News on Trump North Korea, Russian case & Stormy Affair….

Before discussing the big news on the Trump North Korea talks, nary a day goes by without something relevant hitting the news about the scandal.  Recent headlines include Trump questioning witnesses Don McGahn & Reince Priebus after they met with special counsel, which is definitely considered off limits.  What is especially relevant to this case is Trump reportedly asking White House lawyer McGahn to deny that the prez requested McGahn fire Mueller last summer, even sending word through Rob Porter threatening McGahn he’d risk being fired if he didn’t cooperate.  It gives more ammo to Mueller looking into various Trump improprieties, which in this instance brings up the possibility of witness tampering, intimidation of witnesses &/or more evidence of obstruction of justice.  We have seen numerous examples over the past year pointing toward obstruction by this prez.  Furthermore, this Trump news is yet another example of more people in Trump’s orbit lying about their previous contacts with shady Russians.  This news also might indicate Priebus & McGahn are fully cooperating with Mueller, since they reportedly informed Mueller about Trump questioning them: trump-spoke-to-witnesses-about-matters-they-discussed-with-special-counsel.

The next group of links get into details on overviews of the Russian scandal, including this intriguing TV interview: mueller-documents-agreement-trump-russian-interests-2016-campaign-gop-strategist.  After that are articles on George Nader, adviser to the United Arab Emirates, is now cooperating with Mueller.  During the transition, Nader had a secret meeting in the Seychelles Islands with Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater & brother of education secretary Betsy DeVos.  The meeting was organized in advance to meet with an emissary of the Kremlin, raising speculation this may be a part of the overall quid pro quo between Russia & Trump officials.  Reportedly the investigation is looking into whether a deal involved easing sanctions on Russia in exchange for investment funds funneled into the Trump campaign to buy influence, plus they discussed setting up ongoing back-channel communications with the Kremlin.  This whole episode seems to have Kushner, Bannon & Flynn’s fingerprints all over it: mueller-finds-evidence-kremlin-back-channel-plan.

Now for the big story the South Koreans announced last night about the Trump North Korea talks that might happen in May.  Twice before the North Koreans have agreed to freeze their nuclear program only to not do so, including a deal with President Clinton they totally reneged on, & it sounds too good to be true they’d actually be willing to give up their nuclear weapons.  If Trump is really such a great negotiator, this will be the ultimate test & the stakes are extremely high.  What may have brought Jong-un to the table were the feel-good spirit from the Olympics, biting sanctions & the madman theory (where enemies capitulate for fear of a madman doing something crazy), since more than any president in our history Trump can come across as truly mad.  It’s tough to know what to make of this offer for talks as it came out of left field.  Jong-un might be just wanting to bring world attention on himself.  We can be optimistically hopeful without getting our hopes too high, realizing who we’re dealing with.  That generational rulership in North Korea has been raised as ruthless, murderous & irrational, so they’re not to be trusted.  We don’t know what Jong-un’s true motives are, but it’s worth a try to talk.  If somehow the prez can pull off a deal for a denuclearized Korean peninsula that can be monitored & is verifiable, Trump would secure his positive legacy in spite of himself.

In the rest of the Related Articles, we see Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen looks to be in hot water over the Russian investigation, not just the Stormy scandal.  In articles on other key players, it includes Lewandowski refusing to answer questions for the House Intel Committee, & Manafort having his state court date set ahead of his federal court date.  From there we have groups of links on the North Korean talks, our foreign dangers & several links to the chaos inside the White House, especially with the constant departures & ethics violations.  There’s also a group with plenty of links on the Stormy scandal, where Trump never signed the NDA contract & tried to hide his identity, using the alias David Dennison.  This scandal in the #MeToo era seems to be sticking to him more than any of his other sexual hijinks, which aside from the moral failings, there is also the question of the hush money/cover up violating campaign finance laws.  In any normal presidency lacking the continual chaos which changes the headlines at a dizzying pace, this porn star scandal & related sexual abuse allegations probably could have brought down most any other president.  Wrapping up the links, there’s a group showing Trump’s personal flaws & how he’s dragging down the GOP.  This is our president, which Americans need to know the real him, so please do share this and other relevant blog posts from The Voracs!

Views from the far-left….

I use plenty of Kos articles to counter the far-right echo.  But to be fair, the Kos is more accurate & less conspiratorial than the echo has become.  If I really wanted to provide stories as far out on the extreme left as the echo is on the extreme right, full of exaggerations, distortions, hyperbole & conspiracies, plus plenty of wishful thinking based on each side’s respective hardcore opinions, a better countering information source would be  They’re as anti-Trump as most Fox fake news shows are pro-Trump.  Here’s just a sampling:  I do have a hunch Palmer will be proven more accurate on the Russian scandal than Hannity ever was….