Part 1 – Section on Trump Crimes
My calendar is filled in August with various activities & obligations, which this weekend is especially busy, so I’m sending out these newsfeed links from this week a couple days early.  Unlike the right-wing echo-media, the updates in the article links we post are based on facts.  And with my limited schedule, my own comments will be limited, but there is plenty of important commentary to read by clicking on any of the links seen in TheVORACS blog.  If it’s really my long-winded rants you want, there’s plenty of it in previous posts including last week’s:, since everything I’ve said in recent weeks/months certainly still holds true today.  
The one thing we know is the news headlines in this Trump era never subside & are as terrifying as ever, so please peruse the many link titles below since they contain very valuable insights.  This year’s news cycle is the most consequential in our lifetime.  We need to be paying attention, as the free America we’ve always known is now under attack like we’ve never seen it before.  This blog organizes all the most important news from major news sources all conveniently in one place.  Part 1 links always feature articles to Trump’s crimes:
Part 2 – Section on Authoritarian Dangers & Complicit Echo-Media
Our demagogic president’s relentless pursuit of a fascist state is playing out right in front of us in real time.  He’s got the textbook personality traits of a dictator, seen in his non-stop lying, gaslighting, tribalism, bullying, lack of empathy, inability to admit mistakes, fiery temperament, massive ego & raging narcissism.  If Americans are oblivious or complacent to what’s really happening, it gives Trump & his accomplices an open door for carrying out their unfettered power grab.  This week’s Part 2 edition from the links below feature these topics:
*Trump is using his militia to provoke violence in our streets to use as a campaign ploy
*His ongoing fealty & capitulation to Putin
*His corrupt AG at the beck & call of the prez
*His threatening to delay the election as an unconstitutional move to retain power
*His racist fearmongering about suburban living
*His demonstrably unstable temperament & mental state
If we allow it to happen, America is well on the road to fascism, which another 4 years of a Trump presidency should give him enough time to complete the job:  We post these many links in helping Americans realize just how real the autocratic threat from a corrupt demagogic tyrant truly is.  In combination with the thousands of other links in previous Part 2’s, the evidence is overwhelming about the risks we face.  So please don’t just slough off these article links, since it provides a critical blaring-sirens red alert on the numerous ways our constitutional democracy is being stolen from us.  Never before has America ever seen anything as unhinged & dangerous as the cult of Trump! 
And since our rights & freedoms are currently on the line like never before, as Americans we have an obligation to stay informed & fight back against the source of that threat.  Most people are blind to the extent of the danger:  Democracy & the Constitution now require our participation.  There are no dry runs or dress rehearsals when it comes to tyranny, we the people either stop it in its tracks or be run over by it.  So this is not the time for freedom-loving people to become wallflowers & just roll over, figuring our democracy has already had a great 2-1/2 century run so it’s time for the autocrats to take over.  Is this what our nation is becoming? 
Wake up!  Freedom is worth fighting for!  These are not idle threats, just look at what Trump is doing from the credible reporting in the articles (& hear the song at the very bottom from our founding fathers).  The stakes have gotten so high, it’s like we have a civic duty to share this is critical information in conversations, texts, emails, social media, etc., since way too many of our fellow citizens are still badly misinformed:
Fox Fake News in Business to Steer People Wrong
And more than ever, we see this network doing a great job of captivating their viewers by deceiving them.  That’s what makes Fox so dangerous, dumbing down their customers as their delusional mindset lives inside a fact-free zone:
Other Loony Echo-Pundits & Their Doting Trumpeters
We should all be alarmed that voters have elected repulsive jackasses like Gohmert & Jordan to serve in the halls of Congress.  Right-wing extremist conservatives from all across the land are tearing our nation apart with their divisive/delusional/irrational viewpoints, whether they even realize it or not.  No wonder America is in trouble!  These links take us on a wild ride inside the far-right crazy train:
Part 3 – Section on Economy, Virus & Election Campaign
With a Q2 GDP number of minus 33%, the worst in history, that economic crash can be tied directly to the bungled mismanagement from the top on a deadly pandemic emergency.  And because our prez continues to fumble the ball on fighting this virus, with infections, hospitalizations & deaths continuing to grow, there’s no telling how bad this economic collapse will get or when we can anticipate the beginning of a recovery.  The GOP has a valid argument when the federal $600 weekly unemployment boost might cause workers to stay home rather than going back to work, but when the economic patient is bleeding to death, this is no time to quibble over the details:
Overall, these dire circumstances really highlight Trump as being the worst president presiding over our economy since Herbert Hoover: & also see  Our hapless presidential leadership only lengthened & deepened the misery, as the reports from this week highlight the extent of the hurt:
Another Case of Trump Latching onto Crackpot Conspiracists
No wonder he’s botched the management of this crisis so badly.  Instead of trusting the expertise of his medical advisors, he’s again back to touting questionable treatments while lauding a crackpot doctor warning us about alien DNA & demon sexual encounters:
150,000+ & Growing by 1000+ Per Day, So Where is Our Presidential Leadership during such Tragedy?
In a word, it’s AWOL.  Inexplicably, Trump is still downplaying & sugarcoating the extent of the carnage, as Americans in recent days have been dying by an average of one person per minute.  Any minimally competent & responsible president would have made this deadly pandemic their highest priority, but our current prez is still going out of his way to ignore it even exists.  Among Trump’s most egregious blunders, we are seeing detailed reports how he was initially slow to respond to the virus because it was mainly killing blue-state residents:, an evil plot he hatched out with his son-in-law:
Leaders of most other countries took decisive actions in mitigating the virus spread & their nations fared much better.  We saw in some countries early on a national mass testing program allowing for isolation & contact tracing before the spread grew out of control.  Leaders also instructed/inspired their people to social distance & wear masks, from which those populations complied with universal acceptance.  Many countries also successfully instituted lockdown measures until safe markers were met.  These other leaders did not cast doubt about the virus using words like hoax or mocking mask wearing, which greatly reduced the infections & deaths while allowing them to restart their economies far more safely.  But as Americans, we’re paying a very steep price for unfit leadership:
Voters Have But One Choice
Beware of nefarious Trump antics for the coming election, realizing we can’t put anything past this guy.  That trial balloon of suggesting the election be delayed was quickly pushed back on by even loyal GOP leadership, so the prez had to back down.  But at this snapshot point in time with Trump getting pounded in the polls, he’s already implanting the thought of voter fraud in the minds of his crazed Trumpeters, even though voter suppression is a far greater omnipresent problem than voter fraud.  If Biden’s lead holds up & Trump does get pounded in November, those false fraud claims can give him a convenient excuse for why he lost.  Or even worse, he may be setting the narrative for refusing to leave office, perhaps even inciting his deranged gun-toting/white supremacist base in a dog-whistle call to violence that in a worst-case scenario could escalate into civil war. 
Trump is warning of the greatest election disaster in history simply because he’s on track to take a whooping.  And throughout this campaign a desperate Trump will surely cheat in multiple ways to try stealing the election, including dumping on us some preposterous conspiracy theories as an October surprise, which most of us will clearly be able to see through but could sow doubt & confusion among the wavering:  Plus Trump is starving the states & post office of resources they’ll need to handle the influx of ballots by mail.  All of us need to be aware of any potential dirty tricks, since cheating is who he is, who he has always been & who he will always be!  As I said, don’t put anything past this guy.  We can put an end to all this circus-like disastrous nonsense by voting for Uncle Joe:
Concluding with our song, vote for anyone but Trump!!!…