Part 1
We reserve this first section for Trump’s criminal activities, which for 3 years in our Part 1’s we’ve provided loads of concrete evidence from major news sources that our president is indeed a criminal.  DOJ guidelines a sitting president can’t be indicted curbed his Russian crimes, while a sycophant GOP senate jury stalled his Ukrainian crimes.  But they were crimes nonetheless.  Not to mention solid evidence on a variety of other crimes like campaign finance violations, sexual assault, witness intimidation, tax fraud & defrauding contractors, charities & university students. 
With the national emergency over Coronavirus dominating the headlines, there hasn’t been much in the news lately on his crimes, but I can assure you it’s just a matter of time before more of his illegal conduct is revealed.  As I’ve often said, it’s who he is.  It’s ingrained in his nature.  Trump has displayed a pattern of behavior to advance his self interests no matter what it takes, sometimes crossing the line of legality.  Many are appalled at my criticisms of the president & think I should be respectful of the office.  Well, I do respect the office, but not the occupant when objectively evaluating the news since Trump took office provides ample/overwhelming evidence he really is a crime boss.  
If that weren’t bad enough, his constant lying, spin & insults are particularly bothersome.  It’s magnified by the gullible delusions & deceitful gaslighting coming from his echo & Trumpeter base when they buy into/promote all his nonsense.  I will state unequivocally from the articles/video here in Part 1 about his answer to a question in his Friday presser, Trump is a bullying jackass jerk!!!  Yes, you heard me right!  This is one pathetically awful human being!  But don’t just take my word for it, click on these links & judge for yourself.  You’ll see our president’s response to a reasonable/legitimate question from Peter Alexander, which I’ll personally admit to having a meltdown when I saw this live on TV:
Inexcusable!!!  Totally uncalled for!  I hope you’ve concluded as I have, the president is truly a deranged psycho lunatic!  A disgrace to the office!  Strong words indeed, but this disgusting excuse for a president deserves derision from all of us.  And not just from this one incident, but his pattern of behavior tells us so, which every post ever seen in our blog has helped make that reality so obvious.  His supporters are blind to it, but they’ve been hopelessly indoctrinated into his cult.  So being stowed away inside their cozy bubble of echo-news, they have absolutely no interest in real news, preferring to ignore or deny any hints of indiscretions by their omnipotent leader.  As for those links above with that video, Alexander is not a terrible reporter doing really bad reporting, the truth is we have a terrible president doing a really bad job of leading!!!: 
Those daily rambling press conferences have become more like a circus show, designed to praise the prez while deflecting the blame, even trying to pin the blame his political opposition:  The prez makes it sound like tremendous progress is being made, but those words don’t match the deeds.  Just compare the stark differences between Trump’s leadership & that of various governors.  NY Gov. Cuomo & others offer up the straight story when giving press updates, being concise, credible, informative, instructive & factual, compared to the daily nonsensical lollypop spin from our BS’er-in-chief: & also see  If only constitutionally we could make Cuomo our president right now to guide us through this virus crisis, it’s highly likely his leadership could reduce the spread & death toll. 
The prez also used that Friday press conference to prioritize one of his favorite pet projects, shutting off our southern borders.  That move is all well & good, but it is far from the issue we should prioritize, since the virus is already here & spreading in all 50 states.  And from our prez in any of these pressers, there is always a notable lack of empathy or comforting or clarity or rallying the American people to the moment.  There will not be any clarion calls or inspirational messages from this president instructing all Americans to take appropriate precautions or reassuring all of us we’ll get through this together.  His focus remains more on himself than the people:  Being the antithesis of a bonafide leader, his egomaniacal narcissistic buffoonery renders him incapable of effective leadership.
Also sorely lacking is the forceful/emphatic calling out for a full-out mobilization of the full capacity of the federal government to order/coordinate immediately the mass production of the test kits, supplies & equipment urgently needed.  Finally, at least this presidential act was invoked (, compelling manufacturers to make what healthcare workers need that should have come weeks ago, but it seems progress is still too slow getting factories up to speed:  Plus it’s about time the Army Corps of Engineers & FEMA were finally tasked to take control:  See lots of commentary & links about the virus & government handling of it below in Part 3, & as can be expected with this life-changing story, there are an enormous number of recent articles.  The time spent here will help keep you informed.
Part 2
With the backing of the echo-media, the tea party movement launched a decade ago lacking both a brain & a heart.  Their influence has morph into the unhinged insanity we see in the GOP today, including their hero-worship of a corrupt demagogue.  The Part 2’s in our blog always feature commentaries/links to expose the authoritarian dangers in our president, the dishonest echo-media that serves him, & his Trumpeter base who’ve gone completely off-the-rails.  Like lemmings following the bedazzling Pied Piper playing their favorite tune, Trumpeters are being led into potential disaster with all of us paying a very steep price.  The mindset of Trump’s most ardent fans appear to be unsalvageable, so the best we can do is share sane information as seen in sources like this blog, with the expressed intent to outnumber them in November.  So here are links showing how the prez & his cronies have little regard for the rule of law or Constitution, also lacking even a modicum of truthfulness or human decency:
Basically Amounts to Insider Trading Shenanigans
Instead of the GOP, we should start calling them COP (Corrupt Old Party):
Fox Fake News Leads the Evil Echo & Crazy Fans being Mesmerized by the Radical Right
As long as the evil echo keeps lying to their audiences & those transfixed adherents keep believing those lies, American democracy remains in imminent danger.  An entire major political party no longer accepts facts.  Every one of our Part 2’s we’ve posted over the years through commentaries & article links, we’ve conclusively proven how Fox & the echo are constantly lying to us!  Below are yet more examples of deceptive echo-spin, along with other links about the foolish merry-band of Trumpeters who keep that echo-media in business.  The virus crisis & crazy spin from the echo about that threat, it only ratchets up the overall risk our nation faces from the misguided radical right.  We would have thought with all those obvious lies by Fox about Coronavirus including initially calling it a hoax, their viewers would have been smart enough to see through the lies, but apparently not:
Part 3
Our Part 3’s on the economy have taken up most of our posts lately with Coronavirus coming on the scene.  We’re dealing with an epidemic in our country.  Not just the virus, but there’s an epidemic of financial insecurity among the working class.  That epidemic has been coming on long before this virus emergency hit us, but with the crisis causing our economy to practically shut down, it’s made the family financial crisis a true & urgent national emergency.  Millions have already been thrown out of work with more to follow the longer this shutdown goes on.  We can argue over whether such drastic steps were needed, but do we really want to take the chance our inaction could result in millions of Americans dying?  China took extreme quarantine measures & reversed things relatively fast, as did South Korea, as opposed to the tragedy playing out in Italy. 
Besides the millions suddenly thrown out of work, millions of others who are able can work from their homes out of a sense of caution.  If this work-at-home trend continues even after this national emergency subsides, it could lead to several positive outcomes.  Rather than most of the economic & population growth concentrating in the crowded coastal cities, working remotely might potentially provide a way to revitalize regions largely left behind, namely middle America, rural areas & older industrial cities/towns.  It offers a chance to live & work where housing costs are far lower, & the cost of living in general is lower.  Workers could save the time & expense of commuting, appropriate office attire, getting ready in the morning, outside meals, childcare, & other advantages that may allow for their time & money to be spent more efficiently.  Of course, many jobs can’t be done at home.  But the ones that can, especially if companies have the means to monitor the results from their employees, why not?  And on a larger note, maybe this major shakeup to our economy might spark an initiative to create a more inclusive/shared growth type of capitalism:     
In the relief package Congress is haggling over (& urgently needs passed early this week), be aware any stimulus package won’t work as long as we don’t have a handle on the virus, so the aid needs structured to go directly to workers, small businesses & affected industries to help them stay afloat til we get through this.  The package about to be passed will be at least $2 trillion just for starters, which as more of a budget hawk is a figure I would not ordinarily be comfortable with.  But we’re already $23 trillion in debt, so what’s another $2, 3 or 4 trillion?  We’ve just got to try preventing this recession from turning into a depression & allowing our economy to collapse, so such a huge aid package under these circumstances has become a necessary investment.  There’s no choice but to act quickly, since if this emergency becomes a depression after our government failed to do enough, our national debt would soon increase much higher than just a few more trillion as a natural offshoot of economic collapse.  Here are the latest reports: 
Coronavirus Pandemic
Early Warning…which was ignored, downplayed & mishandled from the beginning.  Intelligence officials warned the administration of this coming danger starting in January, but the prez pooh-poohed the threat & sought to ward off the virus through wishful thinking.  We’re now on the receiving end of the consequences.  Those lies, denials, complacent attitude & bumbling mistakes that started 2+ months ago, it was certainly in large part responsible for the virus spreading & causing many tragic deaths, plus extending this national emergency of unknown duration well beyond the period when it otherwise could have ended.  Here we see the articles on those intelligence warnings, but with that 2-month delayed start, it might be impossible to ever catch up:
Testing…The testing delay was a huge boondoggle.  A government takes their cues from their leader, with Trump’s dismissal of the impending crisis & obsession for keeping the numbers down setting the stage for deadly catastrophic results we’re seeing now.  Had mass testing & isolating the infected taken place early on, we may have stemmed the spread like they did successfully in South Korea.  Tragically for all of us, it’s too late now:
Medical Supplies & Equipment…The same type of bungled delays with testing have also happened with critically-needed medical supplies.  The mistake again started with Trump being dismissive & sloughing off the virus threat in the first place, prompting a lack of initiative, coordination & sense of urgency.  Even now, a national emergency requires a national initiative only the federal government has the means to do, which the impetus coming from the White House remains way too tepid & disorganized.  The lack of federal direction even has the states in a bidding war over critical supplies:
Our healthcare professionals working in now bombarded hospitals badly need the protective gear, since it’s essential we keep them healthy while also keeping them on the job.  And we’re way short on ventilators, so tragically many Americans will be dying needlessly.  The power of the office of the presidency should have gotten a much stronger handle over this crisis by now.  And the original lack of foresight & planning evolved into this current episode of crisis governing, trying to play catch-up as this disaster has spiraled out of their control: 
GOP Pushing for More Trickle-Down Crap…It didn’t trickle much with their tax cuts passed a couple years ago, but they’re insistent on forcing upon us an unequal oligarch economy which continually favors their big donors.  So some tone-deaf GOP congresspeople are displaying a stunning lack of judgment & urgency, seeking to again help their fat-cat Wall St. tycoons over the dire needs of desperate workers & small business owners.  This most important bill to help the public that the Senate was supposed to rush through at warp speed, it continues to languish in DC. 
GOP politicians can’t even rise to the occasion during an urgent national emergency!  They’re still at the beck & call of their large donors & big corporate interests, again giving workers short thrift.  And the lack of direction from the White House doesn’t help in passing a relief package.  Hey guys, maybe you’ll finally pass something Monday?  Or by Tuesday?:  Here as of our late Sunday night post, there’s still no deal.  Millions of Americans can’t pay their bills!  It’s the workforce who needs the help quickly!  The GOP is still spearheading this distorted oligarchical economic system.  So why would any regular working person even consider going against their self-interests by voting GOP?:
Mixed Messaging between Trump & Dr. Fauci…Our prez likes to tout miracle cures that aren’t even close to being proven, while also pretending his magic bullet should be ready any day now, so Fauci winds up needing to rein him in with a hefty dose of reality:
He Constantly Lies, So How Could His Naive Followers Still Believe Him?…His rosy forecasts caused many to not take the virus seriously, a big component as to why it’s spreading like it is.  So from Trump, it’s been lie after lie after lie after lie marinated in a huge pile of bullshit.  Many of those lies are being easily confirmed.  Those incriminating details are shown inside these links: 
The Rest of the Virus News…It’s important to take the drastic actions many states & cities have enforced, looking to stem the spread & save lives.  It also hopefully helps prevent the hospitals from getting overwhelmed, while buying us time to develop treatments & a vaccine.  Without such monumental measures & letting the virus spread without intervention, it would likely become a death sentence for hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans.  But we’ve got to get a handle on this virus ASAP, not only to save lives but our economy can’t withstand this kind of major disruption for long.  One alarming lesson this sorry episode has taught our enemy states & terrorists, sadly we appear to be sitting ducks for bioterrorism.  Perusing these link titles is a very efficient streamlined way of picking up important details in the recent virus news, with the option to click on the ones you find most intriguing:
Oh, That’s Right, We’re in an Election Campaign
The November election will be far more than a choice between Trump & Uncle Joe.  And being an election year, the handling of the Coronavirus emergency is destined to be politicized on both sides.  But understand our November vote is a way for Americans to escape our madhouse the White House has turned our society into.  If the American mindset as a whole still existed within a world of reality & truth, the Dems would win in a landslide.  But the party of Trump has been hijacked by a deceitful echo-media & turned the GOP base into mostly a deranged cult.  I really don’t think they’re any longer in their right minds, but their votes still count as much as yours or mine. 
So we must get active in warning our fellow Americans of the dangers that lie ahead, since 4 more years of this wacky wayward circus may place America permanently into a lesser & darker place.  If the cult leader wins again in November, it will have become too late & there’ll be no going back.  The thousands of articles posted to our blog over the years prove our rudderless leader & maniac-in-chief is a clear & present danger.  Yes, Trump even presents a real risk of tyranny, a potential disaster for America & the rest of the world.  So please get involved & share info from this blog to help avert a total calamity happening come November:   
A Song from a Legend
People may not have heard this news with Coronavirus dominating practically every minute of the news: & also see  But here is one of his many hits, which hopefully we can say this about all our wives & girlfriends not named Melania: