Part 1 – Presidential Wrongdoing
What a wild week it was.  We always reserve Part 1 for new news on Trump’s crimes, but there hasn’t been much lately on his criminal conduct as the virus emergency has for weeks dominated the headlines (see Part 3), plus this week saw wall-to-wall coverage on the police killing of a black man that spurred nationwide protests & riots (see Part 2).  But before we get to our commentaries & articles on those current headlines, on the subject of Trumpian crimes, what we’ve learned previously about our leader’s consistent pattern of corrupt & illegal con man/mob boss behavior is enough to fill up a library.  The archives from our blog the past few years are full of solid incriminating evidence detailing multiple crimes.  There we see hordes of commentaries & articles on Trump’s conspiracy with Russia, which the full story has yet to come out since the prez’s handpicked AG’s stifled special prosecutor Mueller from following the international money trail which could have presented the full picture.  There was also the Ukrainian bribery & extortion scheme which Trump was caught red-handed from the call transcripts with the Ukraine president, while multiple diplomat witnesses & Dem House prosecutors laid out an open & shut case, from which Trump’s Senate party-cult served as a rigged jury with no intentions of convicting their cult leader for his proven crimes.
Besides those Russian & Ukrainian collusion plots our prez was caught up in as a way to illegally taint our elections, there are lots of other criminal activities he’s orchestrated through the years, which such illegal behavior he could still face the music once he leaves the protection of the office he holds.  One obvious crime is being an unindicted co-conspirator for the campaign finance violations that are among the crimes his former lawyer Cohen is currently serving time for.  Our president has also led the life of a fraudster.  As laid out clearly in past news accounts & can be found in our archives, there are irrefutable signs of tax fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, charities fraud, contractor fraud, university student fraud & MLM distributor fraud.  Other crimes which have been proven beyond a shadow of doubt include obstruction of justice, witness intimidation & violations of the Emoluments Clause.  There were also credible accusations of sexual abuse/assault from approximately 20 women, with one of the women claiming she was forcibly raped by Trump & another accusing him of a brutal pedophile rape (prior to her reportedly being threatened into silence).  Trumpeters refuse to believe these accounts, but I’ve found the women to be credible.  Even if he manages to weasel out of his various crimes by avoiding future convictions, is he the kind of person with the moral authority we’d want to have in our president?:
Make no mistake, all of these crimes are supported & corroborated by a large trove of solid evidence, coming from many knowledgeable sources, witnesses & victims.  It definitely is not anything like what the dishonest Trump & his deceitful echo-media do routinely, as in throwing out baseless falsehoods & conspiracies like making up stories about Obamagate or Morning Joe murdering a staffer ( & see Part 2 for lots more details), as all their crazy conspiracies have been thoroughly debunked & never had a stitch of evidence to begin with.  We need to be discerning enough to separate fact from fiction, which the truth is available to those who seek it:  But Trumpeters don’t seem to want to be in the know, they’d rather believe the lies & exist in their faux realities.  Trump-world narratives are content to concoct one fake-news conspiracy theory after another to mask & distract away from this scandal-ridden, corrupt swamp of an administration.  So as I’ve said, that string of crimes by Trump which I just listed off for you above, every one of them are indeed backed by very credible evidence & witnesses. 
Stay tuned here in Part 1 for future posts, since knowing who Trump is, I’m confident more news of criminal conduct will again be forthcoming in the near future.  Below we see Part 3 again takes up lots of space with news on the economy & the virus pandemic.  But we also have plenty of important comments/articles here in Part 2, so please read to see the dangers we face with this unhinged president.  Our thoughts on the riots are also contained within Part 2, though I’ll admit my words are entirely inadequate in describing the violence or the underlying pain/anger that has prompted all that.  Overall there was an enormous amount of consequential headline news this past week, so once we get beyond this Part 1, today’s post to our blog that landed here on Sunday night has plenty of commentary & perhaps a record number of live links to articles.  We’re living through uncertain & tough times, bringing out the best & the worst of us as we’re hit by multiple disasters.  Though it’s not all his fault, such is life during the Trump era, with much of the chaos being of his own making.  
Part 2 – Thoughts on Sanity & Autocracy
In the time of a major crisis, an American president can normally galvanize & rally the country behind him to meet the challenge.  Mystifyingly, this president has managed to politicize this virus crisis to further divide a very polarized nation, the exact opposite of the role a responsible leader would pursue (not to mention the not-so-small matter how his inactions/denials contributed to our country having by far the world’s highest number of infections & deaths).  He’s also largely AWOL in calming the nation as violent riots are rocking our major cities, with his rhetoric on Twitter even stoking the flames.  If not for his inability to meet the moment in times of crisis, plus that crime spree of many years as we outlined above in Part 1, would all his other major indiscretions be easier to live with?  Perhaps we really could give this prez a pass & it would be somewhat more tolerable for us to witness all the other inexplicable stuff, like his continuing pattern of abject ineptitude, dense-minded cluelessness, pathological lying, mean-spirited insults & bullying, tribal divisiveness, obsessively self-centered focus, shameless grifting & nepotism, corrupt con games, fascist-minded demagoguery & just all around acting like some jackass jerk.  But because Trump has also shown his incompetence during times we most needed leadership, along with his past criminal behavior being part of the package as he has consistently trashed our constitutional rule of law, taken as a whole we can only come to the obvious conclusion Trump is by far the most dangerous & easily the very worst president in our nation’s history!
But wait, there’s more!  Adding in his mental unfitness as exemplified by his promoting insane conspiracy theories such as Obamagate & accusing Joe Scarborough of being a murderer (as explained inside several links in the first group below under the Sane headline), plus repeatedly demeaning women for things like their weight or appearance, it has revealed his true character & proven beyond doubt Trump is unfit for office.  Heck, he’s even unfit for a normal human being!  If all that weren’t enough, we can’t emphasize enough that here in 2020 with Trump presiding over a virus pandemic, his leadership has proven to be badly judged, badly explained, badly managed & deadly (see plenty of details laid out in Part 3).  Yet Republicans are culpable in empowering this corrupt, incompetent, incoherent & demonstrably unfit leader, turning their party into more of a mad cult on the loose:  These important points we’ve posted here are excellently articulated inside, an op-ed that appropriately goes onto describe Trump as the most dangerously unfit president in American history:

The truth is that Trump is not much more despicable of a human being than he has always been; it’s just that standard Trumpian behavior becomes more horrifying when it occurs during an ongoing national crisis. It is reality that changed around him, and he was incapable of responding to it. We all know this. In public, Republicans may say that the real villain in the pandemic is China, or that all those deaths — and the tens of thousands yet to come — were inevitable, or that it is essential to get the economy moving. But they know as well as the rest of us do what a catastrophic failure Trump has been.

They must own the moral choice they now make. In 2016, they said Trump would grow serious and sober once he was faced with the awesome responsibilities of the office. There was little reason at the time to think it would happen, but it was at least possible. No one can say that now. Not only do we know who Trump is, we know who he will always be. And we know that reelecting him will be disastrous in a hundred ways. If you gave many Republicans in Washington truth serum, they’d say, “Of course he’s unfit to be president. Of course he’s corrupt, of course he’s incompetent, of course he’s the most dishonest person ever to step into the Oval Office. But I can live with that, because him being reelected means Republicans keep power, we get more conservative judges and we get all the policies we favor.” That is the choice they’re making. We all know it, even if they’ll never say it out loud.

The Republicans who support Trump have seldom done that (grapple with his actions), perhaps because there is no way to do so without acknowledging how morally indefensible that support has been. And as we approach another election, they’ll tell themselves that Trump isn’t as bad as he looks, or that Joe Biden is a monster, or that all that matters is winning. In the future, when we look back on this dark period, we should resist the temptation to focus solely on Trump himself. To do so would be to excuse those who know exactly what he is but pretend they can work to keep him in office and remain unsullied. They cannot, and their moral culpability becomes clearer every day.

This Can’t Possibly Be Sane!

We’re facing a fork in the road as a nation, one that will determine our destiny.  The commentary in this section will generally reveal why we do this blog & why the coming election is so critically important.  But first let’s identify crazy when we see it.  The president is throwing out those preposterous conspiracies which are so deranged, I have a strong suspicion his narcissistic egotism has crossed over into mental madness:  Seriously, based on his words & deeds it’s hard to dispute this:  I’ve even talked personally with ivy-league educated psychologists who are similarly alarmed with Trump’s mental state.  Our selected song at the end is dedicated to this madman.  As stated inside this article:, there is something wrong with Donald Trump, something terribly, terribly wrong.  This is not the way a sane individual operates, let alone the President of the United States, holding the most powerful office in the world & holder of our nuclear codes.  Sadly, he’s not a leader, he’s a basket case! 

If anybody wants to know why I spend all the time putting these blog messages together, it’s because we’re at risk of seeing our American democracy dissolve & implode, along with having our rights & freedoms taken away by a power-hungry tyrant & his sycophantic gang of thugs.  So there’s an important reason you’re reading what you now see.  We request you let others see this blog also.  It’s time for all freedom-loving patriotic Americans to recognize this dire threat, taking it seriously enough to get very proactive in fighting back.  This blog is just one tool we can use to spread the facts, something seldom heard from Fox fake news & the rest of the extremist media-echo.  This is the one time in our country’s history & the first time in our lifetimes, we simply/absolutely/most cannot afford to be complacent & inactive, as for the sake of our country & fellow citizens our voices need heard loud & clear!  Considering what’s at stake, our silence would be irresponsible & cowardly.  Together we can have the courage to speak up even if we ruffle some feathers, especially knowing truth & justice are on our side.  Let’s make this our 5-month crusade to win at the finish line in early November. 

We just cannot afford the pending disaster of another 4 years of Trumpism.  That would allow/embolden our aspiring fascist-in-chief to appoint more Barr-types to the justice/intelligence community & more Kavanaugh-clones to the courts.  It would also empower more GOP sycophants like McConnell/Cruz/Graham in the Senate plus more Nunes/Jordan/Gaetz henchmen in the House to gaslight the American people by parroting Trump distortions/conspiracies, along with adding even more shameless mouthpieces to the echo spouting unchecked lies & hatred like we hear from Hannity/Limbaugh/Alex Jones.  And Trumpeters would become even more insufferable & insane in their blind support of a dangerous demagogue.  Together as a group they could literally destroy our nation if we let them.  So this election could well determine in the next 4 years whether America transitions from a constitutional democracy to authoritarian tyranny.  If voters make the same mistake in 2020 as 2016, I’m afraid there’ll be no going back.  We’re not going to get a mulligan after Nov. 3rd!  And there’s no rational reason to make that same disastrous blunder again if most are paying attention, since we’ve just witnessed this prez in action for 3-1/2 exhausting years. 

The links below help prove the reality of Trump’s unstable mental state & some of the crazy conspiracies he keeps throwing out there as red meat to feed his base.  For our president to falsely accuse a morning show critic of committing a murder just out of spite in satisfying a personal grudge, it’s just so over-the-top surreal.  That’s the type of political high jinks we’d normally expect from leaders of a third-world banana republic, an autocratic rogue tyrant or communist dictatorship, not from the country always regarded around the world as the great protector of democracy & bastion of freedom.  Trump is more than a mere menace, he’s a curse upon our land the likes of which we’ve never experienced & is destined to permanently stain our nation.  If being complicit through frozen leadership in the deaths of 100,000+ Americans wasn’t bad enough, our president must be stopped before he does something even more catastrophic!  Please review these link titles & be fully aware of what you’re seeing, the signs of authoritarianism are all around us in a variety of ways as never before seen in America.  Anyone who genuinely reads some of these credible articles based on facts, I don’t understand how it would be possible coming away not knowing we’re in big trouble with this president in charge:–because-it-never-went-away-and-its-killing-americans/

Twitter Wars
If anything, social media companies like Facebook & Twitter need to do a much better job of cracking down on bias/misinformation.  But the prez is a huge obstacle.  First Trump lies constantly by throwing out there all sorts of ridiculous conspiracies, particularly on Twitter.  Then he threatens our First Amendment free speech/free press when he attacks & investigates such social media platforms who’d dare fact-check his lies, since after all they are nothing but lies.  It’s how any dictator operates, thriving on false narratives as they compel state-run media to only provide disinformation & propaganda that favors them, while suppressing & penalizing real news sources who’d dare to report the actual news.  So as has been the case throughout history, authoritarian &/or communist regimes control the messaging so the people get immersed in their lies, so if Trump & his echo are allowed to get away with their evil propaganda ploy, this free democracy we’ve always enjoyed would probably become no more.  A free press is indispensable to a free democracy & must be protected:
Protests & Riots
Twitter had to flag yet another Trump tweet, this time for glorifying violence.  Yep, the rioters in Minneapolis & numerous other cities have gotten out of hand as the black community is livid over a video showing yet another black man being killed by police violence, the kind of video seen far too often over the years.  The answer is not a reckless president ratcheting up the anger with threats of deadly retaliation.  The answer in this case for preventing the riots/arson is far bigger & elusive than merely punishing the perpetrators, although it would have helped had there been a more swift arrest of the cops involved, especially the one who committed the murder had his arrest come even a day sooner.  We’ve seen the videos & they certainly show probable cause that a crime of murder was committed, which the general consensus among the repulsed public agreed with that opinion.  But that anger most of us felt has spilled out onto the streets, with the hoodlums stealing the spotlight away from those seeking to peacefully protest. 
Even the press covering the riots have been targeted, as seen here in Reliable Sources who once again is a reliable source of information:  It’s easy for us to watch the mayhem on our TV screens from the comfort of our living rooms & feel disgust for the rioters, but the anger coming from the black community is palpable.  Unless we’ve walked in the shoes of African Americans who’ve faced a lifetime of racism & perhaps witnessed repeated incidents of police brutality, it’s hard to relate to what they’re going through.  From my possibly naive caucasion perspective, I also generally don’t believe police prejudice against the black community is a systemic problem, as most cops are dedicated professionals who serve us well in upholding the law.  But there are too many bad apples out there with racist attitudes sowing mistrust & thuggish behavior, sometimes culminating in tragic killings like we saw on that video. 
As for those ongoing protests that got out of hand & turned into violent riots this week in several American cities, & it’s anybody’s guess how many more days they’ll keep going on, but there’s a real question about who these agitators are with many reportedly coming from out of state & possibly being paid to make trouble.  Are they far-left groups vandalizing upscale shops under a loosely-knit umbrella like Antifa?  Or are they far-right white supremacist groups sent to burn down black communities while undermining the message of legitimate civil protesters?  Maybe there are radical opportunists on both sides bent on destruction of our existing system/society?  Despite the partisan rancor we hear from AG Barr, there is indeed evidence extremist forces on both sides are participating in various cities, so we can’t just pin the blame on Antifa as the echo would have us think. 
And the prez labeling Antifa as a terrorist group is just more political pandering to his base.  Defining Antifa is tricky since it’s more of an ideology & not even a centralized organized group, so is our prez looking for the authority to declare any political opposition as terrorists?  That would be a classic dictator move.  But it does appear true the far-left has anarchist groups on the scene in these cities, while the far-right has anti-government forces like the Boogaloo-Bois militia stirring up trouble:, a scary group seeking to start a race war.  Such far-right mobs glean inspiration from Trump & the echo, but are also often fueled by Russian bots who’ve become experts at targeted disinformation for dividing America.  Trump serves as the ideal stooge for the Kremlin, since he greatly helps in their agenda to divide our nation. 
This is the first time in months a story has bumped Coronavirus from the headlines.  This institutional racism has been a problem we’ve been saddled with for 400 years, so as opinionated as I always am, on this issue words fail me.  Only changing hearts & minds can ultimately resolve the core problems.  But for now, as is also the case with the virus pandemic, it’s the governors & not the current president taking the lead role on handling the protests.  Further words of wisdom providing perspective came from the former president & current presumptive Dem nominee for president, offering a message of clarity with the right tone combining sympathy with strength:  That leadership is further presented inside these links:
He Just Can’t Do It!
In fact, whether it’s the virus or the riots, Trump is doing his darndest to avoid the whole thing.  Once in awhile he comes out of his shell to say something ill-advised & inflammatory, especially his tweets fanning the flames as seen inside these links below.  A real president would be out front seeking to reassure & comfort the nation, but Trump isn’t up to the job.  Even if he tried, he’s not believable & has so divided the nation, any address to the nation would come across as disingenuous & empty.  So the prez has absolutely nothing to say that could sound credible, as he’s just not capable of delivering a speech to unite, encourage & heal the nation:  And being a true leader doesn’t mean picking fights that turn his people against one another, with Trump always trapped in a strategy of playing to his base & playing the blame game. 
Despite what you might think from the consistent message in my rants inside this blog, I don’t hate the president, but I do feel sorry for him.  He’s so ill-equipped for the office he holds, there’s nothing he can do within his abilities to even begin to perform his role adequately.  What I do hate is what he’s doing to our nation as his assault on values & norms could be greasing the skids towards a hopelessly dysfunctional society, from which the injustice, chaos & fear we’re collectively experiencing today might be just a prelude to the calamitous upheaval that’s coming.  He must be replaced before he can do even more damage!  So check out these titles as there is so much here to digest, since at a time America faces multiple crises, our reckless prez keeps throwing out firebombs which only serve to divide us & ratchet up the anger:
Fox Fake News is Lying to Their Viewers!
Their reporting filled with hyperventilating drivel is regularly offering up distorted realities & twisted thinking, which says a lot about both the network & their viewers.  So when a popular TV network has an audience in the millions & keeps churning out their lies & conspiracies on a daily basis, they’ve become a highly destructive force against American democracy.  And their audience who are enablers to that network, they are also complicit in the huge of amount damage being done to our nation.  As I’ve often said, when a sizable portion of the population reject facts in favor of tribal distortions & grievances, a free society can hardly function. 
Some of the Fox afternoon shows are at least tolerable, & I’ll sometimes catch part of Bret Baier’s early evening show to hear their topics, plus I often watch Chris Wallace’s hour on Sundays.  But their other shows are pure garbage!  If we don’t find a way to thoroughly discredit the type of toxic rubbish Fox & their echo-accomplices keep putting out, our constitutional freedoms which are under attack could soon cease to exist, be it Trump or no Trump.  As long as the echo keeps leading the conservative base around by the nose, even if their current leader is cast aside, there are other demagogues out there who in the Trumpian spirit could continue to pursue the far-right fascist model.  These links take us on an enlightening tour that reveal watching Fox fake news is like riding on the crazy train, & many of their hosts are just plain nuts!:
Not Just the Rioters, There are Plenty of Other Crazies Out There on the Loose
Some of these deranged lunatics are not only willing to kill us off by spreading the virus, they voice a willingness to kill us by launching a civil war:  These insane nutbags in becoming evil personified with murder on their minds, they’re actually aspiring terrorists!  Yes, there are some outside agitators involved in the violence we’re now seeing in Minneapolis & other cities who might fall into the category of terrorists, whether their ideologies come from the far-left or far-right, but don’t overlook this overall rising threat sprouting throughout the country of white supremacist & neo-Nazi inspired terrorism. 
As for other hypocritical goofballs, there are even some bigoted/racist buffoonish haters masquerading as evangelicals who need called out:  As a long-time evangelical myself, we not only need to replace our White House leaders & GOP leadership, we also need a purge of many of the recognizable names leading the evangelical community, replacing them with true men of God with genuine faith & integrity.  There are just so many extremist & dangerous idiots out there spawned by Trump & his echo, we need to recognize who they are in order to discredit & defeat them.  As always at the bottom of our Part 2’s, these articles take us inside their wackadoodle nuthouse:
Part 3 – Economic & Pandemic Pain Made Worse by a Lack of Presidential Leadership
The mantra it’s the economy stupid normally applies to presidential elections, but with the pandemic literally wrecking the economy, it’s taken up all the oxygen in the campaign & skewed how voters normally view the situation.  Obviously, there’s nothing normal about this health emergency, this recession/depression or this presidency, making this entire presidential campaign an unpredictable wildcard with widely divergent potential outcomes.  The one thing that has held relatively steady all along is Trump’s overall approval ratings stuck mostly in the low 40’s.  But the prez had been getting high marks on the economy prior to the virus crisis, & the extent his tepid pandemic leadership has partly put the blame on him for this economic crash is largely split along partisan lines.  Should the economy not bounce back by November, Trump is likely toast.  If we do start to recover, he’ll spin this like his great leadership is bringing us back & his loyal base will fully buy in, making the prez competitive in November.  So let’s brace ourselves, this campaign is sure to be a wild roller-coaster ride.
I’ve always been until recent years a GOP-supporting, Fox-watching, mostly center-right conservative, with my judgements mainly being shaped by economic conditions & my personal ideology.  I’ve never been at all comfortable with the liberal pursuits of big government & big spending, along with a nonchalant attitude of debt & deficits seemingly to the point of being in denial.  And of course for now, those concerns pale in comparison to the need for saving the economy.  I also adamantly believe government assistance programs helping those in need, for the long run able-bodied/able-minded freeloaders should not expect to live on the taxpayers’ dime at anywhere near the level of income/support hard-working Americans earn by slaving away on a daily basis.  Like the age-old saying, the safety net should not become a hammock.  And even during this temporary pandemic environment, if another stimulus package is needed, I don’t see the sense or purpose in workers continuing to make more on unemployment than on the job:  Although there is another way to look at this when viewing the bigger wage picture:
But pandemic or no pandemic, I fully support the Dems as by far the best option, seeing how my former party has gone totally off the rails in having been taken over by a corrupt demagogue.  And I really don’t think my moderate conservative viewpoints have changed so much as circumstances have changed significantly.  As things have evolved in recent years, the Dems are on the more popular side of several pressing issues while the GOP has grown tone deaf & out-of-touch.  Just a quick review of some of those crucial challenges, which as you read through these obvious problems & which party is trying to fix them, do you agree with me the Trumpian positions advocated by GOP congresspeople, right-wing media-echo & hardcore Trumpeters are largely indefensible?  For starters, with our healthcare costs 2-3 times higher than other developed nations, the Dems are advocates for a public option/universal coverage which could bring more efficiencies & hopefully put our costs in line when we copy the best components of what other countries are successfully doing.  As random mass shootings have occurred with tragic copycat regularity for more than two decades, Dems are on the right side of universal background checks & restricting assault-style weapons.  As DACA has become such a contentious topic, at least the Dems are seeking a permanent solution through comprehensive immigration reform.  When our old infrastructure is crumbling, it’s the Dems mostly taking the initiative to fix it.  On the environment, it’s the Dems taking the popular side when even a skeptic like myself are noticing disturbing signs of climate change. 
Adding further to our list, with our lower-income class in a constant battle to make ends meet when for a long time we’ve seen stagnant real wages, the Dems look to make their plight more tolerable by raising the federal minimum wage.  The GOP is the party always looking to give tax breaks to the wealthy & large corporate interests, which mostly fails to trickle down & leaves workers in the lurch.  And it’s the Dems offering ideas in helping make childcare more affordable, retirements more secure, college students not so mired in debt & prescription drug costs not so out of sight.  The GOP is also on the wrong side of fair election issues like gerrymandering, Citizens United, voter suppression, restricting vote-by-mail & tolerating foreign interference through resisting solutions erecting safeguards.  And perhaps most of all when I cite the changing circumstances bedeviling our economy, recent decades have seen the American Dream turned nightmare for far too many working families.  With those long-term stagnant wages & relatively high costs of living, in conjunction with some of the most disparate income inequalities in the developed world, the American Dream has become the ideal better achieved in some other free nations.  That’s the area we must concentrate on coming out of this pandemic downturn, since it’s unconscionable for other countries to do a far better job of providing a shared growth economy with upward mobility, while essentially taking the mantle of the American Dream away from us. 
We should take constructive & far-reaching steps for recapturing a growing economy where the working middle class can earn their fair share of the growth, without the crony-capitalist oligarchs exploiting labor for their own gains (or substitute the word labor with a term the White House used in describing workers, human capital stock  Better pay is yet another important area where Dems are working to correct instead of the GOP laissez-faire approach, which political forces inside my ex-party keep lining the pockets of their rich donors & corporate giants, further exaggerating the enormous income/wealth divides that have long trended in our country.  There was a time success on Wall St. parlayed into success on Main St., but that alliance might be irretrievably broken, exemplified by the stock market lately holding up as small businesses are collapsing.  It can also be seen by so many service occupations no longer paying a livable wage, a problem long in the making well before this pandemic threw a wrench into the gears of our economic system.  But it seems inside Trump world they remain oblivious to the stagnant wage dilemma, as the Dow which mostly benefits their rich cronies is what they primarily focus on:  
It’s hard to envision the economy bouncing back much in Q3 or Q4, especially with the virus spread still ravaging many parts of the country.  So even with the state lockdowns having been lifted, the public will remain hesitant to venture out as they normally would when the risk of infections is still very much with us.  And those who do recklessly return to their old ways without masks or social distancing, they could bring on a serious spike to this initial wave, or risk sparking a second wave in the fall/winter which may or may not be worse than this first wave.  But even with a best-case scenario where effective treatments/vaccines are discovered & people gain confidence to recharge the economy towards something near what it was pre-pandemic, that still won’t make this a great economy as Trump has always claimed.  As we keep pointing out, the president’s policies keep favoring large corporations & wealthy donors, giving the working middle class short thrift as America’s unconscionably disgraceful wage/wealth gaps keep expanding way beyond proportion.  Here we’ve posted updates on the neutered economy featuring various topics:     
China Bashing Without Viable Solutions
On Friday, Trump did call out China’s disturbing aggression towards Hong Kong with that communist regime’s intent of taking away that metropolitan area’s independence.  The prez also railed against China’s continual thievery on trade & intellectual property, a topic I too have been complaining about for decades.  But as we wait for whatever actions Trump will take against China, he is mistakenly penalizing the WHO, an organization the world desperately needs as we continue to battle this pandemic.  He’s also ending Hong Kong’s special trade status in responding to China’s repression against Hong Kong.  Huh?  Does that mean he’s already conceded Hong Kong to China?  So this terse Friday address is an example of articulating valid concerns with exactly the wrong remedies.  It again shows how Trump goes off like a loose cannon without a cogent thought-out plan to use as fodder.  The worst-case scenario would have the prez stoking the flames of war, orchestrating a wag-the-dog strategy in a desperate attempt to turn around his flailing reelection hopes:
100,000 in Under 100 Days
This is a true American tragedy.  It never had to be this bad:  And he’s still botching the management of the crisis:–its-not-in-the-past/.  Some echo-media pundits & rabid Trumpeters seem to be dismissing the tragically high death counts, almost as if it doesn’t matter to them, or the numbers were somehow exaggerated or lower than originally projected.  They’ve bought into Trump’s nonsensical bluster & remain in denial.  Other countries had leaders who acted early & decisively, greatly reducing the infection spread & needless deaths, while also being able to limit the disruption to their economies.  The leaders who failed like Trump saw their people paying a terrible price:
You may ask, exactly how has Trump actually failed us on this pandemic?  Let me count the ways, here are 12 of them just for starters:  So could his handling of this crisis been any worse?  It sure doesn’t look like it!  And those inspired by the prez who’ve gone back to their normal lives with crowding in public places, please be aware of the fire we might be playing with:
Being an agent of death through his personal example, Trump has turned mask-wearing into a political statement that’s making the virus threat even worse: 
The Rest of the Virus News
This pandemic emergency is still with us, even if many Americans are letting their guard down as they see their community businesses opening up again.  I keep warning, as a nation we’re taking an enormous risk by thinking things are getting back to normal, which could possibly ignite a new spike or second wave.  So let’s continue to take precautions like social distancing, wearing masks & washing hands until we finally see from the data that infections are declining.  This has been & will continue to be a big story affecting so many aspects of our lives, so we continue to post a large number of links providing updates:
Contrasting Styles & Levels of Empathy
On Wednesday when our nation passed 100,000 deaths, at least Biden delivered a eulogy to the families & our nation.  Contrast that to our ditherer-in-chief, from whom on that same day we heard nothing but silence.  And as we saw in this Lincoln Project ad, we have 100,000 dead Americans & 1 wrong president:  As a lifelong & former Republican, it’s just truly stunning to me more Republicans haven’t joined us by now in opposing Trump:, since it’s as though Trump has cast a spell over his loyal GOP base.  This is far from who we were as a party, who we should be, or who we aspire to be.  That’s why the remnants of Trumpism must be destroyed to save the GOP.  In honoring the victims of the virus, here’s quite a contrast between our current president & our future president:
So rather than compassion & condolences from our leader, what we got instead was woe-is-me victimhood:
Let’s Get This Right
That Trump’s approval ratings aren’t in single digits after the utter disaster his presidency has been, has me seriously questioning the general mentality of the conservative base.  I can only figure they must be dramatically dumbed-down & brainwashed by the prez & his echo.  What other president could even entertain the possibility of being reelected after his inexcusable inattentiveness, inaction & denials had a hand in upwards of 100,000 unnecessary American deaths?  And his failure on containing the virus helped tank the economy.  Plus his leadership in the midst of nationwide riots has been abysmal.  How many more disasters do we need to endure before his base has finally had enough? 
So think about what’s been going down, as what voting base whose jobs have been smothered & wages curtailed, would even consider such an option like Trump with a proven track record of total ineptitude & blood on his hands?  It’s even mind-boggling to think he should still be on the GOP ticket!  Again I wonder, is the cult leader of that party so captivatingly mesmerizing that he has his followers fully programmed/possessed to the point they’d never consider an alternate standard-bearer who’s both competent & sane?  Apparently so.  The cult is real & their misguided thinking has become more entrenched:  But despite most all the GOP base seemingly being hopeless & ignorant of reality, there are still enough thinking people in America that I’m anticipating a clean sweep for Dems in November:
Cut Uncle Joe Some Slack
And let’s go ahead & admit Uncle Joe is a human gaffe-machine in advance (& he always has been so it’s not associated with age), helping to preemptively tamp down the criticisms whenever the gaffes do come.  But he’s a lovable gaffe-machine.  We should paint him as an affable fella with a big heart, plus with the experience & connections to keep the train riding on the tracks without derailing: 
For those still not into Uncle Joe, blame the nominating process more than the candidate.  The GOP had a similar problem in the previous presidential primaries, where in an overly crowded field it was largely name recognition that was a determining factor.  But the Dem voters have spoken & we must ride the horse who was chosen, having the assurance that a President Biden would be thousands of times more competent & knowledgeable than the current occupant of the White House.  So don’t fret it, we can confidently vote for Uncle Joe even if we don’t expect him to be the next FDR, JFK or even Obama, since America instantly becomes a far better place upon his inauguration come January.  Let him be the bridge to the next generation of Dem leaders which could likely begin with a dynamic presidential candidate in 2024. 
Informing people of the facts to refute the barrage of disinformation floating around out there is the best weapon we have.  So pass the word onto our fellow citizens, since a decisive victory is what we need to stifle the drumbeats of civil war & end the scourge of Trumpism that’s so destructive to our society.  There is a very stark choice ahead of us with monumental implications.  We either save our constitutional democracy, or let the deranged forces of the current president, his complicit party & echo, & millions in his merry band of Trumpeters destroy what has always made America great in the first place.  I do genuinely fear Trump in defeat claiming voter fraud while using a dog-whistle clarion call for his white supremacist militia to go into battle, but that’s a chance we must take.  A landslide win for Biden would really help take the edge off.  We must try to make certain his lopsided defeat does indeed happen, especially with Trump hardly making the effort to be president anymore:  Here are recent updates on the election speculation, expectation & anticipation:
The Captain of Our Ship is a Madman
And as a country we’re riding in a boat on the reef with a broken back.  Just consider who it is the GOP, echo-media & Trumpeters are following/supporting…
Once a fool had a good part in the play
If it’s so would I still be here today
It’s quite peculiar in a funny sort of way
They think it’s very funny everything I say
Get a load of him, he’s so insane
You better get your coat dear
It looks like rain, yeah