Trump Russian Scandal Heating Up

The Newsfeeds Have Been Going Nuts with News about the Trump Russian Scandal

There’s an incredible amount of news lately, enough to where it’s hard to keep track of it all, so I’ve got a huge number of the most pertinent news stories organized below in the related articles.  Most of the headlines are not good, just Trump dredging up more chaos.  He does all this to fill his ego by dominating the news cycles & to distract from all the other negative stuff he’s doing, including covering up the details from the Trump Russian scandal.  But the scandal narrative revealing the damaging evidence from the campaign & afterwards is spinning out of Trump’s control, which I believe someday we’ll look back upon Russiagate as the biggest news story (& scandal) in American history.

We’re just beginning to uncover the most damaging facts of what really happened between the Trump campaign & the Russians, especially now with Flynn flipping.  But what we’ve already seen throughout this year speaks volumes, including these 3 basic facts:

1. Russia interfered in our election, leaking hacked emails from the Dems campaign & running fake ads on social media that reached well over 100 million Americans

2. Many among Trump’s campaign staff suspiciously were in regular communications with various Russians

3. Following the election, Trump & his campaign staff repeatedly lied about those Russian contacts

And the boasts from last summer during the campaign offered proof some key campaign aides knew & even predicted when the Russian/WikiLeaks dump of hacked emails disparaging Hillary were coming, based on statements made by the likes of Stone, Giuliani & sonny-boy Donny Jr.  It was also clear Team Trump sought to repeal the Russian sanctions & were more than willing to overlook the Russians attacking our electoral process, so what do you suppose the Russians provided in return?  I think we already know, it’s just a matter of unveiling the truth.  It’s also mighty suspicious that our insulter-in-chief has one person in this whole world he consistently gushes over, his buddy the Russian Emperor.  And no presidential campaign in American history has ever had this amount of outreach to a foreign adversary.

From the newsfeed reports in the related articles, the first few links explain if Trump didn’t do anything illegal, why does he keep lying & covering up?  We see indications in several articles pointing towards Flynn not going rogue in his dealings with Russia, but taking orders from the highest levels currently in the White House.  That begs the questions of the who, what, when & why, which the Mueller team is systematically putting that puzzle together.  I get a sense we’re soon closing in on the big reveal when this case will break wide open & the evidence of illegalities will become abundantly clear.  Obstruction of Justice by Trump is oh so obvious, but that charge will carry far more weight once collusion is also proven, no matter if Trump was directly involved in the collusion or it was just his campaign staff.  And always keep in mind the obstruction (post-Watergate break-in) is what led to Nixon’s resignation.  Also remember it was close to two years before the evidence became solid enough to drive the nail in the coffin, but I’m quite confident it won’t take nearly that long for Trump’s presidency to reach its demise.

trump russian scandal graph for flynn

I heard GOP strategist Mike Murphy comment recently “we’re living through the first screwball presidency in American history.”  Trump has been even more unhinged than normal with his tweets in the past week or so.  It’s providing prosecutors with plenty of fodder.  Trump tweeted he fired Flynn for lying to Pence & The FBI.  That would be admitting he knew Flynn lied to the FBI & Trump committed obstruction when urging Comey to back off Flynn.  That tweet was quickly walked back by claiming one of his lawyers actually wrote it.  Now reports have just come out a Trump lawyer told him back in January that Flynn misled the FBI.  There are also links to a White House aide KT McFarland admitting a year ago they knew Russia had thrown them the election, which was quickly walked back by claiming she was being facetious in meaning the Dems were the ones viewing it that way.  I also see where Manafort has already violated his bail agreement by writing an editorial with Russian connections.  There are just so many moving parts to this Trump Russian scandal.  All of Trump’s excuses, alibis & denials are crumbling.

trump russian scandal tweet about obstruction

Also among the Russian links below, a high-ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee said they’re building an obstruction case, causing the White House to float the idea a president cannot be guilty of obstruction.  Perhaps they should check Watergate history & see what brought Nixon down.  I think this crazy argument a prez can’t be charged with obstruction was concocted because they know he’ll be found guilty of obstruction.  Our prez must think he’s above the law.  Trump’s lying & nuttiness continued with his tweet he never asked Comey to stop the Flynn investigation, while at the same time slammed the FBI saying the agency was in “tatters.”  That does not sit well with the FBI, being a cheap shot that is simply not true.  It only energizes the FBI to want to get at the bottom of the nefarious Trump-Russian relationship.  It’s been a pattern Trump gets even more loony & goes off on a wild tangent anytime he feels cornered, which in the past few days he was indeed hit with the one-two punch of the Flynn plea deal & also getting caught trying to obstruct the Senate investigation this past summer.  It might just be he’s only appealing to his base knowing he’ll soon be toast from this evolving Trump Russian scandal, so his base will be all he has left.

trump russian scandal graph

This whole scandal is like the greatest movie drama of all time Hollywood could have ever written, except this is real, consequential & has so far been playing out for a year, with plenty of twists & turns still ahead.  The related articles are almost all about Russia & there are a huge number of them this time, reflecting how huge this story really is becoming.  Perhaps the echo might even catch on soon.  Towards the bottom, there are a handful of articles not about Russia but the nuke danger.  In this new age with the rise of terrorism & imminent nuclear threat in nation-states like North Korea, Trump is undercutting our efforts by making us a laughing stock on the world stage, alienating our allies, undermining diplomacy by gutting the State Dept, & confounding all of us with his inane/reckless bombasts.  As much as our options on North Korea are both limited & horrifying, there are two conflicting scenarios we must avoid at all costs.  Number one is launching a preemptive nuclear strike, which we need to set the example & encourage other nuclear states that a first-strike nuclear attack cannot even (or ever) be an option.  But the second scenario the world cannot live with is a fully developed nuclear missile program by such a crackpot rogue regime like Jong-un’s.  America and the world would live under a constant threat of annihilation.

Trump said “he’d take care of it,” so we have to wonder if that’s just another false statement or does he actually have a plan of action.  As much as there are no good options & assuming diplomacy/sanctions won’t work, the following is a projected hypothetical outcome which could be the best we could hope for (although tragic for the North Korean people).  If someday Jong-un were to ever launch a first-strike missile that our anti-missile interceptors were to successfully detonate over the Pacific, from there we’d be justified & even required to retaliate.  That would allow us to wipe out their nuclear arsenal even if it required wiping the country off the map.  As I say, it’s far from ideal, but it could be the only legitimate series of events to eliminate this scourge of a totally unacceptable nuke threat.  Another ultimate best-case-scenario would be an internal coup with rational military leaders taking over, but that’s probably over-the-top wishful thinking.  Or maybe we’ve developed some super-secret weapon designed to disable nuclear weapons, such as a high-tech laser or sound waves or artificial intelligence geared towards a star-wars type breakthrough for future warfare.  If Trump somehow successfully navigates this incredibly dangerous situation by finding a way to stamp out North Korea’s nuke program, his legacy as prez would actually see him going down as a hero.  But it’s a longshot at best & could easily backfire into catastrophic consequences.

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Maybe these articles are as crazy-left as the echo is crazy-right, but something tells me months from now the Kos will have proven to be far closer to the truth than the echo.