly approved of his job performance. Only 16 percent of Republicans today say Trump does not provide moral leadership. The triumph of partisanship over morality starts at the top. Franklin Graham excused Trump’s alleged sexual encounter, and Tony Perkins, the president of the conservative Family Research Council, declared that Trump gets a “mulligan” — a do-over — for his behavior.

Such normalizing of Trump’s behavior makes the seediest elements feel safe to crawl out from under their rocks. The FBI reported in November that hate crimes were up again in 2016 after rising in 2015. And the Anti-Defamation League reported that anti-Semitic incidents were “significantly higher” through the first nine months of 2017 — a time in which Trump said there were “very fine people” among a march of neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville. (This month, as Trump was whipping up loathing of the “fake news” media, a young man was arrested for threatening to gun down CNN journalists.)

In the group of articles on evangelicals, where we see more evidence of leaders the likes of Falwell, Graham & Perkins having completely lost their moral compasses, but at least the article lauding Trump’s decision to support a path for Dreamers gives us hope.  Based on quotes in there from other evangelical leaders, it seems some are out there still following the teachings of Jesus.  Much like the GOP, evangelicals are forming a dividing line between right & wrong.  Thank God Billy Graham’s granddaughter is speaking out, saving the family’s reputation from being disgraced by her uncle.  The evangelical church must follow the leadership who stick to moral principles & their greater mission, since abiding by the teachings of heretics could grease the skids for the downfall of the church itself.  Other than the 1980’s in the days of the Moral Majority, never before have evangelicals been such a focus of mainstream political discussions, since they’re being called out & roundly denounced for the obvious hypocrisy, plus the unmistakable double standard compared to the 1990’s with President Clinton’s indiscretions.  When less than a decade ago the proportion of evangelicals saying moral character doesn’t matter in a leader was only 30%, which now that figure is up to 72%, it emphasizes the extent of the moral duplicity & how quickly that has occurred.  In the very last link, these are the words of Erick Erickson:

“I think people across pews in America need to remember that they need to seek their faith in God and not in Donald Trump, unlike a lot of these leaders. It’s kind of disappointing actually, that Jerry Falwell Sr. started this moral majority because of this collapse in culture, and his son [Falwell Jr.] has basically embraced the guy who is emblematic of the collapse of culture, with Donald Trump posing as he did in front of that playboy magazine Donald Trump was on.”