Trump Media Always Out To Deceive….

The most radicalized far-right voices with fanatical viewpoints have taken up choice spots within the echo-bubble, transitioning Fox & the echo in recent years over to the loyal Trump media.  The Fox prime-time lineup is certainly a prime example of that.  Not only are these extremists fooling the GOP base by presenting a hideously warped version of conservatism, but they’re also fooling our clueless president.  His opinions & decision-making are clearly influence by Fox early morning & evening hosts, which causes him to make bad decisions since they’re based on false information.  Add to that his vengefulness, bullying, impulsiveness & bad temperament, plus his incompetence & blind tunnel vision in only doing what his rabid base wants, & America now has a potential disaster on its hands.  I’ve heard feedback from logical non-echo Americans & concur a lot of us knew a Trump presidency would be bad, but it’s turned out far worse than we ever expected.

I keep warning Trump fashions himself prez for life: Trump-wants-to-amend-the-constitution-so-he-could-be-president-for-4-complete-terms.  Those who blindly adhere to the Trump media echo, & would be quick to excuse a president who may soon be proven a criminal having abused his power, such enablers should be held accountable for supporting the end result which may result from it, a fascist America!  A big reason most GOP politicians don’t push back against Trump, really stems from Fox & the echo having so thoroughly brainwashed the GOP base, duped voters in the party still overwhelmingly approve of Trump.  There is no conceivable equivalency to the genocide having occurred in 1930-40’s Germany, as I make this comparison only to make a point, but back then the rank & file Nazi’s were duped by propaganda & overwhelmingly supported Hitler.  Please read these excerpts from trump-thinks-any-attack-on-him-is-an-attack-on-america-isnt-that-the-definition-of-a-fascist to understand the risks we face:


Does any real doubt remain that Donald Trump is a fascist cut from an American mold? To this point in the story that is the decline of American democracy under Donald Trump and the Republican Party, we have seen many things. Among them are threats of violence against political rivals, an upsurge in racism and nativism, militant nationalism and careless warmongering, efforts to limit the freedom of the press, assaults on the rule of law, blatant disregard for democratic traditions and norms, shameless apparent corruption and abuse of the public trust, idol worship of despots and dictators, and the creation of a malignant reality in which Trump’s followers are wedded to him in a political cult based upon collective narcissism and shared authoritarian values.


When the president claimed that Mueller and the FBI’s investigation into his affairs was “an attack on our country,” he christened himself a fascist leader in all but name.

Trump believes that he is the state, as did the absolute monarchs of earlier centuries, and as did totalitarian despots like Hitler and Stalin. He believes that he is above the law and that all legal power and authority flows from him. For Trump, instead of being embraced as the hallmarks of a healthy and functioning democracy, checks and balances are a threat to his authoritarian agenda. Trump’s claims are dangerous in another way as well. If Donald Trump was an ordinary citizen who happened to have a great deal of money, his anti-democratic impulses and pronouncements would be “merely” troublesome. But Trump is not just the drunk at the bar who happens to be rich. He is president of the United States and official leader of one of the country’s two main political parties.


He has his own propaganda machine and leads a movement comprised of tens of millions of desperate, angry people. As such, Trump’s followers and enablers perceive any attack on him as an attack on themselves. Trump knows this all too well. Donald Trump’s presidency is a keg of political dynamite. The fuse has been lit. The explosion is imminent and inevitable. The only question which remains is how many Americans — and how many others around the world — will be hurt by the blast.

The next group of links are about the Trump-Comey clash.  Airing an interview & the release of a book are coming in the next few days.  James Comey says he likens the prez to a mob boss.  In the book he also basically calls him a liar (in-new-book-comey-says-trump-untethered-to-truth), but I’ve been saying that all along, because it’s true.  He also reveals the prez to be a slime ball (not Comey’s words, but my words in channeling Trump’s tweet this morning).  It also lays out a very compelling case for obstruction.  That can only help strengthen the validity of the Mueller probe & emphasize the importance of continuing it to the very end.  I’ve got to think Comey has pangs of guilt about stating the Hillary case was still open the week before the election, while not making public the inquiry into Trump & the Russians, so now he must realize such actions may have been the overriding factor in Trump getting elected.  So to some extent he’s indirectly to blame for whatever disastrous results come out of this presidency.

From there are links to Zuckerberg/Facebook, followed by a group on Fox fake news.  Beware of Trump & his echo, for they are deceitful & dangerous.  Fox has basically become Trump Media, which this excerpt below comes from what-trump-has-that-nixon-didnt.  Based on their rhetoric, in particular the early AM & evening shows, I see Fox as falling into pure evil sacrificing any principles.  That’s why we must call them out, as way too many viewers are being bamboozled by their lies.  If it comes to this, it appears they’d go so far as to give Trump a pass on committing serious crimes & be willing to serve as the state-run media, constantly providing their omnipotent dictator effusive praise as they enable a fascist state.  The ingredients for that seem to be coming together, so as I keep saying, don’t think it couldn’t happen here:

Trump’s got another advantage, mentioned at the beginning of this article. In Fox News, Trump enjoys a 24-hour-a-day news network that’s far less criticalof him than other networks — when it’s critical at all. About half of Republicans consistently identify Fox News as their most-trusted news outletin Suffolk University polling. A recent Monmouth University poll found that Republicans trust Trump more than CNN or MSNBC by wide margins. (Fox was about as trusted as Trump.) Fox News is joined by conservative media outlets that often seem to be competing to cast him in a positive light against the hated Democrats or the mainstream media. During the 2016 election, social media were even more partisan than was network news, with Breitbart leading the way on the right. While Breitbart’s readership has fallen, there’s still a robust media environment in which Trump’s battle with Mueller becomes a battle of good (the former) vs. evil (the latter). As Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean put it in January, “There’s more likelihood [Nixon] might have survived if there’d been a Fox News.”

This next paragraph comes from laura-ingraham-fox-news-way-forward & yes, we do need to strike back against a beast of a TV network that’s taken fringe extremism mainstream:

Now, though, Fox News is in an interestingly existential moment. Its past identity is falling away in favor of a beast with many of the same rhetorical techniques, but different goals. In the months after the election of President Donald Trump, the network was outflanked on the right by ascendant voices like Breitbart – which had firmly backed his MAGA movement. And in the absence either of the late chairman and CEO Roger Ailes or signature opinion host Bill O’Reilly (both of whom left the network after allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct), Fox News has been playing a game of catch-up on the opinion side, ramping up genuine-seeming anger in an effort to meet viewers —and one very powerful viewer in particular—on what was once the fringe. (Fox was the most-watched cable news network in the first quarter of 2018, proving it’s changing along with the appetites of its core viewership.) The network’s critics on the left, existing in the most robust climate for protest in a generation, are emboldened to strike back.


As proof Trump works in cahoots with Fox, see this excerpt from trump-promotes-conspiratorial-hannity-episode-calling-mueller-head-of-deep-state-crime-families, where Trump promotes Hannity’s show ahead of time, & Hannity lets loose with yet another insanely outrageous conspiracy theory.  Hannity is just flat-out a crazed lunatic!  For the good of our nation, hopefully he’ll also get caught up in Mueller’s web:

Minutes before Sean Hannity went live Wednesday evening on Fox News, President Trump tweeted that there would be a “big show tonight,” imploring followers to tune in. As it turns out, that show featured Hannity outlining—with the help of a conspiratorial board—the “criminal” connections of Bill and Hillary Clinton, special counsel Robert Mueller, and former FBI Director James Comey. Throughout the lengthy, rambling monologue, Hannity accused Mueller of prosecutorial impropriety—from “looking the other way” as a federal prosecutor in Boston at gangster James “Whitey” Bulger’s crimes to prosecuting the wrong man for a post-9/11 anthrax attack. 

Fox is full of master manipulators spinning their web of deception & subterfuge, with many of their naive viewers being trapped & injected with the toxins from their bites.  There are plenty of articles below about that buffoon Tucker Carlson, providing us hard-hitting stories on sex-crazed pandas: tucker-carlson-reports-on-sex-crazed-pandas-ignores-michael-cohen-news.  Lou Dobbs was once sane when he had a show on CNN.  Now on Fox Business in appealing to a far-right audience, he’s gone around the bend: lou-dobbs-fire-robert-mueller.  The likes of Gingrich (scarborough-gingrich-contemptible-as-a-man-for-attacking-war-hero-mueller) & Huckabee (mike-huckabee-suggests-republicans-order-capitol-police-conduct-raid-fbi) have also joined the clown car & gone off the deep end.

But Fox isn’t alone, as they’re part of the bigger echo-media machine that is giving conservatism a bad name.  In the Sinclair Broadcasting group of links, they also serve as Trump media by spreading their lies through local networks: sinclair-chairman-told-trump-we-are-here-to-deliver-your-message-after-he-won.  In the last group of links, we see lies coming from various deranged crackpots, featuring the likes of Alex Jones, Nunes & Bannon.  There is quite a large audience out there for these idiotic conspiracy theories, which are not based on facts whatsoever, but are only meant to garner attention & ingratiate these extremist opinion-shapers with their fanatical radicalized audiences.  Pure insanity is on display when Nunes wants to impeach the Director of the FBI, demonstrating him & Hannity seem to be of one accord: devin-nunes-ready-impeach-someone.

Bannon’s power & influence are directly tied to getting back into the good graces of Trump & his merry band of Trumpeters: bannons-russia-probe-cover-up-plan-would-start-two-political-civil-wars.  Bannon is playing along with the most radical echo-heads like Hannity & Dobbs, where they falsely accuse the DOJ & FBI of being part of some nefarious deep state, which they’re using their crackpot theories as a way to justify shutting down the Mueller probe.  Their claims are consistently absurd & would bring on a constitutional crisis, but the more gullible & unenlightened among that echo-audience are swallowing the lies hook, line & sinker.  Any reasonable person should know it’s not the deep state that would take down the prez, it’s Trump’s own criminal activities!

So please pass around this blog site:, since we need to set people straight.  Especially with Fox/echo fans, they tend to be so far removed from reality there’s no reasoning with them, so arguing with them can be like talking to the wall.  Instead, just share the site & hope for the best.  You’ll be doing your civic duty for your country, & even your echo-friends may thank you someday should they ever see the light.  Far-right radicals will likely remain radicals, but enough rational people can be swayed away from the echo to make a positive difference.

Views from the far-left….
Other than perhaps the story from a doorman at Trump World Tower, these other Kos stories are likely close to being accurate.  At least they are based on facts, not like the lies & conspiracies heard every night on Fox fake news….